r/Europe is radicalizing more and more by the day by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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Well, Reddit will definitely putting a lid on this soon. Can't let people have opinions on their gay platform for too long.

The Game is Up – and the Jews Know It by cisheteroscum in debatealtright

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Great writeup, man. You should see if you can get this published on Dissident Mag or something.

45 Percent of Republican Voters Support Storming of Capitol Building: Poll by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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What a whitepill. It feels so good to have faith in the American people again. This is a nice reprieve from blackpilling about how conservatives are complacent retards.

DC Events/Evacuation Thread -- Please post all news, links, threads on DC happenings here by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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These events are incredible, and I have certainly lost clout for claiming right wingers will never do anything. It's possible the police goaded them into doing this for PR, but the more video I watch, the less convinced of that I am. You can see the police actually shaken and disorganized. I think the morale boost for our side is enough to not declare this a total loss by any means, even if it was a PR stunt.

The stark contrast between the kid gloves BLM and Antifa get versus right wingers will be clear to all. BLM and Antifa have spent the last six months torching cities, occupying state and federal buildings, blocking highways and roads, and even murdering people, and all the people in power capitulate totally. Democrats support them, call it peaceful protest, defund the police, tear down monuments, and even kneel in support! Even the GOP leadership cucks to a large degree.

Now some angry whites finally do something with balls and storm the capital building without vandalism or bloodshed (that I'm aware of), and now every GOP politician and pundit turns their back and calls it an insurrection. The police straight up murder a 16 year old girl who was clearly not a deadly threat . Even Trump himself called in the National Guard on his own supporters! But somehow we can't get the National Guard to clean the streets over the last summer where people were actually getting murdered and burnt alive.

What makes 'race' a relevant part of life? by ayotollahsinIran in debatealtright

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It wouldn't be if we still had a homogeneous country that didn't attack whites on a racial basis 24/7/365. Then we could finally reevaluate our social priorities and spend our collective efforts colonizing space instead of uplifting the hordes of unwashed degenerates.

The British army today can only field a single armored brigade for combat. Europe's incredible military weakness by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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This should be blackpilling, but I actually relish the thought of Russia humiliating the west militarily. There needs to be a hard lesson learned about feminizing not only your government and popular culture, but also your military itself.

Archive.org just deplatformed a bunch of stuff. by Mr9to5 in debatealtright

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Welcome back, CertifiedRabbi!

Chris Cantwell found guilty on 2 of 4 charges. Faces up to 22 years. by [deleted] in debatealtright

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I hope none of you have ever said anything along the lines of "lol I'm gonna rape ur mom" while playing Call of Duty, because that's basically what they're prosecuting Cantwell for.

What Finally Happened in our Suit Against Twitter, Jared Taylor. Spoiler Alert: the judicial system is a joke. by Fitter_Happier in debatealtright

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So instead of having a fair fight, Twitter forms a coalition with other big tech cronies in order to shut down the whole lawsuit before it even really begins. Naturally. Why should I have expected anything else? This country is rotten to the core.

I actually think we are in a healthier spot right now with the decline of reddit by [deleted] in debatealtright

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Hopefully this at least means we don't need to be quite as strict with the rules since we don't have the Reddit admins looming over our head.

I already messaged all the users on that list. Please no more threads on mass-messaging users by Letssavethefirsworld in debatealtright

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The ironic thing is we'll probably have far more debates now that we've been banned from Reddit. The number of actual debates dive bombed as soon as the original sub was quarantined.

I was just invited to be a part of this group. by thunder-cricket in debatealtright

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"Expose" us as fascists? How are you going to expose something that isn't a secret?

Here is a list of all reddit users of debatealtright. Post in the comments which you have contacted and i'll remove them from the list by bruker in debatealtright

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I got the invite and I've migrated. Thanks for the invite.