Wolfsheim - Once in a lifetime (1998) by ISaidWhatISaid in Gothic

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OK, it's obviously not strictly gothic but I think it would fit well into a gothic list.

BACH: Erbarme dich (St. Matthew Passion) - A cappella arrangement for 6 Mezzo-Sopranos by ISaidWhatISaid in ClassicalMusic

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Really weird version that's kinda spooky.

Nocturnal Playground - Desert in the Ocean (1992) by ISaidWhatISaid in Gothic

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Atari Teenage Riot - Delete Yourself (1995) by ISaidWhatISaid in 90s

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ATR in 1995: "1984 is a joke when you see where we are 10 years later!"

2020s: Oh bitch if only you knew...

Blumfeld - Draußen auf Kaution by muellermeierschulz in 90s

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OMG I how loved this album (L'Etat Et Moi) as a teenager, so so much! So many great songs on this album: Jet Set, 2 oder 3 Dinge, die ich von Dir weiß, Eine eigene Geschichte, Verstärker, Sing Sing, Superstarfighter. I saw them live too, what a great live band!

FACT-CHECK: How large is Bardfinn's Reddit wrongthinker database REALLY? "I run a neo-Nazi / white supremacist / violent troll tracking database with 30,000+ enties." by ISaidWhatISaid in AgainstHateSubreddits

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It's amazing to me how Reddit are ignoring this. He is literally violating their own stated rules, not just by abusing his access to the API to trawl entire subreddits. There is the question of notice and consent. When people log into Reddit, they consent to Reddit themselves using their data. They do not consent to unofficial third parties like Bardfinn secretly politically profiling them behind their backs. If anyone was made a-priori aware of this happening, no one in their right mind would ever agree to use Reddit ever again. It is therefore pattently unacceptable that Reddit never warned users about this happening and never took steps to make it stop. Then there is the very high likelihood that by secretly trawling Redditors' data and using it in such a blatantly abusive manner behind their backs - using people's posts to get them pre-emptively banned across the site is arguably a form of abuse - he is literally violating international privacy laws. To give you an actual example of such an international privacy law that comes into play, in Europe they have a law, the GDPR, which says that you cannot log and use a European internet user's data online without prior notice given and consent obtained, which Bardfinn of course has never bothered to obtain from all the European Redditors he's secretly data-mining and blacklisting for the purpose of getting them banned site-wide. If you look at some of my other posts here in the sub, you will see the one where Bardfinn asked Reddit to allow him to use subreddits as honeypots in order to get all the wrongthinkers in one place so that it's like shooting fish in a barrel, which would constitute outrageous deception and abuse even by Reddit standards. Reddit are aware of these laws, they know he's breaking the law and they just don't care. I guess it's because he's doing work for them they'd otherwise have to do themselves, and they're happy that this zealot with no life is taking all this excess work onto him. But Reddit are thus aware of the fact that they are aiding and abetting him in violating international privacy laws like the GDPR, which makes them complicit IMO.

Bardfinn's account on Ruqqus - because after you've gotten rid of all the Nazis on Reddit, you must follow them off-site out of sheer boredom & feelings of uselessness by ISaidWhatISaid in AgainstHateSubreddits

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He doesn't have a life, that's why he was able to make himself indepensable to Reddit. He's effectively an unpaid moderator at this point, he openly bragged about how Reddit's hate-categories are identical to the ones he's already using himself (because he and Reddit are obviously coordinating behind the scenes, they just don't want this to be known). IRL, he's lost every job he's had (claims it was due to "burn out" but if it was because he was trying to make his workplace go "woke" like he's doing on Reddit, we all know the real reason he's jobless now), been divorced twice, been hospitalized for mental illness twice by his own admission. He claims to have multiple mental illnesses including agoraphobia, so he doesn't even leave his house. He sits there all day obsessively trawling Reddit and blacklisting all the natsees. It's mentally ill people with no families, no work and no lives like him that obsess over petty crap like that.

QT: Why is rejection of gender seen as discrimination? by adungitit in GCdebatesQT

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Your argument seems to be that if the law accepts one backwards notion, that all the other ones should be expected to be accepted as well.

That's exactly what the law does presently. The law doesn't differentiate between one religion being less backwards than another but accepts them all as valid belief choices under the principle of freedom of religion.

Misogyny and racial discrimination aren't particularly different from religion or gender ideologies in what you said, and yet we have laws against them

And yet we don't have laws banning the concept of religion or the concept of gender outright. Also, the assumption that gender is inherently a harmful concept akin to misogyny or racial discrimination is a feminist ideological point, not an academic point. Academics on the other hand have long held the opinion that different societies around the globe have different gender norms, not all of which are to the detriment of women. For example, the fact that most societies expect women to become mothers and organize themselves around this expectation is not due to "misogyny" (as an anti-natalist feminist would argue) because at present most women do want to become women, even in Western countries where they have the option not to, so it makes sense for societies to expect most women to become mothers and to organize themselves anticipating that this gendered expectation will be the case for most females in that society.

Lastly I am not vaguely referring to a law in theory, I am referring to an actual legal precedent, one that is referred to in almost every subsequent trans rights related case:


Go and read it for yourself. The judge compares a gender transition to someone changing their religion, and says that someone should be allowed to change their gender the same way someone is allowed to change their religion. The fact that both gender and relgion have no basis in reality is irrelevant to this judge.

Things you will never learn from a ContraPoints video #BloodOnTheirHands by ISaidWhatISaid in ContraPoints

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The judgment concluded that it is highly unlikely that a child aged 13 or under would ever be Gillick competent to give consent to being treated with puberty blockers and very doubtful that children aged 14 and 15 could understand the long-term risks and consequences of treatment in such a way as to have sufficient understanding to give consent.

In our intervention, we submitted evidence that the GIDS operates within a core illogicality: a belief that biological sex is irrelevant to being a boy or being a girl, while providing a service that is predicated on the existence of, and ability to define, a ‘boy body’ and a ‘girl body’ that children might move between through medication and subsequent surgery. This is of course an impossibility, but it is an outcome that children are led to believe is possible.

The court judgment referenced the fact that in 2011 the gender split was roughly 50/50 between natal girls and boys but by 2019 the sex ratio had changed so that 76 per cent of referrals were females, but that the Tavistock did not put forward any clinical explanation as to why there had been this significant change in the patient group over a relatively short period of time.

This is not surprising: denial of biological sex prevents analysis on the basis of biological sex, including the specific experiences and pressures faced by female adolescents as compared to males. The lack of curiosity at the GIDS is easily explained if children are viewed through the dehumanising lens of ‘gender identity’. This also explains the apparent lack of concern about the serious physical effects of this treatment: if biological sex is irrelevant then future sexual function and fertility must also be unimportant.

The judgment is a damning indictment of clinical practice at the GIDS. The case was decided on facts and evidence known to the Tavistock, and ultimately on the lack of facts and the weakness of the evidence in the Tavistock’s defence. The GIDS lacked even basic data on children who had been given puberty blockers.

The most damning evidence of complacency in the service is the fact that the GIDS offers troubled adolescents no alternative therapeutic treatment pathway. Far from being a last resort treatment, blockers and hormones are the only treatment for children with complex histories and mental health conditions. This is the result of a service that operates on the basis of ideology in place of clinical standards. The judgment raises the issue of medical negligence and our immediate concern is for the children who have already been through this medical system.

Proper therapeutic pathways need to be developed within a psychoanalytical model that can be delivered by professionals already trained in counselling troubled young people. Children must be treated as children, not as political mascots for an ideology. ‘Gender identity’ must be removed from the UKCP Memorandum of Understanding on Conversion Therapy, and therapists and counsellors must be given back their freedom to do their jobs properly and offer children a normal duty of care.


QT: Why is rejection of gender seen as discrimination? by adungitit in GCdebatesQT

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Rejection of gender is rather vague. What do you mean specifically? I don't know where you are but it's against the law to discriminate against someone on the basis of their religion, no matter how backwards or unprogressive that religion may seem to you personally. An American judge literally compared a gender change to changing your religion in a verdict that served as a precedent for subsequent cases, so the courts view rejection of someone's gender the same way as rejecting someone because of their religion. A lot of religious doctrines are blatantly misogynistic but those are legally protected too. Many of the popular "world religions" are offensive and may even seem irrational to many progressively minded people, but are still legally protected. The law has never really been on the side of rationality or objectivity or progressivism when it comes to cultural issues like "one's belief about oneself", so it is a bit strange to expect the law to do a 180 when it comes to gender as a "system of belief", for the simple fact that the idea of gender is not exceptionally irrational or backwards when compared to other systems of belief that are already legally protected.

Alt-tech video site Brighteon subject to DDoS attacks by ISaidWhatISaid in censorship

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Full text of the update:

Brighteon Update: As you are probably aware, Brighteon experienced significant outages over the last two days due to DDoS attacks. You may also recall that YouTube went down yesterday due to unexplained problems, and some people suspect there are core internet infrastructure components which are either failing or being taken over.

I want you to know that we have restored Brighteon service (as of last night) and we have added additional layers of anti-DDoS protection as well as server hardening strategies to help keep Brighteon online.

What's really happening right now is that Brighteon is emerging as one of the few remaining places where truthful videos about the 2020 election in the USA can be posted and viewed. Some of those videos are getting widely shared and viewed. The powers that be -- the Big Tech consortium of corrupt criminals and treasonous actors who hate America -- don't want anyone to be able to view those videos.

So we are being attacked with a variety of well-funded, weaponized systems. Both covid and censorship are the weapons of the globalists, and they are not afraid to release whatever weapons they think are needed to crush human freedom and enslave the world under complete tyranny.

Nevertheless, we have so far thwarted their attempts to take us offline, and we continue to host your free speech videos for liberty and human freedom.

Please continue to post, share and embed the videos. We have big news coming soon about our infrastructure enhancements and new features such as the token donation system. We're pouring more resources into the Brighteon platform and working diligently to keep it functioning during this desperate time for the future of the free world.

Also note that we have launched Brighteon.Social, the social media platform alternative to Twitter and Facebook. So far, Brighteon.Social has nearly 20,000 users and it is a fantastic platform to follow breaking news from all across the web. Join there now and start posting your content. You can also paste in your Brighteon.com video URLs into Brighteon.Social posts.

For help on how to get started there, read Help.Brighteon.Social

Thank you for your support and understanding. We are fighting for human freedom, and we have zero outside funding and are blacklisted everywhere. It is a difficult fight, but with your help, we will continue to grow and expand the reach of all the videos on our platform.

Thank you,

  • Mike Adams, Founder, Brighteon.com

Puccini - 'Vissi d'Arte' - i: Maria Callas (1964) by ISaidWhatISaid in ClassicalMusic

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here from the banned feminist subreddits💕 by [deleted] in Introductions

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Back on Reddit, the radical feminist subreddits /r/GenderCritical and /r/pinkpillfeminism were just involved in some feminist pissing-match where they try to out-radical one another. Inventing arbitrary purity tests and banning people for failing to meet those is literally the only way they have of setting themselves appart from one another. Otherwise these groups are virtually indistinguishable from eachother.

I went through my archive to see if I had any saved posts from /r/pinkpillfeminism back when they were still on Reddit, and I only found this:

Messages from pornstar August Ames to a friend after a “kinky rough sex” scene. She killed herself 6 weeks later. Stop letting men delude themselves into think professional set/studio = consent, payment and safety from abuse or mistreatment. “You don’t get paid if you say you were uncomfortable”


I would say this post is very typical of the kind of stuff that was posted on /r/pinkpillfeminism It was mostly opposition to violent kink pornography and normalized violence against women. There were some hardcore misandrists who thought all men were born rapists but most of the discussion was about proving the evils of online porn. I don't know if what they're posting here on Saidit is very different from this.

ALMA – Loser by firebird in musicbywomen

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Catchy song! Thanks for posting!

Is this evidence ContraPoints is obsessively following me here on Saidit? by ISaidWhatISaid in ContraPoints

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He is known to obsessively cyberstalk anyone online that's critical of him. He has literally tracked down and quoted in his videos no-name Twitter accounts that were critical of him. He even bragged about infiltrating private Discord servers of other leftwing Youtubers and transwomen to see how they were gossiping about him behind his back.

Cradle Of Filth - Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids (1998) by ISaidWhatISaid in metal

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Highborn wanton that she was

She sought to keep what age would claim

Odd to realize that I live in similar hellish times. Only now every man wants to be Bathory himself.

Artist Collective Claims Responsibility for Stolen Beuys Sculpture - The group Frankfurter Hauptschule delivered the sculpture to a Tanzanian museum as a "symbolic act of restitution to the former German colony." by ISaidWhatISaid in Art

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The group has posted to YouTube a video titled “Bad Beuys Go Africa” that allegedly shows the heist taking place and the sculpture being delivered to the Tanzanian institution, a repurposed military hospital, all to the strains of a choral cover of Toto’s 1982 radio hit "Africa."

How to use Random.org to compile your gothic outfits XD XD XD by ISaidWhatISaid in Gothic

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How many bags does he/she/it have to go over their head?

Post a comment under his video and ask him, I am sure he'll be more than happy to reply.

I've been suspended 4 times in the last month for the most benign things. by beethy in WatchRedditDie

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The League of Extraordinary Trolls is a group of extremely well-organized and rabidly dedicated SJW vigilantes and cyberstalkers on Reddit who want to purge anyone who doesn't subscribe to their far left SJW ideology from the platform. The League Trolls basically want to turn Reddit into into an SJW-only platform. In 2018, the League Trolls met with Reddit developers in private at the Reddit HQs, feeding them the SJW party line about how Reddit have an obligation to keep their users safe on their platform by shielding them from opposing views. That's what League Troll /u/Bardfinn literally said in this Twitter thread, that he wants Reddit to adopt Twitter-like blocking features, including BlockTogether-style blacklists that he urged Reddit to implement in this thread where he was called out by Reddit users for wanting to turn Reddit into a safespace hugbox. People used go to Reddit because it was long considered a Debate Central free speech website online, but The League Trolls are here to not only /r/WatchRedditDie but to help euthanize Reddit a little faster.

The League of Extraordinary Trolls has two faces, one is private face and other the public one they show to the media to distract and misdirect. The media will tell you that the Lague Trolls are a group of harmless pranksters on Reddit who hijack "hate-subs" and turn them into comedy subs. An example of this was their hijacking of /r/Faggots, which was Milo Yiannopoulos' sub, and turning it into a comedy sub about "a bundle of sticks" (the homonym for "fags").

The private face of the League is more sinister. The League runs a subreddit called /r/QueersAgainstHateSubs which widely recognized amongst Redditors as the subreddit you go to in order to dig up dirt on your enemies. Quote from a Reddit user: "They [QueersAgainstHateSubs] will dig up dirt like it's nobody's business."

The main moderator of this sub, a pre-op transwoman from Garland, TX who goes by Penelope Verity Oaken aka /u/Bardfinn (a powermod who is currently cybersquatting 50+ subs either alone or together with other League Trolls) is privately running a fully automated industrialized data-mining operating using Reddit's API to cyberstalk users and mods he and others in /r/QueerAgainstHateSubs don't like. Penny claims that this is "research" using public information, but Penny is not a researcher and this data is not readily available unless you have API access. None of Penny's software or research is public or open source, it is not announced anywhere or explained anywhere, everything is done in secret behind the Reddit users' and mods' backs, with no one giving prior consent to anything or even being made aware of the fact that Penny is secretly data-mining them. Penny claims to have had private conversations with Reddit's Steve Huffman about his secret data-mining project, so presumably Steve Huffman is aware of all this and Penny is cyberstalking and data-mining Steve's users with his full blessings.

Penny abuses his access to Reddit's API (Application Programming Interface, a protocol that programmers use to access data from web servers quickly and efficiently) to dig up embarassing information about someone's use of the website (f.e., if they have participated on a subreddit that's considered problematic or controversial amongst SJWs, like /r/conspiracy or /r/conservative), and then Penny will corner the unsuspecting hapless user in the comments while holding up his "loot" to their face, saying something along the lines of: "I see you have been participating in /r/Noneofyourbusiness and /r/Mindyourownbusiness.". Penny does this to intimidate his political enemies and to cause a chilling effect, openly violating their privacy to discourage them from using the website the way it's intended to be used. It's essentially an automated mass-cyberstalking campaign in blatant violation of Reddit's own rules conducted under the thin guise of "creating comedy subs out of hate-subs". It specifically violates Section 7, which bars searchers accessing the API from using their research results in a way that compromises a user's privacy. Everything about this research, its secrecy, the reputation of the moderator's subreddit as being the place you go to on Reddit where "they dig up dirt like it's nobody's business", everything shows that this was designed and implemented to violate users' privacy.

Is this evidence ContraPoints is obsessively following me here on Saidit? by ISaidWhatISaid in ContraPoints

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If you're reading this, ContraPoints, kindly go fuck yourself. What the fuck do you care what classical music I am listening to anyway? Haven't you abandoned your piano playing and classical music studies since you trooned out? What the fuck do you care about classical music or anything at all, really? You literally have enough money to move to any place in the world that you want to, so why don't you do that if you don't like America anymore and you really think "Trump is a dictator"? Go back to Reddit where your cult is and leave this sub and my account here alone. >(

Jive Bunny And The MasterMixers - Swing The Mood (1989) by ISaidWhatISaid in 80s

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Glad you liked it!

Amid NYC unemployment crisis, storage auctions loom - "20% increase in the share of their customers moving belongings to storage units during the coronavirus crisis as compared to 2019" by ISaidWhatISaid in politics

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Movers packed up younger adults who headed to stay with families out of town and work remotely, unsure of whether they might return to the city. Others were unable to make rent and moved to friends’ or family’s houses, storing their things.