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Of course, you can say the most offensive thing imaginable, and it will never be YOUR fault that someone becomes upset, it will alllllways be their fault. I see how you play this game.

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I think the point is more that it's fine to be offended, but it's scummy to expect or demand others to stop expressing their views to accommodate you.

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It entirely depends on what your view is, how you expressed it, and who it offended, because again, you can't say "gas the k***s" and become indignant when everyone becomes outraged. In fact a person would only say such a thing in order to cause outrage in the first place.

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This is just a shitty meme.

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I'm not offended by that.

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I agree that it's pretty stupid to be "offended" at innocuous things and promote censorship. However, it's just as bad to be openly disrespectful and discriminatory and expect other people to be okay with it because "stop being such a snowflake SJW smh." Let's all be reasonable people on some middle ground. And this isn't even really a meme, or if it is it's a shitty one. This is just a blatant political / social opinion pasted over an image...

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I agree. Just because it's not illegal to be an asstroll doesn't mean you should do it.

I still think it's a funny meme, admittedly from an extremist view, so I posted it.

If there are funny ones about asstrolls I'll post those too.

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"Just because it's not illegal to be an asstroll doesn't mean you should do it."

Relevant XKCD:

Also, you seem like a pretty reasonable person. I'm sorry if I came off as rude earlier :)

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Yea but that's fine nowadays. It's even better if they introduce laws for you.

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Wow, this is old. I used to only share the clever ones I stumbled upon before I started making my own (not always so clever).

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…are you sure? These seem like different images.

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That is a different image. Same layout. I copy pasta. I dunno why it changed. Might have been my error.

Found it again:

EDIT: And then I just clicked on the both the first above and this new one - same and correct image. I don't get it.

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I get Test Image. The second link in the original links to a lot of "You are awesome" cards.

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Just tried them all and this time they all worked for me. I don't get it.

Also, the pages offer different sizes, but you can't click on the size to see the image, it only downloads. So I think there's voodoo code there.