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Youtube censoring anything should not come as a surprise anymore. It's time to start using better alternatives like Odysee.

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People don't know about alternatives, or have had a bad experience with the ones they tried. That is to say nothing of the good alternatives that get taken down by to power class like gab, parler, etc. What we need to do is advertise the alternatives by linking to them instead of using the established sites to post content.

That means putting in a lot of work to make comments or content on popular sites, even the bad ones like reddit, and use Odysee to link a video. Drop saidit and odysee and others into text messages to co workers, family, and friends. Put links into Facebook posts. Tweet about it.

I for one have never hear of odysee before. That's the problem.

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By default, all YouTube channels have a setting enabled that lets YouTube automatically remove "spam." I turned it off on mine when it removed a legitimate comment, speaking against leftism in some way. (I can't remember what it said.) Never had it removed any spam.

A comment I left on a mirror of one of my videos was removed by the spam filter, and I told the uploader to turn off that setting, which I believe he did. There where no links, no profanity, no political opinions, nothing that could've set off the spam filter. I think it might be retribution for making politically incorrect videos, but your guess is as good as mine.

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It's a good thing Susan Wojcicki has just received the Freedom of Expression award. Otherwise this might indicate a problem.

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Doesn't YT censor all links? At least that was the case a while back, you couldn't even link to other YT-videos.

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Years ago they, did, then they allowed it, to better spy on your beliefs.

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Yes, that's been my experience. I can't link to any YouTube videos in comments. They get deleted automatically within a minute.

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This is new to me - especially links within YT.

I knew some of the live-chats do/don't allow links, depending on the individual settings and/or size of the channel.

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It blocked any reply with the word vaccine in it.
But now it is all probably shadow-banned.

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There's a setting on YouTube that lets you ban certain words from your channel, so anyone who says them has their comment shadow-banned. Maybe that's it, or maybe it's YouTube itself, I don't know.

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Youtube literally gave me the message that my reply was blocked, when it contained the word vaccine (in a link).

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At least you got the courtesy of a message. I was never alerted.

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Online Text Obfuscator. Example: ⅴассіոе (the v is a different character than normal)

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Would a link shortener get around it perhaps? That doesn't make things right, but if it facilitates the ability to share your ideas you might as well.

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I'm totally shadow-banned on there. Can comment but nobody ever, ever, replies. The only notifications I ever get now are when a subbed channel releases a vid.

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Sometimes, I don't get notifications when people reply to my comments, despite there obviously being public replies. I think their algorithm picks which conversations it wants people having.

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Wow, you have to hand it to them to be creative in how many things they exploit to steer discussion.

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Check your preferences/options/settings too. They may have added/removed some or whatever.

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Check your preferences/options/settings too. They may have added/removed some or whatever.

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Saidit should be proud of this fact. Big tech censorship means that Saidit is effective in it's intended purpose and is a threat to the status quo and mainstream narrative. Keep up the good work Saiditeers!

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And this is the conspiracy mind in action. YouTube has long had a dim view of outgoing links because they decrease engagement. But the conspiracy mind immediately assumes it's a plot against him personally and jumps to conclusions.

That's how he still thinks I'm a Chinaman, despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary.

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I bet OP won't test this by posting links on youtube to other sites, even leftist ones like reddit

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I hadn't thought about it. But that's why I posted - to get feedback. And I will test it. Left or right, I don't buy into that tribalist bullshit.

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We're waiting! :)

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I don't know if all the channels are the same, nor how long it's been going on, but I know I used to post links no problem.

I tried to post 3 versions under and all 3 were removed:

Lemme know if you find any there.

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Can you dig up an old post of yours with a successful link? I don't use youtube and I don't want to stalk your youtube comments.

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What's the point?

1) I don't care if you stalk me.

2) I couldn't remember my links if I wanted to.

3) If they're doing it now what makes you think they haven't done it retroactively? How far back does it go? How long have I been bamboozled into thinking I was being treated fairly? I don't need beat myself up more over YouTube.

4) If they're gone I couldn't prove that negative.

5) We both have better things to do.

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You know I don't value your thoughts. Don't comment on my posts. I invite you to fuck off forever, shill bot.

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Didn't you already get a ban for name-calling and dragging down the debate level? And here you are still doing it. I think Saidit isn't a good fit for you. You simply can't follow the rules everyone else does.

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Actually I didn't get banned for either of those reasons. You prove how ignorant you are, yet again.

M7 has repeatedly warned me, and others, about downward discussions but refuses to explain what about those comments were problematic - thus making his claims less than legitimate. He's also a proven slanderist and liar. Further, MANY of his rules are bullshit, and some purely invented to oppress me directly. He's a lousy "leader", and you're lousy with him. Worse, you're intentionally divisive.

You seem to be among the least liked users on SaidIt, so the problem is not with me. Why do you bother here when you could be trolling or being ignorant and conservatively tribalist elsewhere? I was here first, so you can kiss my ass and fuck off - but more importantly don't comment on my posts. You're not welcome.

Why is it that you haven't been banned yet? Are you one of his A.I. hobbyist shill bots?

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More personal insults. More dragging down the conversation. You're a bad fit here. Other sites would be more your style. I can see it's a needless source of stress every day you post here. For everyone else, too. Wouldn't it be better for everyone if you just found new pastures? These are overgrazed.

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You sound like a bot. Not an insult. Go fuck yourself. That's an insult, though not very personal, if one can even get personal with a bot. Getting you and your divisive demotivation amateur psychology bullshit off of SaidIt would be of huge benefit to the SaidIt community - so that's hardly dragging down conversation. But since you're a shill bot you won't take any of this to heart, because bots don't have hearts. I guess without a dick you can't go fuck yourself either. This comedy gold is anything but downward.

How about you go scout some greener pastures for you and greener pastures for me and we both leave in separate directions? Lemme know when you find some.

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Youtube censor all links in comments

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that means we are doing something right. Keep it up.

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YouTube has gone the way of the dodos years ago in 2012 when Google started making drastic, maniac changes and we couldn't have cool colored profiles anymore.

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Should have saw this coming

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