A Message from your Totalitarian State: "Get NewsGuard for your browser today. NewsGuard’s trained journalists assess news websites for credibility and transparency." by salvia_d in conspiracy

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I dunno guys,

It looks legit and authoritative to me - but this post is in the conspiracy sub - so now I don't know what to think anymore.

Good thing there's "NewsGuard" for your browser!

UK Plan to require ID for all online porn from April ‘to go ahead’ – with all porn sites requiring credit card details or government-issued ID by useless_aether in privacy

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Reminds me of Australia's effort to ban all porn with small tits because it's too close to children. Big floppers for everyone! (and nothing else!)

Would you buy SaidIt merch? by JasonCarswell in SaidItSurveys

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I meant to ask, "Would you fund a SaidIt mercenary or few to be magnora7's personal bodyguard(s) and to do d3rr's nefarious biddings?"

Do not mistake my question for something as trivial as, "Would you buy SaidIt merchandise to help support the website?"

That would be silly.

MFW I tried the new saidit app by OldManCorley in SaidIt

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How'd you find my grade five photo? Who's thumb is that?