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Possibly Unpopular Opinion: I do not use the block button on saidit unless it's a last resort. Like, repeated direct personal attack level, as happened from one of the mods of one of the larger subs on here. I have no opinion on the mute sub button (I was already banned from the sub in question when said mod stalked me over a 'I banged your mom' level of joke taken too literally). That community was toxic enough in general that I have no interest in going back.

I'm on saidit because I want to know what saidit thinks as a whole and blocking people willy-nilly defeats that purpose. I encourage others to post in subs they might otherwise not, so long as they give it a fair shot and observe the pyramid of debate. Again being trigger happy over everyone blocking everyone else kinda defeats the purpose. Like that popper guy who cried that I might be a bot, as if anyone's programming skills could generate this level of communication (well beyond the Turing Test).

Now on Reddit (yes I'm just as shocked as any of you that I'm not banned there yet), I do use the block button more readily. It's large and the site wide mods ban wrongthinkers like me without a second thought so it's best not to roll too long with the pigs. The last one was for a woman who admitted to abusing her daughter. I have no tolerance for hurting or disadvantaging children.

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Is that really an unpopular opinion? I haven't blocked anyone (not even popper, socks, or nemacolin) or any subs here. On another site I've blocked a few, but only for spamming actual retardation that corrupted my front page.

Personal attacks don't bother me much, as I've been repeatedly immunized over the years. Would have to be more like a stalker after ignoring them to get me to block.

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I salute you.

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Same, even though you post some inexplicable far-left gibberish sometimes, it's not a reason to block you. It does seem like you're 'shilling' when you do that, but then other times you appear normal. You're a mystery, and maybe someday I'll understand what that's all about. Meantime, cheers!

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What no one can explain to me is: why would anyone want to operate as a 'shill' on Saidit?

Consider the influence footprint: 20 anti-vaxxers, 5 Nazis, and 40 angry 'superstraight' people?

Also: what's the point of a 'shill' on Saidit: to try to defend what's already already believed by 90% of the people around the world?

And what would I get for my efforts? (Seriously: I could use the money)

Why not: see Saidit as a place for debate and focus on the debate? Is that so hard?

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Shut down competition to reddit, shut down speech of things some people don't want to be publicly said

We always have a huge shill influx when we get a bunch of new users. They want this site not to grow, seems to be their primary aim.

Why wouldn't a billion-dollar corporation like reddit pay some kids $12/hr to destroy all their competition? They'd almost be dumb not to. Furthermore there's probably plenty of people who would do it for free for various reasons (because they don't like what's being said on saidit)

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OK - I think this may reference both shills and influencers. It's difficult to believe what I don't see, though I appreciate that you've seen it. The recent IronLeft attacks appear to be from one or more ex-Saiditors who are rather emotional about their banned accounts, but I also appreciate your earlier points about the long history of attacks at Saidit, which I had forgotten about when posing the question about shills. The main reason for the question is that I am often called a shill at Saidit (mainly by 2 people, not a big deal), and I suppose I am getting tired of it. It also seems absolutely absurd to me that my occasional disagreement with disinformation (distributed by shills and special interest groups) results in claims that I am a shill.

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Shills often pre-emptively accuse others of being shills. It's a common defense tactic. Then when you accuse them, it looks like you're copying what they said, and then you just have a thread with everyone calling everyone shills and no one knows what's going on. It's another screwball tactic that's super common once you notice it

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why would anyone want to operate as a 'shill' on Saidit?

Human motivations are often a mystery, even when there seems to be a simple explanation.

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The answer is simple. The reason shills like ol sucks here are on Saidit is because this site is essentially uncontrolled territory. Opinions outside of the mainstream narrative are plentiful around here and those who are opposed to that kind of radical individual thought simply could never allow a site like Saidit to turn into a haven for free speech and free thought. Shills are like cancer, if there is a cell to covert and corrupt to their side they will be there regardless of size. Sucks is an obvious shill and a bad one at that.

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^ This.

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to try to defend what's already already believed by 90% of the people around the world?

More shill bullshit. Can't resist can you?

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I can see that. In fact, you don't sound far left to me, but more center left.

But since I'm center right and most people here are moderate right wing, I guess you seem far left to them.

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Aw, man: I am literally a Chinese-faggot-commie-shill-retard-Redditor-antifa-leftist-bot-libtard-dumbass-establishment-cuck. Ask anyone.


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He's a defender of AOC, Bernie, and the Dems despite their lies and advocates for the authoritarian corporatocracy and their vaccines.

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How is it you're so up on the "footprint" and thus the ostensible grounds for devoting shill resources? That's an odd thing to let slip. But it would be if you were a paid social media influencer. There are lots of underemployed writers out there who would love $12/hour to mess with people they hate anyway.

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Or we could continue a dialogue on this topic we don't understand...

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I'll never block you, socks. ;-)

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That socks!

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Totally agree with you. The best part of saidit is the many uncensored opinion.

Except a single troll who spamed the same word filling the message box, I've never blocked anyone.

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Exactly. I would advise not to block anybody. Blocking people makes a person getting into his own echo chamber, which should not be how we use the Internet. Instead, we should report users to the moderators if they spread spam or break the rules of a sub.
(dammit, I've repeated it 3 times in this post, I feel like a spammer now -.- )

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don't worry. The guy I was referencing to spammed 1 word comments and did it like 15 time. You're no spammer.

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Thank you (and akali). I'm trying very hard to fight the ... echo chamber effect that the internet is reinforcing lately. I'm glad I'm not the only one who realizes that what I'm attempting is a good thing. I don't expect others do it. It can be hard and frustrating to constantly force yourself to interact with ideas you know you won't agree with, but I have to be sure of the things I believe.

So far, the most surprising thing is that a lot of people I heartily disagree with can see the same problems I do, sometimes with even better clarity than me. I am aware that that is not always a given (anymore), but I was expecting that mismatch to be worse. It seems mainly solutions and expected outcomes are what primarily differs between me and others (and everyone else).

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I blocked SuperStraight two days ago and now I can breathe again, with all those posts, that are meaningless to me, out of the way.

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Same. They sure did take over the front page, didn't they?

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Yes, they did and I do not have a dog in that fight. Blocking the sub really clears up that front page. Honestly, I am not sure what their point is and don't really care. N/A

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I wasn't thrilled how it took over, but it's an issue I agree with.

And I know you don't care but the reason I do is I've been shut down, called phobic/racist for asking questions or disagreeing, and this addresses that canceling.

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I shouldn't have said I don't care because I do care a bit. It's just that when I try to get involved, someone twiggs to the fact that I'm not an insider and gets on my case.

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Ignore them and say what you want, ask questions when it's necessary. Don't let other people dictate where you feel comfortable responding.

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There's apparently a battle between trannies and faggots, which is not exactly what you'd expect from the term "Super Straight".

But I will say, some of the SS folks are good communicators and fairly reasonable, even if they've made some degenerate sexual choices. Have had some good exchanges of thoughts and opinions.

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That is very openminded of you. I should not have said I don't care and wish them well but often did not understand the points involved in their discussions. No offense intended to them but things are complicated enough for me even with two sexes. :)

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Ah, well I haven't joined in on any of that SS stuff, and the exchanges I've had have been on non-tranny topics. I'm not that openminded, but I can sometimes talk with reasonable and articulate people, even if I disagree with some of their choices.

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Your self-description sounds like a reasonable person to me. By calling you "openminded" I was not trying to make some smarmy criticism of you; I meant it. No offense intended to anyone.

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None taken. Thanks.

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I actually find the concept of SS funny, but it's always annoying when a new influx of users come so I had to too. It's annoying when people can't stop talking about that one particular website.

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Haha yeah, just wanted everyone to know that was an option... there's quite a few things that may be considered block-worthy these days

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I will support their right to post it, as long a I can block it.

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Why can't I block you or the TiM mod?

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Because admins can't be blocked. Nor can admins block anyone.

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So there isn't a "block user" under every post and every comment, just most of them.

Is it possible for admins to post non-announcement posts and comments on a separate, non-admin account so regular users are not required to read their personal shit?

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    What's the point of having a block button if I can't block delusional males with it?

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    Right, they took the reddit escape pod and landed here after their sub was banned. I had forgot about that. lmao. I don't mind their post though.

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    Was the "mute sub" button always there? I can't believe I never noticed it before.

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    It was added a few months ago. It's easy to overlook some buttons, saidit has a lot of buttons to press

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    I appreciate the reasons for this mute button and the block button, but I might note that this is not why I visit a 'free speech' / non-censorship site, in order to personally censor anything I don't agree with. If I wanted to visit a circle-jerk website for snowflakes who want an echo chamber for self actualization, there are plenty of optiosn for those sites online. I don't think these people require coddling and additional agreement. They need to see both sides of arguments and ideologies, warts and all. In short: I hope that muting and blocking will not be encouraged, especially on this website. It's unhealthy.

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    I have had the same opinion as you, but the overwhelming "noise" of the Super Straight club makes it feel like a chore to sort through the front page. I am now considering blocking that sub since it doesn't add anything productive to my visits here. M7 said we can unblock once the chatter dies down.

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    Yes, that's why the block button is an option. Rather than the admins deciding for everyone what's good and what's not, the users can themselves define their experience. If you don't want to use them, great. I don't use them either. But a lot of people like to be able to have some control over what they see, and the ability to themselves remove malicious users without having to wait for an admin to act

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    Sometimes IT presses MY buttons, too.

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    I didn't really notice the mute sub feature, even though I had seen it in the past. Good to know, but I'm kind of a firehose feed kind of guy, so I doubt I'll block much of anything.

    I definitely block trolls regularly, though.

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    I like your firehose idea. I had thought about something similar. I try to read everything on here but I seem to miss stuff occasionally. I'd say I probably see 90% but I'd love an option to read everything new.

    I am not really familiar with RSS, but that seems like an interesting way to read everything.

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    Does anybody remember the usenet?

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    I remember IRC, never used usenet though. Heard about it a lot though, that was like the BBC forums and stuff before www right

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    No idea about the time line. I used it thoughout the 1990s and early 2000s. It is based on the email protocol. It was the heyday of free speech on the internet, practically zero moderation, everybody filtered for himself.

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      Yeah I've though about doing a version where 'hot' is sorted by latest comment post, old forum style

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      I liked

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      Is there a way to see all the subs you've blocked?

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      I don't think there is. There is for users, in the preferences page under the blocked tab. But subs... I don't think there is a list anywhere, you have to go to each one individually

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      jk ;-)

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      BLOCK USER is currently a shitty function.

      It could be made better if people were made aware they'd been blocked and/or or an indicator showed something was blocked, on the chance they're curious to see it. Naturally there are many more features that could make it much more viable.

      M7 wants people to block me and my "dramatic" truths that he is against fairness and openness. Do as you like.

      If you've blocked me you won't see this and won't ever know if anyone blocked has responded to your comments. I could tell lies or prove you're a liar or all sorts of problems could arise from blocking and a complete ignorance of responses. I will never know if you block me unless you openly state it. I would be talking to myself, wasting time and energy better spent elsewhere.

      Only readers who have not blocked me may see this.

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      People not being aware they're blocked is a feature, not a bug. Why should a harasser get to know if their victim has blocked them? I don't want to empower abusers

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      I would advise not to block anybody. Blocking people makes a person getting into his own echo chamber, which should not be how we use the Internet. Instead, we should report users to the moderators if they spread spam or break the rules of a sub.

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      I've not blocked anyone, and won't.

      [–]JasonCarswell 1 insightful - 2 fun1 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)

      Is it then fair for someone to spend their time and energy to carefully craft a response to only fall on deaf ears?

      Your "feature" is incomplete.

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        Your opinion. You were insightful and made it on my /s/friends list. Name-calling and uncivil downward behaviour is the only thing that gets people off that list. You can't be trusted to be civil. I remember those removed much more than those who aren't.

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        Time for me to do it too!

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        I welcome you ignoring me. You've not said anything insightful for weeks while stalking me with gay lust.

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        I could tell lies or prove you're a liar or all sorts of problems could arise from blocking and a complete ignorance of responses.

        That is a problem but that's an issue with any blocking. Notifying someone they have been blocked just lets em know they can say whatever.

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        Is it then fair for someone to spend their time and energy to carefully craft a response to only fall on the snowflake's deaf ears?

        The "feature" is incomplete.

        9/10 people who get blocked are not going to create other aliases to harass someone. Anyone who does is an asstroll, and may be worthy of being banned. A simple rule would address this.

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        I would advise not to block anybody. Blocking people makes a person getting into his own echo chamber, which should not be how we use the Internet. Instead, we should report users to the moderators if they spread spam or break the rules of a sub.

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        ^ This.

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        A thousand thank yous!!!

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          Yes, they vanish but it does not prevent replies - and it does not notify users they have been blocked, so they are essentially wasting their time responding to someone who will never see it.

          I avoided using "hide" because it could also refer to the [-] collapse function with an [+] expand, which may be misleading.

          Adding a block expiry is a brilliant idea!

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          Yes it hides things, that's the whole point. The point is to allow the user to shape their saidit experience the way they want