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Taking over Europe is going to be even easier than I thought. By 2050 Africa will have more military aged men than Europe has people, so our conquest of the continent is inevitable. Russia will suffer the same fate because their population is shrinking very fast.

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Be honest what do you think that conquest would look like? Just be honest with yourself and acknowledge you'd turn the continent of Homer, Shakespeare and Dostoyevsky into something resembling Haiti if you ever gained the whip. You know that. I know that.

So the real question is why would anyone in their right mind want to do that.

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So say every European nation shut down their borders to all African immigration and recognized the threat by 2050.What will be your plan then?

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That's not going to happen.

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If it did,though whats your plan?

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We'll just wait and watch how Europe collapses because of shrinking demographics.

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And yous won't collapse?Demographics can be recovered too.Why even would we collapse?

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No we won't collapse because we'll keep growing. Other parts of the world need our labor. We'll get richer like how China got richer. And Europe will collapse because there won't be enough young people to keep the pension system working. You won't recover your demographics. Once you empower and educate women and have easy access to contraception it's over.

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Our economy can adapt, automation and technology are set to replace millions of jobs.How is your continent going to cope whenever the Sahara gathers up the Sahal,when the equator becomes a lethal zone, when your crops get washed out in dust storms,when your rivers drive up, when Europe cuts every cent of aid, not to mention your people aren't exactly united either.Tell me the great African fleet that is going to transport these 'military aged men' to Europe.

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    We don't need to unite. Nigeria alone will have a billion people this century. And the migration will only increase. We'll take over Europe through migration. We don't even need military force.

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    Nigeria has already lost 96% of its forests. It will collapse.

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      This is getting hilarious, Africa will starve before reaching those numbers, and if conflict starts it will be against north africans.

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      We'll get richer like how China got richer.

      You're too low iq to get rich like china did

      You won't recover your demographics.

      I'm sorry to disappoint you but you cannot predict the future.

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      Demographics will stabilize at a certain point while Africans will be starving, the only reason blacks are growing in numbers is because the growth is sustained by western nations.

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      You cannot predict the future Schlomo.

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      Russia will suffer the same fate because their population is shrinking very fast.

      I know that you're a demoralization shill but I'll answer, Russia has nuclear weapons and they can destroy Africa in a matter of hours, in a real war against whites Africa has no chance even if you outnumber us 10 to 1, you are too low iq to defeat us, we can easily look at what happened in Rhodesia where some white farmers were able to easily defeat blacks while heavily outnumbered and nuclear weapons were not involved.

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      Where's Rhodesia now?

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      Rhodesia doesn't exist anymore, now it's a shit hole named Zimbabwe who's previous president begged whites to come back because blacks were too stupid to do something as simple as farming and would have starved to death if not for western aid from white countries, those same white countries that you despise jogger. At the end of the day the conflict in Rhodesia shows us that whites even when heavily outnumbered can easily defeat blacks. I don't know if you're really african or a jewish shill, I personally think there's higher chances that you're a jew, however it doesn't matter, the fact that you're here rambling with idiotic nonsense shows me that you're afraid of us whites, I don't need to prove it because you're proving it by yourself, the only reason you're here failing to demoralize us is because you're terrorized by us because you know that when whites will lose their patience it is over for you.

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      This should be blackpilling, but I actually relish the thought of Russia humiliating the west militarily. There needs to be a hard lesson learned about feminizing not only your government and popular culture, but also your military itself.

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      jewtin is just anohter zionist controlled faggot, but if he launched a full scale invasion of Europe I'd not just be welcoming him with open arms I'd be looking for the nearest office to sign up for the collaborationist forces

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      Is an invasion even realisatic considering that both France and Britain have nuclear weapons?

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      What do they exactly spend all this money on?

      Military-industrial complex. It's just about those tax dollars at the highest profit-to-expense ratio possible.

      Regarding the historical might of Russia, I remember hearing a lot about the lend-lease program from WW2. Anyone know if the lack of such a program today would affect Russia's warfighting capacity?

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      Wow, you weren't kidding

      Brigade or Regiment

      Brigades are made up of 2,000-5,000 soldiers, normally split among three to five battalions. The armed cavalry and ranger forces of this size are called regiments or groups, not brigades. Commanders of brigades or regiments are one-star brigadier generals or colonels.

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      I've thought about this regularly, would NATO actually be able to stand up to Russia and/or China in WW3 scenario? It seems the Western armies are largely long-time untested armies who are probably paper tigers at this point solely dependent on their technological superiority and a few competent special forces and power projection units which still struggle against poor third worlders with AKs and WW1-era weaponry. Even America would apply under this. I mean Russia is not perfect itself military (lost the First Chechen War, struggled in Georgia, etc), but its been battle-tested numerous times since the collapse of the USSR and its learning from its mistakes enough to probably have a more experienced force than the US. The last actual confrontation the West had with a professional army was Iraq (Libya doesn't count as it was mostly an air campaign against a collapsing military), and they've seemingly not learnt from any of their confrontations with insurgents either.

      I think there is frankly numerous factors for this, main one being complacency and decadence under liberalism. However, I'm sure we're all aware patriotism is dead in these countries also and frankly only reason anyone would join is for the benefits they provide (the US army for example is only way many can get into college or have healthcare, while European armies are just glorified training programs that can provide extra welfare freebies). I mean also coming into play is I think most people even though they don't do anything about it accept that modern armies are just mercenaries for the rootless elite and people aren't even proud of the current state of their countries. The fact that modern Western armies have to use cringe-worthy propaganda appealing to diversity or self-esteem (example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4, example 5, example 6, damn there is so many just like this I could post so many more) is more than enough to tell us about the current state.

      Also regarding Germany, implying America (aka Israel) is going to ever allow them to have a competent military again lol

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      During the cold War, West Germany had the largest army in Western Europe at 500,000 troops with 12 full armored divisions