Niggerfaggot Niggerfaggot by Demiurgent in whatever

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Is that you Owen?

Ted Was Right, Wasn't He? by useless_aether in quotes

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I like some of his stuff -- but that's how they get ya isn't it. Made me suspicious when he discounted the possibility that CEOs could be psychopaths.

Google has blocked most popular and important weather warfare site: by allie in conspiracy

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Cue Streisand Effect.

Of all Americans killed by strangers, 1/3 are killed by police by magnora7 in PoliceMisconduct

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Scary stuff.

Unconditional Basic Income as the Social Vaccine of the 21st Century: It’s less costly to avoid problems from ever happening, than it is to fix problems once they do. It also happens to be the entire logic behind the vaccine, and its my belief that unconditional basic income has the same potential. by Orangutan in WorldNews

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So now it's not Universal Basic Income, now the marketing is Unconditional Basic Income. OK, well there's no way it will be unconditional. If the government is distributing it, there will be conditions. And that means the government will wield its power.
If UBI is electronic direct deposit, then they can easily punish any dissent by switching it off. You said it yourself in the title of your post "It's less costly to avoid problems from ever happening, than it is to fix problems once they do." Here, "problems" could easily translate to revolution. Just pay off the masses with UBI, and silence dissenters by turning off the spigot. Sounds great.