‘Journalist’ STUNNED to find out Hunter Biden laptop story is actual news, gets OBLITERATED by Daily Caller, by MarcoPolo in politics

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We are in clownworld

this is my experience of Saidit these days. by bobbobbybob in SaidIt

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saiditter for 2 years

Suspicious acitivity on your Saidlt Account! .net / user/ Saidlt from 'Saidlt' sent IMPORTANT: Suspicious acitivity on your Saidlt Account!

You are receiving this message because there has been suspicious activity on your Saidlt account! A user logged in at from an unrecognized IP address in Nigeria. If this was you, you can ignore this message. If this was not you, your account has been hacked and security measures must be taken immediately!

...bla bla rest seems like an email banker scam

Caught Covid from the Cat by BillionDollarEgg3 in music

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Alison Chabloz

Border agent: Biden opens ‘clandestine’ migrant processing operation to Bring in the Illegals Faster by scrubking in politics

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future voters?

Voat Lives by [deleted] in whatever

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I wasnt a big fan of voat but once in a while they posted some cool stuff. They also gave the pono spammers the boot unlike saidit

this is my experience of Saidit these days. by bobbobbybob in SaidIt

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maybe you could do with a helper, not saying this place is bad. This place will keep getting more busy while other social media die....Just saying perhaps someone with very similar views as yourself could help you run the show

Vitamin D Insufficiency May Account for Almost Nine of Ten COVID-19 Deaths by Optimus85 in Coronavirus

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Lockdowns and Locking everyone indoors for what?

this is my experience of Saidit these days. by bobbobbybob in SaidIt

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a smut porno homosexual spammer called 'HotDogHooker' has spammed up saidit

this is my experience of Saidit these days. by bobbobbybob in SaidIt

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why is porno harassment filth and homosexual pornography getting upvoted to the front page, the spammers are all over this place now

My friend got the vaccine. by Jesus-Christ in Rant

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I don't grudge anyone that takes it, maybe some will work but I think there could be a larger scam or conspiracy going on. This is a massive experiment, mostly untested and the humans of today and citizens are the lab rats. The brainwashing is too strong, they are hit with radio, magazines, social media and tv with these news announcements, be happy some can still resist it.

I am proud to announce Saidit and Notabug.io have formed a decentralized federation, mirroring each other's data in real-time. Announcing the DFF: Decentralized Forum Federation by magnora7 in SaidIt

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This place used to be good, now its going to the dogs. When are you going to do something about the spammers and virus porno bots?

Shill/bot upvoting? by Intuit in SaidIt

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Saidit used to be good but now...This site is become a spammer shit zone

The whole frontpage is pure spam, what the hell happened? by PATGUI in SaidIt

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No leadership this place is rudderless and it has no downvote button

no bans for upvote bots and shills, also the place has been invaded for a while now, it has many scammers, by Turks, Hindu street shitters, Asian yellow spammer bots and South American scammers and low IQ Arabs shouting 'You buy'...you buy very good price? ... from the ex Soviet states you have madmame Muska babushka will tell your horoscope fortunes, then creepy smutty is next the Porn Merchants and hordes Dindoo Negroids preaching Afro-centrism from Africa have yet to arrive but I see some arrive in their immigrant boats now

Soon they will put virus and other shit in their links

This place will be done soon if action is not taken, there are other sites like saidit out there but I had hopes this place would be good

Challenor is no longer employed by reddit. I'm surprised reddit actually did something. by TurtleFuzz in WatchRedditDie

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Most of us left all those mainstream weirdo social media a long time back. We know there are very few subs left that are worthwhile, the house of reddit is full of criminals, smut merchant degenerates, Antifa BLM rioters, self mutilators, Anti-Americans, pro-islamists and pedophiles. Reddit died way back with Aaron Swartz suicided, now reddit needs to burn to the ground ... i guess not in real life but in a minecraft way but figuratively or metaphorically ... of course. Ohanian's steroid eating Serena Gorilliams was hanging with Peter Nygård at the pedophile island, her other partner Brett Ratner a hollywierdo rapist, Ellen Pao, a fromer CEO from reddit Kleiner Perkins, said her former employer knew of reports that Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly supplied underage girls for sex to Jeffrey Epstein but still invited her to the private parties and the reddit meet ups. Was the Epstein and Prince Andrew just the tip of a cancerous radioactive iceberg ... is the system this corrupted?

Ghislaine Maxwell's brother Ian 'recognises setting' of Prince Andrew Epstein photo by BillionDollarEgg3 in pizzagate

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The Franklin Coverup Scandal at the White house, and a tv media pop music entertainment guy Jim-Will-Fix-It who linked to the British Royals.

Christine Maxwell was CEO and President of Chilead Inc., the company providing the FBI with its counterterrorism database. She was also steering committee organiser for 'Remembering for the future' whose list of patrons resembles a carbon copy of Epstein's black book lists? Ghislaine Maxwell's sisters involved with Silicon Valley, the FBI and Israel, Epstein owned property in one of the most expensive most posh parts of Paris France. Ghislaine Maxwell's father, Lord Robert Maxwell, started to buy up much of the British media, he perhaps was an asset to both British and Israeli intelligence, going so far as to smuggle arms, black mailed elites then suddenly died or had a heart attack on a boat or got lost at sea. There were many girls used some grew up to become women but probably lured and recruited other girls, Nadia Marcinkova, Nadia Marcinko a strange background, the other guy is the pilot to the pedophile island. Did Ghislaine's Sisters use a software hack to Backdoor the FBI, the CIA and more? Nada Marcinkova was a victim herself initially and bought from her Eastern European parents by Epstein for use as a sex slave. However, over time it would seem she herself would also turn into an aggressor. Glenn and Eva Dubin hosted Epstein? 

Many seen a post across social media and blogs it talked of sister of Ghislaine Maxwell is CEO of a data search technology company used by the FBI, another about missing kids and terrorists and false passports !Another sister of Ghislaine Maxwell, Isabel, is connected to the World Economic Forum and Muhammad Yunus. A guy who claimed to be FBI Anon on 4chan twitter and reddit mentioned Yunus.... the Vatican and an Anglo-Irish black beer company, Rachel “Ray” Chandler-Guinness. Dennis Hastert and Podesta were in Japan at a young camp and there is that weird Serbian woman who hangs out with celebs with all her Satanic Blood Ritual art. Lessig, the King of Cyberlaw, defended Hardwick against his own alma mater, the American Boychoir School in Princeton. His motivation was almost certainly the fact that Lessig himself had been abused by the very same music teacher as Hardwicke. Given the abuse Lessig suffered at school, his essay in defence of acceptance of donations to the M.I.T. Media Lab from the financier and pervert Jeffrey Epstein by his friend Joichi Ito is truly shocking. There was a ritual with a former British Prime Minster and a Pig. One of Jennifer Arcuri's companies was Title X Technology Limited. The only other company director listed was Tom Alexander William Hayes, the trader for UBS and Citigroup convicted for his role in the LIBOR scandal. Fancy that! BoJo's girlfriend Arcuri does seem to gravitate towards criminals? Not only was she in business with LIBOR rigger Hayes, her associate at Hacker House, another of her companies, was Lauri Love, a computer hacker whole stole large amounts of data from US government agencies. Epstein would links to many, owes his society access to Maxwell and to his friendship with Columbus billionaire Les Wexner, which gave him access to the world of high fashion through Victoria's Secret. His first arrest and sweetheart plea bargin from then US Attorney and now former Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta lead Acosta to say during his vetting for the latter job that Epstein was “intelligence... leave him alone.” There was a secret cult called 'The Finders', CIA, KGB, Mossad, an old family linked to the Vatican and Mi6 and the French, Africa, South Ameirca and Asia may all be linked, there were also some Jester and Shriner masonic judges involved in the trafficking of humans. Epstein, the Maxwells, the Disney island trips and Chiliad the old deleted posts at reddit's pizzagate, this explains why it is a hot button, mods at reddit may have covered it up, there are still archived posts at the old ruqqus, poal, saidit and an old archived series of posts from 'voat'. article from 1992 which profiles Robert Maxwell after his death:


When Maxwell was trying to gain entre into Washington Jewish society, he courted Seagrams heir Edgar Bronfman:

"Just to make sure of that, Maxwell assembled a high-priced group of prominent consultants and lawyers to help him make his way in America. The roster included former senators Howard Baker and John Tower and Republican Party stalwart Robert Keith Gray, who was director of communications for the 1980 Reagan-Bush campaign.

Soon Maxwell was being courted by Edgar Bronfman, Laurence Tisch, and other luminaries of the New York Jewish community. He attended the Gridiron dinner in Washington. He lunched with President Bush

Counting pappers and voting numbers, tracking bad guys on computers? Solar Winds Orion Software interfaces with Sentinal....a system developed and created by Ghislaine Maxwell sister and her company Chilead.