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  • I love the dark theme. Not enough folks include this.

  • I like the emoticon votes. Can you add more. The QxR torrenting group forum features several emoticons with more different values, though without the voting hierarchy. My experience with forums is very limited. I think it might be appropriate here to add a few other icons or searchable tags that might include "trivia" (for notable facts or knowls or info worth keeping that may not be "insights"), "NWO" (open geopolitics, ecconomics, war, police, full spectrum dominance, etc), "spycraft" (secrets, deepstate, covert ops, nefarious methods, etc), "MKUlture" (media analysis, propaganda, brainwashing, psy-ops, drugs, cultural engineering, context), "Alt-History" (truther perspectives, historical revisionism, alternative narratives, etc), "Alt-Solutions" (antiestablishment resistance, resources, solutions, media recommendations, etc.) or whatever. I like that there's no vote war. I think it might be good not to be negative and downvote, but I also think a skeptical emoji or something of a questioning nature should be expressible. Maybe put it to a vote.

  • "SaidIt is completely 100% open source." I love this. I recently overhauled Wikipedia's "open source (disambiguation)" page. For clarification, is it also Libre (FLOSS)? I think that's worth mentioning if it is. Supporting its distinction is very important. See also: Gnu.

  • I'd love to know if SaidIt is interested in decentralizing itself. Not only to distribute and ease band width (should that ever become a problem), but also to avoid hard and soft censorship, not to mention adding a layer of permanence should they ever try to shut down the site. For example, SaidIt could blockchain, bittorrent, and/or webtorrent it's content (text and maybe images) to share archives and/or hosting (without sharing administration controls). Further, SaidIt could be mirrored on ZeroNet or my favourite idea: IPFS. IPFS is being inter-developed with Filecoin, libp2p, IPLD, and Multiformats by Protocol Labs. Steemit has closed proprietary sketchy schemes. IPFS has Filecoin as a practical necessity for maintenance, gear, etc. as well as monetary incentive for content contributors and curators, as well as currency for other applications and markets. The currency incentive corrupts many folks motives (ie. they post crap hoping to earn or rig schemes) but without ads or selling info overhead must be maintained. I haven't heard of any flaws or red flags yet regarding the conceptual theory for IPFS but I'm certainly watching. I'm hoping IPFS or something like it will be the alternative solution we've all be hoping to embrace and evolve past limitations of the Internet.

  • I am not a coder, so the theoretical stuff above may not be as easy as it sounds, and may have flaws or cons I'm unaware of.

  • I have a many other topics I'm passionate about beyond Decentralized Web(s), like trutherism and filmmaking. Further, I hope to bring my 2 projects to SaidIt, if everything works out. I would also be co-developing them with other websites (ie. wiki, images, audio/video, funding/marketing, and publishing). I don't know if these type of crowd source projects would fly at Reddit because I never got into Reddit or Voat to try. It's only because of the Tin Foil Hat show that I know about you. I can only hope for success and do my best but whether my projects actually succeed as intended is beyond me, as are the pros and cons of attracting crowds. If anyone is interested I can briefly outline these semi-related truther projects and/or point you to where I'm currently partially developing them. I won't waste any more of your time unless you ask, so if you're intrigued, please ask me about them.

  • I also have my Wikipedia projects, even though Wikipedia sucks ass, it has a mass audience and great resources.

  • What I can't do on Wikipedia I do on InfoGalactic. For example, I wrote these articles: https://infogalactic.com/info/James_Corbett_(journalist) https://infogalactic.com/info/Tigole https://infogalactic.com/info/WebTorrent

  • These articles were/are severely censored on Wikipedia: https://infogalactic.com/info/InterPlanetary_File_System https://infogalactic.com/info/Lionel_(radio_personality)

  • I didn't know if I could believe the Pedogate stuff and wanted to find a list of elites and their deeds but found none anywhere online, so I started my own list which turned into this article and two lists: https://infogalactic.com/info/Pedophocracy https://infogalactic.com/info/List_of_acknowledged_pedophilia_elites https://infogalactic.com/info/List_of_alleged_pedophilia_elites

  • Those three article/lists are necessary and important but unpleasant so I rarely update them. Typically I avoid such matters. Delving in to research, verify, add citations, etc takes time and energy. I have several other articles that I'd like to share with you all but they are terribly unfinished messes or simple stubs as yet. I collect information as I go and intend to eventually add to and update these articles and so many more - but I only have so much time. Feel free to contribute to them yourselves and/or throw information or constructive criticisms my way.

  • What's the diff between "posts" and "comments"?

  • What's the diff between "conspiracy" and "conspiracyundone"? Seriously. I don't see a diff.

  • Any chance this might be where the Tin Foil Hat podcast researchers hang out? (There's no TFH threads.)

  • Sorry this got so long. I don't know if this forum features folding/collapsing or not. These are just brainstorming ideas, I hope you like and/or don't mind. I don't even know if this is appropriate or rude for voting forums. I'm just very excited and happy to have found you. I don't even know if I'll be posting much. I tend to do things in spurts with big gaps between while I'm onto the next thing.

  • Two weeks seems like a long time. Good thing I'm patient. Peace out. ~ Jason

Why are you here? What do you want this place to have that others don't? by Zombi in AskSaidIt

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I am not a Redditor. I am a truth seeker. I came here because magnora7, founder of SaidIt, was on some conspirophile podcasts. I'd been planning to find a forum, possibly with voting capabilities, so I could do my projects and present them to the forum for feedback. I was hoping for reasonably neutral and anarcho-truther tollerant. SaidIt is better than that and welcoming to all. I didn't expect to get wrapped up in SaidIt culture but I am now.

Saidits First Documented Drama - 大下雪 by Tiwaking in SaidIt

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I would trust you but your name has been [deleted].

What conspiracy theory do you believe to be true? by EndlessSunflowers in MeanwhileOnReddit

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-#2 conspiracy theory. control of the narrative. I was thinking on my morning walk today how it is fine to be passionate about your favorite sportsball team or flavor of alcoholic poison - but don't get too excited about fixing serious problems with the structure of the modern mess we're in. pop culture does a good job of keeping millions of minds on the same page.


You are allowed to believe anything you want, but you are NOT permitted know anything with certainty.

also, #3 = plausible deniability (also Antarctica)

and, #4 - A coincidence, but one of many in our Universe. The moon used to be closer and it's not a perfect fit, though close. There is a pole star, presently.

With all the reddit users coming over lately, I wanted to share something. This is what happened to Voat. by Alduin in propaganda

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Think of SaidIt like a classy restaurant or nice place. Every once in a while we may dip into crass humour but we don't dwell in the gutter.

I've never been a Redditor but I learned about this one time I went too far. A now regretful lesson to learn from : /s/quotes/comments/8kd/einstein_quote_if_its_smaller_than_my_fist_or_an/

Saidit now has over 4000 user accounts! by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Share on SaidIt then share the SaidIt on Reddit. = Reverse Cowpoke.

PSA: Our site culture is dropping. by wizzwizz4 in SaidIt

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I'm gonna vote how I want not how someone tells me is proper.

Unless there are flags, I'll keep voting for everyone on a busy post - even if they are not insightful - because I need to mark them as read.

If you want to change my voting habits then feel free to code and add the features that will encourage better voting from me.

Also while you're at it, I'd love ranked voting, say from 0-10 for both insightful and fun.

Elon Musk revives his plan to power the United States entirely on solar: “All you need is a 100 by 100 mile patch in a deserted corner of Arizona, Texas or Utah (or anywhere) to more than power the entire USA.” by Orangutan in Futurology

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This is not really true, but a common excuse. Storage is not necessary, routing is. The "smart grid" was never built, other than to spy on us. They don't want solutions. Period.

There are an abundance of authentic solutions that could be implemented everywhere. Ireland is leading the way with some great submersible turbines that are nothing new except that they are implementing the old idea and refining, finessing and optimizing it.

The ocean currents are perpetual.

Every great river is perpetual.

Niagra Falls is just one location of many but that same St. Lawrence Seaway flows a long fucking way. The Detroit River wraps around Windsor, "Motor City Canada" and we could have countless turbines in the water - one for each person, much like automobiles - but "they" want the centralized power paradigm limited and under their full spectrum dominance.

IMO, everyone should have a turbine. And, everyone should have a home server, like any of the other home appliances. And, everyone should have a hydroponic garden. Done right they don't take much space at all. But our system is for creating obedient worker/servants, not independent individuals in strong communities.

And then there's thorium... Wherever there's mining there should be thorium extraction.

Issue regarding the pornographic rule by HorseMeat in SaidIt

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Keep SaidIt sex free and classy.

PSA: Our site culture is dropping. by wizzwizz4 in SaidIt

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Wikipedia sucks ass. They banned me for a year for being "another polite truther". Last week I was trying to add to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BitChute and met irrational resistance because they're trying to suppress new freeing technologies like BitChute's Comment Freely app : https://github.com/BitChute/commentfreely

Because it's "not notable". There's a FUCK TONNE on Wikipedia that is not notable.

"Not notable" = weasel words if ever there were.

Welcome refugees from /r/kotakuinaction by Lithargoel in KotakuInAction

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What is KotakuInAction about?

Former members of other sites, why'd you leave by gloriousArstotzkan in AskSaidIt

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Quora banned me for life without reason or the ability to save my weeks worth of work. I was their #1 NWO guy (not that it means anything) and was strong on 9/11. And I was active in faaar more topics than just conspiracy shit.

Mastodon is new decentralized sort of Twitter-like social media worth checking out. Anyone can host their own feed and co-host others in the Fediverse (I'm new and don't know the correct terms). They've just released a new version : https://blog.joinmastodon.org/2019/01/mastodon-2.7/