why is democracy so popular? by alexstein in AskSaidIt

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America is run by businessmen. That's why it sucks. Democracy is just the story they tell you so you feel like all the things they do to you are your fault.

Happy Halloween, Welcome to the Spooky Abandoned Forum! by Musky in whatever

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I miss Notabug.

Race conversation on r/moderatepolitics by Nasser in debatealtright

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They've gone from denying race exists, to denying sex exists, to denying consciousness exists. It's all the same phenomenon, the jewish revolutionary spirit metastasized into mass media, which then shapes the Overton window for the masses, who seek status by conformity with elite habits, and are largely incapable of independent thought.

What our "greatest ally" thinks about the white race... by Oyveygoyim in whatever

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If this helps you understand, Whites are the aboriginal peoples of Europe. Our evolutionary history there goes back tens of thousands of years. Ashkenazi Jews are a recent hybrid and only about 700 years old.

"Despite their close ties with Europe, no more than half of their DNA comes from ancient Europeans, the researchers found. Only 46% to 50% of the DNA in the 128 samples originated with the group of people who were also the ancestors of the Flemish people in the study."

Which of these years do you think altered the racial animus the most in the US and Western world? by Nasser in debatealtright

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Of the three you mentioned, 2020 was when we really lost America, when corporations flipped from lukewarm liberal to an aggressive culturally-leftist stance, and from promoting equality to promoting "equity", a.k.a. blatant White subjugation and non-white revanchism.

Everything up until 2020 was still framed in terms of White and black Americans striving towards a "more perfect union", that the American project was a good and noble ideal with a flawed start that it was working to correct. Then the NYT "1619 Project" came out in August of 2019 and became the backbone for the mainstream position that America was always evil, that America was built to preserve slavery instead of to secure liberty, that it is built on stolen land, that the Constitution itself represents White supremacy and must be destroyed so blacks can finally take back their stolen wealth from Whites.

That, plus the George Floyd riots demolished the historic American nation.

2016 was the kindling, but 2020 lit the match.

What Emily Wilson's Iliad Misses by jet199 in books

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This was an exquisitely-written article. I've fallen out of the habit of visiting The Atlantic for obvious reasons, but thanks for reminding me there are still reasons I should. Have to check out that Wilson translation.

Trump makes questionable comments about young girls in 1992 video. by Irumiblue4 in conspiracy

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Anyone who deplores pedophilia should push back against liberals because that is where the normalizing, grooming, defending and abuse is coming from.

Queer Theory Jeopardy!

Opinions on this reddit thread about a White only advertisement in Canada? by Nasser in debatealtright

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It's just bizarre and sad that so many Whites are so profoundly indoctrinated that they see this as some shocking moral transgression.

On a side note: I wish there was a Reddit where each poster had to have a verified indicator of their race next to their name. (RaceIt?) It would be illuminating to say the least.

F for American Krogan by Nasser in debatealtright

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It's a huge loss. His most recent "Grounded Commonwealth" mod for Fallout 4 demonstrated an entirely new way to fight back--removing non-white characters, creating new character models and skins, rewriting and re-voicing anti-white dialogue in an A-list game, turning it from their propaganda into ours. Incredibly well-done. So much time and effort went into that, so much dedication.

It's maddening that some makeup tranny streamer on YouTube can make hundreds of thousands a year while our best guys labor for pennies. I don't know the solution yet, but a movement that can't keep guys like Krogan going isn't a winning one.

#BanTheADL: Taking the Public Square Back from the Censors by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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It's in the 8th paragraph.

New Bond novel is woke by xoenix in whatever

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You have a lot to learn.

I missed it LMAO the latest thing that's racist: Objective news reporting. Announced in the Washignton Post by iamonlyoneman in politics

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You can listen to them try to defend this at:


It's worth the listen if only to see how far gone the news media is today.

The reality they can't admit is that their news organizations are now literally incapable of producing objective journalism.

The professional standard of objective journalism emerged in and depended upon a pre-internet media world where a local newspaper or television station had such a monopoly on advertising that they could firewall the news department from the advertising department. It meant that journalists were generally not pressured to shape their coverage or their copy for profit, since advertisers had nowhere else to go.

Today, the internet has completely changed the news landscape. News is written for page views and ad clicks. It competes for them the only way it can, by shaping news products for specific audiences. Telling them what they want to hear. Writing headlines that sound more like catty schoolgirl insults than journalism. Writing from a self-righteous political perspective instead of a neutral one. Including only the facts that keep their audiences happy. Shading the facts that don't.

The news organizations that devoted themselves to objectivity simply became unprofitable and died. They do not exist anymore.

This is why Bezos could buy the Washington Post in the first place, in 2013. The Post was dying on the internet, hemorrhaging advertising revenue. The old ways of doing things simply weren't profitable enough. So now Bezos's "Washington Post" wears the skin of its noble ancestor around, like a disguise. Borrowing respect it didn't earn and doesn't merit.

The scriveners that pass for journalists today are hired precisely because they are good at writing articles that generate page views and ad clicks. They are not hired for objectivity; are not trained for it, are not temperamentally capable of it. They would not have been hired if they were. The business model requires them not to be objective in their coverage because objectivity is no longer profitable.

Hence the need to justify the death of objectivity by creating new "journalistic standards" that decry it as "white supremacy", the bugaboo that no one wants to stand up for. It's all quite sickening.

Professor says children should see genitalia of 'various ages' to get used seeing naked trans people in locker rooms by chris3991m in TumblrInAction

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We're moving much faster towards the normalization of pedophilia than I expected we would. The sexualization of childhood -- the idea that even young children have a sexual nature and a sexual identity, which they must be allowed to explore -- is now seen as a perfectly normal thing on the left. And every year, the LGBTQ brigade knock down one of the few remaining boundaries between childhood and adulthood.

Nudity is probably the next big one. They will say that nudity is nonsexual; that the taboos around nudity and body shame are a form of White supremacy. They will say that children should be "educated" about what adult genitalia look like and that sex should be treated not as shameful or taboo, but as something ordinary. That human beings should not be ashamed of the human body, and so on.

It will take them a bit to knock down this barrier, but the important point is that it will become the new front of the war, and even the transing of kids will begin to seem "normal" and even boring in comparison.

Do you guys think conservatives are more willing to get along or do you think that leftist are more willing to get along? by TimothyMcFuck in AskSaidIt

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The conclusion I came to reluctantly over time is that free speech is a right wing value.

Because the right believes in the idea of truth. The left believes that everything is simply socially-constructed narratives backed by power. And once you go down that path, there's no point in ever listening to your opponents, because they cannot enlighten you to what truth is if you don't even believe in it.

Apollo 16 landing site clearly seen on moon by Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera ~ I wish they would show color images of the moon's far-side. [video] by In-the-clouds in space

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The Saturn V rockets that took the Apollo missions to the Moon 6 times were made of of lots of different pieces, including old Minuteman I missile parts made in factories that haven't existed in half a century. It's old tech. So it's not as simple as saying, "Let's go build the Saturn V rocket all over again," because we can't build that particular rocket again -- not without rebuilding the manufacturing base of the 1960s that the parts for that rocket came from. And we wouldn't want to do that even if we could.

Of course, we can build other rockets using today's tech, and we have. Which is why we sent Artemis I to orbit the Moon last year, and why we're already scheduled to send up humans on a mission to orbit the Moon in 2024, and land on it again in 2025.

So at least some of your doubts should be assuaged in the next few years.

Who would set fires? by zyxzevn in memes

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The Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre keeps great statistics on this sort of thing and makes them easily accessible:


Scroll down to the "Annual Fires in Canada" graph, and you will see a clear trend of the number of fires in Canada going down over the past forty years by about 50%.

The killer graph, though, is the one labeled "Annual Area Burned in Canada". You can see that in 2020--during the pandemic, when Canada closed off access to its parks--the annual area burned was at an all-time low over the past 40 years, at about 229K hectares burned. So small you can barely see it on the graph.

Covid restrictions affected park use and travel into Canada for the next two years, until October 2022.

Then, in 2023, when those restrictions are lifted, you suddenly see this enormous spike where about 60 times as much area burns as in 2020. This is about 10 standard deviations above the mean. 3 standard deviations is considered unusual.

10 standard deviations is like flipping a coin 100 times and getting 100 heads. That's how unusual it is. It demands a specific answer. It is not something that ever happens under normal conditions.

Part of the answer might be that two years of Covid lockdowns allowed for more dry material to accumulate in park areas that would normally have been exposed to human activity and the resulting accidental fires associated with it.

But this just isn't enough for the magnitude of the effect. Like flipping a coin 100 times and getting 100 heads, the only thing that can be responsible for that kind of aberrant result is deliberate human intervention.

Is there any data on what % of ads are interracial couples? by 8thmonitor in debatealtright

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It's criminal that we don't even have any hard data on this.

Elon unmasked, says we need more legal immigration. by JuliusCaesar225 in debatealtright

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I did the math on this once.

Wyoming only has ~580,000 people in it, and is the least populated U.S. state.

If just one-quarter of one percent of America's white population moved to Wyoming, about 500,000 people, they could not only dominate its state legislature, and nullify federal laws within state borders... they could also vote to split the state into 200 states, and send a petition to Congress to recognize them.

Why would you do this? Because if these states were recognized by Congress, the United States of Wyoming would have the authority to call a Constitutional Convention and could collectively outvote all other states combined. It would mean that this block of 200 states could essentially re-write the Constitution as it saw fit, creating ethnostates with the stroke of a pen, and redrawing the lines of the entire country.

The Federal government doesn't have any legal mechanism to arbitrarily redraw the borders of states, and might actually welcome the opportunity to Constitutionally Balkanize this country before it descends into chaos and becomes unlivable. By being in the unique position to offer this opportunity, Whites could shape what that Balkanization looks like in their favor.

And if you think this sounds crazy, then you should look at what the left is planning.

They have schemes from Harvard and Yale law school profs, signed-off on by the NYT, to eliminate the Constitution and Bill of Rights altogether under a novel legal theory that Congress has the power to "insulate laws from judicial review":

One way to get to this more democratic world is to pack the Union with new states.[...]

More aggressively, Congress could simply pass a Congress Act, reorganizing our legislature in ways that are more fairly representative of where people actually live and vote, and perhaps even reducing the Senate to a mere “council of revision” (a term Jamelle Bouie used to describe the Canadian Senate), without the power to obstruct laws.

In so doing, Congress would be pretty openly defying the Constitution to get to a more democratic order — and for that reason would need to insulate the law from judicial review.

Here is the theory itself: https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3669954

These are elites in the highest places in our society talking seriously about creating a Constitutional crisis, and eliminating the Constitution and its attending Bill of Rights entirely. If they tried this scheme, it would be World War III in this country. It would be nice to have a card to play at that moment that might allow for a more amicable resolution to things.

mind your language by aaarrgh in funny

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Disney is brainwashing kids again. This time, they're demanding "reparations". by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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This stuff may seem silly and ridiculous, but it matters. Someone once said:

"The receptivity of the masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous. In consequence of these facts, all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogan."

We seem to have forgotten this, but our enemies understand it all too well.

San Fran's reparations committee proposes $5 million to each Black longtime resident, total debt forgiveness by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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Just dropping a link to the report so you can peruse it yourself:


I laughed when I read: "Restitution means to 're-establish the situation which existed before the wrongful act was committed.'" That would mean repatriating most American blacks to African ports, and leaving them in chains, which is the condition their ancestors were found in.

Do you support Medicare for All or universal healthcare in America and other nations? by 8thmonitor in debatealtright

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Probably the biggest problem with "universal healthcare" in the U.S.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMSmoNOZJ9Y

How Can Anyone Think Race Isn’t Real? by [deleted] in debatealtright

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It's a complex question.

Many in our elite class really do believe this stuff. They live lives where they are sheltered from the reality of race, and in fact, may work in careers where they encounter people of other races who really are just as intelligent as they are, because high-IQ careers filter out low-performing members of every race. They often have closer relationships across race with members of their own class and intellectual cohort than they do with members of their own race.

Add to this that elites are likely to travel more and have more epicurean appetites for novelty; that they may need cheap servants, housecleaners, and employees for their own businesses; and the crude and repellent way many lower-class Whites talk about race, dropping n-bombs and posting A. Wyatt Mann cartoons, that signals race itself as a lower-class concept.

There's a comment I read in a blog entry once that really sums up this elite white attitude:

It's not about race anymore, it's about class. I'm white, and my wife is Mexican. We are both college graduates, and unlike most of the people here we are certainly not trash. Lower class whites (the rednecks on this forum) are threatened by the other races rising up the socioeconomic food chain. If you are uneducated, crass, and racist you are white trash. I'll take my sophisticated Latina over a fat piece of trailer trash any day. Upper class whites are not threatened by other races. The uneducated, unskilled laborer that watches 8 hours of TV everyday is.

This random comment on the web has really stuck with me as being the crux of the threat facing Whites today. Elite lowercase whites have utter contempt for the very concept of race, and think it no longer matters.

Of course, this is stupid and selfish.

Whatever he gains personally from marrying high-caste members of the outgroup, his society loses from marrying the low-caste members. And a raceblind society will end up importing some very low-caste members indeed.

Even upper-middle-class white racemixers will still be trapped in the declining chaos of the raceblind society they've created. The high-trust, high-empathy, high-creativity qualities that typify homogeneously White societies will be destroyed. Elite racemixing for personal gain is like eating your seed corn, or burning your furniture for firewood. No one wants to live in the aftermath of that.

But this story of elite whites sacrificing their ethnic communities' prosperity and safety for their own personal gain is at least as old as plantation slavery, the original "diversity is our greatest strength". (And elite jews, who intuitively see their ethnic solidarity as a source of great power, and white solidarity as their greatest threat, have always been happy to nurture and reinforce hyper-individualist racial self-loathing in white elites.)

Matt Walsh asked about Jewish Influence by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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Also, they are shaping the battleground to be about the appropriate age for transgenderism, rather than about the idea that transgenderism itself is a lie, and our medical system is corrupted by ideologues committed to that lie.

I see all this happening, but my criticism of Walsh is muted because he's doing more than I am.

Matt Walsh asked about Jewish Influence by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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I don't disagree. It's tragic that the controlled opposition against transgenderism right now is bolder than the authentic opposition.

Matt Walsh asked about Jewish Influence by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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Matt Walsh is great as far as mainstream commentators go. Literally no one in the world is taking the fight to transgenderism harder than he is right now, and that includes everyone on the dissident right.

Beyond his film, he's done actual journalism that has gained political traction. His upcoming "Rally to End Child Mutilation" in Tennessee is years overdue, and he's got the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Children's Hospital Association writing letters directly to Merrick Garland begging the head Jew to bring his Jew force down upon him. Walsh is a bigger thorn in their side as a mainstream Catholic non-racist than any of his Nazier-than-thou critics.

Honestly, I'm more disgusted by someone who squanders our very real case against Jewish cultural imperialism with a fact-free self-indulgent take like this chump does. If you're going to go up at a Q-and-A, make your case with real evidence, concisely, and without malice. That's what credibility sounds like.

America finally goes Weimar. 200 year old Presidential Flute played by Black Female Rapper. by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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"...cautiously twerking as she played, as is her signature." What a sentence.

This falls pretty far down the list of the worst humiliation rituals for me. The exquisite craftsmanship of the 200-year-old glass flute stands in sharp condemnation of the sloppy, morbidly obese negritude of the 400-pound Lizzo. A contrast of iconic discipline vs. iconic gluttony.

Her time on the stage will pass soon enough. The flute will endure.

Censorship in r/socialism kills any discussion of a topic that the far right would LOVE r/socialism users to believe: that not voting for Democrats will somehow help socialists, lol by [deleted] in politics

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Follow the trail of breadcrumbs to that Socialist Alternative article, do a quick name check on the author, Keely Mullen, and you find her YouTube interview for the Privilege Project where she reveals her maternal ancestry, and tells you how much she hates being around White people.

That article she wrote is funny, as well. She mentions the most ominous far right demagogue yet:

Tim Pool is another figure that has risen to fame among young white men in particular. Pool is an extremely popular YouTuber who is regularly talking about an impending civil war in the U.S. and warning about trans “groomers.” Pool has 3.3 million subscribers on YouTube, the majority of whom are 18-35 year old white men.

Man who has suffered 100 orgasms A DAY for past two years by Zapped in videos

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Tranny now:


Then, in June 2015, she was invited to speak about her condition at an American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counsellors and Therapists (AASECT) conference.

And, after years of secretly battling with feeling trapped in the wrong body, she came out as transgender on stage in front of hundreds of people.

'As I was talking, something hit me and I thought: 'If I'm ever doing this, the time is now.' So I just said it. It was incredible, I got a standing ovation.'

Do you have any Jewish friends? by [deleted] in debatealtright

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I used to live next to a synagogue, and my experience of Jews then was one of stereotypical entitlement. They would come out and shoo away people who parked on the street in front of their synagogue because, well... just because.

It started when I first moved into a new apartment. There was only on-street parking, and so I parked at an open space in front of the synagogue, and one of the staff members there came out and told me I couldn't park there. I apologized, thinking I was in the wrong and moved to park several blocks away and walk home.

But over time, I came to realize that the street in front of their synagogue was just an ordinary street, and they had simply appropriated the spaces in front for themselves.

From their perspective, they did feel like those spaces were important to them. I think they justified it to themselves by saying that they had older members who couldn't walk as far when they were coming to and from Shabbat services. They might say to themselves that they were performing a mitzvah by keeping those spaces open.

But they policed those spaces every day of the week, and most of the time, it was just staff members parking there. And again: these weren't permitted spaces. Just regular on-street parking. But if you parked there, chances were good that in less than a minute, someone would come out and ask you not to park there. (Or tell you not to.)

This is a pretty stereotypically Jewish story, almost laughably so. Because even when I tell it, I feel kind of like a jerk. "Are you so important that you have to make some old man park many blocks away?" No, I'm not that important.

But in the end, they're the ones monopolizing the public space and I'm the villain if I don't want to walk four blocks home with my groceries. How did that happen? Pretty much the same way Whites have been convinced to hate themselves, and to believe that Whiteness is evil, even though America has been the most prosperous and kind land Jewish people have ever resided in.

American Youtuber makes a video on the Great Replacement. Your thoughts? by Nasser in debatealtright

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This was an excruciating video to drag myself through. Nearly every sentence in it was a lie. What a Gish gallop.

There's a real lack of sophistication in the way people like Mr. Beat fail to understand the different but related concepts of the Great Replacement, White genocide, and the concept of Replacism from which the Great Replacement is derived.

Replacism is perhaps best exemplified in the idea of the person, which originally meant "human being", but now has been extended to corporate personhood, animal personhood, and even abstract environmental entities like rivers and wild rice. When everything is a person, nothing is.

As Renaud Camus says:

The non-existence of races, like the non-existence of classes, is indispensable for the industrial production of l’homme remplaçable: replaceable man; exchangeable man; decultivated, decivilised, denationalised, and unrooted, such as needed by and for generalised exchange: of man with man, of man with woman, of people with people, of animals with things, of man with machines, with prosthesis and with objects — the post-human condition.

Replacism is a whole, a complete matter, a general conception of the world: if one does not understand that, one does not understand anything about what is going on: the Great Replacement. Replacism is just as present in huge chicken factories which produce chicken by the millions, which will never see grass or sky and are treated exactly as if they were things, as it is present in the Great Replacement, the ethnical and cultural substitution. It all amounts to a big thingification, if you’ll forgive my French, of the living."

This is what you have to deal with if you're going to make a video on "The Great Replacement". You have to deal with the philosophical concept of "replacism" and how it applies to people. Specifically, White people.

When you replace the idea of "White people" with the idea that anyone with any European ancestry at all is White, or even with the idea of "cultural Whiteness", that anyone can be White if they simply look at the world as White people do, this is naked replacism, the idea that one thing can be replaced by another thing and still be that original thing. If you say there are only less White people in the census because the definition of White people is changing, you're not debunking the idea of White genocide, you're engaging in it.

By making the argument, Mr. Beat is proving the very thing he says he is attempting to disprove.

But... the whole video is made of lies. It's a framework made of lies and supported by lies. Where do you even start? I feel sorry for all the kids who this is made for, earnestly watching this, and not even allowed to see a meaningful rebuttal to it on YouTube. It's their future that is being replaced.

“You Gentiles” is apparently so dangerous the SPLC won’t even name it. by Mr9to5 in debatealtright

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The spokesperson for Powell’s Books wrote in a follow-up email that Antelope Hill Publishing has sold only one book through its store in the years since its titles/the publishing company appeared online.

“I would also like to share that in a review of our records, these books have virtually no sales through Powells.com. We have sold one title in the Antelope collection,” Powell’s wrote to Hatewatch.

Just amazing how quickly these retailers will sell out their customer base to appease Jewish pressure groups. I wonder how far they would go, if they would give a list of zipcodes of purchasers if asked, or even full names and addresses. Certainly, we're not far from it.

White vs other races when it comes to fairness by tantamle in debatealtright

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It's the difference between the in-group and the out-group.

Whites today are the victims of massive in-group confusion, to the point where they think all of humanity is their in-group, a ludicrous lie that no one else on this planet believes. Blacks know their in-group is other black people; Jews know their in-group is other jews; Whites say, "What's an in-group?"

This is the result of a massive multigenerational campaign to deliberately de-ethnicize and deracinate Whites, and as I think most people here understand, you have to be somewhere on the far reaches of either side of the bell curve to have resisted it.

To get Whites to think of their own interests, you have to get them to out-group members of their psychological in-group, a Herculean task. Think of it like someone trying to convince you that your parents or your children are bad people, that staying around them will hurt you, that you should cut yourself off from them. What would it take? Wouldn't you make every excuse not to believe this painful thing? This is why we are where we are today.

On a related note, I was just listening to the Ezra Klein podcast this weekend, where they had Harvard-educated Pakistani author Mohsin Hamid talking about his new book "The Last White Man", a Kafkaesque novel of racial apocalypse where White people start waking up with dark skin, to their disgust and horror. It's a novel of incredible contempt for White people -- imagine the reception a novel "The Last Jew" would get -- written as a sort of racial revenge because Hamid felt he "lost his whiteness" after September 11th, when he began being detained when getting on planes.

Klein has Hamid read the opening of his novel, which was so laughably bad one might think it was a parody of some sort. The White man wakes up with dark skin and immediately falls into an "unexpected, murderous rage" and begins physically punching the mirror until it breaks. I think this says more about how Hamid felt about himself after September 11th than it does about us.

Imagine thinking race was only about skin color and not behavior. You could paint every White man brown and give us afro wigs, or you could give them all light skin, blonde hair, and plastic surgery.... we'd still sort ourselves out by behavior alone. By our desires for different textures of life. This is why race matters. This is what separates the in-group from the out-group.

World Economic Forum Wants To Use AI To Automatically Censor Speech On The Internet by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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This has been troubling me for a long time now. I've seen the "improvements" OpenAI has made in GPT-3, and I've read about more to come. Here's an example of where we are now: https://files.catbox.moe/x14wnc.jpg

The dissident right has become much too complacent about this. We might have one more Republican administration in the U.S., and we should be pushing for a ban on AI-based semantic censorship algorithms while we still can.

It's almost 50 degrees Celsius in Iraq right now by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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The big problem with climate change is that the anti-White left is fundamentally incapable of addressing it.

All global warming models are based on predictions of explosive population growth in African nations ultimately migrating into Western nations, and adopting Western habits of consumption.

To meaningfully lower the environmental footprint of humanity, we must stop Africans from having so many children, but any attempt to do this on the left will be treated as tantamount to genocide. Paradoxically, policies that reduce African birthrates to rates above White birthrates will be treated as African genocide, even though the lower White birthrates will not.

The fate of the planet is in the hands of right-leaning, racially-aware thinkers, because they are the only ones capable of choosing the planet over fears of being called racist. It's Eco-fascism or bust.

How do we counteract anti natalism aimed at whites? by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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We really ought to tie the ability to vote to fertility. Being on a prescription for birth control means no vote. Young women who choose a career instead of children remove themselves from the voting pool and enhance the voting power of men.

If you choose to abandon your responsibility to the future, then you don't get to participate in shaping it.

Disney children's cartoon has tranny "man" buying tampons, wearing transfaggot flag shirt by Blackbrownfreestuff in debatealtright

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The very idea of childhood to them is just another aspect of the White supremacist patriarchy, just like they believe gender is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cb3-tlyuhVo

These are the people who have taken over Disney.

What happened to Chris Roberts at AmRen? by tantamle in debatealtright

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He has written before about being a heavy drug user in his early 20s... he was only 29 when he died. He may just have relapsed and overdosed.

It would be ironic if he died due to drugs since perhaps his most famous piece is covering the drug deaths in West Virginia: https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2021/09/15/grace-and-grit-in-southern-west-virginia/

Still worried about Artificial Intelligence? by [deleted] in debatealtright

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This is how they're actually training the AIs:


It's OpenAI's number one priority.

Can Gen X help restore White Nationalism? by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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"At a time when American politics is increasingly polarized around education and racial views, Generation X maintains higher rates of racial resentment than succeeding generations...

"While voters have historically tended to be more conservative as they age, that has accelerated with Generation X. In fact, Tom Bonier, the CEO of TargetSmart, a Democratic data firm, told me that Generation X has now become the most conservative generation, surpassing the Boomers in their rightward tilt."

-- How Gen X Became the Trumpiest Generation

Return of the alt right? Elon Musk looks to take over Twitter by Dragonerne in debatealtright

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the right isn't responding to this with new ideology that will rescue society from the mob and establish a healthy civil society.

What would this look like, in your opinion?

I basically agree that, ironically, a site that excludes the extremes and presents itself as a moderate liberal site is actually better for us than a site that supports absolute free speech or is overtly oriented to the right. I think of all traffic the old /r/DebateAltRight subreddit got, and how the rules that constrained discourse there actually elevated it to one of the best pro-White sites on the Web. So effective they had to ban it completely.

Call of Duty: Vanguard - Inclusive Revisionism by Fourth_stage in debatealtright

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Streamers are great, but this kind of well-researched content is next level and deserves more community support. Throw in a few bucks if you can:



Types of White traitors by aaarrgh in whatever

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It's frustrating that so much pro-White propaganda is so hostile and crude. (And in this case, filled with multiple misspellings.) I would almost believe it was produced to alienate Whites from taking our own side.

Jon Stewart literally has a show called, The Problem with White People. by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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Andrew Sullivan has his say: https://andrewsullivan.substack.com/p/the-problem-with-jon-stewart

It's so infinitely pathetic that they would even have someone on like Andrew Sullivan instead of a genuine White advocate. None of their arguments can survive contact with reality, so they must take place in a media bubble of unreality.

White Nationalist/3rd position directory just dropped by Markimus in debatealtright

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White Art Collective has had some amazing stuff recently. I love their philosophy of promoting pro-White artists who are artists first. Pro-White themes are often part of each artist's work, but the point is to hear the soul of our people, however it wants to express itself.

As a trained classical musician, you might like Andrei Moissejev. I was just listening to a WAC Spotlight on him today. The whole hour is good: https://odysee.com/@WhiteArtCollective:a/Artist-Spotlight-Andrei-Moissejev:2

I'm also a fan of Olivia Key. She's got a new album coming out soon, and her work is transcendent.

Are there Photoscanner Programs to determine if a woman is really a "trans woman?" by Richard_Parker in debatealtright

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You could try this: https://gender.toolpie.com/

I suspect it's trained on a generic database of men and women, though. You really need one that is trained to discriminate fake men and women from real men and women.

Did anyone watch the Texas "Save America" Trump rally? by Blackbrownfreestuff in debatealtright

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I was surprised at the revulsion I feel for Trump now. Promising pardons for the January 6th defendants if he wins, when he could've pardoned them even before he left office. Pushing people to buy some new shitty book he pretends he wrote. Making jokes about how he'll win unless they steal it again. It just makes me feel pity for all those people who genuinely love him and would do anything for him, knowing their love is wasted on this incompetent clown who doesn't give a shit about them.

The stage is really set for a genuine pro-White populist to come along... but when? You'd think in a country of 220+ million Whites, we'd have at least one real contender.

I can't tell whether these posts are satire anymore... by metafilter_sucks in MeanwhileOnMetafilter

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New folks, lurkery folks, etc: come introduce yourself


Bill Maher does segment on Jews not getting enough credit for Hollywood. by Fitter_Happier in debatealtright

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Just wanted to chime in to point out that cinema is an entirely White art form. Every stage of the ingenious creation of motion picture cameras, sprocketed film, and projection systems was invented by Europeans and their diaspora, from Muybridge to Edison to Eastman to the Lumiere Bros. to Griffith, and so on, going all the way back to "Opticks" by Isaac Newton.

We made not just the inventions that made the art form possible, but the language of the art form itself: the cut, the dissolve, the close-up, the tracking shot, et cetera. All the basic elements of filmmaking language still in use today were invented by White filmmakers.

In a very real sense, when someone who isn't White makes a film, they're co-opting White culture, and engaging in a White art form, just as much as we would be engaging in a Japanese art form if we put on kumadori make up and staged a kabuki play. We could make our play about America, but the art form itself would still be Japanese.

Whites are too embarrassed to claim responsibility for something and momentous and ubiquitous as cinema. We are the first to say that film is a universal art form and to praise filmmakers from around the world. But so many generations of this has led to a world where most Whites don't even realize that cinema is White culture, that it did not exist before we created it, and that it relied on the unique qualities of our civilization and our people to create it, our unique devotion to both science and art.

Jews just made money with it.

"Let's ask Vaush a few questions" Watch left-wing Youtube star Vaush drop the mask and start defending the Nazis. This from the man who said, "I have yet to hear a a convincing moral OR legal argument as to why child pornography should be illegal. *Actual* child pornography." by Chipit in whatever

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The USAToday article going around the other day, quoting as their authority a man who describes himself as a "proud Jewish homosexual" and "Doctor Sicko", asserted that pedophilia is actually "determined in the womb". So why not mandatory abortion of detected pedophiles? They're going to wish they'd been aborted anyway.

The horseshoe theory reminds me why it's better to identify as centrist... by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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Faith is a relationship with doubt, not the elimination of doubt.

You might be driving to visit an old friend you haven't seen in many years. You used to drive to his house often, but now it's been so long, you're not 100% sure you're going the right way. But you're pretty confident. You have faith you're making the right turns. That's what a healthy religious faith is like. You know you might be wrong, but you have enough confidence to make the journey.

In my experience, the same sort of inquisitive spirit that leads people on their "red pilling" journey often ultimately leads them to God, as well. "Noticing things" doesn't stop with race. Natural theology is real.

MILLENNIYULE 2021: GREG JOHNSON by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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I'll have to watch this. Counter Currents has really been knocking it out of the park lately.

There's a lot of NPR-fatigue out there, and Counter Currents is making a strong play to connect with that audience. Some great podcasts, like their recent discussion of David Lean's "Bridge Over the River Kwai"; quality short fiction; and Jim Goad all keep me coming back. Greg Johnson is doing great work, highly underrated in my book.

China passes US to top output of influential science papers by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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They've got over 4 times our population. Why is it even close?

bloomBerg goes mask off by [deleted] in debatealtright

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In a similar vein is this leaked report -- "The Trans' Plans" -- Rod Dreher analyzed on his blog, centering on "the freedom to be ourselves" as the key message linking transgenderism, feminism, and the Civil Rights movement.

Part of me thinks doubling-down on trannies will be a disaster for the Left, but we passed Piss Earth a long time ago. Having total control of the media gives them almost godlike powers.

How Every Christmas Became White | Jared Taylor (AmRen) December 2021 by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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I'm very proud of our people's unique close connection to animals compared to other races.


How Every Christmas Became White | Jared Taylor (AmRen) December 2021 by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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I was driving around last night, and I saw a Nativity scene erected on someone's lawn. And for the first time in a long time, I saw it with newfound awe and wonder.

In the past, I’d always seen the Nativity a little disdainfully. I could never quite wrap my mind around Joseph, and the fact that he was bringing this child into the world that ostensibly wasn’t even his, and yet taking a father’s pride in it. And then, the so-called Wise Men humbling themselves before the Christ child, bowing to a mere baby, a baby who hadn’t done anything yet worth bowing to. Even something about the humblebrag of Christ’s birth in a manger annoyed me.

But last night, what I saw was the idyllic vision of a White family.

I saw not merely Joseph, but the apotheosis of the European man, protecting his pregnant wife so she could give birth. I saw not merely the Christ child, but a baby representing all new White life, embodying the life of our people and the miracle of Life itself. And his birth in a stable no mere humblebrag, but a symbol representing our connection to animals and to Nature. I could see that glimpse of the pagan gleaming through the Christian tradition, with Christmas coming just after the winter solstice, the darkest day of the year. That perfectly beautiful symbol of a White man and White woman coming together, daring to forge a new link in that eternal chain, to continue that divine path of creating new White life even in the darkest of times.

All the bowing and kneeling used to seem humiliating and undignified to me. But seeing it as the representation of the glorious continuation of life? Of our European peoples? Well, yes! That merits kneeling. That merits supplication. And that merits joy.

Merry Christmas and Happy Yule, guys.

Hispanic Voters Now Evenly Split Between Parties, WSJ Poll Finds by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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It's Jewish paranoia. When Trump got elected, most wealthy American Jews went into all-out panic mode, sure that Holocaust USA was imminent. They still feel that way. They have been giving money to every Jewish political extremist and putting them in positions of power with the goal of dissolving any sources of White unity and locking down the system before it can be turned on them. But it isn't only White people who like things like traditional ideas of men, women, family, or law and order.

The more they do this, the more attention they call to themselves, the worse the anti-Semitism gets, and the more they double-down...

No Country for White Children, Andrew Joyce, TOO. Great ammo against normies who cry "conspiracy theorist!" by Fitter_Happier in debatealtright

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The way they target our kids makes my teeth clench. Ugh.

One thing stood out to me, though:

"Someone once said that 'when everyone thinks the same, conspiracy is unnecessary.'"

This should really become a mantra in our circles, like NAXALT, able to be trotted out whenever someone either falls into QAnon territory or an opponent wants to act as if our arguments depend on some Eyes-Wide-Shut-style meeting of hooded figures at midnight:

WETTSCIN: When Everyone Thinks The Same, Conspiracy Isn't Necessary.

Wiki's "White Genocide Conspiracy Theory" entry is a good example. They generally don't deny we're being replaced, they just deny that people are conspiring to do it. Well, WETTSCIN.

White Supremacists Stage Bizarro Rally in Downtown D.C., Find Themselves Stranded by ShalomEveryone in news

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The fact that they felt they had to push propaganda about it at all shows that that they are afraid to let the organic narrative grow on its own. This march and how it was pulled off really scares them.

The Battle Lines Grow Clearer, Jared Taylor. As always a great, succinct speech by Taylor. by Fitter_Happier in debatealtright

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Imagine if America put up monuments to Blood River or Rhodesia?

I've been thinking a little about something like this. So many statues and monuments of our White history are being torn down and destroyed. Why not crowdfund the purchase of a plot of land and begin putting up new monuments to preserve that history?

Imagine a park you could walk through, and see each statue torn down, or a replica of it, or a monument in remembrance of it. You could read the plaque, and maybe even listen to an audio tour on your phone that told you why this person was important enough to us to deserve a monument, and what the circumstances were of its destruction.

You could put up new statues and monuments as well.

Jared Taylor deserves one at some point, I think, for a lifetime of patient, thankless advocacy for our people.

Perhaps even a monument to all the White victims of Black violence in America, to make that history concrete and tangible, not just a few numbers on a table of federal statistics. Find a creative, meaningful way to portray the vast difference in violent tendencies between our two communities, and how our people have suffered the burden of that for over a century now. Kids like Cannon Hinnant deserve to be remembered by more than just memes.

Raw land is still relatively cheap in many parts of the country, especially the American Southwest. There is empty land with beautiful mountain views available in rural Colorado for just a bit more.

It's really about time someone started doing this. Obviously, the media will demonize any project that valorizes White history as White history, so taking on the project isn't something done lightly. How much the project gets demonized depends in part on how much truth you tell. But it's an idea I keep being drawn to.

The Battle Lines Grow Clearer, Jared Taylor. As always a great, succinct speech by Taylor. by Fitter_Happier in debatealtright

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Greg Hood's speech from the AmRen conference is out and worth watching, too:


Darrell Brooks feels "dehumanized". His mother says he's a good boy. by wristaction in debatealtright

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Predictable and disgusting. Passive-voiced non-apology that takes no responsibility at all. Shameless.

I was thinking about the giant Black Power fist that BLM erected in the square where George Floyd died. What is our fist? What figure symbolizes our struggle? Our demonization? Our history being erased? Our children being dehumanized? What monument should mark the ground where these innocent Whites were murdered, and where their murders were ignored?

The image that kept coming to me was of an oversized White Picket Fence. Eye-height, with a slat for every man, woman, and child injured or killed. Each slat with a ribbon tied around it and the victim's name on it. The White Picket Fence being the emblem of the American Dream, the peaceful homogeneous communities that Whites have been denied, the symbol of everything we love about ourselves, and everything they hate about us.

The Fence itself could be adorned with flowers. A monument as beautiful and wholesome as theirs was ugly and violent.

Santa Inc. Official Trailer by socksucker in debatealtright

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You saw Rogen's tweet? Now deleted, of course:

"The response to the Santa Inc trailer hows exactly why we need diversity. Too many angry white men can't accept that their time is up."

Yes, your anger at this powerful tribe devoting millions of dollars to mocking your traditions and demonizing your race only shows why you needed to be attacked to begin with! Literally, "the Jew cries out as he strikes you."

It's hard to make sense of how much of all this is an act, how much is entitlement, and how much is sheer obliviousness.

I check in on /r/Jewish occasionally, and there are often threads that say things like, "Why do people hate us so much?"

But the answers are just so absurd and ridiculous you almost can't believe it. Here's one from about a month ago. Just take a few seconds to scan through it. These are actual Jews talking with one another about why they seem to be hated so much. I won't spoil it for you, but the most common answer is "jealousy".

They either can't hear or don't listen.

Santa Inc. Official Trailer by socksucker in debatealtright

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"It’s not clear precisely what attracted the attention of antisemites and Holocaust deniers. That two Jewish people, Silverman and Rogen, are starring in the Christmas special seems to have factored in, as many of the comments reference their religion."

-- https://www.dailydot.com/debug/christmas-special-youtube-antisemitic-santa-inc-seth-rogen/

Yup, it's a real headscratcher, all right.

How will we gain power? by randominteger in debatealtright

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I don't know where this fits, but I believe a Whitestrike is a possible option in the not-too-distant future. Our adversaries are champing at the bit to implement government discrimination against Whites--Biden's Restaurant Relief Fund already did so this year, "prioritizing aid" to non-Whites, with an understanding that the Fund would run out of money before Whites ever got a penny.

They were barely beaten back by a lawsuit from the White restaurant owners who were being discriminated against.

But our adversaries are nothing if not inventive, and when Whites lack the demographic power to stop them from packing the Supreme Court, eliminating the filibuster, and controlling the counting of votes in Congress, eventually the implementation of these anti-White programs will triumph.

Finally we'll be in a position where Whites no longer have anything to lose. Even liberal-leaning Whites will see that all their groveling and apologies have been for nothing. The mask will be off.

Whites may not have the votes to prevent themselves from being treated as a hated sub-caste, but if Whites deprive the system of their labor in large enough numbers, the system will come to a crashing halt. Think of the current supply chain problems, multiplied by a thousand. No food on grocery store shelves, no gas at the gas station, airports are shut down, even the internet stops working.

Hopefully, we will have leaders who are actually capable of negotiating meaningful reforms on our behalf by then.

What is the counter-argument against blacks/minorities getting sentenced more harshly than whites for the same crime? by Sapphire in debatealtright

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A big part of this has to do with drug crime and how it impacts black neighborhoods vs. white neighborhoods. The shorthand version is that black neighborhoods generally have "corners" while white neighborhoods have "dealers".

Dealers are discreet. You come to them, or they come to you. The transaction generally takes place indoors, or at least on private property, as does the drug use itself.

Corners are not discreet. Drug sales are conducted out in the open, in public. Drug use often happens nearby in public, as well. This has repercussions. Open-air drug markets attract prostitution, robberies, assaults, and the like. And corners become lucrative real estate in black neighborhoods. Gangs will fight over who gets to sell at a corner.

Of course, if you're an ordinary citizen, their drug corner is just your neighborhood, so the residents will pressure police to get the most violent offenders off the the streets. Prosecutors and police both understand this dynamic, and prosecutors will push for maximum sentences for specific individuals arrested for drug crimes near contested corners, in order to keep them off the streets, and keep violence down.

This is often called "enhanced prosecution", and you can read a decent introduction to it here. This article is about policing and prosecutorial practice during the years Vox's study covers, 2011-2016. Of course, in a post-Floyd world, this is all very controversial again, and one of the reasons you see violent crime numbers trending up.

In short, blacks who use drugs are more likely to buy, sell, and use them in public, which leads to gun violence and other assorted problems in the neighborhood. This is why they get arrested more, and why some have received higher sentences. Black drug crimes create more neighborhood consequences than white drug crimes.

New York may tap National Guard to replace unvaccinated healthcare workers by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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I tend to agree, but there's no question that the vaccine mandates and vaccine passports are being used to flush out and marginalize independent-thinking Whites.

Twitter reacts to a white woman expressing pride in her facial features by [deleted] in debatealtright

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Another popular reply under Krogan's thread is the anime meme hinting at the homosexuality of Ancient Greece/Rome that has seen no solid rebuttals thus far.

You might find this interesting:


Are Jews and Armenians white? by [deleted] in debatealtright

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Despite their close ties with Europe, no more than half of their DNA comes from ancient Europeans, the researchers found. Only 46% to 50% of the DNA in the 128 samples originated with the group of people who were also the ancestors of the Flemish people in the study.

The rest of the Ashkenazi genome comes from the Middle East, the researchers reported.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg (they/them) by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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There's an epitaph you want on your tombstone: "ABORTION CHAMPION"

The jews aren't White theory doesn't really have a strong basis to be honest by Salos60000 in debatealtright

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Ashkenazi jews largely have had their middle eastern genes massively diluted from race mixing with eastern europeans and others.

Whites are the aboriginal peoples of Europe. Our evolutionary history there goes back tens of thousands of years. Ashkenazi Jews are a recent hybrid and only about 700 years old:


Despite their close ties with Europe, no more than half of their DNA comes from ancient Europeans, the researchers found. Only 46% to 50% of the DNA in the 128 samples originated with the group of people who were also the ancestors of the Flemish people in the study.

The rest of the Ashkenazi genome comes from the Middle East, the researchers reported.

Serious question for white nationalists by Noloben in debatealtright

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I have seen numerous white nationalist writings and comments that speak of "underclass" whites as a kind of genetic enemy

Which ones? Care to toss out some quotes?

Unite or Die by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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Exactly so. We're essentially in a race to see if they can isolate us faster than we can organize.

Thoughts on a new religion - crossposted from /s/altreligion by Ponderer in debatealtright

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As a girl I feel nothing but infinite contempt for nature

This is why women are not allowed any position of real leadership.

2020 US Census shows White population has DROPPED by 8.6% in a decade. The first ever in U.S History. by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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You are turning a blind eye to what you see happening all around you, and pretending it isn't.

Not just pretending, but telling others to pretend, as well.

2020 US Census shows White population has DROPPED by 8.6% in a decade. The first ever in U.S History. by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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Genocide is not the mass killing of people.

From the Encyclopedia of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, quoting Lemkin:

Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings. It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aimed at the destruction of the essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves. The objectives of such a plan would be a disintegration of political and social institutions—of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups. Genocide is directed at the national group as an entity, and the actions involved are directed at individuals, not in their individual capacity, but as members of the national group (1944, p. 79).

The best word for this stage of the game is ethnocide, but ethnocide is simply a type of genocide.


Are white people bad for the environment? by [deleted] in debatealtright

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What a surprise that a member of our favorite tribe hates white people.

The real danger is European people being browbeaten and manipulated by those passing as White into not following where our spirit naturally leads.

If you look back to the late 1960s, when NASA was contemplating the future after the Apollo moon landings, they were already putting the finishing touches on a grand vision for a space-based economy that would transform the planet, using lunar- and space-based power.

In a nutshell, the 1970s were to be about building lunar bases; the 1980s, lunar solar panel factories; and the 1990s, beaming space and lunar solar power back to Earth in the form of low-power radio waves, capable of passing through cloud cover and being rectified back into electricity by low-tech rectenna farms anywhere on Earth.

This would've meant essentially limitless energy, anywhere on the planet, with no emissions whatsoever, 24 hours a day. No more reliance on fossil fuels. No more oil spills. No more pollution from coal smokestacks, and the cancers it causes. Even the threat of anthropogenic global warming eliminated. It was all there for the taking. The studies were done, the reference plans had been made.

But instead, the Jewish-run media shamed white people into abandoning manned space exploration. They demonized White America for the degraded state of American blacks. They damned any investment in space as an immoral waste of money. And we listened. To the detriment of everyone on Earth.

Even now, they're still doing the same thing. Here Eve Andrews demonizes billionaires like Elon Musk who have found a new path forward, and demands that Whites instead go back to "tearing down those unjust systems and constructing something more equitable in their place."

If she truly wants to see the face of the people who have ruined the planet? She should look in a mirror. Listening to people like her has cost the world more than we can ever know.

Tucker Carlson is in Hungary by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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Saw this today, too -- Matt Yglesias quoted on Glenn Greenwald's Twitter feed:

"Absent politics, my policy would be get jabbed voluntarily within the next X weeks and get $50 or else you get jabbed later while someone holds you down and you get $0"

Can't have ICE deporting illegal aliens, but can have soldiers "hold down" American citizens to shoot government mystery goo in their arms. These are the people we're fighting.

Claim: The only reason blacks commit more crime than whites at comparable income levels is because even relatively better off blacks live in worse neighborhoods by tantamle in debatealtright

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It's not poverty.

The statistic that always sticks out the most to me is:

“Black men raised in the top 1 percent — by millionaires — were as likely to be incarcerated as white men raised in households earning about $36,000.”

I first came across this stat in a NYTimes article, but it has its genesis in a study by Raj Chetty's "Equality of Opportunity" organization. The article is a devastating data-based indictment of young black men as a group, and contains red pill after red pill, like:

"Most white boys raised in wealthy families will stay rich or upper middle class as adults, but black boys raised in similarly rich households will not."


"Gaps persisted even when black and white boys grew up in families with the same income, similar family structures, similar education levels and even similar levels of accumulated wealth."

The authors blame this on "the punishing reach of racism on black boys", despite having no evidence for this, no hypothesized mechanism for how something as vague as "racism" turns the son of a millionaire into an incarcerated criminal, and even in spite of having evidence against it. Blacks in majority black nations score the lowest on IQ and other early childhood development tests, for instance, despite the lack of "punishing white racism" there.

Have Black people ever said "thank you" for all the nice things White people gave to them? by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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Of course you're a troll, Mr.:



That's trolling.

Another aspect of trolling is not debating in good faith. You know very well that the definition of genocide is not "the mass killing of people".

From the Encyclopedia of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, quoting Lemkin:

Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings. It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different *actions aimed at the destruction of the essential foundations of the life of national groups*, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves. The objectives of such a plan would be a disintegration of political and social institutions—of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups. Genocide is directed at the national group as an entity, and the actions involved are directed at individuals, not in their individual capacity, but as members of the national group (1944, p. 79).

The best word for this stage of the game is ethnocide, but ethnocide is simply a type of genocide.

I'd encourage you to read more, but you know all this already.


Have Black people ever said "thank you" for all the nice things White people gave to them? by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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The proper term at this stage of the game is ethnocide.

47% of West Coast Dems, 66% of Southern Republicans Want to Secede From U.S. by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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I don't think full secession is necessary or desirable. I'd rather see us take large leftist cities and re-define their metro areas as independent self-governing Federal Districts, like D.C. is today. They get to run their internal politics however they wish, but they don't get to vote in Federal elections anymore.

In a sense, it would be a sort of end-run around repealing the 14th Amendment.

Europe has a number of microstates, like Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City, even Luxembourg, I suppose. Something like the microstate model would make a lot more sense for the U.S. than trying to create some set of regional republics where right-leaning rurals are still ruled over by a cosmopolitan leftist imperium.

Is there a single piece of Black media that worships intelligence? by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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This made me think of a passage in William Henry Ferris's 1913 book, "The African Abroad, or, his evolution in western civilization, tracing his development under Caucasian milieu."

Ferris was a Yale graduate, and a minor black intellectual, speaker, and activist around the turn of the 20th century. He asked the same question over 100 years ago:

Plato wrote over the door of the entrance to his lectures upon philosophy: "Let no one enter here who has not studied Geometry," thinking that a man who has not studied geometry could not understand philosophy. And I would like to engrave this axiom over the door of every Negro school-house, college, church and newspaper office, "No one who is not a profound student of sociology and human history is fit to be a leader of the Negro race. The blind cannot lead the blind."

But let us return to our argument. From the time of Crummell down to the time of DuBois the scholars, thinkers and literary men of the Negro race are honored less by the Negro race than by the Anglo-Saxon race.

We boom as great men, men whose only qualification for leadership is a glib and fluent tongue, and a loud, boisterous and noisy manner of speaking. Blyden is the greatest linguist our race has yet produced. He was a recognized Arabic scholar, and a recognized authority upon Mohammedanism, and yet I hear very little about Blyden among the colored people. DuBois is honored among the colored people, not so much because he is a brilliant scholar and literary genius, as because he is a leader of the political hopes and aspirations of the Negro.

... Instead of despising culture and scholarship, the Negro race must honor its thinkers, scholars and literary men.

The more things change…

The depressing story of the American continent. by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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your yarmulke slipped

Reading Abigail Shrier's Irreversible Damage (the "transphobic" that made a stir on Rogan etc by Richard_Parker in debatealtright

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I see no reason why we cannot work with people like Ms. Shrier.

This is the thing about our Jewish friends. They can be useful allies—Glenn Greenwald, for example, has been a solid asset to Tucker lately—but part of their function is to retrench the system, to pull it back from extremes that are in danger of toppling it altogether. Which is where transgenderism is right now.

Transgenderism is evil, and Schrier is, in the end, fundamentally one of its greatest champions. She is strengthening it by pulling it back and defining a new normal around it.

You see this with Bari Weiss, too, another Jewish journalist with a Substack who has taken on CRT's most extreme positions. She's not doing this to defend white people, but rather to pull the system back to a liberal norm where whites can be successfully deracinated again.

Normie whites who ally with these sorts of "based Jews" often end up defending what they initially opposed. What is there to say? It's how Jews work. Just something to be aware of. No one's going to do the hard work of demolishing these toxic ideas but us.

Adding the book to my list, but I probably won't get to it for at least a month.

What are your opinions on this reddit post by an Arab describing how dehumanised he feels due to stereotypes? by ayotollahsinIran in debatealtright

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This is a consequence of living among people who are not your own. Liberalism creates racism; ethnostates end it.

Studies that show that race mixing is a bad thing? by [deleted] in debatealtright

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A good source is J. Richard Udry’s Health and Behavior Risks of Adolescents with Mixed-Race Identity showing that mixed race kids are significantly less healthy than kids who aren’t, and in fact make up the single least healthy racial cohort in the United States.

Udry's study showed mixed race children are more likely to wake up tired, have skin problems, headaches, sleep problems, other aches and pains, and struggle with depression. They are more likely to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes as teenagers, as well as more likely more likely to skip school, and get suspended. They are more likely to attempt suicide and more likely to succeed when they do.

Not just more likely than white kids. More likely than all single race kids, including African-American kids.

The Left admits Jews can be a race and suffer health problems, so why not White people too? by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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The ultimate goal of the APA is to declare racism a mental illness in the DSM.

We already have mechanisms in place to take away the rights of the mentally ill, and since only whites can be racist according to their definition, any white who pushes back against the anti-white system will have some or all of their rights taken from them. We're not far from this.

The mental health industry already uses loaded terms like calling racism a "pandemic", and pointing out that they treat white people and non-white people differently isn't going to make them stop doing it. That's sort of the point of creating these systems in the first place.

You would think this would bother more white people than it does.

Nature is a cruel and beautiful mistress by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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Just thought this was relevant:

“When people are fighting for their existence on this planet and are faced with the fatal question, 'to be or not to be', all considerations of humaneness or appearances crumble into nothing. These concepts are not floating in the air, but are born in man’s imagination where they will cease to exist when he ceases to exist. Man’s departure from this world dissolves those concepts into nothing because Nature does not know them. They are limited to the men in a handful of countries or rather a few races, and their value is only to the degree they unfold from these men’s feelings. Humaneness and showy idealism for the sake of appearances would disappear from the inhabited world if the races that created and upheld these concepts were lost.”

- A.H.

White supremacy is the root of all race-related violence in the US, professor Jennifer Ho by Fitter_Happier in debatealtright

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Malcolm X likely wouldn't identify as two races, this isn't a good example.

Malcolm X was very aware of being mixed-race. His mother was the product of his grandmother being raped by a white man, a legacy that still showed in the red cast to his skin and hair that gave him the nickname "Detroit Red". From "The Autobiography of Malcolm X":

"Louise Little, my mother, who was born in Grenada, in the British West Indies, looked like a white woman. Her father was white. She had straight black hair, and her accent did not sound like a Negro's. Of this white father of hers, I know nothing except her shame about it. I remember hearing her say she was glad that she had never seen him. It was, of course, because of him that I got my reddish-brown 'mariny' color of skin, and my hair of the same color. [...] I learned to hate every drop of that white rapist's blood that is in me."

Most blacks who have mixed ancestry, I acknowledge, are not as aware of this or as connected to it as Malcolm was.

I do think the term "average" when applied to white admixture in African-Americans can be misleading. Averages usually are. We're only looking at the subset of African-Americans who have made the effort (and paid the cost) to have their genetics tested. This is not a random sampling. I suspect that this population leans towards a whiter admixture than the general African-American population as a whole, and that the most problematic class of African-Americans, the ones engaging in crimes of transgressive violence, would have even less white admixture.

It would be a good field of study, if we had any power or funding in academia to investigate it.

If you're among only a handful of blacks in a school of whites and mestizos you're probably going to experience just as much profound racism.

I should be clear here that when I'm speaking of the effects of racism, I don't mean merely race hate, but the deeper problems of identity formation that come from being the only one of your kind, so to speak. When you add to that the sense of alienation and rejection from the race you most feel like on the inside, you can ignite a genuine revenge narrative of the type that we see in Nikole Hannah-Jones and others like her.

I should also say that things have changed since Baldwin's era, and there is much more cultural power today in in proclaiming black identity and demonizing white identity, so for a younger generation, there is also a flight from white, and a real desire to "pass as black" if one can, as much as one can. Meghan Markle is a particularly hilarious example of that.

Not just from whites by any means though, which is why I don't agree they're likely to be anti-white in particular but could also become anti-black. Anti-white ones probably just get more attention.

If you've got a population of prominent mulattoes who've devoted their lives to destroying blacks, I'd love it if you'd share them with me.

Like Sam Dickson said: "Every morning, thousands of white people wake up and go to work to work all day on the problems of blacks and Asians and Hispanics and everyone else, but there's not a single black or Asian or Hispanic who gets up and says 'What can I do for white people today?'"

White supremacy is the root of all race-related violence in the US, professor Jennifer Ho by Fitter_Happier in debatealtright

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This is mostly a throwaway comment, but I'll flesh it out. If you're looking through my comment history, then I'm sure you noticed a link to J. Richard Udry’s Health and Behavior Risks of Adolescents with Mixed-Race Identity showing that mixed-race kids experience the most profound effects of racism:

"The preponderance of our evidence supports the conclusion that adolescents who identify more than 1 race are at higher health and behavior risks when compared with those who identify with 1 race only. This applies in a general way and is not distinctive to any particular race combinations. Further, it is not peculiar to any particular type of risk, but to most risks, both health and behavior."

Anecdotally, I've noticed how many mixed-race people end up much more vitriolic in their antagonism of whites than people who aren't mixed-race, devoting their lives to anti-white hatred earlier and in a more committed way than their racially unmixed counterparts.

Jennifer Ho has apparently devoted her entire life and career to destroying white people, for example. There just aren't that many Asian-Americans who are so devoted to anti-white race hatred that they want to make it their life's work. If Ho were fully Chinese, would she have written the same editorial she wrote here? Would she even be an Ethnic Studies professor obsessing about race? I doubt it.

Or look at Nikole Hannah-Jones. Born in Waterloo, Iowa, to an African-American father, Milton Hannah, and a Czech and English mother, Cheryl Novotny. But you sure wouldn't know she was half-white from her blistering hatred of white people, expressed way back in 1995 when she was writing columns for her college paper saying the white race were barbaric devils and calling her own mother's people "savages".

Even the whollly black Ta-Nahesi Coates, son of a Black Panther, éminence grise of anti-whiteness, wasn't frothing at the mouth like this as a teenager. While Hannah-Jones uniquely led the charge to use the institutional power of the NYT to destroy white America, Coates today is writing Captain America comics.

It's just an interesting contrast, a mere anecdote, but I don't think the fact that she went on to spearhead the NYT's 1619 Project and the fact that she is mixed-race are unrelated.

You can go through a list of many of the greatest luminaries of anti-whiteness and see that they are actually mixed race, from Malcolm "I charge the white man with being the greatest murderer on Earth" X (who was at least a quarter Scottish) going all the way back to Frederick Douglass. Often, their antagonism to whiteness comes out of a deep level of pain at being excluded from it.

This is probably most pointedly articulated by James Baldwin, who wrote in 1965:

"In the case of the American Negro, from the moment you are born every stick and stone, every face, is white. Since you have not yet seen a mirror, you suppose you are, too. It comes as a great shock around the age of 5, 6, or 7 to discover that the flag to which you have pledged allegiance, along with everybody else, has not pledged allegiance to you. It comes as a great shock to see Gary Cooper killing off the Indians, and although you are rooting for Gary Cooper, that the Indians are you."

Now Baldwin was gay, not mixed-race, but the dynamic of identifying with and being rejected from the broader white culture is very similar. And I suspect the raised IQ and heightened moral sensibilities that come along with the infusion of European genes contribute to that sense of isolation from black culture, as well. Attacking the white culture you feel excluded from turns out to be a powerful way of reinforcing your connection to the black culture you may also be struggling to connect with.

It's not that non-mixed blacks don't have anti-white feelings, but that authentic racial connection with their own people helps to moderate them. I think of Nick Cannon's rant about how white people were inherently "less than... melanated peoples" and lacked compassion because of their lack of melanin. This is a pretty common sentiment among blacks as far as I can tell, and I would go as far as describing most blacks in America as black supremacists.

But it's one thing to accidentally spill the beans about your black supremacy in a throwaway line during a podcast, or in a couple of tweets on Twitter, and another to build your entire life, career, and identity around attacking white people. I'm not saying every mixed-race person goes full white genocide, but I think the unique qualities of racial isolation that come with a mixed-race background present fertile ground for anti-white radicalism.

White supremacy is the root of all race-related violence in the US, professor Jennifer Ho by Fitter_Happier in debatealtright

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"The daughter of a refugee father from China and an immigrant mother from Jamaica..."

"Three Continents, Five Countries, One Family: My Chinese Jamaican Family’s Transnational and Transpacific Story" (book manuscript/family biography).

This validates my theory that mixed-race people ultimately take out their rage at being denied a whole racial identity on the rest of the world.

See also: Jordan Peele, Barack Obama, Colin Kaepernick, Nikole Hannah-Jones, Rashida Jones, Ava DuVernay, etc., etc.

Symbols by Dragonerne in debatealtright

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No, we're laughing at you.