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While I think Cantwell is a hot mess the selective prosecution and harassment by the Feds make this just another example of the joke of a "justice" system we have. Meanwhile people throwing bricks at cops, SHOOTING COPS, bashing heads with bike locks, etc. get the kid glove treatment. That fucking nog in Louisville, Larynzo Johnson, was charged with "assault and wanton endangerment", FOR SHOOTING TWO COPS BECAUSE THEY'RE COPS. If Cantwell had shot two cops he'd be on death row by now. Pro tip: If you're going to name your kid Larynzo, just go ahead and name him nigger.

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Pro tip: If you're going to name your kid Larynzo, just go ahead and name him nigger.


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Sad. I was a regular listener of his podcast for a while.

Beneath it all, he's actually a pretty decent guy, just with some some serious personality flaws and short-changed by life. It's gonna be a very long time until we here from Cantwell again. I wouldn't blame him if he leaves politics entirely.

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Lawfare and I doubt the guy he threatened was a real white nationalist. Seems like there's probably a lot more going on here that we're not privy too.

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I hope none of you have ever said anything along the lines of "lol I'm gonna rape ur mom" while playing Call of Duty, because that's basically what they're prosecuting Cantwell for.

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Beating two fed charges is a miracle. He probably won't get much time.