FBI: Human remains found in Wyoming likely Gabby Petito by P-38lightning in news

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Look at the bright side: trainwreck zoomer couple never reproduced. Imagine how messed up their kids would've ended up with parents like that with their 101 mental condishuns personality disorders and drug abuse, can't even drive down a road without getting into a fight and swerving into a ditch. People like them make me wonder if eugenics isn't that bad of an idea...

$10 Trillion missing from the Pentagon and no one knows where it is. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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Keeping up the Deep underground military bases and the Secret Space Program is expensive.

How to prevent side-effects of mrna vaccines? Supplements? by metafilter_sucks in conspiracy

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I took it before for that exact reason, but now it's banned of course.

NYC Goes FULL 1984 Mandating Vaccine Passport And ID For Building Entry With NO Medical Exemption by Tarrock in politics

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They are never going to enforce this bullshit. Or not until after civil wars burn NYC to the ground or false flag attacks bring the entire country to a halt and they "build back better".

Men are biologically predisposed to be miserable and most have no hope of a fulfilling life no matter how lucky they are by Vulptex in unpopularopinion

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You need Jesus brother. Humans aren't breeding cattle and war fodder and wageslaves. Unless that's what you want to be. I suggest you look inside of yourself, get in touch with your gut intuition/spirit/animal instincts/whatever you want to call it, and use that as a source of self-worth instead of parroting shallow reductionist ideologies society/MSM/social media have brainwashed you with. It doesn't matter what messages you get from society/your family/MSM, what matters is that you love and value yourself. The key to living a good life is to have faith in god and to love yourself. God made you for a reason, and it wasn't just to watch you be miserable and suffer. Be strong and live the best life you can with integrity and kindness towards others, don't take pseudointellectual philosophies and mental constructs so seriously. Lighten up and be open to possibility.

Not looking for a debate, I'm sure I just sound like a gullible superstitious idiot to many of you, just giving an alternate POV.

Your point of view is textbook depression, anxiety, and/or (C)PTSD, I know it sounds condescending but I suggest you seek mental help. Stop making up excuses to hate and devalue and dehumanize yourself and love yourself instead, no one else is going to do it for you.

Openly racist explanation of different peoples reaction to pain in an American medical textbook. by Chipit in books

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Acknowledging and spreading awareness of overarching cultural differences isn't "racist", but that guidance can be easily misused. Healthcare providers should be versatile in their approaches and not make snap assumptions of individuals based on race, religion, sex, etc.

A new internet in the works? by metafilter_sucks in conspiracy

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Seems like bullshit. In order to have a new internet you'd have to manufacture and distribute new hardware and software and update the operating systems everyone is using. But I thought I'd post it as food for thought.

Tim Pool 'can't believe' people are falling for these narratives by skeeter in politics

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He looks like one of the little kids on "South Park".

Even red states aren't safe! The Department of Homeland Security is openly and actively planning to round up and imprison unvaccinated Americans in rural areas by metafilter_sucks in Coronavirus

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Instead of "round up" I should've said kidnap...

FBI Warns Not To Download a Fake Vaccine Card. Here's What They Look Like, So You Can Obey the Law. by christnmusicreleases in news

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How do you fill it in though? Don't they have some kind of unique numbers on them? Is there a source that discusses this, website, chatroom?

What if the scamdemic is just a prelude to mass arrests? by metafilter_sucks in Coronavirus

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Biden is a perfect example. He openly points out the fact he's violating the constitution, when he doesn't have to mention that. He's giving the controlled opposition talking points on a silver platter.

It's like an easy out, instead of going down for being a serial pedophile child trafficker or whatever he's done, he can save face and go down for what history would see as a technicality. "He made a mistake but thought he was doing what was best at the time...."

Higher ups are invested in keeping the POTUS office with a general respectable image. If one president looks bad then it makes america look bad, tarnishes and reduces the power of future presidents.

Are people (on reddit) really that dumb? by cuteshootah in MeanwhileOnReddit

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There are bots and karmafarmers, but people in general ARE that dumb, I see it all the time in real life. Many folks would rather trade consensus stupidity with their friends then crack open a book, check youtube tutorials from experts, or do a basic internet search. It basically boils down to caring more about fitting in and getting validation from ones social group than actually learning truth and the ability to educate oneself.

In a way it's valid though, because people don't just talk to exchange information, people talk to have interaction. It's like playing frisbee or volleyball, they just want to throw words back and forth and enjoy the spontaneous results. Ask a stupid question, laugh at some joke answers, some people will post some puns and so forth.

Most comprehensive review yet of keto diets finds heart risks, cancer risk, dangers to pregnant women and kidney patients by [deleted] in Health

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Keto is great in my experience. The article is full of many dumb statements, I have better things to do than to pick it apart but encourage lurkers to be skeptical. Vegetarians and mainstream news promote the most bald-faced shameless disinformation about diet, they'll say ANYTHING to make people follow their ideology or sell you more subsidized GMO grains that make you fat, sick and dumb.

Everyone is better off with a low-carb paleo diet. You don't have to go full-keto but eating "normal" SAD amounts of carbs is terrible for you unless you are a hardcore athlete.

/r/MGTOW banned by Vulptex in MeanwhileOnReddit

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All of this gender war bullshit should all die. Globalists want to turn men and women against each other so we don't unite and discover our true power. All of these "movements" from feminism to MRAs are started by intelligence agency focus groups. If it wasn't started by them, then they infiltrate and take them over. When you participate in groups like mgtow you're not doing anything besides wasting your life letting demonic forces feed off of your prana.

Francis Bacon on atheism by trident765 in nonmorons

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Atheism is a psyop to keep people cut off from each other, to prevent people from investigating true spirituality and discovering its treasures. Atheists are right to criticize dogmatic religion, but they throw the baby out with the bathwater.

True spirituality comes from looking within, from developing your senses and intuition, not just egotistical intellectualism of memorizing facts or slavishly following dogma.