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So they are using this to try to legalize the illegal behavior they have been doing all along? Scumbags.

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Yeah it seems as though they've just had this on the backburner, waiting for a moment where no one is looking.

Like when the Federal Reserve Act was passed the day before Christmas in a special session.

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All the chicanery needs to end. We need processes that are transparent, bills that are succinct and clear with just ONE ISSUE each, and leaders who are accountable. We can no longer afford to let them get away with all the bs!

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I agree with the one issue per bill.

I also think every bill should go to public vote, and the public vote should be able to veto ANY bill. It isn't democracy until we can vote on all the actual bills, imo. This "representative" nonsense is a charade imo. The election system is gamed beyond belief by big money, and the whole government basically works for big money now, when the government's role is supposed to be to protect the people from big money.

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Precisely. Well said, and it's time to switch things up. Can't really be done from within such a corrupt system. Keep hoping humans will have a sudden upgrade in consciousness!

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Yes really at the core this is a cultural issue, because the culture is ultimately what allowed the government to be hijacked by big money. The government can be set up perfectly, but if the culture lets government be hijacked by big money, that will always eventually happen.

And culture is made up of individual thoughts in individual minds in individual humans. And the more everyone connects the dots about this influence we all have, the more people will speak up, and it will spread maybe faster than conronavirus lol. The more people become the media, the more the media represents the actual culture, and then so does the mainstream culture, and then so does the government. It all shakes out, from the bottom up. It's the ultimate grassroots movement.

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love it! i so appreciate hearing these wise articulations, and the genuine hope they bring.

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Thank you that means a lot to hear, I appreciate all you do for saidit and the conversations like this FormosaOolong

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I agree with all these ideas, but i think the only way realistically to get any of such policies implemented is via a convention of states.

Otherwise, people just complain about everyone else's particular govt giveaway meanwhile mum's the word when it's their own.

I tend to think we are on the road to becoming France in relatively short order, especially with what they're doing essentially attacking small businesses in the latest corona-bills.

I'd hoped more governors would step up and push their citizens to embrace federalist ideas, but there are none out there.

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The people should be their own media. The media will not and has not represented the people in over 150 years. They are a wing of the Pentagon.

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The "representative" stuff is just one of the >40 ways they rig the vote.

As long as we are voting for corruptible minions we have no direct say on the issues.

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A+++ Saved!

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Yup, and the FED Act was a 40 year plan which started with McCollum and boys; the Frankfurt Jews, such as Rothschild, Warburg, Loeb, Schiff, and Swiss bankers like Seligmann. JP Morgan also had a direct hand and slowly they kept passing bills durimg crises or periods of distraction to legalize their schemes.

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Smith-Mundt Modernization act Legalized domestic propganda and PsyOps in 2012. It's not like they weren't doing it beforehand.

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Yes, but since that passed it's been like endless clowncar level.

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Earn dat' moni.

It's not like the haven't been spying on everyone for years. Legal or not; these agencies do what they want, despite the legislation put in place.

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When was the last time someone high-up in one of the alphabet agencies went to jail, I wonder? And what was the highest rank person ever jailed?

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I believe a manager at a gas station close by my apartment. Guy was pretty high up.

But lots of spies for Soviet Union and Israel, such as Pollard were jailed.

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So you don't know about the questions I asked? Ah too bad, I was hoping to learn something :P

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I don't but I'm always down to research. I'd presume the highest ranked US intel. official who was jailed was simply a spy for another country. Meaning, they are above the infiltrated judicial branch of government and can do as they please as long as it is in the "best interests" of the US or their agencie's agenda.

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a worthy query...

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Well if you include DoD, Petraeus was a general and was relieved of his command And essentially told he'd never work for any of the million dollar agencies after he's out. I think he might've done a small amount of time.

Fbi also is more open about about its lower level staff and corruption.

The upper echelon leader's stories seem too get buried when something happens. The access media doesn't make it easy to find out. You'd probably need to do a FOIA request, and my guess is they'd decline it now for health and safety purpose

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If think you think about it, COVID-19 is the perfect sedative for the masses (although on the outside, it looks like it's making everyone panic).

A week after MSM announcing it being a serious issue, everyone forgot about Epstein and everything surrounding that. Protesters who have been protesting for over a year in places like China and France, are now self-quarantining and basically shutting up.. COVID-19 is so convenient for so many things, it definitely is getting the masses scrambled, confused and disoriented. I'm sure they'll be busy bees in the coming months.

The toilet paper situation may seem funny, but it's actually a sign of how scared, confused and disoriented the majority of us are.

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I feel certain this is a massive social experiment, on so many levels and in so many arenas.

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Another nothingness, can make a math on the fly that would take 1000 years to decode while looking like gibberish.

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I'm logging a lot of people, running out of space with text only lol. Won 10 just patched it finally.