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The one about the snake killing toddler and the lebanese bank "robber" are pretty dope though.

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Motherfuckers should have left yogurt alone.

Also I don't force anyone to upvote those to the front page, the people have spoken, and they want more shitposting!

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    Grrr, I hate christo-fascists!

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    hatred and confusion and perversion is the work of the dark lord, satan.

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      I'm not this site's manager. If I was, I'd be actually doing something to improve SaidIt.

      For example, I'd do an open call asking everyone how they want things managed, and likely start a trusted team, and develop ways to spread out the responsibilities and openly discuss solutions so that we had an ethical FOTPACH management system (fair, open, transparent, peaceful, accountable, consistent, honest) that is what folks want - a self-regulating community.

      The sites I'm working on will feature these concepts and more. I have no interest in being an admin. I just want fair forums that work and serve people without bullshit - as well as offer an option for those who want to play in the gutter (otherwise they'd just come back).

      Saddit can fester if it wants. I didn't come here almost 4 years ago for that though. I'll move on, like many others have, if need be.

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        The Cunt Club is contagious - and forum slide is the problem. Congrats. Hope it was worth it.

        SaidIt, for all it's many faults, was good once and worth believing in.

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          Having fun at others' expense.

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            Fun is one thing. I'm not against it. Not even HKP's stupid gutter shit. He's smart, but not funny.

            The problem is the perpetual dragging down discussion, name-calling, threats, and advocating violence used to be ban-worthy offenses, thus keeping things at least moderately civil. Now there's no restraint and no fucks given and no management. I finally got one of my friends to use SaidIt and the Cunt Club was abominable to her. There's no point to bother staying here anymore. Fuck the sunken costs. I'm pulling out soon.

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            Fun is one thing. I'm not against it. Not even HKP's stupid gutter shit. He's smart, but not funny.

            The problem is the perpetual dragging down discussion, name-calling, threats, and advocating violence used to be ban-worthy offenses, thus keeping things at least moderately civil.

            I finally got one of my friends to use SaidIt and the Cunt Club was abominable to her.

            You ARE againt it Jason, this very goddamn post was made to complain about some stupid ass joke posts that too many people upvoted and cluttered your precious page.

            Also I was the one person who nice to your friend RedKSun, which she even told you. Nor do I drag down discussions, make threats or any of that other bullshit you are complaining about. You are getting pissy at the wrong person Jason. Quit fucking crying about my posts, you are a way bigger dick than I am. You fucking call people names and drag down discussions all the fucking time. Like that shit where you liked to call Musky a pedo for no fucking reason. Seriously Jason, you can be such a fucking hypocrite, find something more important to get your panties in a bunch over

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            She tried to sell us colloidal silver MLM style and got told. She deserved the hate.

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            Start submitting quality links and be the change you want to see.

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            I started almost 4 years ago. My posts don't get votes and few care anymore for quality, and the unmoderated sewage in chat has spilled over into SaidIt.

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            You need to enable dark mode. Helps a lot! Also where else are you going to read about a 16" dildo beatdown?

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            I do use dark mode but I wasn't logged in yet.

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            Hehe I was just teasing man!

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            Darkness rules, like it or not.

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              The fun is in the stories which are true but seem like satire, it's a gentle reminder that there are simple events in the world for simpler people, not everything needs to be a political debate. Psychotic seagulls on the loose make my day 😂

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              That's how I see a lot of content on this site. It's almost like the tabloids of the internet when stuff like this comes along.

              There is not one thing on this site I will parrot with out conformation and typically I will need multiple sources. But the entertainment value is off the charts!

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              Well, astroturfing of the front page is to be expected. It really only takes about 7-10 shills to control the content on the front page, and shill teams are way bigger and more sophisticated than just that.

              We can only enforce the rules to a certain extend. A lot of people knew socks was a bad guy for the most part, but we couldn't take proper action against him unless all conditions were met.

              I myself don't agree with a lot of this stuff, but well, you can't take more drastic measures without disturbing the user base.

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              It may be time to evacuate to greener pastures.

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              Stick around. I still have a lot of faith on the site and I'm sure we'll eventually make it through. I have a lot of interesting stuff to show you guys still. Super compilations of conspiracy records, proving the genocide agenda, I've been teasing a lot about this stuff already but I'm saving the best for last.

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              I haven't had faith in the "leadership" since year one and there's no fucking plans for the future, much less plans to develop community(ies). What ever magnora7 was at least doing for the first few years he's abandoned and the place is paying for it. I used to be optimistic about it, but the asstrolls are running the asylum now, and it seems like few notice or give a shit.

              There already are places where people care, and I'm determined to finish what I started - to co-host some better places for better users. You could also start organizing and archiving your stuff and other projects on Projex.Wiki.

     - decentralized global freedom social media
     - global freedom social media
     - Canadian freedom social media
     - Canadian freedom social media
              ...among many others I could look up. Plus we need a browser addon to auto-post a single thing to several platforms at once, rather than tedious copypasta on each.

              Also I just started this: https://Projex.Wiki/wiki/Recommended_websites
     (Movim instance) - coming sooner
              https://MapleFringe... (YaCy instance) - coming soon
              https://MapleFringe.Cloud (Nextcloud instance) - coming eventually
     (Lemmy instance) - coming eventually
              https://Volun.Tube (PeerTube instance) - coming later

              Sure I/we want free help. But I won't settle for flakes, sneaky bullshit, or crazies I can't trust. The global class war and my local folks need security, privacy, and confidentiality now and into the future. So now, after appealing to my local groups, finally we can pay for proper help to set these up, starting with resources more important to our local groups. The good SaidIt users have missed their chance to be first.

              I've already wasted so much time. We don't have any more time to waste in the fight for hearts and minds and lives against tyranny.

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              I already promised I would share my records with you guys, but it won't happen just yet.

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              Also, also: Stop posting so much and organize your shit to share. On Projex.Wiki we're going to be doing books, newsletters, and other publishing projects, some sooner and some later, both in print and online. Your content sounds like it may be suitable.

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              I know that it can be annoying to browse my post history. My point is that I will share them in a way that is easy to browse.

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              That's my point. Organize. Develop a system. You don't need to have the system perfect before you start. You can work it out as you go. A wiki is perfect for that, including the categories (like hierarchical metatags) starting from the top of the tree: https://Projex.Wiki/wiki/Category:Projex.Wiki. Not much on this new site yet, but since January so far there are this many categories:

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              Mostly crap last night.

              More shit this morning.


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              I think the real problem is the amount of unread mail you have.

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                That's not counting the tens of thousands I've dealt with.

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                  Yes. And no. 1000 across almost 4 years means I've missed or held or procrastinated replies, less than one a day on average.

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                  And I thought you were ignoring me when I sent you a friendly DM about 6 months ago.

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                  Sorry about that! Some weeks I'm better than others. Is there a key word I should search for?

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                  No. It was when I hadn't heard from you in a while (I think you took some time off) and I was just checking to see how you were doing.

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                  It could have been a few things. Busy in activism or real life stuff, omicron, depression, being pissed off at the wasted SaidIt potential, working on Projex.Wiki, making videos, or whatever.

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                  Post more good content then retard

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                  Then upvote it, Zionist. Also, try avoid name-calling. It used to be against the rules.

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                  • call someone the somehow-bad j00000
                  • says to avoid name-calling


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                  How did I miss the story about the woman getting her phone stuck in her vagina 🤣

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                  It's been a few slow news days. Just remember to slap than "block user" button for the accounts you can't bear to see.

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                  hmm yes echo chambers really are better

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                  You also don't have to do it. Amazing how that works. But Jason here wants to affect side wide changes to mold the site into what he wants to see, and I don't remember anyone wanting him to do that. He just doesn't want to use the block button because then he can see when he's missing out on all the comments he has blocked. He wants them not to exist so he is not inconvenienced.

                  Jason is perhaps the most vile slug of a person I have ever met.

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                  Stay classy and speak your truth.

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                  Go fuck yourself slug.

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                  Stay classy Sloppy Beaver.

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                  Make sure to listen carefully to your neighbor's barking dog.

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                  This is one way to destroy a site. Moderation in all things.

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                  SaidIt used to be moderated.

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                  Yes. I took your advice and now my front page looks way different but I'm afraid a lot of users have already left in disgust.

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                  What did you do to make it different?

                  Which users when? You mean recently or over time? Where to? I'm ready to give up and quit SaidIt. I don't need the excessive abuse, disrespect, and endless lies - even if "in jest".

                  Shame. There was a lot of promise and promises.

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                  Good people will come back. I'd rather not say who I took out but, I think you know. I did it after your post starting this thread. Just two users blocked and man, things got cleared up. I also tried to upvote everything old-saidit worthy or almost anything that was not really gross. You should rerun your suggestion once in a while and I will too. Before I found saidit I even used voat and the racism was thick but this trash is something new. I wonder if the front page nonsense we've been experiencing is not a calculated system designed to destroy saidit by one or more ... uh. interest groups. I think it's not unlikely. Let's not let it happen. I will keep culling my front page and I hope others will too. Don't leave yet but give it longer and see if things get better. I think your suggestion if already having an effect. Thanks for all your work over the years.

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                  Thanks. Captain obvious.

                  Think about the astroturf army behind these yellow-press posts instead of the shitposters themselves. Could be my tactical advice. If i ever gave them...

                  Because its getting harder and harder to decide if some account has just been made for astroturfing or there is just another baboon from reddit behind it, i suppose.

                  Maybe you can get more of saidits users and lurkers to upvote the real stuff some more.

                  How though, i also can't imagine so far.

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                  Maybe more sarcasm can fix it. People like feeling like shit, so just wipe it in their face some more. That will surely attract quality folks. /s

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                  Of course, it will.

                  Because you get what you give. I got the ability to underestimate some attention whores here again and again, sadly. That is why these incels and whiny bitches underestimate how dark my soul is, again and again.

                  With you on the other hand, e.g. I can glitter in my natural purple and deepest blue-tones. Because we're actually having a conversation that is worth being called so.

                  Respect is a two-way street, simply put.

                  But I strongly believe in people's ability to actually learn a thing or two. No matter how many lumens their individual lightbulb has.

                  My knight in shining armor. 😑

                  I already thought about cynicism.

                  But i'm not quite there yet. 🤫

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                  I made the list!


                  I'm famous! ;-)