Something hilarious I just realized about our ancestors by lithre in debatealtright

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I remember some book/journal I read called something like "Global Studies in Antisemitism", the whole book was basically them justifying Jewish religious supremacism(justifying the existance of Israel, Jewish religious exclusionary practices, promoting Jewish inter-marriage etc..) in the face of criticisms thereof. All the while justifying why they then publicly promote the exact opposite of these behaviours for others to follow.

Does anybody here know how to mass message redditors? by WaltzRoommate in debatealtright

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I'm too busy right now but I can probably get to implementing this some time in the next few days.

r/DebateAltRight Users - Updated List from 2020-06-29 Archive by AFutureConcern in debatealtright

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Great to see everyone regrouping here so rapidly.

My mod account was banned and I assume all the others were as well. I wonder to what extent, if any, the regular contributors were banned.

Contacting everyone manually seems like too much effort, someone needs to write a script message all these users on reddit if their accounts still exist.

This makes me wonder about the extent to which actually just recruiting people straight from reddit could work.