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"We did not adequately vet her background before formally hiring her."

Bullshit. They knew exactly who he was. His history was anything but hidden, being completely public at several key points.

Anyone who continues to go to Reddit at this point goes there with no excuse. By being there, a person demonstrates a tolerance for pedophilic transgenders. They wouldn't have hired him in the first place if that's not exactly what they were looking for.

Now they are trying to pretend that it was an accident so they can maintain access to the mainstream culture to continue promoting this poison.

Is this the society we want to be? For those who keep going to Reddit, the answer is now yes. No more excuses.

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saidit has its own psycho trans admin...

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TAM can get a little 'excitable' sometimes, but overall is a lot less psycho than you'd expect. I've had good spam removal results after forwarding links.

Yeah, the "boobs are pornography" bit is weird. And that "I declare war on enemy users" thread while m7 was trapped in Texas was 'a bit' over the top. You have to admit you were teasing TAM a little in that post, even though that wouldn't have been a problem with a normal user. Otherwise not too bad?

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the first action tam did when m7 was out of action was to declare that m7 was out of action. stupid beyond belief.

then he took over a sub (not allowed by m7) and started public trials to get rid of me ... because I know his now [deleted] history

psycho, like all trannies

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The only psycho I see here is you. You are absolutely obsessed with trans people. We live rent free in your head.

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Accusing other people of being obsessed, when you're a TiM that created a Saidit account after the GC ban, that initially lied and claimed to be an actual woman, but that couldn't even pass as one through text is...well it's certainly something.

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I have never claimed to be a biological female and you are also way too obsessed with trannies. Get a life.

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Learning about autogynephilia was such a lightbulb moment because it explained so much of the behavior of the guys that I've known that transitioned. And it also explains yours. Wanting desperately to be a lesbian when you are in fact just a straight man. Taking medication to induce lactation so you can "experience motherhood", and so on.

Frankly, it's all really creepy and gross. I feel bad for the actual lesbians that have been having to deal with guys like you for the past few years.

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I haven’t had any “actual lesbians” have to deal with me. I’ve always been upfront about my genitalia and have only ever dated bisexual women. Bisexual women love the idea of having a partner who isn’t obsessed with performing toxic masculinity and has a lot of the secondary sexual characteristics of a woman but who can still provide them with male genitalia.

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No. Sad, mentally damaged people are sleeping with you. Every time y'all have sex you damage your psyche just a little more.

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''toxic masculinity.'' What does that even mean? Like Being radioactive or some shit? I tend to not give a shit about trans people. I see it as a none issue. But That ''toxic masculinity'' is such a weird way to say stuff. Some people are toxic, some aren't. To claim someone is toxic because he is a man is like saying there's a correlation between the two and that's some crazy misandry.

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I have never claimed to be a biological female and you are also way too obsessed with trannies.


You are absolutely obsessed with trans people. We live rent free in your head.

Wait. WHAT?

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Omg guys it’s a real male lesbian, grab your cameras.

Legit “sis” do not take a word that is for female homosexuals and then say “I’ve never claimed to be a bio female” you’re already doing it, muppet. This is why we think majority of trans people are retards, you don’t even realise what you do or how you look to anyone with an IQ over 70.

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I can pick whatever comical / cool username I want, dipshit. A person’s Internet handle is not necessarily supposed to be indicative of their actual real life identity. I saw a TERF on this website make a post on this site whining about being some sort of “lesbian outlaw” after Leddit banned them and thought that was a good idea for a username.

You newfags are the cancer that killed Reddit and the Internet in general.

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says the dude who induced lactation to feel like a mum, and describes their hetero relationship with their wife as 'lesbian'.

lies come easy when your whole identity is a lie

face it, your issues stem from not accepting being male because you find them ugly, and you have AGP

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... and an incel radiating incel energy even while larping as a lesbian. No "toxic masculinity" to see here, move along folks.

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Wait, you're a man pretending to be a woman? WTF is wrong inside your head?

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Who would want to live as a man? WTF is wrong inside your head? Everyone looks at you like you’re a monster, women don’t want to date you unless you’re genetically gifted, the clothing you’re expected to wear is ugly, restrictive and uncomfortable, and the secondary sexual characteristics are absolutely disgusting. Men smell awful, accumulate hair in gross places, have ugly fat distribution patterns, and their hair falls out. Testosterone is the great uglifier and people on it age horribly. I don’t have to deal with SJWs dismissing me anymore like they did when I was a White man; as an LGBT member I get the same kind of special treatment that PoCs get.

The mentally ill ones are the ones who enjoy masculinity. My life has improved tenfold since I’ve feminized my appearance. I no longer have to be bound by the chains of masculinity and am free to do whatever I want. I didn’t lose my virginity until after I transitioned because no woman ever wanted me and now I have a wife. I attracted way more women after I feminized my appearance. I got more Tinder swipes in the first week than I ever got in my years of living as a man.

Being a tranny is based.

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Spoiler alert, you're still living as a man, just a more disgusting and predatory one.

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Probably a larp, sounded too insane

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You know that hetero women are biologically programmed to be attracted to all the gross bits of men, right? The body hair, smells and dangly bits are part and parcel. Attraction is subjective or we'd probably die out, and one person's trash is another person's treasure. Testosterone is fucking great. I've had on and off issues with clinically low testosterone levels as a woman since late teen years, and there's definitely benefits to having it vs being deficient. Estrogen dominance sucks ass.

There's benefits to being either sex, depending on how you're looking at things. Basing your existence on how many swipes you get on a hookup app is an easy path towards self loathing.

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Being accepted by society is for the weak and castrated.

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That will only last while trans are the flavour of the month with the bourgeois.

Ask Asians or lesbians.

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Everyone looks at you like you’re a monster, women don’t want to date you unless you’re genetically gifted, the clothing you’re expected to wear is ugly, restrictive and uncomfortable, and the secondary sexual characteristics are absolutely disgusting. Men smell awful, accumulate hair in gross places, have ugly fat distribution patterns, and their hair falls out. Testosterone is the great uglifier and people on it age horribly.

Then I must be gifted. Technically, I'm just 'moderately gifted', according to the google. Women have wanted to date me, and I did accommodate some of them. Have reproduced, and offspring has what you could characterize as 'excelled'. He was the #1 recommendation by our Senator for [his goal]. No 'hair falls out' in my genetic line, and I wear comfortable clothing. I don't have to deal with any SJWs, and not even many actual humans. There's no insult that can stick to me, because I know what I am, and what I've accomplished.

Bummer that you pulled the short stick.

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Trying to fit into an insane society makes you insane.

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I can understand the rational behind that argument, altough I desagree with it.

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Props for gaming the system.

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Everything 😁

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Quit using up women energy, you annoying so and so.

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let me see. I was raped by a tranny. On this site a tranny mod made a concentrated effort to get me banned. Trannies like yourself attack me.

I'm not obsessed. I'm just outspoken.

and you are a dude

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I’m sorry to hear that. But just since you got raped by a tranny doesn’t mean we’re all like that. That’s like getting mugged by a black guy and then saying “a criminal, like all blacks”

You started attacking me first. I remember your username from insulting me in reply to previous posts I’ve made on this site. That’s why I was like “damn, that nigga is ranting about trannies again?” when I saw your post.

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that nigga

whatever, dude.

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That’s like getting mugged by a black guy and then saying “a criminal, like all blacks”

13 do 50

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False. 7% do 50% of the crime. Black women have lower crime rates than White or even Asian men.

Funny how the racists always get butthurt when I point out that men are universally the primary criminal element no matter what nation, race or religion they are.

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Black women have lower crime rates than White or even Asian men.

Violent crime possibly, but they have higher overall crime rates.

Funny how the racists always get butthurt when I point out that men are universally the primary criminal element no matter what nation, race or religion they are.

It comes with the territory. Men get shit done. Sometimes "what needs to be done" includes violence. The trick is funneling male aggression into constructive outlets. Society is based around, and is kept in line by, the threat of state violence. If you were to send away all of the men, not only would your population collapse, but civilization as a whole would collapse. You can, however, arrive at the conclusion that the various races are incompatible and must live in separate spaces, and there is no inherent issue with this. To send away all Blacks, or even just Black men, would reduce violent crime more than sending away all non-Black men. Proportionality is the key here. Men are overrepresented among violent criminals, but not nearly to the degree that Blacks are.

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Anyone ripping off that tired "living rent free in your head" line immediately loses respect in my eyes.

Its use demonstrates an enthusiasm for other people's snappy lines over critical thinking.

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lol whatever you say, autist

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(X) Doubt

I’m wealthy, I have a loving family, and I actually look pretty decent instead of being a hon train wreck. I’m financially independent, retired early. My days consist of waking up and doing whatever the fuck I want with my family instead of getting into a cuckbox to commute to the wage cage. We go enjoy our days having fun in the city, traveling, or just chilling and staying at home playing video games at our leisure.

My life is without a doubt better than most peoples’. Have fun cucking for Mr. Shekelberg, goy. Another day another dollar!

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"I declare war on enemy users"

Lol, sounds just like that deer TiM on twitch. Why are they always like this?

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They are literally mentally ill.

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Haven't really encountered any before this, but I could guess.

[–]just_lesbian_things 7 insightful - 1 fun7 insightful - 0 fun8 insightful - 1 fun -  (2 children)

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Not hugely into sports, but that makes me think of baseball bats.

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I forgot about mr looney tunes. Thinks hes a woman and a deer. People like this should not get a public space let alone a position of power.

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Next stop for Aimee, president of the USA.

Continually falling upwards.

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Next stop for Aimee, president of the USA

I nominate Aimee for FED chairman. CHAIR MAN!

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Most of us left all those mainstream weirdo social media a long time back. We know there are very few subs left that are worthwhile, the house of reddit is full of criminals, smut merchant degenerates, Antifa BLM rioters, self mutilators, Anti-Americans, pro-islamists and pedophiles. Reddit died way back with Aaron Swartz suicided, now reddit needs to burn to the ground ... i guess not in real life but in a minecraft way but figuratively or metaphorically ... of course. Ohanian's steroid eating Serena Gorilliams was hanging with Peter Nygård at the pedophile island, her other partner Brett Ratner a hollywierdo rapist, Ellen Pao, a fromer CEO from reddit Kleiner Perkins, said her former employer knew of reports that Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly supplied underage girls for sex to Jeffrey Epstein but still invited her to the private parties and the reddit meet ups. Was the Epstein and Prince Andrew just the tip of a cancerous radioactive iceberg ... is the system this corrupted?

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Next stop for Aimee, president of the USA.

Fucking right, bro!

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Debate and criticism have always been and always will be central to conversation on Reddit


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So they knew for weeks that Challenor would be a problem, but didn't do anything.

Yep, slayed by their own revealing of the March 9th date. Way to shit the bed yet again Spez.

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I can't believe they wrote that, are they fucking brain damaged!?

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They got caught hiring one of their own pedophile trannies, and when the coverup didn't work and threatened the bottom line the let the tranny go to keep the cash flowing. They will continue to hire pedo's and trannies, but will take more care now to hide it from the public.

Also look out for Ashton's suicide probably coming soon.

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Also look out for Ashton's suicide probably coming soon

You think that will be arranged or it will just happen? I mean, her entire circle is untouchable right now. Anyone who gives her a job on the sly and gets found out for it is going to be a pedo suspect. Her husband and her lover aren't in better shape in that regard. Will they all go live in a furry commune?

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It's a tranny. It will want to end things eventually.

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Will they all go live in a furry commune?

Great question

I'm thinking of doing an AMA.

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In case you're not joking I'd like to point out where clownworld has led us: that I'd take a furry socialist over a tranny pedo

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From a reddit thread,

You know what bothers me the most about this?

That people will assume I am transphobic if I point out that this soulless cretin looks like they belong under a bridge.

And it's not like that at all, they're just spectacularly ugly.


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Gaslighting- they claim to have unknowingly hired her in what I suppose was intended as an "apology". Clearly they miscalculated. Why was it so important to have such an individual serve as an admin to the platform. What specific qualification did she bring to the table that made her so valuable that they were willing to risk their credibility and reputation to hang onto her even as the shit began to hit the fan?

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They did 100000 bad things and now they did 1 good thing. Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

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I'm not. Reddit always bows to pressure. Huffman is a cuck.

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Is that the one doing beastality?

[–]emanresu 4 insightful - 2 fun4 insightful - 1 fun5 insightful - 2 fun -  (1 child)


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Gosh we can't keep their degeneracy straight anymore. No wonder than ban subs just trying to help guys get weened off porn addiction. I don't care if they called it kink shaming or whatever, or just the go-to ("racism") but it goes to show...

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I’m not surprised. Challenor was far too sketchy to defend once it became too public to ignore. A paedo dad could be explained away, but a paedo fiancé seems a bit too much for normal people to swallow.

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I’ll bet he’s still on the payroll as a consultant or something.

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while we oppose reddit here, it helps to promote actions like these.

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I don't care deeply for Reddit, it is harmful to women especially young women.