'White' people as the psychologically castrated eunuchs of progressive communist ideology. by rightm in debatealtright

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I don't mean people can read my mind or anything crazy like that, nor am I having hallucinations. I mean to say that I am being spied on, through the hacking of my phone primarily. I have concrete and obvious evidence that my phone has been hacked. And this gives me a lot of good backing for the idea that I am being monitored in other ways.

'White' people as the psychologically castrated eunuchs of progressive communist ideology. by rightm in debatealtright

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you sound neurotic and need to develop a more relaxed mindset not just for now but also in the long term ... You should also remember that the law still exists, and that it not only provides basic protections to everyone, but also limits intrusions into the privacy of citizens and penalises any illegal violations.

I'm really not worried about the law or legal issues, there are much more sinister and demonic forces in the world that have to do with issues deeper and darker than anything that can be prosecuted in a public court. I am worried about private and covert forces. Also, communists don't believe in privacy. While there are tonnes of things happening that I can't really confirm with concrete evidence, I can concretely confirm that my phone has been hacked before to play the audio clip "kill yourself" before. Thus whoever is targeting me clearly wouldn't mind if I was dead. Given that I have concrete evidence for this, it gives me backing for all of the other fucked up sinister things that I am noticing in my life, with respect to being monitored, followed, stalked and otherwise psychologically operated on. It's hard to not be neurotic when people literally want to murder me and are spying on me to such an extreme extent, monitoring my every movement, thought and feeling.

'White' people as the psychologically castrated eunuchs of progressive communist ideology. by rightm in debatealtright

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Maybe you'd be surprised but I don't even consider myself racist anymore. I'm trying to learn hebrew. I try to do so much in order to not make myself feel like some kind of secret Hitler, but no matter what I do, I can't just stop noticing the things that I'm noticing. I don't know what to do anymore. Given what I know about spying and psychological operations, I'm so scared that every "wrong" feeling or thought that I have will somehow be exposed and then used against me, like if I write something down in a note, or even in an anonymous blog. And it's not like I can just silence my thoughts. I'm actually posting this here fully aware that I'm already doxxed and there are probably federal agents reading this right now.

People keep telling me to "just ignore politics", but this is impossible when so many people around me, especially the people of my peer and age group, who in my mind are supposed to just be psychologically healthy normal people, almost all seem to be psychologically brainwashed by the politics I am somehow supposed to ignore. How can I escape politics when everyone around me seems to be so brainwashed and so fully captured by this new age bullshit?

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While my personal outlook has never been stronger or more optimistic, I will say my general outlook, as a South African, is that things will get a lot worse before they get better. It's weird to be back here in this part of cyberspace, as I've largely ignored this kind of discourse online or offline. I realise retrospectively that my thoughts and intuitions regarding the kind of topics discussed here have only crystallized even further, despite nearly a whole year of trying to find counterarguments in my daily existence, I'm unable to do so. I feel like every experience I have just affirms my intuition despite an extreme effort from my part to over-search and over-fit for counterfactual evidence of the contrary. I'm tired of actively fighting my innate intuitions and feelings though.

Imagine every single city or town in your country being neighbored by a giant slum. Imagine the streets of all these major cities and towns lined with homeless people, tents and trash everywhere. Women do not feel safe to walk anywhere. The percentage as a whole of my friends or acquaintances I know who've experienced violent crimes(stabbings/shootings, rape etc..) continues to increase. I could go on but I'll spare you the details of daily life in what is probably Africa's most developed city.

Good to be back. Keen to get into some serious heavy reading, as previously I think my interest was mainly based on the DAR subreddit and my knowledge mainly came from light written/video essays/blogs and some race-realism stuff. Currently reading René Girard alongside Guillaume Faye.

Something hilarious I just realized about our ancestors by lithre in debatealtright

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I remember some book/journal I read called something like "Global Studies in Antisemitism", the whole book was basically them justifying Jewish religious supremacism(justifying the existance of Israel, Jewish religious exclusionary practices, promoting Jewish inter-marriage etc..) in the face of criticisms thereof. All the while justifying why they then publicly promote the exact opposite of these behaviours for others to follow.

Does anybody here know how to mass message redditors? by WaltzRoommate in debatealtright

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I'm too busy right now but I can probably get to implementing this some time in the next few days.

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Great to see everyone regrouping here so rapidly.

My mod account was banned and I assume all the others were as well. I wonder to what extent, if any, the regular contributors were banned.

Contacting everyone manually seems like too much effort, someone needs to write a script message all these users on reddit if their accounts still exist.

This makes me wonder about the extent to which actually just recruiting people straight from reddit could work.