Dating apps and chatting - what happened? by LesChameleon in Lesbians

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Could it be a case of 'it's not me but you'? Harsh I know, but we have all have said/done something that didn't appeal. My principals and life goals are definitely a deterrent but I'll never settle for a partner again who doesn't share them

How do y’all like to relax/what relaxes you? by [deleted] in Lesbians

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My bike commute every morning/evening is like meditation, I can shut off for half an hour, observe what the birds are getting up to, how the trees are progressing, the sun is getting higher by the second

Bathbombs and candles wouldn't do much for me as my mind would be racing and traditional 'hum hah' meditation is equally ineffective.

In winter after work I enjoy a beer or spiked hot chocolate in bed with a netflix subscription I'm currently riding out from The Quarantine

What was your first relationship like (if you’ve had one) and what did you learn from it? by TarshishJupiter in Lesbians

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We were friends for ten years through out high school, got together during Christmas break 2nd year of uni and lasted a good 3 years LD after. Didn't learn my lesson though as I spent the rest of the last decade faffing around with straight girls.

She was my first and favourite though, we had a chemistry that I've never experienced since. Humour, I guess. I need crying laughter and lightheartedness in a relationship. Up until the last few months when things started to get weird, being with her never felt like a chore

Body type? by [deleted] in Lesbians

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So apparently I'm your type haha. I'm stocky and muscular and have absolutely no arse and I sport a layer of chub, which keeps me warm in winter. Didn't stand a chance of being anything else considering genetics. No willowy beanpoles either side of the family.

Down with skinny = fit!

Sucker like me? by fckme in Lesbians

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worded badly/badly worded. No disruptive mental health, please. Yeah I have a few days where I can't be arsed and could sleep through to oblivion but if that's your life philosophy, it's very draining to try and support, especially when every conversation is like the fucking cryptic crossword.

How do they move-on so quickly? (Rant) by PasLagardere in Lesbians

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Jop but with the wrong women.

I'm sngle af, miss cuddles and fucking absolutely but don't miss the head game anxiety shit


How do they move-on so quickly? (Rant) by PasLagardere in Lesbians

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'How the hell can she move-on so quickly?' Because, as you wrote, she doesn't know what she wants.

'My ex, who cheated on me and then broke up with me because I wasn't forgiving her quick enough has a new GF.'

Aaawww man how I can relate. It's feels rough and raw and you feel like shit, congrats you have emotion. Sounds harsh and all but it's cold turkey time with the contact. She wants to explain herself but she fucked you around and that isn't on. She prob feels guilty 'she hates how you're hurting' but it not your responsibility to ease her guilt.

It hurts and it's raw and you feel like crap. Clench your butt cheeks, ride it through and when you're healed grab life by the balls! (took me about 10 months to ditch the 'I did something wrong' complex

Sucker like me? by fckme in Lesbians

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'Someone who takes relationships seriously and is able to be alone for a while. Who doesn’t use me like some blanket for their emotional problems.'

Yes! I've had my own few problems and I've grown stronger for it. But taking on emotional baggage from a partner aw well is just exhausting. Reach out and talk to me, sure I'll be there to hold you up but I want to be your lover not your therapist.

Oh man, you vibe with a straight girl over a summer and try to make it work as a long term relationship. New motto: What happens in summer, stays in summer.

Sucker like me? by fckme in Lesbians

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Due to circumstance and probability, haven't met her yet

Why do some women want to be lesbian so bad? by peaked2020 in Lesbians

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'But for some reason he started kissing.......but I have always enjoyed intimacy'

For me this is like the 'vegans' loving humus but aching for their McDonald's cheat day

What's the most lesbian thing you did as a kid? by onetwothree123 in Lesbians

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These are gold. I got my first cassette player at around 7 and learnt you could record to the tape. Fast forward roughly 23 years there's still a tape recording of me playing some flute and whispering 'sexy ladies are the best' somewhere in the loft at my parents'.

If we want to do the tomboy stereotype, I'll see your dungarees and climbing trees and raise fishing and splitting logs

Have you ever had a foreign girlfriend? What country was (is) she from? What did you like and dislike about her? Have you ever wanted to date a girl (woman) from another country (let's assume she would be living in your country already)? What country would that be and why? by Ricky_Ticky in Lesbians

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Hehe can relate, also an expat in DE. Permafrost but when a German woman says 'I love you' you know she reallyfucking means it.