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Internet censorship that some people complain about nowadays comes off more as reverse psychology more than anything else.

There's a strong urge that emerges among a lot of people to share that New Zealand shooting video, because they were told they were not allowed.

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That was the man reason I sought out the video.

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Me too.

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I'll admit I'm the same way too, sometimes. But it rubs me the wrong way when people don't admit it and instead put on some freedom of information activist gimmick, combined with "slippery slope" scenarios.

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I have intentionally avoided watching it because I'm not into gore or suffering. But since no one is complaining about that, like say beheading videos, especially of children, then is it fair to say it's not to graphically cringe-worthy?

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I've not watched it either, but beheading videos often have fewer victims and are more set up in a way to be presentable (for lack of a better word).

Given how many people describe the shooting as similar to a video game, I can't help but think back to the Modern Warfare 2 mission, called "No Russian", in which you're made to walk through the airport with others and gun down innocent civilians.

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Which makes you wonder if the reason they censored it so insanely hard in such a public way was to ensure people watched it.

Similar to how people don't trust the media, then the media hates on Trump 24/7, and this alone convinces many people Trump is good.

It's not like those in power don't know about reverse-psychology...

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I'm not so sure about the first part. I can see their reasoning behind censoring it - it's not unlikely that it might inspire some people to carry out similar attacks, especially when you look at the disturbing number of people applauding the attacker after watching the video.

The latter part makes a lot of sense and I do believe that Trump knows what he's doing by being a controversial figure. He managed to achieve a sweet spot in controversy where people who like him and dislike him talk about him a decent amount.

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Good quote, reminds me of "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

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Fantastic quote. I would post this to Facebook or Reddit, but I'd probably be censored.