Are calls to violence allowed on saidit? by Blackbrownfreestuff in debatealtright

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Bahaha... another socks alt banned. Thanks for using your username to tell us what you are. Now, to rephrase one of your own silly comments:

Scum like you are ruining Saidit. [Nobody cares that the degenerate] socks [wasted hundreds of hours of his life] for almost 2 years, and [acquired] 17000 [useless] karma, whereas you're just [a] weekend Saidit [pinko faggot] pussy, and you want Saidit to have only [pinko faggot pussy scum] like [socks and the whole of Reddit].

You seriously think that after two months of inactivity you'd just mysteriously start commenting again on a subsaidit that isn't on s/all and on which you haven't commented on before!? And yet you know everything that goes on in this subsaidit? Bahaha... a soy-fuelled 50-year old 'man' crying about Trump and Tucker Carlson online thinks he can trick me by pretending to be anyone but socks? Bahaha... Speaking in the third-person about socks, are we? I'm sure you have plenty of practice doing that, being a mental head case.

Given that Nazis irk you so much, I extend to you the obligatory Heil Hitler, you mentally-ill untermensch whose descendants will, in the unlikely event that you have any, be brown, pan and trans!

Shell bought $2bn in discount Russian crude, raised prices on consumers (a lot), because of Russia invasion, profits $9bn, politicians do nothing about this trend in BigOil price gouging by [deleted] in politics

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Oh look, you're banned, fucktard. Bahahaha...

Shouldn't you be out protesting, pinko?

Also, thanks for wasting hundreds of hours of your life here. The more time you spend here shitting up the place, the less time you're doing anything dangerous, like indoctrinating kids.

Sayonara, sucker!

The Supreme Court "Leak" is Designed to Galvanize the Dems and Reduce Midterm Losses by cottoneyejoe in conspiracy

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Someone whose politics makes the USSR look conservative by comparison has no place lecturing others on radicalism. Republicans aren't Far-Right. You're just Far-Left.

Oh look, you're banned, fucktard. Bahahaha...

Shouldn't you be out protesting, pinko?

Also, thanks for wasting hundreds of hours of your life here. The more time you spend here shitting up the place, the less time you're doing anything dangerous, like indoctrinating kids.

Sayonara, sucker!

AOC: As we’ve warned, SCOTUS isn’t just coming for abortion - they’re coming for the right to privacy Roe rests on, which includes gay marriage + civil rights. Manchin is blocking Congress codifying Roe. House has seemingly forgotten about Clarence Thomas. These 2 points must change by [deleted] in politics

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No. That's slippery slope logically fallacious bullshit. At least, that's what you say when people rightly link fag marriage to pedophilia.

Oh look, you're banned, fucktard. Bahahaha...

Shouldn't you be out protesting, pinko?

Also, thanks for wasting hundreds of hours of your life here. The more time you spend here shitting up the place, the less time you're doing anything dangerous, like indoctrinating kids.

Sayonara, sucker!

The Delaware computer repairman who blew the whistle on Hunter Biden’s laptop filed a multimillion-dollar defamation suit Tuesday against Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, CNN, the Daily Beast and Politico, saying they falsely accused him of peddling Russian disinformation. by Chipit in news

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Oh look, you're banned, fucktard. Bahahaha...

Shouldn't you be out protesting, pinko?

Also, thanks for wasting hundreds of hours of your life here. The more time you spend here shitting up the place, the less time you're doing anything dangerous, like indoctrinating kids.

Sayonara, sucker!

Fake black Jew from "the View" denies holocaust, gets suspended from Jewish television network. by Blackbrownfreestuff in debatealtright

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It's interesting because there doesn't appear to be anything amiss about this claim when viewed from within the Left-liberal paradigm they'd have us all be trapped within. That Jews are paranoiacally sperging out must strike any observant person (of which I imagine there are exceedingly few) as utterly bizarre indeed.

After all, they tell us they're White all the time, except when it benefits them to be seen instead as non-white, such as when Bernie Sanders tried to claim he was a 'person of colour' in order to get the dumb non-white voters to support him. Now, race supposedly doesn't exist. And even if it did, Whites cannot be victims of 'racism', supposedly. And even if they could be, these 'Whites' were only killed by other (actual) Whites, i.e. the nasty Nahtzees. So far so good. How can Jews be victims of 'racism' once we pass through these three heuristics? Whoopi is right! We see Jews as White and Whites do not exist as a distinct group; and even if they did, Whites cannot be victims of racism; and even if they could, you cannot be victims of 'racism' coming from your own damn race!

So, somehow, we have the masses accepting an argument that they would in any non-Jewish case consider absurd. An utterly bizarre case of 'Whites' not only existing as a distinct group, but capable of being victims of 'racism' even when they are killed by people... of the same race! But... only Nazis say things such as that the White Race exists as a distinct group and that Whites can be victims of 'racism'! That means that this Jewish argument is based on Nazi premises! Fucking Nazi Jews!

Jews are the only 'White' group who can get away with such a claim. Doesn't this strike people within the Left-liberal paradigm as being completely unacceptable? Why is this group of 'Whites' mysteriously part of the oppressed while all Whites are very clearly oppressors? It would, if they weren't full of the shit that their Jewish masters put into their otherwise empty skulls.

Who do you think were the worst post WW2 White heads of state/government? by Nasser in debatealtright

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UK: Cameron (the 'heir to Blair' who raised immigration despite promising to lower it, succeeded in achieving nothing conservative [the few ideas they had, like the proposal to crack down on internet pr0n, failed] and succeeded in everything liberal, e.g. same-sex marriage). Blair was obviously worse overall, but at least he didn't purport to be Right-wing.

Germany: Merkel. Played a bigger part in ruining Germany's demographics than any other Chancellor with the millions of 'refugees'. However, in a few years, the horrid SPD-Gruen-FDP Scholz government will likely have turned out to be even worse in retrospect.

France: Mitterand. But at least Mitterand didn't pretend to be conservative. Sarkozy, of Hungarian-Jewish extraction, did, and turned out horrible in retrospect. See, for example, Faye's Sex and Deviance:

Nicolas Sarkozy forced his Prime Minister to employ young women of North African and Black African origin on the basis of entirely feminist and multiracialist motives.

Hilariously, the bastard tried to reinvent himself as a French nationalist for the Les Republicains primary, hoping to make a comeback by trying to attack most or all of the opposition from further rightward. He failed in this endeavour, with Fillon winning the primary. And, of course, there are his utterly detestable claims that France would somehow die without miscegenation and that French people needed to be pressured to miscegenate. The utter blithering drivel from this mischling's mouth!

Macron might end up even worse in the long run than Mitterand/Sarkozy if he continues in office.

I'd also add Leo Varadkar, the homosexual half-Indian from Ireland's 'Right-wing' who typically doesn't seem to do anything 'Right-wing' whatsoever. He can of course be found attacking Catholicism, etc.

Ukraine, I mean, Jewkraine: Zelensky. How a literal Jewish comedian was elected head of state is anyone's guess. Poroshenko wasn't much better (pro-EU, had a Jewish Prime Minister).

Who is dividing America again? by DouglasMacarthur in debatealtright

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It's probably just the fact that Republicans are by and large centrist liberals. You have to be far from the centre on either side to develop a strong friend-enemy distinction.

Democrats are way further Left-wing (especially on sociocultural issues) than Republicans are Right-wing. Thus they are more likely to see Republicans as hostis (collective enemies) whereas Republicans find it more difficult to see Democrats as hostis in turn. Almost everything about Republicans—whether free-market dogmatism, rampant consumerism, racial 'colourblindness', atomized individualism—is clearly part of the liberal centre where people like Macron openly sit. Macron would be a 'Blue Dog' 'corporate' Democrat at Leftmost or 'RINO' at Rightmost if viewed from an American lens. And it is also where most of the Western 'Right-wing' sit as well.

After all, most Western countries, including Britain, Germany and the USA, have no sizeable Right-wing. For example, Merkel calls herself a 'centrist', and referred to her party using the German words for 'The Centre' rather than 'The Right'. Theresa May also stressed 'governing from the centre' and opposing 'narrow nationalism'. All this indicates that May and Merkel were centrist leaders of historically Right-wing parties. We see the same thing happening with Valerie Pecresse in France—another centrist who is dragging her historically Gaullist Right-wing party Leftward.

It's the same thing in America with Trumpian populism being distanced from anything genuinely Right-wing. We should keep in mind that Trump was easily the most Left-wing of Republican Presidents (the first pro-fag Republican President, for example). The whole 'Caitlyn' Trans-Jenner for Governor farce proved that the Republican Party is by and large also pro-trans enough to stand them as candidates in 2021. Republicans are simply liberals occupying the positions that actual paleoconservatives, ethnonationalists, etc. would occupy were it not for America's inherent Left-bias (the unfortunate consequence of being founded by the radical revolutionaries of their time and never developing a genuine, counter-revolutionary Right-wing).

Majority of Americans support going to war with Russia and China over Ukraine and Taiwan respectively by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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The Communist world had at one point a higher population than the non-Communist world. Its level of economic growth was also far higher than the USA's until the 1950s. Even as late as the late-1980s, Western Sovietologists believed that Bolshevism would triumph. It came as an absolute shock even to these people whose job it was to monitor Communist countries when it all came crumbling down in 1989.

The Soviet Union very easily had the edge in the Cold War. Marxist movements were defeating non- or less- Marxist groups like the FNLA, UNITA, ZAPU, RENAMO, IFP, the Rhodesian and South Vietnamese governments, all across the globe. This forced the US to side with people whose methods if not outright values were inimical to their own, whether ARENA, Park/Chun, Pinochet, Marcos, Mobutu or Suharto out of sheer desperation. The Communist world was far more united, by shared ideology, whereas the "Free" world merely cobbled together anyone who was non-Marxist, excepting a few regimes in Southern Africa, Iberia and to some extent Gaullist France. Most of this class and "anti-racist" bullshit came from a Cold War race to the bottom, with both sides trying to persuade nonwhites to their side by being less "racist" and giving them more gibs.

It seems abundantly clear to me that as Communism struggled and began to lose to the 'Free World', the trap between the two warring quasi-empires should have been triggered. War wasn't triggered in numerous other power shifts, e.g. the Portuguese empire as it went from world power to backwater as it fell further and further behind more and more rivals. The first of those should have triggered the trap. Britain also fought neither Cold War side, despite both of them clearly succeeding it as world powers. Likewise, I see no reason to conclude that America must resort to war in order to attempt forcefully preserving its undeserved world power status. I believe those percentages will decline, that they reflect anti-White (which includes Russophobia) sentiments, the likes of which drove Russiagate, and that Americunts will begrudgingly and meekly accept their nation becoming a disarmed, brown, pan and trans shithole.

Lastly, we gain nothing from this war even if it does happen, i.e. if America uses a Russian invasion of Ukraine or a Chinese invasion of Taiwan as an excuse to start it. Taiwan is gay, Ukraine is run by Jays, America is far worse than either of them. China and Russia are garbage, but clear lesser of evils here.

Majority of Americans support going to war with Russia and China over Ukraine and Taiwan respectively by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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Firstly, I doubt the accuracy of this. Most Americunts couldn't even find Ukraine or Taiwan on an unmarked map. Then again, they were barely any less ignorant back when it came to even more obscure countries like Afghanistan.

In International Relations all this is known as "Thucydides trap". When a country loses its world power status it has a tendency to generate a war between it and its contenders.

Transporting this to the 21st century situation, the world power (America) will become increasingly insecure due to its decline (true causes = hyperindividualism, multiracialism; fake/Left-wing pseudo-causes = wealth inequality, inability to make multiracialism work). Unable to identify let alone agree upon and reverse the causes of its decline, America will predictably and violently lash out at its contenders as the gap in strength between them narrows.

I don't accept this theory. For example, Thucydides' trap was not triggered when the Soviet Union began to slow down in growth relative to America nor even when it was on the verge of collapse. But according to the theory it should have. The world should not go from multipolar to unipolar without a war between the great powers.

The main question is how this benefits us. Since Putin and Xi would most likely be replaced with people who are more liberal (thus making it harder to rid ourselves of destructive ideologies in our own homelands), I'd say that there is little point in us supporting this. Currently, it seems best to me to allow the Great Satan to fall without having a chance to regime change the degenerate CCP or Putin's horrid Islamophilic CivNat regime. This means resolutely opposing any war effort to attempt preserving unipolarity through weakening contenders forcefully. These two regimes are in some ways worse than the American regime, but we need them to transition to ideologies other than in a pro-Western, pro-liberal direction. The worst outcome is that they inherit liberalism and continue this world order in America's absence.

"Black students are being told they stink while others are being called monkeys by their White peers" by Blackbrownfreestuff in debatealtright

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The lone black kid in a White school wouldn't have it anywhere near as bad as a lone White kid in a black school.

Being called a "monkey" or that you "smell bad" is practically incomparable to being shot dead like the victims of that Simpkins kid. His excuse: they bullied him because they were jealous of him. Yeah, right. This coming from a kid who looks like a typical hoodrat who no one would ever be jealous of. Typical dindu fragility.

But most of America thinks that Rittenhouse is way worse than this kid.

Opinion thread: How to survive the vaccine mandates? by TheJamesRocket in debatealtright

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That is the chief reason why I do not trust the whole Covid/Covax thing. The same people responsible for our present woes, whether we call them the 'elites', 'political classes', the '1%' as does that socks faggot, or whatever... are the same people who push the vax.

Those talking heads in the media who call us 'homophobic', 'racist', 'sexist'... are the very same people who call us 'anti-vax'. Those politicians who push immigration and every other social ill... are the very same people who push mask mandates and vaccine mandates. Why then would the latter not then be categorizable in the same genus as all of the former, as 'bad shit that the elites push'.

Why trust them on that particular issue when we trust them with practically nothing else? Who wants to take booster shots every three months (as expected in the UK now) for what could quite literally be the rest of their lives?

The Preservation of Fire by scormac1752 in debatealtright

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Indeed. The past can still be accurately recreated as we have plenty of information about these times by which to go by, in spite of the attempts of our enemies to claim it is imagined, never really was, etc. Their wanting to destroy a people's history is of course merely an extension of wanting to destroy that people. They attack our statues and so forth as a sort of rehearsal and ritual communicating to others: "See, I am practicing what we shall do together to the Whites when the time comes."

As you write, 'backward' is in fact forward. 'Backward' is the true counter culture in a time dominated by the 'forward'. Reconstruction of Gemeinschaft and mechanical solidarity is true progress. The continuation of mass society, to which globalism and globalization are inherent, is true regress.

Viva la Counter-Revolution!

Eric Zemmour : "I'm running for President" by sylla94 in debatealtright

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I'm thinking more about the political classes and other power players using him unwittingly, allowing him to grow so that he can fulfill some sort of function. Zemmour has been in legal trouble for 'incitement of racial discrimination', 'incitement to hatred of Muslims', and a few similar things, so I don't think he is wittingly part of some deliberate plot. The political classes hate him.

I think the most likely function he might unwittingly fulfill is that 'Right-wing anti-Semitism' might decline as a result of an unusual 'good' Jew being voted into power. They would then point to Zemmour to say that people who think that Jews are behind communism, libertarianism, and 'progressivism' are just conspiracy nuts. The result would be a more 'Jew-friendly' Right. Israel needs this because they've been trying to realign themselves with groups like Austria's FPO and Germany's AfD and away from Leftist groups that are becoming ever-more sympathetic to Palestine and causes like the BDS movement because they see Israel as a White supremacist state bombing poor browns. It might even be working. Austria's previous FPO leader (Strache) visited Israel and Netanyahu despite some Jews kvetching about FPO being 'Nazis'. AfD stood a Jewish homosexual in Berlin during the last election.

The flip side is that 'Left-wing anti-Semitism' would also increase, with them increasingly analogizing Israel to Nazi Germany or Apartheid South Africa. We know that the Elves are deeply concerned about 'Left-wing anti-Semites'. They practically single-handedly destroyed Jeremy Corbyn in the last UK election by labeling him one simply because Corbyn is sympathetic to groups like Hamas. UK Labour got its worst electoral defeat in 84 years as a result of the media constantly bitching about his supposed 'anti-Semitism'. But if Israel wants to realign itself with groups like AfD, FPO and France's RN, they'd just see an increase in 'Left-wing anti-Semitism' as a fait accompli, as to be expected.

Of course, they might not even think that far ahead. The most simple explanation is that they're simply scared of a Le Pen victory, unable to understand that Le Pen isn't her father. The same thing happens in Sweden, where they simply can't understand that the Sweden Democrats are no longer Far-Right. Le Pen is polling best against Macron, followed by Bertrand with Zemmour a distant third. They might simply need someone to outflank Le Pen from the Right to best take away votes from her and ensure that she simply doesn't make it into the second round.

Santa Inc. Official Trailer by socksucker in debatealtright

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Precisely. It was that comment section that was the true comedy, not that silly little talmudvision series which looks like a thinly-veiled assault on the religion which they identify with the Whites. Imagine the tears of soy if this was ridiculing some Muslims or Jews instead!

Eric Zemmour : "I'm running for President" by sylla94 in debatealtright

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I found it an inspiring video. Instead of commenting on the timestamps as I initially intended, I ended up writing much more.

Zemmour begins by addressing what is in all but name anomie. Anomie denotes certain strange, negative feelings that all of us here have probably felt. It involves feeling unsynchronized with one's milieu, of feeling that one would be better off in a different time or place.

For us, in our time and place, it is the homelessness that one feels when the stranger has his own home, but is also a squatter wrongly considered a 'co-owner' of your own. You do not even want him there, and yet the stranger is changing your home against your will, perhaps even irreversibly; furthermore, you know that he increasingly threatens you within it. As he grows in numbers, in authority, in power, you also know that your home will eventually become his and that you will then be homeless. He will have two homes and you will have none. You want these problems to end in a new social order so that you will feel synchronized again. But nobody will even mention it, nobody will even listen. One may reason that they must all be blind, deaf and dumb. And yet there are many that do see it, but yet they support it. You feel you have no choice but to despair.

It matters not where you go: hospital, school, street, train; nothing is truly yours. It is you who is the foreigner, the alien; when you walk outside and look at the faces of the new 'co-owners' whom you yourself never invited, when you turn on the radio or television and hear their foreign accents and languages. If they were to speak ill of you in their foreign tongues, you would not even know it. They can hate you openly, and yet you cannot do anything to them.

Advertisements, movies, posters, television programs... we are exceedingly nowhere to be found within all of them. It is, or was, our home... but it is inhabited by, and run for, others.

1:00 - You remember the places in which you grew up; the places your ancestors told you about; the places you see in old photographs; and read of in old books. Which of them is not changing for the worse, you ask? Only for others to smugly tell you that you view the past through rose-tinted lenses, that it was somehow worse than this dystopia. Could it not be that, for them, dystopia is their utopia, just as wickedness is their righteousness? That it is the product of their contempt for, and ignorance of, the past, and of their replacement of historical truth with historical revisionism?

To confirm our suspicions, Zemmour reminds us all of the things France has lost. There is no modern Descartes nor Pasteur, not even a Voltaire nor Rousseau. What great man who is French lives today?

2:27 - Here, Zemmour speaks as though he reads our minds. He also knows that we feel anomie. The 121,000 who have liked the original video in the last 20 hours feel it, too. He hints at our self-censoriousness, and at censoriousness more generally. Many do not say what they think because they are socialized to believe that such thoughts are wrong; and even of those who break free from this conditioning, practically all will still not say what they think because of the reactions they anticipate from the many who have not.

Because Zemmour is a Jew, he can safer say aloud that which we think. A man of obvious immigrant descent saying these things makes them seem less taboo.

3:10 - The unelected bureaucrats in Brussels; the talking heads in France's media; the quackademics in French universities. They are merely some of those who are complicit.

I do get the impression from this speech that he's 'too good to be true'. The vision that he offers us is one that we cannot even offer ourselves because we cannot say even a tenth of what he has said in public. He thus seems like he is playing the role of a saviour who has arrived at a perfect time to save a nation and people who cannot save themselves. He even sounds like he's emulating our language: at 8:23, he even uses the words, "We will not be replaced". Does he hint at... The Great Replacement? Is it... a 'racist dogwhistle'?

I think Zemmour himself is legit. He's been in this too long and fell afoul of the law too many times to be someone who is uncommitted. He has distributed many red pills and awoken many people, for which he should be thanked. The problem is whether someone is using him merely to divide the vote, or to reduce 'Right-wing anti-Semitism' by empowering one of the very few seemingly good ones so that they can then say: 'See, we're not always subversive!'. Either way, France is so far down the toilet that it is difficult to envisage Zemmour worsening things more than his rivals. Macron is the evil we know; Melenchon is the evil we can safely predict; Zemmour is something of a wild card. So what does France have left to lose? The Zemmour train cannot be much worse than the Trump train, for Trump was practically controlled by Kushner and others of Zemmour's kind, anyway. Americans elected one goy surrounded by Jews; so who can blame the French if they elect one Jew surrounded by goys? Those who board the Zemmour train cannot be worse than the Americans who boarded the Adelson, Kushner, etc. 'Trump' train.

Santa Inc. Official Trailer by socksucker in debatealtright

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They've shut it down, my fellow socks-hating toyim! The sheer amount of Elfphobia, of anti-Elfism! Toy Sleigh! It'll be annudah snowah, another Hohoholocaust!

Elfy. Jingle. Time.

Rudolf Antler did nothing wrong!

Santa Inc. Official Trailer by socksucker in debatealtright

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The downvote displays on my account only disappeared today, right before I watched this. Some people are claiming they reached 200k before they could no longer see it themselves. The likes right now are literally as low as 1.9k.

I don't think there is a single comment pushing back judging from what I've seen, including those on this video of the comments scrolling here:

The sheer level of anti-Elfism is astounding. They could seriously be removed from a 110th workshop.

Sean Last by tantamle in debatealtright

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The fact that Destiny doesn't even bring any facts into a debate and instead opts to play video games throughout is enough to determine that his chief goal is essentially that of a multi-player video game: "pwning noobs". It's all about deploying various tricks that they have stored in a mental "box" in order to bait and confuse the opponent, and nothing to do with getting closer to objective truth. They simply deploy these tricks until the time runs out. If they can't "win", these tricks can be used to stall to the end such that it appears a tie.

Last has spent hours debating Destiny on numerous occasions, possibly even on the same topics. Destiny just needs to generate views, from which his channel is large enough to generate money. For us, the main "point" of doing this is to use debate channels and people with large audiences like Destiny to disseminate our righteous messages in spaces we normally cannot. It is much more important to engage in this than in conversational livestreams about Covid or whatever the likes of Evola said. The sheer difference in the amount of views says it all: debating provides much greater return for the amount of time or effort put into it.

Finally, people who are banned from YouTube like Martinez or Handsome Truth are able to still spread the message to YouTube in this roundabout way. Whereas most DR content goes in the other direction, exceedingly away from YouTube and other surface websites and into more secluded spaces in which we are preaching to the choir. Reddit was particularly successful in doing this, becoming one massive echo chamber in which mainstream ideology and narratives go unchallenged and where normies can go without ever encountering ideas that contradict their own. Someone can be a total Leftist who just happens to express a single contrary idea, such as "trans women aren't real women", and that's all it takes to be banned.

Kyle Rittenhouse, Warlord of Kenosha is now collecting war brides by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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Rosenbaum and Grosskreutz are most likely Jewish. It is Huber who I think might not be, has anyone found proof that he is?

My reason for believing so: I found Grosskreutz's mother's Facebook page. Her profile pic had an overlay caption reading something like "Stand together against anti-Semitism". He's probably maternally Jewish.

Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty on all charges by weasel in debatealtright

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Saint Kyle "goodified" a pedo, arsonist yehud and a serial domestic abuser that fine evening. Praise be upon him. And piss be upon the Kyle haters and the fake (and gay) "news" that spun the slanderous "White supremacist terrorist" narrative, like TYT. May Kyle extract millions from them in lawsuits.

Antifa, I hope, shall soon be taking to the streets, where they and the Democrap-run state will hopefully take as many of each other out as possible.

Given how much anger is coming from blacks right now, who, normally, seemed to regard non-blacks as outside of the moral community, outside of people who matter, perhaps even BLM will join in as well. The narrative now seems to be that even though no blacks were involved, that a White man walking free is somehow proof of "White privilege" (as if the Chauvin trial never happened) and is still something of an attack on blacks. Because of their ethnocentrism, they're predictably behaving as though they need to respond collectively (attack Whites or start a full-blown chimpout).

Finally, a ballad with which to celebrate:

Greece to Put Aid Workers Who Helped Migrants on Trial on Espionage Charges by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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The same ruling "Right-wing" ND party did nothing when Golden Dawn was practically dismantled by the Greek state.

Sure, most of that persecution occurred under the previous Syriza Far-Left government, but even Syriza wasn't full-blown "let every refugee in". So ND doing this might not be particularly unexpectable.

Polish nationalists burned the statute of Kalisz, a medieval charter that gave Jews special rights by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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Oi Vey! The six gazillion anti-Semitisms that have been committed by Poland! It is the Holocaust... all over again! I'm having a panic attack! I lost six-hundred-and-sixty-six ancestors... I am a proud Holocaust survivor... Now... we will make sure that Poland takes six gazillion blacks and browns! As immigrants! As refugees! As revenge! They must take them all so that we can keep our Semitic ethnostate intact! Yes! What a clever plan! Uncle Chaim would be proud! If all refugees go to Poland... there will not be any pressure to open up Israel! Diversity for Poland! Homogeneity for Israel!

Rittenhouse trial discussion tread. by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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That there even is a trial is testament to human stupidity. Only a total moron could watch those videos and reason that there was some sort of argument to be had here.

He had a reason to be armed and there. The militiamen were doing what the state should have been doing: protecting businesses from these anarcho-Communist morons.

He also had a reason to fire. The suicidal pedophilic Jew Rosenbaum, who had a Star of David tattoo and who was yelling "Shoot me nigga!" to the militiamen earlier, threw a brick at him first, and had him cornered surrounded by cars. Kyle fires one bullet and then insists for someone to call for help. He soon moves because the mob feels they are the ones being attacked.

He then runs through a whole crowd of them without firing a shot. He falls over after someone fails to sucker punch him. The serial domestic abuser Huber stands over him, and hits him on the head with his skateboard. Again, Kyle fires a single bullet.

He then turns and sees Grosskreutz, who clearly has a handgun out. Kyle fires one round and Grosskreutz immediately turns and runs, having lost control of his right hand.

Kyle gets up and runs towards the police to hand himself in, while gunshots are being fired by more Antifa(g)s from further back down the road.

So what is there to even argue about? By having the trial there is already an implicit assumption that he might be guilty of something to begin with, which is absurd. The whole media narrative: White supremacist who intentionally went to prove himself by shooting Antifa is fake news par excellence. Why would he be running away, firing one bullet only at each immediate threat, running through a crowd without taking a shot, if his intent was to bag as many Antifa as possible? He'd be running toward them, gun blazing, dropping them like flies. The exact opposite of what happened. The media narrative is plain and simply "fake and gay", and has far more to do with anti-White animus than facts.

Here's to hoping that Antifa confuse every single one of the Kyle haters for Nazis. When these micro-minded Democrats and assorted dipshits are getting their heads kicked in by a pack of rabid Antifa(g)s, this is what their internal monologue (for those that even have one) will be saying: "Man... I wish someone as man enough as Kyle Rittenhouse was here to save me now".

This whole thing is blatantly politicized. The "Left" overwhelmingly want him strung up, the useless "Right" think he's innocent, but some are willing to see him charged in the hope that Antifa won't go apeshit, the exact reasoning of that gutless Gutfeld cretin over Chauvin.

Would a bench trial be better? by TheWorldToCome in debatealtright

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Isn't polarization practically a fait accompli?

Rittenhouse guilty = Republicans and everyone Rightward of them enraged

Rittenhouse innocent = Democrats and everyone Leftward of them enraged

I suppose that the only difference is that the latter actually cause immense chaos when they don't get what they want (e.g. the whole 2020 campaign of terror) whereas the former are far more apathetic (even the Capitol thing fizzled out extremely quickly).

Americans Want More, Not Less, Immigration for First Time by JuliusCaesar225 in debatealtright

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It seems borderline intuitive that the worse a nation gets the more pro-immigration it gets. It only appears otherwise because few people want to go to worse nations such that those nations remain homogeneous, but empirical data shows that non-whites are far more supportive of globalization/globalism than Whites. After all, it allows them to escape the conditions that they'd normally be trapped in.

Why would people value their homeland if it is but a horrid cesspool? What would be the point of Mexican pride, or Brazilian pride? Mexican shame or Brazilian shame, perhaps... but pride, that seems as laughable as gay pride. Mexican pride is merely for those flagrantly unintelligent La Raza 'bronze race' morons who are far too dull to see that Hispanic nationalism in California only harms Hispanics—the Whites will simply 'White flight' away as the situation worsens, and with them, so too will the very same prosperity that they wish to capture for themselves. They need us, we don't need them.

Secondly, there is no evidence that most non-whites see themselves as 'American'. America is just a big shopping mall or workplace from which they can extract resources. There is absolutely no reason for non-whites to value America—they didn't build it, their ancestors didn't build it, and they had absolutely nothing to do with it until a few decades ago. They will never be American in any meaningful sense, nor do most of them even want to be—they only need to be recognized as 'American' enough to safely continue extracting resources without fear of deportation or worse. They only need a few things to continue fleecing America: voting rights to steer things in the direction that benefits their ability to acquire material (increase welfare, increase tax, etc.) and, of course, the continued repression of White ethnonationalism. They've long had those things: there is nothing else that they really need except to further entrench their authority and power to ensure that they can extract every last drop without interference.

Lastly, if America is merely a non-white cesspool, Whites won't really care about it either. They'll simply withdraw further and further away from society, from caring about any American 'greater good', because most of the interests of these new 'Americans' are inimical to their own. So even Whites do not have a reason to care about 'immigration harming America'; indeed, they will exceedingly not have a reason to care about 'America' at all; especially once they become a minority that will not even receive the same protections that they themselves accorded to non-white groups back when they held power. Immigration harming some enemy foreign nation—like what America is becoming—would be like Whites caring about more blacks entering South Africa. Who cares? They're harming each other, not us.

Would I care if some random non-white ethnicity become a minority in their own country to immigrants? Ideally speaking, I don't wish it on them, but what point is there in being invested in the fate of a country that has nothing to do with me nor anyone that I care about, especially when I can't even stop the exact same thing from happening to the people I do care about?

Few willing to change lifestyle to save the planet, climate survey finds by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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This doesn't surprise me at all. We've seen time and time again that when some Western leaders like Macron or Rudd try something in this regard, it backfires. It triggered a year or more of the Yellow Vests in France; it led to an unpopular opposition leader managing to win in Australia where he otherwise wouldn't have, and that same opposition party retaining power for an unusually long period of time.

This is interesting, because where I am, people tend towards this sort of 'economic nationalism' ('buy local', 'support your local business'), but actual, substantive nationalism is extremely unpopular. Another way to put it is that they're deeply enamoured with the social effects of globalization (e.g. racial Brazilianization, their soon-to-be 'majority-minority' status, etc.) but possibly slightly hostile on average to the economic effects, i.e. 'globalism'.

Our enemies always approach this issue in the same way: blame the 1%-capitalist-bourgeoisie-Whites, the 99%-proletariat-diversity are all blameless and shouldn't have to change nor sacrifice a single thing. Just keep consuming, keep blaming the wealthy, and keep voting for these imbecilic Green parties that are literally more concerned with Antifa-BLM bullshit and Communist bullshit rather than the environment.

See this German Gruene propaganda poster on their official website, for example. It's purely Left-wing extremism—hammer and sickle tattoos, BLM tattoos, Antifa tattoos, feminist symbols sprayed on walls, rainbow flags—and has nothing to do with environmentalism. The 'ideal' world portrayed in it is still urbanized, consumeristic, etc. and is improved in no sense whatsoever from what we already have. It's just more brown, degenerate and stupid. We don't need Green parties to realize the 'ideal' world in that image; we're already getting it voting for liberals and 'conservatives'.

I do not care about it much, because it just means that if our enemies win (overwhelmingly likely), then they get destroyed anyway. And I do not wish to see this degenerate species survive merely as a bunch of brown low-IQ pansexual trans fuckwits incapable of sustaining civilization; that would be truly criminal. It would be a better fate to end up as the Morlocks from Wells' The Time Machine (we are already a more degenerate version of the Eloi) than to become what that wretched Die Gruene propaganda hopes we will all become.

European redditors going crazy as zombies storm polish border! by [deleted] in debatealtright

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You just owned that shitwitted micro-minded mental midgit. Pray tell, has he yet gotten his booster shot, which ironically comes from the same '1%' he keeps rambling about? The Covax doesn't come from the homeless guy down the road or any other 99%'er, ya' know.

We're the real anti-racists, man, that 'socks' guy is just a fkn racist inbred hillbilly redneck piece of trailer trash. Us real anti-racists know that Lukashenko is sending thousands of free gifts to Poland. It's like all of Poland's birthdays have come at once, a real bonanza!

As if anyone in their right mind would reject thousands of free gifts, especially when those gifts will overwhelmingly become hard-working entrepreneurs? I mean, just think of all the Arab restaurants we'd be missing? The price of kebabs will soon be reduced, which stimulates the economy. Why is socks clearly against what is in our economic interests? Why is he such a self-defeating moron whose silly ideas ultimately harm both immigrants and natives?

European redditors going crazy as zombies storm polish border! by [deleted] in debatealtright

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I'm on Lukashenko's side here. He's operating external to Left-liberal 'logic' and thus knows that sending refugees to his enemies puts the degenerate EU into a double bind, since it is only people who operate from within that paradigm who believe 'diversity enriches' or whatever that shitwitted, mixed-race supremacist narrative actually is. Only thoroughly indoctrinated, anti-White morons believe that nonsense, since it implies that 'diversity' (non-whites) falsely possess some kind of quality which Whites lack. Ergo, it is simply anti-White or 'reverse' racism.

If the EU nations accept 'refugees': Non-liberals like Lukashenko know that these genetic trash will only degrade and divide the countries he sends them to. Non-whites will quickly develop victimary attitudes because this increases their authority, influence, resources, etc. within those countries; refugees will become more and more of a political issue and therefore take heat off of his regime; politics will increasingly become White vs. non-white rather than pro-EU vs. anti-EU, etc. Practically everything about what he is doing benefits Belarus and anti-EU forces more generally.

If the EU nations reject 'refugees': Lukashenko is then in a position to attack them from a Leftward position by creating a faux-moral outrage, accusing the EU of being the 'real racists'. He can also accuse them of being hypocrites, claiming that 'diversity is a strength', 'diversity enriches', and so forth, and yet in this circumstance clearly seeing 'refugees' as a threat.

He's simply trolling these shitwitted EU degenerates on an international scale, and it's hilarious. Whatever the EU does in this situation is wrong, and he knows it. They are damned if they do and damned if they do not.

Lastly, it isn't as though Lukashenko's actions damage our demographics given that the EU lets in millions upon millions with no end while he's sending hundreds or thousands at most. Practically anything that disbenefits the EU, Left-liberals, Europe's quasi-democratic political systems, etc. is good. If anything, his actions will lead only to the EU becoming more anti-immigrant itself, therefore benefiting us in the long run.

A possible theory about how the left has been able to dominate cultural, social and academic sectors by Nasser in debatealtright

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I've never seen that Bio-Leninism term defined but the way you describe it matches some of my own views (essentially, an intergenerational bio psychological degenerative process is going on in mass society a la Calhoun's mouse utopia, but writ large).

If you've ever studied the history of academic fields you can see how many start off "Far-Right" and exceedingly move Left. Sociology is a great example. It starts in France with counter-revolutionaries trying to resolve the social problems created by the French Revolution, but was by the 1990s a total Left-wing echo chamber that seems to exist only to provide pseudointellectual justifications for everything their side does (family breakdown is reframed as "increased self-autonomy"; globalization, as inevitable, etc.) Everything bad is simply reinterpreted as "actually being something good". It doesn't matter whether it's as insane as CRT or genderfluidity - they're never wrong on anything, the "science" always confirms their preconceptions, always - mysteriously - leads to the outcomes they want. It couldn't be that the conclusions reached by "the science" are simply subordinate to, and totally warped by, the presumptions of their ideology, now, could it?

Ex-Libertarians, what made you change? by Trab in debatealtright

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I neither. Liberetardianism is my least favourite ideology alongside anarchism and progressivism, which for me constitute a sort of 'triangle' of the most dangerous and ignorant ideologies.

Thankfully, it's also a fringe ideology outside of America. Practically no Hispanic country bar Costa Rica has a political movement that identifies with it, and in that exceptional case they since became conservatives in practice. Similarly, it has no presence in Africa except in a minor South African "Capitalist" party who have a libertarian platform in practice. Support base mostly White and Indian.

Generally, it seems to only have White adherents (e.g. Germany's FDP or Australia's Liberal Democrats as better examples of parties that are rather libertarian in practice). It's just like the Green 'progressives' - outside of Brazil and a select few others, it is very difficult to find these people outside of the West (but they increasingly plague France, Germany and Australia, in Canada they seem more of a fringe personality cult party big on conspiracy theories).

Biden says US will defend Taiwan if China attacks by TheJamesRocket in debatealtright

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He's bluffing. If China invaded tomorrow he'd make some statements denouncing it... and that would be all.

For starters, if a genuine war declaration was made America would be immediately plagued by terrorist attacks from the huge 'Chinese-American' population. The civil unrest would be immense, with plenty in the Chinese community and the Far-Left (whether Antifa or the extreme 'progressive' DSA types, whose ranks would fill with young ethnic Chinese) immediately taking to the streets in violent protest.

It would make 2020's protests look like child's play.