The term "Transwoman", do you use it? by Kai_Decadence in GenderCritical

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I avoid the word "transwomen" as much as possible. I generally say "transgender person/people" when I'm unsure of my audience, but use "men" around other GCs.

The Lack of and Erasure of Women Only Spaces in Occult Communities by Devil_woman in GenderCritical

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I hear you. I had heard positive things about the Sisterhood of Avalon, yet discovered that they, too, include men who identify as women. Ironically, they acknowledge the difference between male and female.

The only women's group you can safely start is a private one where you can selectively invite women you know. That doesn't help the women out there wanting a female-only circle who don't have connections. So much for the days when you could join a women's group and talk about Mary Daly or Zusanna Budapest or Starhawk, although Starhawk later drank the gender Koolaid.

I can say that at least one Pagan organization has not made official statements regarding gender ideology and doesn't mention it in its teaching materials. More trans and non-binary people have joined in the last few years, but so far, the organization has chosen not to take sides. I'm both relieved and apprehensive, wondering if it is just a matter of time before they say "TWAW."

Turns out the transgender MMA fighter who beat up a woman participated in a "Lolita" meetup by chiobu in GenderCritical

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"If she's had surgery . . . it's likely that her partner would never know otherwise."

I've read at least one comment from a man (not a big sample size, true) saying that the faux vagina does not feel or look like a real vagina at all, and that the placement is notably different. It seems reasonable to assume that many other men would definitely know something wasn't right. The quoted statement seems like wishful thinking.

My selfish wif... er, birthing person by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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It's refreshing to read all the comments to the original tweet that encourage this lout to have some sympathy for what his wife is going through.

Is the Wi-Spa incident a hoax? by Camberian in GenderCritical

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Even if it were a hoax, the fact remains that: the spa did nothing when told a man was in the women's area, and that women objected the spa did nothing when told there were young girls present people are defending the exposure of male genitalia in women's spaces people are defending the exposure of male genitalia in front of little girls


California Women's Prison Passes Out Condoms to Inmate Population As Arrival Of "Transwomen" Causes Explosion Of Risky Sex (author is a female inmate) by BEB in GenderCritical

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I can just see TRAs reading this article and saying "All those horrible radfems were ranting about women being assaulted in prison and instead, they are lining up for sex."

GC: Is sex determined by chromosomes or phenotype? Are people with CAIS male or female? Doesn't CAIS challenge binary sex? by IWoreWhat in GenderCritical

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As I understand it, the individual with CAIS has a Y chromosome and testes, making him male, even though outwardly he looks female. There is a vaginal cavity, but no uterus or ovaries. It's the type of gametes produced, sperm or ova, that make one male or female, and in the vast majority of cases, external genitalia match the type of gametes produced. When they don't, it's a case of abnormal sexual development, not a third sex. The person is a boy who didn't develop properly.

Is anyone here planning to move to a state/country that protects female-only spaces/activities? by WhiteZealot in GenderCritical

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Some things to consider about moving to a conservative state:

while you may be surrounded by other gender critical people with whom you can talk openly about the craziness going on, you may very well find that you disagree with them on most other issues. This can make social gatherings challenging if politics or policies come up. You have to decide how you will navigate these situations. I keep quiet, ask questions for the purpose of greater understanding (not as a challenge), or find common ground to comment on, and this has worked well. Most of the time, though, we talk about community or family matters and get along very well. My neighbors are kind, fun people who will help you in a pinch. I don't understand how they can hold some of the views they do, but I don't let it get in the way of friendly relations. Also consider how "red" various parts of a particular state are. You may not want to move to "Deliverance" country.

Female prison guards in California now have to strip search TiMs or lose their jobs - F the Democrats in the California state legislature for passing the BARBARIC men in women's prison law, and F Gavin Newsom for signing it by BEB in GenderCritical

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Ugh, not a pretty sight, to be sure! My source of information on strip searches is Google. It could be those sources were too general and not specific to prisons. Nothing was said about pat-downs, but there was mention of using a secure room with only the prisoner and the examiner. Justification was needed for anyone else to be present. I could see a female guard being reluctant to be alone with someone who could overpower her, but you'd think the prisoner would be handcuffed and/or restrained and that at least one other guard would be present for her safety. Then again, these precautions may be offensive to the TRAs. I would like to hear more details from the female guards about their power and boundaries being taken away.

Female prison guards in California now have to strip search TiMs or lose their jobs - F the Democrats in the California state legislature for passing the BARBARIC men in women's prison law, and F Gavin Newsom for signing it by BEB in GenderCritical

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that strip searches did not involve actually touching the prisoner, but simply observing the anal region while the person coughed. For any body cavity search deemed necessary, a medical professional was called in.

Reply I Got From US Senator Regarding My Concerns About The Negative Impact of The US "Equality Act" On Girls' & Women's Rights Coz The "Gender Identity" It Enshrines As A Protected Characteristic In Anti-Discrimination Law Conflicts With & Supplants Sex by MarkTwainiac in GenderCritical

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Could this be a form letter reply? The response I got from my Rep is similar in that it didn't address my concerns at all. It just stated his philosophy (religious freedom). I found it off-putting. Fortunately, the Rep voted against the Equality Act.

Ladies, please help me peak my amazing, intelligent, well educated, boomer mother. I need links which she will believe, desperately. by DiscoStegosaurus in GenderCritical

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I wonder if a different approach might be worth exploring. If she won't listen to counterarguments, then ask her to tell you why she believes what she does. If she is a baby boomer, she surely was not raised thinking that anyone could just decide to be a woman. Why does she no longer believe that biology defines what a woman is? What persuaded her to change her view of this? Does she believe that stereotypes define womanhood? Were the 70s feminists wrong to fight against them? Maybe getting her to explain her position will help open up conversation, especially if your links and rational arguments make her feel defensive?

An employee at a Women's Prison in Washington alleges that a woman was immediately raped upon the transfer of a male sexual predator, who identifies as transgender. The employee also alleges that women are terrified as 150 other men are in line to be transferred. by BEB in GenderCritical

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The fact that stories like this go unreported in many news outlets is unconscionable and even more egregious is the line that the women are being transphobic.

How do TRAs explain the rapists who suddenly declare themselves women? If, according to their claims, transgender people have always been transgender, then these felons disprove the assertion that transgender people are no threat to women. If they say that these men aren't really transgender, then they commit the heinous crime of doubting someone's identity and have to concede that some men will take advantage of self-id to harm women, which has been our point all along. Maybe one reason these stories are buried is that they demonstrate the gaping holes in TRA logic (an oxymoron)

How do you handle women who are in support of "trans Rights" and say that they don't feel threatened by TIMs? by Kai_Decadence in GenderCritical

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I haven't been in this situation (yet), but one question I would love to ask these women is why they have so little compassion for other women? Why is empathy and understanding only for the trans people? Why aren't women's feelings and experiences valid? I remember the struggles in the 70s for women to be taken seriously and not dismissed as irrational, hysterical, on our periods, or just being women. For example, we fought to get the message across that what men considered innocent and nothing in the workplace was harassment and created an unpleasant work environment. Yet now, when women voice specific concerns about accommodating transgender people, they are being vilified. Why is this? Why not can't we show compassion for ALL people?

Protecting a child from gender nonsense by Matroskin in GenderCritical

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Perhaps the best defense is a good offense. Let the first time your child hears of trans/binary/gender ideology be from you, so that you can control the narrative and your child’s first impressions. Let him know that these people not only think differently, but will try very hard to make him change his mind. How does he feel about that? Is that a nice thing to do? From there, you can offer suggestions for how to cope with situations he may encounter. In a sense, you are preparing him for going into battle. Give him what he needs to survive.

Do Trans-Identified boys have an effect on girls' groups? by Baileyscheesecakes in GenderCritical

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I was a child back in the Cretaceous period, so my memory is a little foggy. :)

I do remember that I was a tomboy and played with boys until about 4th grade. Back in those days, I thought boys (and men) got to have all the fun, while girls and women were relegated to the home and childcare. I didn't want to have anything to do with girls, unless they were other tomboys. So, having boys around was just fine with me. Later on, I starting seeing and reading about the obnoxious behavior you describe, and how girls and young women often thrive in single sex schools, developing greater confidence before tackling the 'real world.' With this in mind, and never having had children myself, I wondered how if and how much trans-identified boys might change an all-girls group.

About the lack of logic in gender movement on Page's example by MezozoicGay in GenderCritical

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I don't get how someone can be both "he" and "they." But then, that's looking for logic where there may not be any.

Joe Biden endorses child transing by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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Thank you for this. Distressing to say the least!

Joe Biden endorses child transing by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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Maybe I missed something, but I didn't hear Biden say he endorses transing children. I heard him start to talk about children "deciding" they are trans, then switch to saying there shouldn't be discrimination. It seemed to me as though he caught himself and then avoided commenting on the subject.

Colorado mother takes on creepy, grooming, public school sex education - help her! by BEB in GenderCritical

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Kudos to this mom! She articulates her argument beautifully. She makes a point that I've been thinking about for some time now: that we are dealing with two conflicting sets of worldviews, and neither side is likely to persuade the other of its "correctness." It reminds me of atheists and religious people. Those groups, or at least the people I've known, have accepted that they cannot change the other side and so try to find ways to live harmoniously side by side. This seems unlikely with TRAs' hostility toward anyone and anything they disagree with. I hope this mother is successful in rallying support and preventing the indoctrination of her children.

My 60 y.o. aunt has a TIM at her golf club. He's using the women's change rooms and registering in the women's tournament. by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Just curious, when he goes into the changing room or if women come in when he is already there, do the women leave or do they just put up with it?

As for the tournament, maybe women could quietly arrange their own, private contest.

I keep hoping this whole mess will blow over!