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It's a huge loss. His most recent "Grounded Commonwealth" mod for Fallout 4 demonstrated an entirely new way to fight back--removing non-white characters, creating new character models and skins, rewriting and re-voicing anti-white dialogue in an A-list game, turning it from their propaganda into ours. Incredibly well-done. So much time and effort went into that, so much dedication.

It's maddening that some makeup tranny streamer on YouTube can make hundreds of thousands a year while our best guys labor for pennies. I don't know the solution yet, but a movement that can't keep guys like Krogan going isn't a winning one.

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Unfortunately, it turns out that deplatforming is quite effective. When Alt-Right content producers get removed from Youtube, they can expect to lose 90% of their audience, even if they have a backup at Bitchute. Most subscribers are only casual fans that cannot be bothered to follow content producers after their main accounts are suspended.

It turns out that people really love to have convenience in their daily lives, and if you make something inconvenient for them, they will stop doing it. That was proven with the vaccine mandates, when NPCs jabbed themselves just so that they could go to the bars and the theaters. The average person does not like having their daily routines disrupted.

In the same way, if you can cause Alt-Right content producers to lose 90% of their audiences (and hence, their ad revenues), you can make it unprofitable for them to continue their work in the long run. They simply run out of steam and are forced to drop out. Deplatforming is a very insidious tool of suppression.

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We need our own platforms. This includes banking, shipment, etc.

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Bummer, was a great voice for us in the gaming area.

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I would want for someone to fill his shoes, and for Krogan's videos to remain preserved.