A List Of 66 Crossdressing Serial Killers and Murderers. Cross-dressing is one of the most common paraphilias among convicted sexual predators. by yishengqingwa666 in GenderCritical

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A few more Australians to add to the list:

Geoffrey Ian Websdale / Michelle Websdale - Went on a murderous rampage on a country sheep station, shooting the girl who rejected him, killing two others and rendering another young man a quadriplegic. Years later in a NSW prison, he started wearing make-up and calling himself Michelle.

Noel Crompton Hall / Maddison Hall - Put a sawn-off shotgun in a man's mouth and blew the back of his head off, in a drug deal gone wrong. While serving time in jail, he got the state to fund his sex change.

Leslie Richards / Krista - Underwent an orchiectomy (removal of the testicles), while in an Adelaide jail after being arrested for offences which have been suppressed. Richards then complained that prison authorities refused to let him wear women's clothes around the yard.

Paul Luckman / Nicole Louise Pearce - Partnered his army boyfriend, Robin Reid, in one of the most sadistic child murders in Australian criminal history. Now lives as a woman in Victoria.

Donald Geoffrey McPherson / Kimmie McPherson - Convicted of murder in 1978, received a full sentence of 50 years. While in a NSW prison, he began identifying as a woman.


Rachel Rhys Veronica Ivy McKinnon is trying to get women bicyclists in trouble - Her Thighness is at it again... by BEB in GenderCritical

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I think this is a lot more significant than people think. It’s not only that males are allowed to compete against females, it’s not only that their respective female competitors are not allowed to mention their disappointment at losing to a biological male - it’s a gateway for worse things to come.

Eventually, spectators will be forcibly removed from venues for not cheering the right athlete or booing a trans athlete will be considered a potential threat to their personal safety and reported to officials and police. These spectators will be named and shamed in the media.

People may laugh at McKinnon’s audacity due to his absurdity, but if sports organisations find trans athletes feel persecuted by their competitors and teammates, which they will, females will be sidelined, fined, ridiculed and ostracised from their respective sports.

If women athletes don’t quickly unite and oppose these new rules favouring trans athletes, what makes female athletes think they’ll have any ability to rollback the policies made to hinder their potential in the future? I can’t see how female participation under these conditions enhance women’s sport? Refusing to compete against transwomen is the only way forward.

OK - FUCK AUSTRALIA too. Oz sporting associations just teamed w Gender Lobby to destroy women's sports by BEB in GenderCritical

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Look, Victoria, the home of the AFL, is a very lefty, latte sipping state, as is our Premier and he is a humongous trans supporter, but Victoria is also aggressively sport inclined. Additionally, it’s not as rural as other states but you’d be correct in suggesting outside of the cities it’s rather conservative throughout Australia, we have a conservative federal government at the moment, but the landscape is changing.

The problem we have in Australia is the lack of media attention towards the conflicting interests with women and trans rights. Politicians, much like free to air media, simply won’t touch the topic. COVID has usurped much of the media’s attention which is expected and people simply aren’t up to speed with what is happening in women’s sport. In addition, all of the televised women’s sports competitions are devoid of any TW presence so nothing to complain about yet.

If I had to wager a bet, these kinds of amendments that are secretly imposed by sporting organisations will exacerbate the ever so small resentment towards Pride and the wider LGB communities association with sport, which would be a shame.

With regards to tennis, Steve Simons, CEO of the women’s tennis association would welcome transgender players in accordance with the IOC standards, I’d even go so far as to say there may in fact be a ranked TW player at the moment, don’t quote me on that, so I guess OZ tennis would fall in line sadly.

Ultimately this fight may have to fall in the laps of the female athletes themselves. A United NO would be a great place to start and adamantly refuse any compromise. Not only do I believe Australia as a nation would support them, but the entire bloody world would.

Senator Claire Chandler Takes Up The Fight To Preserve The Dignity Of Women’s Sport. by Doobeedoo661 in GenderCritical

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In case of paywall

For several months, Rugby Australia has been in possession of a transgender participation guideline developed by World Rugby in consultation with developmental biologists, medical experts and sport scientists.

The World Rugby Guideline runs to 38 pages. It has a reference list of 45 scientific reports. It finds that it is neither safe nor fair for transgender players who are biologically male to play in women’s rugby, demonstrating with significant rigour that a situation where a male player tackles a female creates “a minimum of 20 to 30 per cent greater risk for those female players”. Rugby Australia is yet to respond to this document or release it publicly.

On Thursday, Rugby Australia released its own trans inclusion guidelines. It contains no references to scientific reports and doesn’t mention the World Rugby findings of significantly increased head and neck injury risk to female players. It lays out a procedure to allow biological males identifying as women to play women’s rugby.

As with trans inclusion guidelines developed by Sport Australia and the Australian Human Rights Commission last year, the Rugby Australia Guideline emerged completely out of the blue following secret and closed consultation with hand-picked participants. RA has adopted the style and language of the Sport Australia guideline, which erroneously told sporting clubs that “participation in sport should be based on a person’s affirmed gender identity and not the sex they were assigned at birth”.

Multiple legal experts with whom I have discussed Sport Australia’s guideline agree they fundamentally misrepresent the Sex Discrimination Act 1984, which makes it clear that competitive sport can be segregated on the basis of sex.

To the majority of Australians, pages of scientific analysis and legal interpretation is not required to understand why biological males competing in women’s sport undermines the very purpose of women’s sport — to provide fair competition for female players and athletes. But it’s 2020 and we’re living in a world in which the CEO of Sport Australia tersely answers a question about what the organisation understands a woman to be: “Sport Australia has not defined the term woman.” We are long past the point of relying on highly paid administrators to exercise common sense.

That being said, one would have thought though that the expert advice provided to Rugby Australia was so thorough and indisputable regarding the risk of injury to female players that its board had no moral or legal alternative but to listen, and make the research available to Sport Australia (which somehow forgot to include any scientific analysis in its guidelines) and other Australian codes. It’s also fair to say the countless female participants in sport and the general public, which provides millions of dollars in taxpayer funding to these sporting bodies to promote female participation, should have been consulted on the development of rules about who can play women’s sport. Instead, eight major Australian sporting bodies and Sport Australia ran a secret process led by a lobby group (Pride in Sport) and presented the outcome as a fait accompli to female players.

“Everybody should be able to play and inclusion is the right thing to do,” proclaims Rugby Australia’s guidelines. Putting aside the fact that protecting female players from a 30 per cent increase in the risk of head and neck injuries would also seem to be “the right thing to do”, the implication that designated sporting competition for people of the male sex and female sex is somehow not inclusive should be tested. When you add in the mixed and social competitions offered by most codes, sport is already highly accessible to Australians who want to play.

It’s a strange leap of logic to suggest that inclusivity requires people to be able to play in categories specifically not intended for them. No doubt Rugby Australia and the other sporting codes who have ignored the risk of injury to women will claim to have consulted widely, but it’s abundantly clear there is no mechanism for Australian women playing community sport to provide honest feedback.

Since I began advocating on this issue, I’ve been contacted by hundreds of women in sport who are concerned about the erosion of female-only competition but who fear the consequences of speaking out. I’ve heard horrific stories of women being threatened, suspended and told that their common sense views are in breach of the law. As the subject of an anti-discrimination complaint myself for saying that women’s sports and toilets are designed for females, I have no reason to doubt how real are the consequences.

Unfortunately, it’s apparent that sporting administrators and bureaucrats are hopelessly captured by the idea that allowing biological males into women’s sport is necessary and progressive. As many in the LGB community have pointed out, powerful lobby groups previously focused on LGB inclusion now require sports and businesses to adopt their version of trans-inclusive policies.

Having made such strides in building women’s sport, the last thing we should do is undermine that progress to pursue more fashionable inclusivity agendas. Free public debate and strong leadership from government will be required to restore an appropriate balance.

Claire Chandler is a senator for Tasmania.

OK - FUCK AUSTRALIA too. Oz sporting associations just teamed w Gender Lobby to destroy women's sports by BEB in GenderCritical

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I was completely deflated the moment I read the news, astounded at the secrecy of it all. However, I will say this. With regards to the AFL, my understanding is they’ve actually made it harder for TW to engage in women’s completion in both the seconds and community level. I suspect this may be the case with a few other contact sports involved.

They’ve extended the elite level gatekeeping across the board, in essence, someone like Hannah Mouncey would no longer qualify to play in his previous local VFL capacity due to his size, strength and a few other measurements exceeding those of the average female player. Don’t get me wrong I’m quietly ropeable these policies were even announced.

I contacted my local Girls Under 16s footy club and inquired about these new measures. The administrator told me that the South East Peninsula clubs will not be caving to any changes. Three years ago they established MIXED teams so that neither the boys nor girls would be inconvenienced by the few trans and non binary participants. I tend to believe the club will fight hard to maintain these changes, especially parents.

It’s early days and I’m suspecting when word really gets out amongst the public, there will be a hell of a lot of noise about this. I’m even seeing trans people openly disagreeing with these policies because they believe there is in fact more gatekeeping.

We here in Victoria, the sporting capital of Australia (I sound like a goofy politician), will fight hard to preserve the dignity of girls and women’s sport and we’ll apply pressure at a grass roots level they’ve not seen before, girl athletes futures are at stake and we’re not going to be the generation that stymied their potential.

Which one of these is in your life? LOL by BEB in GenderCritical

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Hahaha, I just emailed this to my husband, I think he was a little offended when I asked him which one he was. I’m still laughing, oh god, now he’s going to serve me a light broth for dinner and I’m starving. Must remember to irritate him after dinner.

Chris Uhlmann Questions Tasmania’s HRC - Thou Shalt Not Harm The Trans, Better Yet, Let’s Fuck Up Anyone Who Tries To. by Doobeedoo661 in GenderCritical

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In case of a paywall.

God deliver us from the hands of zealots.

They exist in different guises in every age, lay claim to being the era’s moral guardians and demand no more than complete obedience to their ordained order. They only burn heretics in sorrow, for their own good and that of society. Zealots know those who defy them are sinners. So, any means is justified in the restless hunt for evil.

Arthur Miller explained it in The Crucible: “… the necessity of the Devil may become evident as a weapon, a weapon designed and used time and time again in every age to whip men into a surrender to a particular church or church state.”

Now the bureaucratic state dictates morality and the devil is discrimination, in all his endlessly evolving forms. The crime is giving any perceived offence. The weapon is the law.

There is now a witch hunt afoot in Tasmania. The witch is Liberal Senator Claire Chandler. On July 17 she wrongspoke in the pages of The Mercury: “You don’t have to be a bigot to recognise the differences between the male and female sexes and understand why women’s sports, single-sex change rooms and toilets are important.”

This elicited a response from an unnamed Hobart man who emailed the senator confronting her crimethink. The senator doubled down: “I do understand the difference between sex and gender. That’s why I’ve made the point in my article that women’s toilets and women’s change rooms are designed for people of the female sex (women) and should remain that way.”

The article and email were referred by the constituent as a complaint to Tasmania’s Anti-Discrimination Commissioner Sarah Bolt. Ms Bolt then wrote to Senator Chandler, noting that the complainant was not a member of the trans-community and dismissing the argument that the article had offended the law.

But Ms Bolt determined the complaint about the email had merit. She found, “a reasonable person is likely to anticipate that a person who is a member of the LGBTIQ+ and gender diverse community would be humiliated, intimidated, offended and insulted”.

Having identified the possibility of an anticipated offence Senator Chandler has been called to a hearing before the commission on October 1.

The senator made a fuss in the media. This drew a second missive from the commission. It noted that it was also an offence to “hinder” or “use insulting language” against the commissioner.

A few issues arise.

First, Tasmania’s Anti-Discrimination Commission, and all such commissions, have tyranny built into their design. It is meant to be a mediation service – and often is – but can also be advocate, prosecutor, judge and jury in one. This invites quasi-judicial bodies to become star chambers. They now deny a keystone democratic right of a fair hearing before an impartial tribunal. The right to freely complain about this injustice has also been removed by law.

Second, the senator is expressing what was, until recently, a pretty conventional worldview. What has changed is a new protected group has evolved, the trans community, whose advocates demand that those who self-nominate a gender must be accepted as male or female.

Laws are being made about this so debate is demanded, starting with when should someone be considered to have transitioned? Is it after reassignment surgery or just on the strength of nominating the change? This is no small difference and both are claimed.

In a free society, an individual’s right to make personal choices about the course of their lives should be respected and defended. But why should someone else’s subjective truth become an objective reality for the whole of society and the law used to enforce it?

This highly contestable, and evolving, space runs far deeper than a fight over public toilets. It involves questions of truth and identity, which concern us all. There has been little community debate, yet bureaucracies everywhere are conforming with demands in fear of being branded transphobic, the latest in a long list of identity crimes.

But here there is also a clash of ideologies, on what it means to be a woman. Some old-school feminists fear their homeland is being colonised by strident activists. The author J.K. Rowling is one. For defending her truth she has been vilified and “progressive” bookshops have banned Harry Potter from their shelves. And how are these book burners morally superior to the many who marched before them through history?

There is much to debate but that is being silenced in the name of defending human rights, and who dares mount an argument against such a righteous cause?

Because, above all, it is forbidden to question a victim, as Miller wrote, “Is the accuser always holy now? Were they born this morning as clean as God's fingers? I'll tell you what's walking Salem – vengeance is walking Salem. We are what we always were in Salem, but now the little crazy children are jangling the keys of the kingdom, and common vengeance writes the law!”

Chris Uhlmann is Nine's political editor.

Corporate needs you to find the difference between these two pictures by assignedcopatbirth in GenderCritical

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What a revolting excuse for a human, he finds pleasure in the torture of animals so it doesn’t come as a surprise that he would find equal pleasure in torturing those who have to look at him. Ewww.

Corporate needs you to find the difference between these two pictures by assignedcopatbirth in GenderCritical

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Interesting, I always forget about the transmen within the LGBT - similarly to your point, I could envision a growing cohort of heterosexual males labelling themselves as gay with the hopes of accessing newly transitioned girls. Yeah, watch this space...

Corporate needs you to find the difference between these two pictures by assignedcopatbirth in GenderCritical

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Are the gay men bullied in a similar fashion or is it just the lesbians within the LGBT? I have read the LGB are distancing themselves from the LGBT+ in a few countries, could be a new beginning. What would become of the homosexual transsexual in this instance, are they more trans than homosexual, what about dragqueens, or are they considered transvestites, therefore, primarily trans affiliated?

The transgendered people should arrange their own organisation alongside the furries, they seem to share the same values - one fetishises women and the other fetishises animals. I wonder if a furry believes in their ideology enough to volunteer as fox for a good old fashion hunt.

Corporate needs you to find the difference between these two pictures by assignedcopatbirth in GenderCritical

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This is actually pretty funny, but Jesus, lesbians really do have it harder than heterosexuals. This is absolute bullshit, you’d have to be seriously delusional to consider that any fair dinkum lesbian would find a mentally defective male clowning around in his ill fitting lingerie sexually arousing. The image of a hairless knacker slipping out of his panties during an intimate moment is pure Benny Hill.

MtF realizes it's hard to be a woman way too late. by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Oh a SINGLET lmao, okay, I’m from Australia so I now understand, thank you - still an incel and likely balding considering his fancy hat predilection.

MtF realizes it's hard to be a woman way too late. by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I can’t get past his admission of wearing only “vests and tracksuits“ because my understanding of a vest is a waistcoat, found in a three piece suit and a tracksuit, is a tracksuit. He brags about braces and fedoras? What a screaming fucking incel.

The Most Complained About Ad On Australia TV Last Year Was About Periods. by Doobeedoo661 in GenderCritical

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LOL @ smelling salts!

Ending Abortion By Making Men Responsible For Their Actions by Susiesmum in GenderCritical

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Well said. Men are responsible for unwanted pregnancies, it’s not something I’ve contemplated. I always insist on condoms but I can attest, they’re not foolproof which is why - I thank god for abortions! Actually STD’s freak me out more than pregnancy, but that’s only because abortions are so accessible in Australia. Hmmmmm. As for the person complaining about misandry, lol that’s not actually a thing😋. If misandry were a thing, women would abort male foetuses exclusively the world over. Misandry - it’s not a thing, or is it...

The State Of Free Speech In Australia - SMH by Doobeedoo661 in GenderCritical

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Article is behind a paywall.

A Tasmanian Liberal senator and her supporters have been warned they could be prosecuted for “insulting” the state’s anti-discrimination commissioner in a rapidly escalating war over free speech in the transgender debate. Equal Opportunity Tasmania, in an email sent to Claire Chandler and obtained by The Australian, suggests she could face prosecution for “hindering” and “insulting” the anti-discrimin­ation commissioner. The row followed Anti-­Discrimination Commissioner Sarah Bolt’s decision to accept a complaint against Senator Chandler over a statement –— emailed to a constituent –– that read: “Women’s sport, women’s toilets and women’s changing rooms are designed for the female sex and should remain that way.”

Senator Chandler, who has been outspoken on the issue since her election to federal parliament in 2019, has publicly called on the commissioner to dismiss the complaint, and on Wednesday last week emailed a letter to Ms Bolt saying she would not withdraw or amend her statement. Senator Chandler said about 20 minutes after emailing that letter, an Equal Opportunity Tasmania investigation and conciliation officer emailed her, supplying “a sample of emails that the commissioner has received since your public statements … about the complaint”.

“Legal action can be taken against any person who uses insulting language towards any person exercising any power under the Anti-Discrimination Act,” the email said. It warned that those who “hinder” or “use insulting language” against the commissioner could be fined.

Senator Chandler told The Australian the threat was “extraordinary” and she would not rule out a complaint to the Senate privileges committee alleging interference with her work as a ­parliamentarian. “The clear implication here is that they don’t only want me to stop speaking about this issue more broadly, they also want me to tell other Australians to do the same,” Senator Chandler said. “I’m simply not going to do that. There are genuine concerns at play here around my ability to undertake my role as a member of parliament and be able to ­discuss public policy issues with constituents. “Even more so, there’s a concern that constituents are not going to be able to contact their MPs inquiring as to their views and expect an honest response.”

Ms Bolt did not respond to a request for comment, her office citing “confidentiality provisions” in the state’s anti-discrimination act.

The complaint against Senator Chandler was made by a constituent who emailed her seeking a further explanation of her views, following an opinion piece she penned for Hobart’s The Mercury newspaper. The constituent then complained about the article and the senator’s emailed explanation.

Ms Bolt rejected the complaint related to the article but accepted the component related to the email. Ms Bolt said Senator Chandler’s comments in the email were “problematic … a reasonable person is likely to anticipate a person who is a member of the LGBTIQ+ and gender diverse community would be humiliated, intimidated, offended and insulted,” she said in accepting the complaint. Senator Chandler said she would consider all legal options if the complaint was not dropped.

How to deal with friendship loss due to GC views by threefingersam in GenderCritical

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I feel sad when I hear youngins admit “live their entire lives online” - I think you just identified an even larger issue than losing a friend. I’m not much help but you made things clearer for me, thank you.

How to deal with friendship loss due to GC views by threefingersam in GenderCritical

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Something I don’t understand and this could be due to my age, mid 30s....... okay, late 30s, is how friends “break up” due to a single difference of opinion as benign as trans ideology? I can’t imagine completely abandoning a friend because she holds opposing views, or vice versa, it’s unfathomable to me and this issue crops up in these forums regularly.

Out of interest, when people are referring to losing a friend, do they mean an Instagram/Facebook/Twitter virtual acquaintance, or an actual, “we’ll meet for drinks after work” friend. I don’t consider anyone online a friend, I’m friendly but, there’s no emotional investment to constitute a true friendship - I need real life human interaction.

I drifted away from a very, very close friend because she became “born again“. I humoured her and attended her church a few times but once she started talking in tongues, I knew it was the beginning of something grim, when she refused to attend Yoga because she felt the devils presence - the end was imminent. There were some raised voices and pettiness but the friendship naturally dissolved.

I coped because I didn’t feel guilt or shame or abandonment since there were no manipulating factors at play and importantly, I had other friends. We simply grew and parted ways, this is as natural a part of adulthood as it is childhood.

I would reconsider who you call a friend if you suspect their reaction to your personal views could be met with abject hostility instead of inquisitiveness over a coffee? Maybe they’re just acquaintances who don’t need to know your every thought and opinion. As a rule, I don’t advertise potentially controversial views until I’ve shared a few meals with someone and sussed them out a bit, not everyone you exchange niceties with is friend material.

Before peaking, how much of an ally were you? by Dravidian in GenderCritical

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I was in awe of TW, I used to believe that any man ditching his sex for the fairer sex was a true friend of women, mind you I also believed that my determined and competitive nature were due to being a Gemini with an Aries ascendent and a moon in Scorpio - yep I was a fucking idiot who eventually discovered trans ideology is to science what astrology is to astronomy, a load of meaningless bullshit.

Newsreader Ordered to Pay $10000 to a TiM for Liking Offensive Facebook Comments by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I think the one silver lining to come from this is that Bridget Clinch has farewelled any future political career once and for all, he’s all about the power and domination.

WARNING ANIMAL CRUELTY. Sydney TIM Charged With Torturing & Killing A 13 Y.O. Dog. by Doobeedoo661 in GenderCritical

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The crime is abysmal, what I find reprehensible is excusing this kind of psychotic behaviour as a manifestation of transitioning from one sex to another, as if to garner sympathy. Will this fucker be housed in a female prison? This is nothing more than Male on Female violence and should be reported as such.

r/ftmcirclejerk is not unaware of the fact that trans women are men trying to silence all women and who don't care about anybody other than themselves. They arrive to different conclusions but they do see the truth, deep down. by Dravidian in GenderCritical

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I’m loathe to venture into reddit after their concerted effort to stifle women’s voices and yet this reddit thread is illuminating. As an observer, they’re invisible compared to TW. I have no doubt TM hold as much value as any other woman within male dominated environments.

Take World Rugby’s amended proposals for trans participation within the sport. TM are now able to participate amongst the men if they sign the necessary waver. No one cares. Verity Smith, a TM rugby player who was invited to speak on behalf of the trans community during proceedings, has been mostly ignored by irate TW who are furious that no actual TW rugby players were present. In other words, if you’re not a TW, you’re not really trans enough to warrant any significant merit.

Female Australian senator's remarks re free speech vs trans rights by SanityIsGC in GenderCritical

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Incredible, that I should sit here during intense Victorian lockdown measures, resolved to never vote left of politics ever again. So disappointed that I’ll be voting for liberals, Jesus lol.

Edit - I guess the Animal Justice Party could work😃.

Transsexual Catherine McGregor Shares How Trans Activism Infiltrated Cricket Australia. by Doobeedoo661 in GenderCritical

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I’m glad it’s appropriate - The way in which women are treated in sport mirror their treatment within polite society. Frankly, I’m amazed World Rugby initiated a comprehensive and scientific peer reviewed look into the potential dangers of having male bodies participate in women’s sport. They need to be commended for this act since it appears as though they actually care about the female sex and acknowledge the biological differences between men and women.

I don’t believe any other sport association has so vigorously managed to duplicate World Rugby’s efforts so far and I’m hoping their findings will set a precedent to be adopted throughout every sport at every level. So many amazing women and men, including the occasional transexual, fighting for the rights of women and girls in sport in the face of so many who believe females simply don’t deserve or require their own sex specific category.

Madness in Australia - the Women's Party leader is...you guessed it! A wo-MAN! by BEB in GenderCritical

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Speechless. I momentarily thought this was fake news, it’s not.


Why can't I find any statistics on how many women have been murdered in 2020? by ImPiqued1111111 in GenderCritical

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There’s a dedicated face book page which tally’s each woman murdered in Australia - Destroy the Joint. I’m not sure whether it considers transgendered men as women, but since they’re not a statistic in this instance...


How are women responding? by Baileyscheesecakes in GenderCritical

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We’re enough to give a grown man in ladies Lycra an eating disorder...

Racist Bingo! by Eurowoman24 in GenderCritical

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Pissing myself laughing

How are women responding? by Baileyscheesecakes in GenderCritical

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Interesting question. I live in Melbourne, Australia and with any major city, you’ll find freaks abound, more so than the burbs. My experiences consist of rarely bumping into TW in public toilets, the few that I’ve happened to notice, were of the quintessential gay man transsexual variety, overly pleased with themselves, polite and flamboyant - that’s how they usually out themselves but I never felt threatened, merely amused with their gay man antics.

I’ve never, as far as I’m aware, noticed an overtly masculine TW in the female public toilets, I’d probably find it very confronting, it all depends on instinct - having said this, I’d personally hate to share an intimate public space with a typical autogynephile sans the gay lisp. I do see these sorts of TW when I’m out and about, so they do exist.

My brother manages a powerlifting gym, all the TW use the appropriate male change rooms if they must. This is not policy, it’s merely expected. It’s interesting that the environment is such, that the women powerlifters, probably wouldn’t blink an eye, should the TW use our facilities because we’re familiar with each other. I suspect that because these TW train and compete with the men, they feel an unspoken pressure to use the appropriate facilities for their sex. I’m sure they’d get teased otherwise, but they’re nice enough blokes, they just look odd.

I do yoga at another gym, and while there have been a few TW that take classes, once again, they never used the female change rooms as far as we knew. They did however use female specific yoga classes, but they never lasted. There was one incident in particular where the TW became the butt of our sniggers due to their poor form and sadly, though amusingly, must have decided not to return to that particular female specific class.

I believe a large threat to TW exist when using women’s toilets where other men perceive them as a potential threat to women. I’ve seen this first hand. My brother’s wife was about to enter a toilet at a shopping centre eatery when my brother noticed a tranny right behind her and accosted him. The TW ran.

I don’t work with the trans, though have done, he used the unisex toilet at work. He was much weirder than he was trans, if that makes sense. In other words, he wasn’t disliked for his transness but rather his appalling personality - he may have been on the autistic spectrum.

Personally, I consider men who think they’re women as having a diabolical mental illness and should be considered potentially dangerous. Good instincts should help women navigate possible threats, but a man dressed up as a woman is a good indication that she should be wary and proceed with caution. I’d never allow a TW to impede my comfortable existence if I can help it, but I’ve grown weary of the fuckers.

I just got broken up with because my girlfriend decided she is trans. by TarshishJupiter in GenderCritical

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You dodged a bullet there and bonus points, you didn’t need to be the dumper, I despise being the dumper. You can sit back, relax and smile to yourself ‘cause your conscience is good - a lot of guilt and baggage when you’re the dumper, but - what can you do, it’s their problem now.

I feel bad you’re sad. You think you know someone then BAM! They start taking exogenous testosterone, they dissolve into an emotionally unstable wreck and blame you for everything that’s wrong in their lives.

Then one day, out of the blue, s/he shoots you while you’re asleep cause s/he was misgendered again by the lesbian that’s been subtly flirting with you at work and you said nothing - yep, you dodged a bullet.

Trans psychopath overturns will to force parents to pay for reassignment surgery by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Some transwomen can be irksome, even when interactions are no more than the bare minimum. Their delusional attempts at femininity can unnerve the best of us - they literally wear their fetish on their sleeve and wonder why we’re dubious.

I can only imagine their internal dialogue, awash with intense jealousy and rage at every woman and girl that reminds them of everything they’ll never be. The constant triggers of female presence, exacerbating their fragile sense of self, chipping away at their sanity as their cross sex hormones slowly ravage their delicate equilibrium.

But I can’t imagine the terror of knowing your son is prepared to kill you, with a crossbow, because you refuse to humour their delusion. Get a grip, move out of home, get a job, cut the apron strings and give your sister back her panties. Jeffrey Joss and his trans ilk, are nothing more than parasites.

you people have learned nothing. by billyhaze in GenderCritical

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Forcing women out of workplaces, sports and politics? by eddyelric in GenderCritical

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That really sucks. I admire you and other women in medicine all the more for having to contend with this rubbish, especially in light of the coronavirus disaster.

Forcing women out of workplaces, sports and politics? by eddyelric in GenderCritical

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Totally agree, although now days we have the luxury to choose a female. My sister in law’s obstetrician is a male and when I asked her if she’d be waxed by a male in a salon, she shuddered at the thought, go figure?

Forcing women out of workplaces, sports and politics? by eddyelric in GenderCritical

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Wow, that’s so disconcerting. I’m hoping this was a long, long, long time ago but I suspect it wasn’t? I‘ve read a lot about sexism emanating from medicine. Personally my experience has been to assume women doctors more competent due to internal biases I suspect.

I’ve never entertained the thought of a male gynaecologist, fortunately female gynaecologist’s are aplenty here in Melbourne.

Come to think of it, my GP and dermatologist are women. In addition, my husband’s ophthalmologist and optometrist are women - wait there’s more! Our dentist is a woman. Holy crap, should men in medicine be worried? I digress...

Officially lost my best friend to gender theory by RealWomenResist in GenderCritical

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Friendships which dissolve due to a difference of opinion aren’t really worth much. People can sustain all kinds of partnerships despite their opposing ideologies. Most of my friends are meat eaters and no matter how often I call them despicable murderers during lunch, they just smile and tell me I have spinach on my teeth. Don’t despair, this will pass. 💙

Shat Attack! Is Shatner Peaking? Are we going to see a peak wave with the celebs coming forward, or a peak Tsunami? by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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That is interesting, I don’t know much about the man but I’m aware of his iconic character. It’s good to know he can hold his own. Thanks for sharing!

My cousin is now a Transbian TIM. (X-post from s/itsafetish) by TrotRadFemAlly in GenderCritical

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Avoid him, he likely suffers from personality flaws that require constant validation from those around him. Consider yourself lucky he’s not an immediate family member under the same roof as you, therefore, avoidable.

Hopefully, he’ll either outgrow autogynephilia or you’ll outgrow the need to help everyone.

UTI help requires my gender identity? by our_team_is_winning in GenderCritical

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Pretty sure Tom Hanks’ character, Paul Edgecomb, has a urinary tract infection in the film, The Green Mile - just thought I’d share...

Women my ass.Willing to bet at least one of the two thugs who attacked senator is TIM by SanityIsGC in GenderCritical

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Yeah, makes me pretty unpopular when I suggest women need to be accountable for their poor choices despite their troubled childhood.

Just last night there was a story on TV where two women confessed to killing and dismembering a transsexual truck driver back in the early 2000s - but I’d never dare bring that up.

Women my ass.Willing to bet at least one of the two thugs who attacked senator is TIM by SanityIsGC in GenderCritical

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Err, the lady appears to have dabbled in DIANABOL me thinks...

Women my ass.Willing to bet at least one of the two thugs who attacked senator is TIM by SanityIsGC in GenderCritical

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They look like women to me.

So much to unpack here. “Woman’s body”, “femme clothes”, hips... by letal_22 in GenderCritical

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Pissing myself laughing!

City Council Threatens to Shut Down Women’s Legal Clinic for Not Prioritizing Males Who ID as Transgender - Sydney, Australia by PlayCardsNotPeople in GenderCritical

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The quiet resentment towards transwomen from an otherwise apathetic majority, is steadily growing louder. I can see it in one of my brothers that runs a powerlifting gym, another brother who’s a police officer and the oldest brother who works in the corporate business world.

They’ve all encountered issues with the notion that transwomen are women and all three have become staunchly opposed to trans rights. When your average Joe decides to take a stance against something they’ve personally got no skin in, you can tell, whatever activism trans and their allies are utilising, is backfiring more than they know.

Men's Health magazine. How to choke a woman. I don't want to live on this planet. by our_team_is_winning in GenderCritical

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I appreciate you taking the time to share your views, especially if your sanity is at stake. I won’t take you up on the porn sites but the book does sound interesting, thanks for the heads up.

Men's Health magazine. How to choke a woman. I don't want to live on this planet. by our_team_is_winning in GenderCritical

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A guy once forced me onto the dance floor against my will, I detached one of his testicles - my friends still laugh about it. I’m glad you’re okay.

Men's Health magazine. How to choke a woman. I don't want to live on this planet. by our_team_is_winning in GenderCritical

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Men's Health magazine. How to choke a woman. I don't want to live on this planet. by our_team_is_winning in GenderCritical

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It’s interesting how abuse can manifest itself. Thank you for taking the time to explain something that impacted your life so intimately in order to explain the possible psychology at play. I may come off a little too harsh since my abuse manifests externally and I tend to victimise and manipulate where I perceive weakness - if I’m not mindful.

"I ❤️JK Rowling" billboard goes up in Waverley train station, Edinburgh. by Nperez in GenderCritical

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I can see this public display of love and admiration triggering many a trans person and their allies to respond with the kind of hatred usually reserved for school shooters. I ❤️ JK Rowling & Posie too!

Men's Health magazine. How to choke a woman. I don't want to live on this planet. by our_team_is_winning in GenderCritical

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I anticipated the prepubescent aspect. This is where parents should step up to the plate, where a lot of the blame should probably be laid. I guess it’s survival of the fittest in the end, cause I can’t see the world changing fast enough to ensure everyone’s safety in which porn is no longer readily available. Everyone gets lonely, but to seek out companionship with abusers is a whole level of defective behaviour way beyond my pay grade.

Men's Health magazine. How to choke a woman. I don't want to live on this planet. by our_team_is_winning in GenderCritical

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I know you didn’t reply to my post but you raise interesting points, namely peer pressure, brainwashing etc. My issue is, if as a society we keep on blaming all the outward temptations and influences, doesn’t this play right into the notion of infantilisation of women? We must protect and guide women as they’re incapable of making good choices for themselves, that’s my interpretation when we blame everything but individual responsibility.

I’m simply not buying spitting, choking and slapping has become normalised. I’m more inclined to believe these girls and boys have ferocious personality flaws that have been nurtured by neglect and likely substance abuse. It should be instinctive that you fight your way out of these kinds of abuse - not negotiate your limits with your partner. I can’t think of any other species that would surrender to this sort of treatment outside of a cage or laboratory.

We as women have access to so many positive role models now days, willingly subjecting yourself to strangulation, slapping and so on is a personal choice. Let’s not call these women victims, there’s real victims out there that truly have no choice.

Men's Health magazine. How to choke a woman. I don't want to live on this planet. by our_team_is_winning in GenderCritical

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I guess I underestimated how malignant low self esteem is. That was alarming to read.

Men's Health magazine. How to choke a woman. I don't want to live on this planet. by our_team_is_winning in GenderCritical

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I’ve not read the article, but I have to ask, who are these girls and women partaking in strangulation for the kicks? How did they become so complicit in degradation? Sure you can blame porn, mainstream media, the patriarchy but come on.

There needs to be an element of responsibility for one’s own welfare. I’m not convinced that this is an act perpetrated solely by evil males upon unwilling women, not for it to have become mainstream.

I really don’t know what to say except, this may be a way to weed out the weak within our society. If you’re stupid enough to risk your life with a partner who’s into strangulation and you’re injured, that’s just life and the rest of us who practise caution in the bedroom will survive this phase.

As for the men who practise this form of kink, I bet they’re exhibiting several behaviours which elicit red flags that are likely ignored by women. Women and girls need to wisen up cause men are pretty simple to work out.

Can muslim women be GC feminist too? by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I was raised Russian orthodox and I’m fascinated by religion, everyone’s religion. Fortunately, religion wasn’t heavily imposed upon me while growing up, allowing my curiosity to explore other religions. Religion has not been good to women but can enrich a woman on a personal level.

If your faith is strong, there’s not a thing anyone in Gender Critical can say that would fracture your beliefs. Stay firm and be glad that there’s still a tiny little speck within the WWW that allows women, from all walks of life and faith, to express themselves freely, despite their personal differences.

Research into the implications of including transwomen in Aust. women’s only shelters and support services. by Doobeedoo661 in GenderCritical

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No sweat. It’s an Australian research piece where the interviewer probes the views of fifteen women who hold various positions within CASA (centre against sexual assault), domestic violence refuges and women’s health centres and the impact admitting transwomen, either as clients or employees, have had on abused women within the various organisations. They’ve not been positive. Here’s an excerpt.

One of the main issues that came out of these experiences was that although MTFs had the technical skills needed to do their job, they had little understanding about gender. They did not appreciate that the life experiences of heterosexual women, lesbians, bisexual women and transgenders were different and that these differences needed to be understood by workers in order to meet their respective needs.

For example one of the past workers in one of the centres involved in this study was an MTF transgender. The interviewee, who had found this problematic, explained that this person ran workshops for women.

“He ran a regular workshop for lesbian, bisexual and trans-women in the same workshop without any understanding that their life experiences are different.”

She felt that this worker's understanding of the gender power issues involved in treating female identified clients as a homogenous group seemed to be limited.

Ok so my crush tells me about this fun sub, I went to check it out. First rule. (He didn't know what it means) by bellatrixbells in GenderCritical

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I don’t know, but now I know what you mean!

Ok so my crush tells me about this fun sub, I went to check it out. First rule. (He didn't know what it means) by bellatrixbells in GenderCritical

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Wait, when you say “my crush” do you mean he’s your crush or your his crush cause when I say “my crush” I’m referring to the crusher which would make me the crushee - now I’m even more confused.

The vibe of this sub seems a lot different than the original r/gendercritical by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Personally, I find Saidit GC nicer. I’d witnessed an intolerance towards pet ownership and a general dislike of animals in Reddit GC.

These opinions were definitely in the minority and not unexpected considering the amount of members the site attracted, especially from poorer nations where animals were often in competition with food sources, but I often felt hollow after reading some comments and my interest in the site faded.

So far so good here, as far as I’m concerned - I hope it remains primarily women focused with limited interest from anti-pet activists.

Female runners banned from 5K club competitions because they will be in contact with others for too long by romypea in GenderCritical

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Hopefully the male runners will boycott racing in support of the banned female runners... cue crickets ...

Trans women face potential women’s rugby ban over safety concerns by Echoofmiles in GenderCritical

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You’re absolutely right. There’s a rather unhinged transwoman called Kirsti Miller from Broken Hill, a former athlete, who’s constantly posting images of Dame Valerie Kasanita Adams to suggest she’s no different to a biological man who’s suppressed his testosterone levels.

I’m often staggered by the blatant racism and misogyny Miller spews about Dame Valerie Adams. Miller never addresses who Dame Valerie Adams is, or her incredible achievements in his feed, I’m assuming to avoid the barrage of hate it may attract from Adams fans.

Kirsti is so vehemently poisonous, even Mouncey blocked him on Twitter so I guess that’s saying something. I’d love to report Miller for racism and misogyny but I don’t use Twitter. Perhaps it’s better to allow others to see just how transwomen view Pacific Islanders.

Trans women face potential women’s rugby ban over safety concerns by Echoofmiles in GenderCritical

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Good news! Transmen eligible to play full contact rugby amongst cismales. My only concern is whether they forget they’re transmen once sports induced brain injury compromises their memory. I bet transwomen are happy for their transbrethren or is this news story all about the transwomen.....again?

How do you do fellow women? by avena_sativa_3 in GenderCritical

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Lmfao - Steve Buscemi, 30 Rock.

Jesus Christ - clearly a case of “If you build it, he will cum” - Fields of Dreams.

Canadian Transgender Sex Offender Released Into The Community by Susiesmum in GenderCritical

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Oh, I didn’t know, righteo, may need to use the word TIM to avoid confusion, thank you.

Canadian Transgender Sex Offender Released Into The Community by Susiesmum in GenderCritical

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The public have been forewarned by the police, that a dangerous transgendered woman with poor impulse control and a history of sexual deviancy against children is free to reoffend should the need arise? I honestly don’t know what to say...err, thanks for the warning? Unbelievable.

The Karen/Becky meme has officially gone too far by Camberian in GenderCritical

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I’m averse associating someone’s name with a personality type, there’s a CFO Karen at my work and she’s not to be messed with. Mistakes can happen and having a name, is pretty common now days.

Anger as rape crisis centres recruit 'self-identifying' women by fijupanda in GenderCritical

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I’m hoping this is a case of tokenism to appear inclusive rather than actually employing the specific services of transwomen to assist rape victims. Many companies appear inclusive on the surface, but go to great lengths to avoid potential inconveniences brought on by gender snowflakes and their demands.

Interview With Clare Dimyon MBE. She is a teacher, quaker, lesbian and rape survivor and was awarded an MBE for her work campaigning for LGBT rights. She was branded transphobic for requesting a female medic by fijupanda in GenderCritical

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Female cops generally wouldn’t blink at the thought of either a frisk or strip search regarding a transgendered woman, they’re trained accordingly. Transwomen are over represented when it comes to crime among the LGBT, at least in Victoria, so it’s not uncommon for a female officer to accommodate a transwoman should the need arise.

No Agenda here...nothing to see...move along by joeytundra in GenderCritical

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There needs to be an element of discernment when navigating the internet. A quick search revealed -

“MedicineNet was identified as the least reliable website, with the lowest average score, deficiencies in safety information, and the highest number of statistically significant differences favoring other in our pair-wise comparison.“

If anyone needs a medical website to determine whether they’re male or female, chances are they’re an apache helicopter anyway.

"Women are only less violent because they are physically weak" by DifferentAirGC in GenderCritical

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Not at all surprised by these statistics. If you have a good relationship with your local vet, just ask them outright if males are more inclined to abuse their pets, I’m certain they’ll say yes.

I remember my vet inquiring whether my husband and I were interested in taking on a kitten who’d been injured and subsequently surrender by a woman, who was also physically assaulted by her partner when she tried to protect the kitten.

We were floored and couldn’t believe this was a “thing”. He looked at me and I’ll never forget his reply, “everyday, this happens everyday”. He went on to explain women and children often surrendered their pets in fear of the violence and verbal threats males extended towards the family pets.

My husband and I adopted the kitten who is now 45 months old and thriving, but I’ve been haunted by that conversation ever since.

Halle Berry apologizes and is no longer considering transgender role in upcoming film by Camberian in GenderCritical

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Studio must be royally pissed to have missed out on an Oscar winner staring in their film, that’s gotta hurt. Berry made the right move as far as her career is concerned, she’ll move on to other roles but this particular film may never be made - too controversial.

I need advice regarding a budding friendship with a woman who identifies as non-binary. by horizongirl in GenderCritical

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I need advice regarding a budding friendship with a woman who identifies as non-binary. by horizongirl in GenderCritical

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Your work colleague refers to herself an non binary and prefers they/them pronouns = RED FLAG. People can wear what they like despite their biological sex, gender stereotyping, on the other hand, is problematic and is the prime motivation for people who transition. Hope, I’ve made myself clearer.

I need advice regarding a budding friendship with a woman who identifies as non-binary. by horizongirl in GenderCritical

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Assume anyone who displays incongruence with their biological sex suffers from flawed personality traits if not a full blown disorder. Life is too short to have to walk on eggshells in order to stave off disagreement because you need a friend.

This is your place of work, keep it professional and keep potentially difficult colleagues at arms length, you’ll last longer in the workplace.

I’ve worked with a transvestite who mostly kept to themselves, though was eventually fired for absenteeism. He was a chronic hair sucker I considered a likely genius but would never be seen dead with. He respected boundaries.

Reddit has now banned JoanneRowling subreddit because it's being used to "reconstitute' Gendercritical + hate etc by whateverneverpine in GenderCritical

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You know, at this stage, one would have to seriously question why they need Reddit in their lives after the obvious contempt Reddit hold towards women. The same goes for Twitter.

Saidit seems to be a perfectly good site, I’m not bound to the internet, perhaps it’s because I’m in my 30s and didn’t grow up enslaved to my Apples. Saidit seems better, forget Reddit!

Menstruator, and other words that rhyme with 'hate her' by limegreen in GenderCritical

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WOW, this was powerful.

I am a Pakistani woman who has been victimized by men my entire life. GenderCritical was my refuge. AMA by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Oh yeah, this is a serious case of Trolly McTrollface. I’m not touching this doozy but we’re all thinking the same thing, don’t worry.

TRA's Stance by NerdyFashionGirl in GenderCritical

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The modus operandi of a trans activist is that of any other oppressive cult. Consider Scientology manipulation and the trans activist irrationality makes a lot of sense. Anything short of complete trans indoctrination is suppressive conduct that must be annihilated.

I also imagine cluster B & C personality traits would frequent regularly among the transgendered, inhibiting their ability to evolve as adults and think for themselves outside of their safe space - these guys are the poster child for arrested development.

today's mood by gparmesan in GenderCritical

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This still makes me chuckle. Boy oh boy, Hannah Mouncey really has fallen off the face of this earth. There was a time you’d pick up a local newspaper and his face would be plastered throughout.

Look at him now, no more state women’s footy aspirations, essentially dropped from the women’s Olympic handball Team, disqualified from the women’s AFL draft. I guess there’s always cricket but something tells me his heart isn’t in it.

Age, irrelevance and women’s hormone therapy have compounded his fragile mental health issues and now his only claim to fame is calling women cunts on his various social media platforms. Soon, he’ll be yelling at lamp posts.

So it's come to this. by gparmesan in GenderCritical

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Is this working? Hello, YAY - new joint, very happy now. Never liked reddit. Very pleased to see this place up and running. As you were.