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1964 Hart-Cellar Act

We've just been in a clownward spiral ever since

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So I was off by a year?

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They tend to do weird things with the years. For example, the NDAA 2013 includes the Smith–Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 and I always get them mixed up.

Also, I was just sharing for readers who want more. I didn't know about it and looked it up.

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I would say 2015, after Obergefell v. Hodges made homersexual marriage the law of the land, and they lit up the White House in the gay rainbow. Honk honk.

You have to remember that Obama ran for president in 2008 on a platform that marriage was between a man and woman, something that almost seems like reverse-clown-world these days. The iPhone first debuted in 2007, and clown world intimately depended upon it and upon Twitter, which launched in 2006. Both took time to change the previous online culture from one which valued intellectual meritocracy, free speech, debate, and words to today's "mean girl" cancel culture which values emotions, conformity, tantrums, and pictures.

Gay marriage was for most of the 20th century considered the ne plus ultra of liberalism, the impossible dream of the left, and when it came true, you could literally feel the crazy seeping into the breach it had created. "What now?!" seemed to be the words on every liberal's lips. The trans movement inserted themselves as the next impossible dream: destroy gender itself. And it's pretty much been clown world ever since.

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homersexual marriage

Homer Simpson?

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Barack Obama was the ringmaster of the current iteration of Clown World. That fucker bowed down to lesser individuals and claimed that Islam built America. Damn that was dumb.

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1913 Federal Reserve Act. That was already clown world since then. It just wasn't as eye-poppingly obvious as it has become today.

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That's among my top choices, preceded by the Titanic psyop that conveniently killed 3 reluctant billionaires and paved the way for that act, the market abuses, and the world wars.

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All tied in together, I wonder how far back we could stretch that thread. I mean, I know, Napoleon, the War of the Roses, hell... Hell if I know how far back it goes. Maybe to the founding of the vatican itself? It would make for a hell of a library-sized book. The library of Alexandria? The suppression of actual history since... Stonehenge?

The title: 500,000 years together.

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The War Of Northern Aggression and The Venetians (the way Webster Tarpley lays it out) must be included. I'd also like the controversial views of Joseph Atwill's books included.

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Thank you for mentioning all of this. Truly, "clown world" goes back farther than these folks here realize. The foes of humanity do not think in months or years, they think in decades and centuries. To understand their game, you must look at a wider time scale, and you've mentioned some really vital moments during human history where "clown world" came a bit closer to fruition. I was just waiting for someone to mention 1913, and I'm glad it was you.

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Yes my friend, it does appear we are of a single mind on many topics. I am surprised that anybody at all is. And yet, I have found perhaps more than I can count on a single hand, here on Saidit, which is downright amazing.

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Truth is hard to find, but once found, it isn't easy to deny. At least, it seems that way to me. If you do successfully deny truth, you'll live in a sort of mental half-life, and it always seems to nag at you from behind your mental walls. Edit: Saidit is getting better users everyday, in my opinion.

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You had Tumblr 8 years ago.

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When did the sightings end actually ? I already bought a chainsaw (in another context, supposedly...) and a hockey-mask because i always wanted to meet one...

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I'm terrified of clowns, and I also armed myself when those sightings were popping up.

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You know that teeth make quite the popcorn sound, once burned ?

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I know that reality is, at times, far worse than either of us can imagine. What is the point of telling me this?

Did you know the cord around your testicle can wrap around the top of it, flooding the testicle with fluid, making it pear sized? It's incredibly painful too, and can last for months.

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    My Familiar on loop for days.

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      I guess so.

      She looks just like my ex.

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      You have some issues, brother. Edit: maybe don't take them out on someone you don't know. Is this because I don't respect your time in the military? It says a lot about your character, both good and bad. I don't respect the bad, you can justify it if it makes you feel better inside.

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        Oh, what? You're gonna get me from wherever the hell you reside? Or, is this some sort of joke I'm not getting?

        Slow your roll.

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        You even seen the gun, i administer if there are any unknown questions you may ask.

        We were called the "long arm of ISAF" and there is a reason to this.

        With shots going over 90km airtime directly into your house you should hate us just as every Afghan does.

        Four shots fired at a different time arriving at you house all at the same time nevertheless.

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        I don't hate people. It's a waste of time. Although, there is something to hate about you, and it's your cavalier attitude towards killing and such. You obviously didn't learn enough from Sun Tzu and the other stoics of the world.

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        life only became more clown world as more people woke up and were allowed to demonstrate it with people they know.

        when even normies are like wtf this world is ridiculous. so by many accounts george bush/clinton years were "clowny" just the modern discourse wasn't as privy to HOW clowny it really is.

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        May 9, 1945.

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        Since at least the 90's in CA.....thats as far back as I can remember personally.

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        The phrase itself seems to be popularized by tavistock, likely to disempower and radicalize people

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        I agree with the 1960's mention below. Directly after (1970-1971) there's even a website, something like or whatever. I also agree with the 2015 link below. That was the straw that broke the camel's back and I had to unplug completely and never look back. I was already redpilled by then but even I hoped my essay detailing the slow race toward ancient Greece/Rome pedophilia wouldn't happen in my lifetime. I certainly didn't expect the slippery slope get as steep as it has.

        2007 wasn't too bad. Between 2008 and 2015 it just got too much for me. We're still at the breakneck speed that was set then, we are just finally noticing how fast and reckless it's been when the normies tried to test the brakes. Remember it was only a few months ago that a coup failed again the most powerful man in the world (for collusion) even after the opposite party's special prosecutor / team of lawyers published report detailed that there was nothing there.

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        In addition to those early 60s immigration and the JFK things is the Vatican II takeover by (((them))).

        That "failed coup" was partisan political theater and distraction.

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        I had never heard the 'takeover' line before. Any evidence? I'm specifically looking for the kind that is above and beyond the usual leftist association I'd expect from the morons who thought the 1960's were a good time to do massive praxis changes.

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        Thank you for that. I have stopped half way through the first podcast you linked because it makes me emotional. I'll return to it in a bit.

        The number one podcast in the world (Verdict with Ted Cruz) had mentioned the same point where I stopped: there's no need to pass new laws to add, change, or repeal the old ones. All you have to do is redefine the words on the page to something new and voila, you've just changed the law. Even if it becomes something no one could possibly think it was initially, we're all just being gaslit into accepting the new US Supreme Court decisions. I'm of course talking about the 1960's civil rights acts outlawing discrimination based off sex (itself a violation of freedom of thought and association) which has now magically include sexual orientation and gender identity.

        It's almost a shame the gay TERFs couldn't handle me pointing out this exact same similarity. I wonder what mental gymnastics they'd pull to try to divorce the two.

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        Clown World 2020.

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        1973 - ivan stang and friends make a movie about a dystopian future in which the whole earth is paved over and turned into a 100 story spherical building ruled by a race of mutant clowns

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        I don't know how I never saw this before! I had many of their VHS tapes, often watched on psychedelics to deprogram my sheeple brainwashing.

        Arise! The SubGenius Movie VHS 1987 (2:03:56)

        J.R. 'Bob' Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius Trailer Spreads the Gospel of Slack
        The trailer for J.R. 'Bob' Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius has been released ahead of its October 20th release on VOD.
        (Posted: /s/DamnInteresting/comments/6hzb/jr_bob_dobbs_and_the_church_of_the_subgenius/
        and: /s/Documentaries/comments/6hze/jr_bob_dobbs_and_the_church_of_the_subgenius/)

        I love the SubGenius. /s/Genius or /s/SubGenius or /s/BobDobbs?

        /u/Mnemonic might dig this.

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        When the Gods began to rape this planet.

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        I blame a hole in the protective Bozone layer in the upper atmosphere.

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        The origins are clouded in mystery, but I know that jews were in the audience.

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        So many great answers!!!