I know this site is for free speech and all but please cut the antisemitism and conspiracy theory bs from the front page. It's not a good look and is going to drive people away from trying the site. by Locke in SaidIt

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You might actually learn something if you challenge yourself and read conspiracy theories and opposing opinions outside your bubble.

TiF is really pleased to get mistaken for a man by doctors. When TiF is nearly killed because doctors think she's a man it's all their fault. by jet199 in GenderCritical

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I dread the day a doctor ends up accidentally killing someone over this nonsense, and they blame themselves over something that isn't their fault.

Bright side?: Darwin Award

Super-protips for using Saidit by magnora7 in SaidIt

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/u/d3rr is no longer an admin, but he still codes. (He's been messaged with the /u/ so perhaps he can answer you.)

Why do you not want to learn about /s/Jews, the alleged minority that controls the media, finance, and politics?

It's actually Zionists who control it all, and they use Jews as human shields via anti-Semitism (many aren't even Semitic, whereas all Palestinians are Semitic). There are more Christian Zionists than Jewish Zionists - however there are always more "Jews" in top positions of most if not all of the ruling class' full spectrum dominance. I use quotes because many of the ruling class are only Jewish when it serves their interests as many don't have any "faith" (God is just fiction for control anyway, though ritual can be effective), many are Satanists (anything goes and non-religious) or Luciferians, and the ruling class does not care for poor Jews much less poor people.

Professors worried students will share lectures with 'right wing sites' by AliceofX in KotakuInAction

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Because they'll be deconstructed.

"One professor expressed concern that "right wing sites" could expose [my emphasis] what is being taught in college courses."

BREAKING: Twitter Censors Trump By Completely Removing His Tweets For First Time - The Donald - America First by christnmusicreleases in censorship

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Twitter is not private though they claim to be.

In-Q-Tel, the tech wing of the CIA, among other government fronts are heavily invested in and control all the "mainstream" centralized platforms (Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Wikipedia, etc). Taxpayer dollars have gone into these giants and therefor if fairness and justice prevailed, we'd have some democratic say in the matter. Of course we know the corporatocracy is completely corrupt and 2020 has illustrated their desperate measures to maintain full spectrum dominance.

There is a reason why they never talk about any other sites in the MSM - because the corporatocracy doesn't fully control nor wish to promote them.

I am in support of the Fediverse (and to /s/DecentralizeAllThings), though I have yet to actually embrace it. (SaidIt is now federated.) I'm not a fan of the Mastodon thing because I haven't had use for it nor bothered to learn it. Maybe there's a way for SaidIt to incorporate it like the chat somehow.

For more decentralization options: /s/DecentralizeAllThings/wiki