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Congrats all. They can take our income, they can take our freedom, but they'll never take our conspiracy posts.

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Going on the record to say I think 99% of the conspiracy posts are alt-right nonsense, but I like seeing them, and recognizing them as the nonsense they are. People should have the right to post this stuff. The Pyramid of Debate protects saiddit users (particularly young and vulnerable folk) from falling victim to misinformation, so I don't see a problem with it.

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Saiditor for three months, easy guess, given the kinda moronic logical fallacy, and then the magnanimous "its ok, I'll patronize this artificial construct i've just created to group and dehumanise people".

Very nice of you to not have a problem with the site rules, either. Should we call you M'lord, M'lady? or just "twat"?

Perhaps drop the crappy right-left dichotomous bullshit and start engaging in real debate about, you know, reality, and you won't stand out like a spare prick at a nunnery

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Exactly. Right/left is just another tool to sow division.

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Thank you /u/go1dfish for making this partnership possible!

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Dude, this sounds pretty cool. Thanks to all involved.

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The best part about it, is that if hypothetically saidit and the admins were to all disappear one day, someone could simply take the saidit open-source code from github, and slap in the saidit database stored on notabug, and then saidit would come back to life.

So hopefully we've given others the tools to be able to re-create this ecosystem, should it ever disappear. And same with notabug, which now has the same functionality.

Not to be too grand about it, but I'm trying to think about saidit existing as a community platform 100 years from now, and stuff like this is how such a long-term roadmap might be feasible. This level of redundancy, and the ability to pass along information and software between websites in a publicly-viewable way, potentially opens quite a few doors for both saidit and notabug in the long-term.

And helps keep information alive outside of just one website, so it can last on the internet for longer than just that website's lifespan. This could make information more available to future generations.

It's exciting!

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De-centralization, very interesting concept that probably will do a lot of good going forward. Thanks for implementing this safety gaps or whatever they are called. The internet and power of this type of social media can not be overstated, evident by the censorship tactics in place and loss of so many comment sections over the years on so many websites. Peace man. Wishing and hoping for all the best.

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Yes exactly, this is a way to de-centralize.

And since we're doing it cooperatively across two different separate websites, it's also a federation.

Decentralized federations do indeed seem like the way forward, for information longevity.

Thank you for your kind words! The future looks bright.

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federations do indeed seem like the way forwar

It's like an open backup. It's commendable you are thinking so far forward. I don't think the basic platform for true free speech on the internet has been established yet. I have an idea I think will work, it should allow complete freedom of speech except I would guess for technical attacks. I think I will make a post on it soon here.

Nice community you have fostered so far. The pyramid of debate is an interesting idea.

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The pyramid of debate is an interesting idea.

I wish I could take credit for it, but it's invented by Paul Graham, who is the owner of ycombinator and hackernews. I just liked it a lot and repurposed it here.

It's like an open backup.

Yes exactly! I'm glad you see the value in it.

I am looking forward to hearing your idea! The more ideas the better, this post-reddit era is a fertile ground to try new things.

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I didn't assume you invented it but good and interesting things deserve to be spread.

I have to stew a bit more on my idea, I think I need to present it right. I haven't thought on it really thoroughly just a little over many many years now. It should solve most of the current issues. There is angles I hadn't really thought on though. Some of the discussion at r/RedditAlternatives/, particularly involving you has been thought provoking. I am thinking for my idea although distributed is not necessary it would be best. I am thinking the block chain would be the best solution for that aspect?

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we had it in 8chan, until they shut us down for exposing the plandemic, the communist cadres in the US military and sharing facebook videos of false flag events. A distributed IPFS version of that would be nice, with no CP, of course.

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You've said it Magnora. (Yeah lame pun) The Internet is still young!

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Oh, attack surface exposed. Waiting for the state sponsored catfish

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Absolutely amazing move, and a noble cause.

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    yep, snew: this goldfish guy is a baller.

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    A few points:

    • Two way syncing? ie comments from notabug would be displayed as and vice versa

    • Upvotes aren't synced.

    Otherwise it's pretty good!

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    Yes I think go1dfish was talking about possibly adding more features to the mirroring system like comments and votes, but it's a future development

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    Cool deal! Decentralization is key.

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    I've only used notabug via its "ceddit" alias (which gives you a version of reddit with moderator-deleted messages preserved, at least if notabug had time to save them). Is the new arrangement going to similarly protect against future action by saidit moderators?

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    snew/ceddit and are made by the same person, but they are separate services. ceddit came first iirc.

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    Yes it's kind of similar

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    Okay but what does this mean for owners of Akbash dogs?

    But seriously, wtf is notabug?
    Another Not-Reddit reddit?

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    Yes, as I pointed out in the announcement, is another great reddit alternative

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    I'm glad that more reddit alternatives are popping up

    Now we wait on RES for the alts.

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    There's RES for saidit already, but it has a bug where it wipes out your reddit RES settings:

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    That's a hell of a bug.


    I'll wait to see if there's a bug fix xD

    Either way, kudos on this reddit alternative.

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    I'll fix the damn thing if you'll use it. No one has brought up RES in quite a while. Some also wants the mod toolbox ported over.

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    Now I'm scared D:

    of it and y'all.

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    Don't fix the RES port for SaidIt ... implement some of the handy features into SaidIt natively!

    I made a thread in the Ideas sub rather than bury this under a nearly year old comment :)

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    Yeah it's because we ported it from the existing RES tool, and the directory and file structure of how it stores settings is the exact same... so it just overwrites everything. It's been a low-priority bug for us though since we have bigger fish to fry... I wish we had another programmer to help with this sort of thing

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    The RES plugin looks to be mostly javascript, here's our open source code for it if you'd like to take a peek:

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    Very nice!

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    whoa thanks

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    My first post here. I'm so sick of reddit and hoping this takes off. (I recently discovered gab but it's not the same concept, exactly).

    What data is cross-stored? Specifically, IP address, email address - anything else that might identify a user?

    edit: not casting aspersions on - I don't know anything about them (yet).

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    Only data that is already publicly available is cross stored. Usernames, posts, comments, votes. That's it, no server-side information is shared. So no worries about privacy. But that is a good concern and I appreciate you bringing it up.

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    notabug I think doesn't like to store much data ... that's what they say at least. the source code is available but I haven't looked at it myself to verify that.

    I don't think they store IP or email. Just usernames. You can see the saidit data on notabug at

    I'm not sure what happens when a comment is edited or deleted on saidit, or if an account is deleted on saidit. the content may still remain unedited in the notabug copy.

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    Any idea why Notabug hasn't been mirroring for a few months?

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    He gave up, apparently

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    That's too bad. It looks like he left behind Ceddit as a project also. Is everything OK with Goldfish/FreeSpeechWarrior?

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    Apparently not, I haven't seen anything from him in months. Maybe he just got sick of the internet, it is pretty bad these days

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    It's hell these days on the Interwebz... deliberate hell. But that's the hell the new Gold demands: Bots, Shills, Data-collection and behavioral modification.

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    Thanks for the site mag.

    Hope you’re okay.

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      This does not reflect reality. How nihilistic can you get?

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        You live in the evidence, you are simply blind to it. You misidentify and are therefore unable to experience reality in an objective manner.

        Any evidence that I could provide to prove this would be easily refuted. That is how psychosis works. The only way I could change your mind is if you and I developed a close personal relationship where we spent lots of personal time together, in person.

        Neither of us want that.

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          You live in the evidence.

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          Tickle me pink, magnora who himself deleted a thread to cover his own refusal to moderate an obvious offensive troll, without explanation, celebrates anti-censorship.


          Also, what would also be cool is if there were a way for these sites to not use cloudflare, aws or any other centralized palantir-integrated tracking mechanism.

          Question, does saidit use aws or azure for its backend? I cant tell because dns resolves to cloudflare...

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          You are right to criticise the use of cloudflare because they are a MITM server that intercepts end to end encryption but as any platform that refuses to comply with the use of one of those outfits will be the victim of state sponsored cyber terrorism usually in the guise of DDOS, they have no choice.

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          That's an interesting way to describe it. I thought Cloudflare was a protection against DDOS attacks. Am I wrong ?

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          Yes it is, but it is like a protection racket.

          Edward Snowden revealed the extent to which the US Government and the tech corporations had made it policy to spy on all our internet traffic. Those concerned with internet privacy pushed back by implementing https everywhere.

          How do you break end to end encryption like https? You put a man in the middle.

          So who you think forces everyone to use MITM servers like Cloudflare by carrying out DDOS attacks against their platforms if they don't?

          We know the US Government is monitoring all the internet traffic yet when these DDOS attacks take place they just look the other way because they and their agencies and the tech corporations are just one big criminal regime that bypasses constitutional protections by using private corporations to do the dirty work.

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          SaidIt is open to alternatives to cloudflare if you've got any ideas. they don't even give you rate limiting for free, which has taken us down a couple of times during big DDOSes.

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          You might inquire at, they host gab so they have had to defend against DDOS attacks.

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          Yeah, those aws/cloudflare/etc not only are poison, but they are easily-attacked weak points. Leftists post cheese pizza, report to cloudflare, poof site gone.

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          I am so happy to hear this! You guys are so amazing for making this a reality.

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          u/go1dfish is u/freespeechwarrior on Reddit right?

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          I have to assume his account is banned on reddit.

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          I believe so, yes

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            Thanks! Hat tip to the old reddit open source guys indeed

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            Apparently saidit only just opened???

   is another alternative to Reddit that has just opened.


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            lol "It's new to me!" basically.

            That's fine, happens all the time. Most don't care about saidit until they personally realize how serious things are getting on reddit, and then they cry out "Why doesn't someone make an alternative to reddit?!" and then all of a sudden they're super interested in what we've spent 2.5 years on, but it's all new to them. Haha. I don't mind one bit though, that's how it goes.


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            notabug founder go1dfish seemed to be on the right path with notabug but he has long abandoned his baby now :-(

            Things like an easier way to enable spaces, like in a table on the side. Options to completely hide anons etc. Would make it much better.

            Ohwell heres to hoping optional moderation comes to saidit...

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            I don't think he's abandoned notabug at all, in fact saidit and notabug just federated with cross-mirroring databases just a couple months ago. It is growing slowly though, and I haven't seen many people aside from myself advertising notabug. It's always great to have more alternatives though!

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            This is cool I love this platform 👍

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            I guess one worry is I'd like to be able to delete my account including all posts, if it comes down to it. There is a way to delete each post one by one and you can write a script to do them all. I guess now you can't do that, or maybe you could go to notabug and do it there? Maybe not, not sure. Although I agree making things redundant and decentralized is a very smart thing.

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            I know that is able to copy Reddit's search functionality and lets you look at and search individual user's profiles. Is there any good way to search notabug's Saidit mirror?

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            I think not yet. There is not a way to search at all right now. The normal search engines don't work on it well right now because it uses javascript to display content, I think, so they can't index the content in the normal way for searching.

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            I am honestly not sure but that's a good question, maybe u/go1dfish would know.

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            So, am I the only one who has no idea what notabug is? I think that should be in the summary, if not the title.

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            I kinda did explain it in the summary:

            If you haven't checked out notabug before, please do at It's one of the best reddit alternatives available, along with saidit.

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              Stop spamming this please.

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              this is great! the freedom to express knowledge and ideas leads to a brighter future. unfortunately, there are some who wish to control and monetize from information and ideas. let's hope this is a win for the good of all

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              I think the reason why Reddit will be around for a bit, though it is becoming increasingly distasteful is the state of it's competitors. Saidit is growing and doing okay. But others not so much, either lack of content and/or sllllooooowww. I write it like that because that's how it feels. Yet Reddit the devil loads like a dream and still has much content.

              I mention this because notabug seems great, and I'm truly glad people can enjoy it, but like another site I won't mention it won't load or loads slowly. Can't even open an account. Not worth it for me. Guess my computer is allergic. Interestingly enough Voat also loads fine. Ah the internet.

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              This place used to be good, now its going to the dogs. When are you going to do something about the spammers and virus porno bots?

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              We literally spend hours a day cleaning that stuff up while carefully trying not to remove anything of value, it's a lot of work that goes on every day