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Wow. Billions. Keep up the great work!

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If they just got one penny for each...

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That's generally how DDOS attacks happen. You just go buy bots from someone else.

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Yeah well, I heard of hundreds of thousand, but not BILLIONS.

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They hate our freedom.

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my guess is sjc would know since e promised "the other reddit" was goin down in 24 hours

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Who is that guy? I'm completely OOTL, and it wasnt easy to work out through mere google searches.

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scuffed justin carey. Mentally unhinged streamer that's in bad company when he's by himself. Some chronicles of the saga include: spitting on his mother, smashing his mother's dead sister's belongings, tormenting his family until they finally got a restraining order, doxxing people on the daily and many many more which I'm probably not even aware of. He's living out of his car now since nearly a month, his psychosis is continuing to go untreated, and he's long overdue for a major meltdown. He's currently out on bail and living with another female streamer, but that won't continue much longer.

His hatred for here stems from the IP2 subreddit, as a lot of people including myself are trying to get this guy put behind bars. It's pretty sad that this is the only way to seek mental health treatment in America.

I don't know if the DDoS can be tied to SJC as he is poor, but it does seem likely as he is also very, very stupid. Either way this guy is going to be in jail soon regardless.

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    I can imagine he would be stupid enough to throw his last 50 dollars or whatever to someone with an active botnet.

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    For anyone who is unaware of some of the inner-workings/drama of what imo likely led up to this, here is my take on this subject. There are a few suspects I believe could be involved in this.

    First off is "Scuffed Justin Carrey"/Justin Samuel Schainberg who used to stream on a site called BattleCam (the same website Keemstar originally gained popularity from) and personally knows/knew an unironic Billionaire by the name of Alki David who ran the site. Here is a clip of SJC with Alki David and Tommy Chong (of Cheech & Chong fame), so you have an idea of how close these two are or were at least—there is also a livestream he did featuring Alki. I doubt Alki would be involved with this though, but "SJC/Scuffed Justin Carrey/Justin Schainberg" knows a lot of fucked up/really shitty people/streamers/"Hackers"/etc from his time on the site, and from his association with Ice Poseidon (Paul Denino). One of Paul Denino's associates is a kid who goes by the name of "Phineas"—a member of Trap Nationan organization known to consort and use Hackers to acheive the means of their goals. Phineas has used/bragged about creating and using BotNets in the past. Phineas still "works with" and is still associated with Paul Denino.

    If you aren't familiar Paul Denino (Ice Poseidon) is absolutely livid about the existence of the ip2 subsaidit, as they/we continue to expose him, his cronies, and his absolutely fucked up past on a daily basis. Paul (who was at one point an extremely popular livestreamer) blames all of his failures in life on the ip2 subsaidit, mostly because he is an unironic Narcissist—he even took a test for it on-stream that determined he was one—and because of this he is literally unable to admit fault for anything he does.

    The short version is that he has been putting up an act for the last year or so, pretending to be a "reformed" "non-toxic" streamer on the streaming site Mixer—though his real goal is to be unbanned on Twitch since you can make a lot more money streaming there. I would not rule out his involvement at all. The reason he was banned from there originally is for swatting himself at an airport as a way to "go viral".

    Paul Denino is also friends and has collaborated with Keemstar—a person infamous for his association with terrible people whom have helped him DOX, SWAT, get people's IP's, etc. He know legitimate Hackers. It is possible Paul Denino called in a favor from Keem (who has also had a lot of bad press from ip2 exposing some of the things he does), Keem owed a favor to Paul Denino/IcePoseidon for helping one of Keem's best friends—ONLYUSEmeBLADE—kickstart his streaming career.

    The only other semi-reasonable suspect would be reddit itself, attempting to kill any growing/successful competition, as they definitely have the resources for such a co-ordinated attack.

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    I had never been on the ip2 sub - can't even spell it. This clears that sub up for me, thanks man.

    I read his Wikipedia page and good lord, the amount of drama this guy has been the center of! It really made me think that livestreaming was a really bad concept.

    Just to be clear, you are saying sjc knew/knows alki and alki knows Ice P, and SJC and Ice P share their hatred of the ip2 sub, hence they went to phineas and the three of them conspired these attacks, is that what you are saying?

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    Thanks for the explanation! He sounds pleasant...

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    You're welcome. He's in a sack of bad apples and he's the worst one.

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    Amazing how whenever people start getting fucked off with censorit, saidit starts getting attacked.

    Good luck.

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    Yup. That's happened a few other times too. When things go too well all at once, that seems to happen. Someone is trying to trip us up. But we still have over 99% uptime over the last 2 years, so things like this are a blip on the radar in all reality

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    sad to see cloudflare is being used now. all sites that use it are linked and has privacy issues. it's wierd how many sites I've seen get ddos attacked and then start using cloudflare. it reminds me a lot about stories i've heard of insurance companies started by the mafia.

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    Fuck 'em.

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    They do not want free speech available to people. Attacks will intensify.

    Do you have a security expert that you know? I hope you guys can keep this going without compromising.

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    Is it that time of the month again?

    ...also billions?? How many billions specifically?

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    The range of the domains they were using was in the billions of potential addresses, so that's what we were working with, it's not an exact number but the IP range space they were acting within, if that makes sense.

    Yeah it has been a while since we had DDOS attacks, I guess we were due haha

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    Dude, you got to find some way to harness the energy of DDOS attacks, it would be a shame to let it go to waste and on this website it's more reliable than solar and wind. Just sayan...

    There should be some sort of even every time there's a DDOS or something, maybe everyone post pics of cats, or boobs, or a landmark, or boobs...

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    Dude, you got to find some way to harness the energy of DDOS attacks

    Haha that's a great idea. I love it.

    What if we got all the DDOS attacker connections to do cryptocurrency mining for us and kept the money to pay for servers for saidit?! haha

    Plus we do actually get a bump in traffic from these DDOS attacks. Because from an external perspective, in all the ratings and stuff, it just causes our traffic to appear to have gone way up, so it increases our google rank and so on.

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    What if we got all the DDOS attacker connections to do cryptocurrency mining for us and kept the money to pay for servers for saidit?!

    DUDE!!! You're a freaking genius!!!

    OK, how would that work? Each connection to saidit is used to create a little bit of the chain, just a little so it's barely noticeable in the performance, but enough that when DDOS is going on if just keeps on pouring the $$$$ ? You know, laughing all the way to the bank?

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    As a cryptography expert it doesn't really work like that.

    Unless you find a way for the attacks to compute specific puzzles, then it's impossible.

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    I'm not sure if it's possible. But if someone hacked over a million webcams to mine for bitcoins without the owners knowing, then it seems like someone could create a webpage that connects to a mining pool and starts mining in the background.

    But another problem is a lot of the connections are initiated and then immediately dropped, so even if we could trick all that DDOS traffic to go to a mining webpage, they probably still wouldn't stay long enough to do any appreciable work.

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    The one thing I found was CoinHive, here's an article not very specific about it:

    Don't think it would work on DDOS, but who knows, maybe some genius will come with some ways to generate block chain based on connection requests of a DDOS.

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    Yup, the shitstorm is coming. These people don't fuck around. They are intolerant of any viewpoints but their own. Look next for cheese pizza and nazi copypastas followed by reporting the same to your upstream provider with a demand to disconnect you.

    Everything they did to Alex Jones they'll do to you.

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    We've been dealing with those exact types of attacks for over a year now, on and off. This is honestly the main reason we don't allow porn here, because I know it opens us up to these types of attacks.

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    B*rdfinn on reddit is properly crazy. He/she calls literally EVERYONE a Nazi and fascist (that user also talked about how the founder of removeddit was a Nazi). I'm not accusing that user of doing this, but the person (s) behind this attack likely have a similarly unhinged personality. Because to do something, you need to believe that you are vastly morally superior to those you are trying to silence. Your average leftist/progressive/liberal/what have you, won't do all this. It needs a really special type of person. Once you label the opposition a Nazi and yourself an ally then you get a huge sense of moral superiority.

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    Chinese bots, probably orchestrated by Chinese owned reddit.

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    Hang in there Saidit!

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    Is the attack ongoing?

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    It seems to have lasted about 3 hours in total, but it's done now

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    Sounds like botnets to me.

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    This is the best reddit refuge spot I've seen. Looking forward to recreating banned reddit subs here.

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    Didn't Reddit also get attacked as well today

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    You're not alone. I've seen reddit going down a couple of times today.

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    must be over the target

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    Bless you and work you are doing. Thank you!!!

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    Plot-twist: its reddit launching the attack.

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    Billions is a good show, I started watching it this week. Damien Lewis is a great actor.

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't saidit have cloudflare protection? At least it said so the last time this happened lol

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    Yes but it doesn't protect against everything