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Thank you for these tips and thank you for running this place!

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No problem, glad to help

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Thanks magnora

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You are a master!

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Thanks for the knowledge.

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Why did one of your admins start the sub /s/ Jews?

Why do you continue to have that admin on your staff?

Do you realise this website is a non-starter if you maintain people like him as an admin?

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Do you realise this website is a non-starter if you maintain people like him as an admin?

Maybe for you lmao! We've been running fine far before you came, SaidIt was running fine before I came a year ago, and it'll be running just fine long after you're gone! :) Freezepeach, my d00d. If you don't like or want anything to do with that sub (or freezepeach), don't look.

The world is not black and white. You should read /u/JasonCarswell's reply to you, it's a really good starting point.. Every group has extremists, Zionists are a group of extremists who happen to control a lot of our reality. This website isn't Voat, users don't hate Jewish people here, we discuss Zionism and dislike that, just as people dislike the KKK, or other extremist groups.

Aren't you curious about who funds Anti-Fa, or does an admin discussing & sharing the objective facts behind that, make the website a "non-starter"?

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I would even go so far as to clarify, at least on my view, which I'm sure many people agree and disagree on:

I don't hate Zionists - but I do hate the actions of Zionists and their ideology, Zionism.

Similarly, I can hate the actions of a criminal who steals to feed his family, but not hate the desperate poor person. You get the idea, even if I'm comparing one extremist of humanity to another extreme.

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/u/d3rr is no longer an admin, but he still codes. (He's been messaged with the /u/ so perhaps he can answer you.)

Why do you not want to learn about /s/Jews, the alleged minority that controls the media, finance, and politics?

It's actually Zionists who control it all, and they use Jews as human shields via anti-Semitism (many aren't even Semitic, whereas all Palestinians are Semitic). There are more Christian Zionists than Jewish Zionists - however there are always more "Jews" in top positions of most if not all of the ruling class' full spectrum dominance. I use quotes because many of the ruling class are only Jewish when it serves their interests as many don't have any "faith" (God is just fiction for control anyway, though ritual can be effective), many are Satanists (anything goes and non-religious) or Luciferians, and the ruling class does not care for poor Jews much less poor people.

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    I don’t care about the sub. It’s the Admins that are a problem.

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      If one of the admins of this website is an open anti-Semite, this website is dead on arrival.

      Can’t you see that?

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        The admin who created the sub himself has made anti-semetic remarks. Confirms that the sub was made in bad faith.

        'Jews' is a slur. 'The jewish people' is how jewish people ought be referred to in a good faith conversation.

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          Completely unnecessary. It was going well until you showed up.

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            Thanks for that informative update, politically correct police officer. I'm glad I didn't make that sub and that mistake, otherwise I might be forever tarred and feathered. /s

            Now I know and knowing is half the battle. That's why I watch Know More News. You should check it out and learn some things too.

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            Allegedly by you, a smear, without proof or evidence.

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            That is true in many cases, but not in this one, IMO.

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            There was nothing about communism in what Breadman said. While I do not like Communism at all (I hate all state governments and big corporations) they are welcome on SaidIt too. Also, FYI, I do like many of Marx's good ideas (many of which have been subsequently corrupted).

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              Either leave it out to focus and deal with the issue at hand (my preference) or clearly outline and cite the communist history. Tooooooo many people on this site are shitting on "commies" and/or SJWs when really they're just left-ish, progressive, Old-Left, or centrists. Flinging it around is only divisive and dilutes the debate.

              Breadman clearly has an agenda, but personally I wouldn't go so far as to call that rhetoric, though I actually loved everything in that line except for the "communism" bit.

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                I agree, but call them SJWs or Cultural Marxists if you must label it to be far more accurate and avoid being confused with the typical conservative or alt-right smear.

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                  And even if they are, or get lumped in with the "anti-commies" crowd and keep getting "schooled" for being imprecise.

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                    Why did one of your admins start the sub /s/ Jews?

                    Do you realise this website is a non-starter if you maintain people like him as an admin?

                    Breadman's Forum Checklist:

                    0) A dedicate sub for "Jews"


                    1) Open to the public

                    2) Intellectual content and heated debate

                    3) Free Speech Platform

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                    I don’t care that someone started up that forum.

                    The problem is that an Admin of this site is an anti-Semite. Good luck broadening this site’s appeal dummy

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                    So you want to create boundaries about what can and cannot be talked about? That's straight off the list of authoritarian personality traits right there.

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                    The problem is that an Admin of this site is an anti-Semite. Good luck broadening this site’s appeal dummy

                    I don't think it was created as an anti-semite forum. It wouldn't be anti-american to create an "Americans" forum.

                    No doubt an "Americans" or "Australians" forum would not portray Americans or Australians in a favorable light.

                    Are you suggesting the Jewish sub should get favorable treatment? Shouldn't all people be treated the same?

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                    Its not a jewish sub, its a sub for non-jewish people to post about jews. obviously?

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                    I wish I had your super powers of ethnic detection.

                    Also, would you expect mostly Americans to be the only ones posting in an Americans sub?

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                    Hardly a superpower. Basic deduction is usually developed in childhood.

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                    Basic deduction is usually developed in childhood.

                    I think we can agree on the "usually" part of your statement.

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                    Clearly, since it’s passed you over.

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                    You are alleging he's an anti-Semite.

                    Maybe he's Jewish? Maybe he's a she?

                    Maybe you buy into all the mainstream corporate media and government lies that the Zionists own?

                    Maybe your mind is to narrow to be broadfened?

                    Go back to your "officials" and "authorities" and your safe spaces if you can't handle some challenging ideas - OR - just look into it and make up your own mind.

                    Do you also have a problem with /s/Christianity, /s/Islam, /s/Buddhism, and /s/Israel - or just /s/Israel?

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                    I am too lazy to do any of that, but I do LOVE the new 'block loser' function..

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                    bookmarked, thanks

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                    Sadly those imgur auto features often get kicked back by imgur as botting.

                    Overall, I just us a different image host like or something.

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                    Yup. And as pozzed as Imgur as an organization is, and how much they support being on The Right Side of History (along with denizens there that use it like a ctrl-left neo-4chan, trawling through popular posts and reporting them for wrong-think and other perceived "naughtiness"), Saidit might do well finding another image host to replace using Imgur as default.

                    I realized Imgur is large and well known, but they serve a particular set of ideologies that don't jive with free speech or a moderate/neutral ground for discussion and opinion, such as Saidit supports.

           is the replacement for after that site was suspended by CloudFlare for supposed terms of service violations, and their URL blacklisted from pretty much all social media sites.

                    CloudFlare refused to provide proof of or even give a meaningful answer beyond "We may at our sole discretion suspend or terminate your access to the Website at any time, with or without notice for any reason or no reason at all." later shut down that URL after determining the whole "just create your own host/protection/payment processor/internet/etc" situation for "Wrong-think Websites" was beyond their capability to win, since so many sites (Reddit, FB, Twitter, Insta, etc.) quietly blocked and banned any and all images hosted from that TLD.

                    This is another reason why users here have told /u/Magnora7 to distrust CloudFlare, because at any moment, for no provided (and therefore addressable/fixable) reason at all, they'll terminate your protection and throw you to the wolves.

                    Image Chest

           (dev discussion thread)

                    Image Chest is another in-progress site that has many of the features people look for in an image host alternative to Imgur, but it is still working out bugs and scaling up capacity and reliability as it can afford to. Because it is niche, it is, of course, host to many of "teh sexy pics". Imgur has that too, just they keep it off their front page to offer a SFW site until one lifts up the veneered surface.


                    I can't find out much about this site, but it appears to have potential. If it is truly a decent alternative to Imgur, and doesn't hold water for a particular political agenda (right or left), it may very well be viable.

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                    Wow that auto-upload-to-imgur feature is awesome! Will be using that for sure.

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                    that first one is going to help a lot. I reactivated my imgur account and fiddled through the link gathering process - pretty sure I screwed it up on one submission. Still feel guilty I hotlinked to some hosted by reddit through a similar process.

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                    imgur thing doesn't work. It always makes me go to the website to upload an image.

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                      Hm weird I've never heard of it not working for anyone. I wonder if it has to do with the image type you tried to upload maybe?

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                      Is there a way to set preferences such that you always see the post/comment timestamp rather than 1 hour ago, 1 month ago, etc?

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                      I asked for that almost 2 years ago. Actually, I think I asked for both to be displayed.

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                      Added ProTips to the FAQ:

                      Also worth checking out:
                      Commenting - issues, tips, tricks, Markdown code formatting guide
                      Multisubs - curated combination lists compiled to categorize subsaidits

                      "Use the /s/friends sub to only see content from people you added as friends." (Reshared tip by /u/danuker.)

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                      Upload had never worked for me, and now I'm realizing and guessing I likely needed to create and Imgur account?

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                      Nope, no signup on imgur or anything on imgur is necessary to use the upload feature. I'm not sure why it doesn't work for some people, maybe has to do with what image file type is uploaded

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                      It's never worked for me. I always assumed it was a bit of left over bad code from Reddit. Maybe you need to be in the USA?

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                      Where are the porn subs?

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                      Back on pornhub. But porn destroys a man, so stay here.

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                      Not allowed.