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Based. Just like with Trump's polls, the real numbers are probably a couple points even higher.

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I couldn't even imagine this just 2 years ago. Things are accelerating so fast. Trump really was the accelerationist candidate.

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This part is also interesting:

However, when the results were broken down along partisan lines, pollsters found that more than two-thirds of Republicans (68 percent) felt the protesters were not a threat to democracy, compared to 27 percent who felt they were.

Democrats were less divided on the issue. Ninety-three percent said the storming of the Capitol represented a threat to democracy, while only 4 percent felt it was not.

It's unclear how one decides what counts as "a threat to democracy", but the partisan divergence suggests that the two groups differ on what they consider democracy to be. The objective fact is that the certification of electors proceeded much as it would have had the Capitol not been breached, the only difference being that some Congressmen who would have supported Trump backed down instead. Since the certification process continued after the interruption and produced the same result, rather than say that democracy is threatened these people should be saying "look at democracy's resilience".

Maybe this is what the 68% of Republicans are onto. I think to them, "democracy" means the process of deciding who gets power (to which the only threat has been election fraud). Whereas the 93% of Democrats act as if "democracy" means a feeling of general goodwill among the populace that causes everyone to get along.

Perhaps Americans will have a vote on what "democracy" means.

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What a whitepill. It feels so good to have faith in the American people again. This is a nice reprieve from blackpilling about how conservatives are complacent retards.

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Another poll gives very different numbers -

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YouGov has a better track record.