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Why don't we change our name from debatealtright to nationalism? or something of the sort? DissidentRight? AltRight image is tainted and is grounds to be banned from almost all platforms. Optics is key, and I don't think we should be the alternative to anything, we should be the main thing.

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Optics are gay. Alt Right is snappy and provocative even if none of us even identify with it anymore. It also keeps continuity from reddit.

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Optics is everything. Terrible products have come to market than better ones, simply because they were marketed better.

AltRight image was heavily damaged early in its life. The first gathering and it was already a failure with someone dying, and thats what most people will remember it as.

Optics is necessary to attract others.

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We can still post on reddit on r conservative, r tuckercarlosm, dark enlightenment. Just be a bit more restrained. I started posting on adam carolla because of my notoriety on dimeforscale, then started posting elsewhere. I also post on nyc and other reddits to break up the echo chamber.

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I am very happy with how the Tucker sub is headed.

It's a bit humorous that it's filled with both fully redpilled guys, and DR3 boomer cons, but maybe some of them will become aware.

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It's a bit humorous that it's filled with both fully redpilled guys, and DR3 boomer cons


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Who were you on reddit

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Sineavec, but I didn't post much until the BLM protests. And my name was FJFrancis1 in 2018, from February to May. I remember debating with a time-wasting leftist called "Two-Legged Moose".

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    Tbh, I am losing hope with him day by day.

    We whoop and holler anytime he mentions the rich, bankers, etc.

    But at his core, he presents civnat ideals.

    Does he believe more than that?

    Perhaps, but without espousing them, what good does it do us?

    He is basically Trump + Paleocon litelite

    Preferable to Trump, but honestly not by much.

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    Glad you made it!

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      Why would you report it to AHS? Please explain. It seems like you are helping Ahs get more stuff banned...

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        I think that pretense has already been thrown in the garbage. Sounds like a waste of time to me.

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        I get that you think it'll finally wake those neocons up, but it'll probably just have the same effect as t_d's ban: that is, a bunch of boomercons blaming their ban on china, then simply moving to ruqqus/dotwin.

        Either way, r conservative is completely run by pro-israel trolls, and you'll never be able to even post our ideas without being banned. It's long past time to just ditch that garbage website.

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        This is what we on the left refer to as accelerationism. Reddit is doomed, we might as well go ahead and accelerate the process by trying to get subs banned.

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        Conservatism is our #1 enemy. Ban them, get them to migrate. Ban every subreddit for all I give a fuck.

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        Just remember to check you aren't shadowbanned when posting links to reddit's competitors. They are very happy to wield the banhammer to protect their site.

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        Dead giveaway of shadowbanning: if your account is very new and low-karma you should be restricted to 1 comment per 5 minutes or so. If you're shadowbanned the restriction magically disappears.

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        I moved here due to reddit's DAR banning, and I do like it here.

        My only concern is that this site is more of an echo chamber than reddit (believe it or not).

        There really aren't any 'normies' here to show the light.

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          I have been banned from there for months lol.

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          Yeah I am hoping more will come. I would like to find a community with more involvement. Dead set against stormdrain. Aside from fed posting and fed surveillance, I do not think it is a viable community or offers real insight or intellectually astute conversation, above and beyond the bad "optics."

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          Normies don't like challenges. They have the fear of their beliefs proven wrong.

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          Even I was a normie once though.

          I happened upon /r/milliondollarextreme and that got the ball rolling.

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          MDE never dies

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          I think people with the right motivations will find a home, like here. I first came to Reddit to read /r/new_right when I saw an article from Alain de Benoit there. That was about 2012, peak free speech on the site.

          It was good to see people learning and having fun with the humor. But a lot of the material that became famous was crap, as far as people seriously learning an ideology well enough to argue for it. How much serious zeal can people get from a racial joke meme? And even the quality nationalism material was ultimately sharing a platform with subreddits dedicated to serial killers, illegal porn and drugs. Reddit was always beneath us. It was a short-term strategy to be on there, it’s a gutter to pull people up from and to be very afraid of falling down to the same level of.

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          It's better for everyone.

          Far-Left seem to have started up their own community called 'Raddle'. Someone on Ruqqus claimed that the 'Chapo' people set that up, and it is effectively their own Voat. The same person provided a link to a Raddle post to show how violent the comments were (a thread about what to do with 'dissidents', and the comments called for repression/killing). So we now have both sides in their own 'safe space' rather than engaging in aggressive 'brigading', etc. against each other. Remember, AHS were literally posting CP on subreddits they wanted gone. Pretty sure that's illegal. We don't want to exist in a single-space if that's what it comes down to. Segregating incompatible peoples is good—even in schools, any reasonable teacher would simply keep students who keep fighting with each other apart.

          Then you have the others, which are more balanced. A few days ago, Ruqqus celebrated hitting its 50,000 registered user count, and the site is around six months old. It also appears to crash a lot less (not as many '503 Service Unavailable' errors) than it did just a week ago. Some guilds (including some friendly to us) have grown by thousands of members over that time.

          As for here, it appears that s/GenderCritical (TERFs expelled from Reddit) have grown to 1980 members despite being eight days old as of writing this. So, there is a flood of people coming here as well. The site mod seemed to be worried that the site user-base skewed too 'Right'... but I think the question now is whether TERFs will end up dominating it instead, and whether there will be... 'TERF wars'(?) between Right-leaning users who, being expelled from Reddit earlier also arrived here earlier, and the new wave of TERFs who almost certainly will not confine themselves to their single sub.

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          That's a tactic I've been thinking off for a long time, mass promote the big platforms while promoting friendly platforms like this on them, sorta like a parasite.

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          Hopefully this at least means we don't need to be quite as strict with the rules since we don't have the Reddit admins looming over our head.

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          I only used reddit for DAR, The3rdPosition, and the occasional shitpost in PCM, so this sub is pretty cozy. Seeing a lot of great people made the switch. Not being quarantined and having the possibility for actual debate is great too.

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          I enjoy that I can upvote this twice