Saidit is currently undergoing the largest DDOS attack we've ever had by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Also we're not only being technologically attacked, but culturally attacked as well. Please read this post from /u/Extract and be aware of the full situation regarding these attacks on saidit:

What if I told you, that the last refugee wave was large enough for some propaganda organizations to put this site on their radar?

What if I told you the concern trolls posting those threads/comments are the first wave of shills, whose goal is to slowly corrupt this site the same way most platforms (like many subreddits, in their time) get corrupted? Notice how most of those concern trolls highlight problems that could actually be solved by their own participation - but, that would actually help the site, while their goal is clearly to (slowly) undermine it.

They will also cite the new influx of users as a good thing, and threaten it ends if $demandList isn't met, while in reality much of this activity is artificially created by those shills (not most votes, just the early spike that makes it visible enough for other people to upvote it for the sake of discussion).

This isn't going to stop, by the way - this is only going to get worse the more popular this site gets bigger.

I think some things on the top of the front page these last few days reflect this type of cultural attack, and I think the users of saidit need to be aware that this activity is happening. This is why voat and so many other alternatives have problems with their culture being hijacked by dedicated extremists. It's a deliberate tactic to poison the well, to lower the signal-to-noise ratio and drive others away. People need to be aware that this is a real problem.

Saidit is currently undergoing the largest DDOS attack we've ever had by magnora7 in SaidIt

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It's a problem-reaction-solution situation. They're creating the problem by posting terrible things that technically don't break site rules, and then also posting soon after "How dare saidit allow all these terrible things?" And then whatever our response, saidit can be made to look bad.

If we remove the terrible things (that don't break site rules) then we get accused of censorship, but if we ignore the people concern-trolling about the terrible things then it looks like we're tacitly condoning it. It's a lose-lose position to be in, but that's the whole point of the attack, and why it works in the first place.

I'm starting to think the only real way to overcome this is for the users of the website to become wise to these tactics, so that's why I've decided to speak out about these tactics, because people need to know.

With all the reddit users coming over lately, I wanted to share something. This is what happened to Voat. by Alduin in propaganda

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Yup, I was there when voat was called whoaverse, I watched it all happen and you're absolutely right!

This is why user participation is important. This is why the pyramid of debate is important. This is why everyone who truly cares about saidit needs to voice their opinions and vote when they see something insightful or fun.

We have lots of defenses against what happened to voat, but primary among them is community.

The second thing we have going for us is no downvote. So the dedicated minority group cannot re-shape the site at large to their own desires nearly as easily. It got much worse as well after voat added restrictions where if you've been downvoted you cannot downvote others. It sped up the echo-chamber feedback-loop effect and let these extremists take over the mainstream culture of voat much more quickly. Now a dissenting voice of reason stands out like a sore thumb, and is downvoted to hell.

Saidit doesn't have these locking-out features because we don't have downvotes, and we're careful to avoid "improvements" to the algorithm that actually just speed up the feedback loop that creates an echo-chamber culture. Furthermore one group cannot brigade another, because there is no downvote, and also they must abide by the pyramid of debate or be banned from saidit. So the only remaining way to "brigade" is to argue one's point rationally.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, the admins actually care. This site used to be called, specifically referencing avoiding the extremes of reddit (censorship) and voat (far-right). It's literally our declared mission to avoid becoming voat, even right in our original name.

The reason reddit went bad is because the admins turned a blind eye (or perhaps were paid to) while brigading and astroturfing groups took it over, subreddit by subreddit.

Voat however failed because the admins just let whoever take it over, as you pointed out. They had no ideological backbone, no pyramid of debate, no nothing. Just an empty space for anyone who has enough free time to go absolutely nuts and create their own echo chamber. And that's exactly what happened.

But at saidit, we will actually will learn from their failures and try our best to avoid them.

Fourthly, saidit has open modlogs available in any sub under the list of mods, it says "moderation log". Anyone can click it and see everything every mod has ever done. Voat and reddit hide this information for mods only. This transparency adds a LOT of accountability. No more secret user deletions and secret mod coups.

Fifthly, we're run by donations. Not advertiser revenue or big secret investors. This means we have zero incentive to get rid of certain messages to please our advertisers and investors, because we have none other than community donations. We do not plan to ever change this funding model because saidit is run for the community, not for profit.

So you can see our approach is multifaceted, and we think we have a very good chance at avoiding the fate that befell voat. It won't be easy, but I believe we can do it.

Reddit Falls Out of Top 20 Sites Worldwide by useless_aether in news

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It's been falling since after the 2016 election. Which to me just shows how many political agendas were being pushed through it.

Saidit is currently undergoing the largest DDOS attack we've ever had by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Their views usually come from a place of ignorance and it's just tedious because they often get hostile when you tell them they're wrong

You don't seem to understand what we're saying. These people don't actually hold these views. They're just saying this stuff, and getting in to fights, because it drives people away from the website.

They're intentionally starting fights and trolling people all while pretending to be "extremists". Their main goal is to drive normal people away, not to actually promote their ideology. The ideology is just a cover to cause chaos and damage the information quality of the forum

Saidit is currently undergoing the largest DDOS attack we've ever had by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Attack is still ongoing, we've blocked 7.34 million fraudulent connection attempts so far. That's about 10x our previous record for a single attack... holy moly. Still not taking our servers down though, and we don't even our defenses turned up all the way! A lot of wasted resources on their part

A researcher has found that of the 16 moderators of Reddit's sub for lesbians, 11 of them were biologically male transwomen. The forum has now been closed down because too many women on there only wanted to date other biological women, and this was considered 'transphobic' by Tarrock in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Can you not type in all bold and all caps please. It looks like spam, there's no reason to be shouting, and you're doing it in every single comment

Reddit nukes the /r/redditAlternatives list right as the mass exodus starts, shadowbans all posts and comments that mention certain alternatives in the moment people are looking for alternatives by magnora7 in MeanwhileOnReddit

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You literally cannot mention without your post being completely shadowbanned, and this seems to apply for many other alternatives too. And this occurred on an already-existing post, not a new post. They searched old posts to nuke them. The whole list of alternatives that was stickied at the top of /r/redditAlternatives was deleted and d3rr had to re-write it like this to get past their new keyword filter.

This is insane! What website forbids even the mention of their competition? They've gone full authoritarian

We are being forced by our server company to remove a big sub from saidit by magnora7 in SaidIt

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IP2 brought maybe 40%. It's not "catering". Our server company said we have to do this or the whole site goes offline. We've already changed server companies 3 times. We have no choice.

Voat literally praises the mass murder, repeatedly calling him a hero. 90% of voat upvotes in agreement. by magnora7 in MeanwhileOnVoat

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Then sane comments that call out the nonsense are downvoted:

Voat is overrun with shills, and white supremacists who can't tell they're surrounded by shills. Voat has a lot of free speech, but very little moral backbone despite all the grandstanding they do. I guess that's what happens when you let white supremecist neo-nazis literally take over your site and run it for their own benefit. They'll cheer on murder as long as the people killed have the skin color and religion they don't like.


This is why voat can't be the next reddit. This is why we had to build saidit, to give people a 3rd option, because one didn't really exist. Free information for those who aren't completely lost to extremist ideology. Which is why this site used to be called back in the day

Saidit is currently undergoing the largest DDOS attack we've ever had by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Could very well be, I do know this attack was 50x worse than any DDOS attack we've had before, according to the numbers. So it would fit with the idea of it being related to the new crowd that just arrived, as it's an unusual attack

GenderCritical does not belong on Saidit. The moderators are determined to not follow site rules. by bobbobbybob in SaidIt

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Those are the official saidit rules verbatim... They've taken themselves off of /all as required.

Please read the rules:

And carefully read the mod rules:

And you will see they're doing it correctly. Thanks

Today on reddit I posted 3 comments on a post on the front page. They were deleted by mods, and to verify my account, I have to send them a picture of my forearm showing my skin color. If my skin is not dark enough, I don't get approved. by magnora7 in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Yeah or "racism".

Surprised reddit allows this to exist, after all the other things they've deleted.

Saidit is worse than reddit with censorship. by Troll in SaidIt

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The irony of someone who supports physical_removal, crying about having their sub removed. It's your own ideology come to life! You should therefore support my actions. But that irony aside...

There has been plenty of discussion about why, ad nauseum.

"didn't feel like talking to a guy like you."

Pretty certain I never said anything like that.

Physical removal is removed for advocating violence ("Let's throw gays and communists out of helicopters, so to speak." being a central meme), and coontown is also removed for advocating violence. ("Black people are just the worst and shouldn't exist, and we should probably hang them" being a central meme)

You seem more upset you can't set up little mod fiefdoms than you actually are upset about your information being limited.

The issue has been explained to you. The community doesn't really support you. What are you even trying to accomplish here? If you want to hate black people and gays so bad that you need to make a whole sub about it, just go to voat. Seriously.

We have banned 5 subs in 16 months, so this idea it's "worse than reddit" in terms of censorship is just laughable.