In response to Jemele Hill saying black men want better access to patriarchy, #blameblackmen is top trending on twitter, satirizing BM involvement in patriarchy by Anon123 in GenderCritical

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Right, in fact...a lot of black men use intersectionality to equate their male-ness with the victim class, saying they are oppressed by their race and sex because black men are the ultimate oppressed people. Forever, black men have made black politics centering black men as the ultimate victims and black women as a side note, depicting the toll of racism as "mothers/daughters of black men", instead of acknowledging black women as suffering as black people under white supremacy.

SNL shitting on white women - 2nd week in a row by Anon123 in GenderCritical

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It's still there. After they first uploaded, they took it down for a couple of mins. I edited my post to include the newest link.

Does anyone here know how to counter these people saying sex is not binary because of hermaphrodites and intersex, that binary sexes are "flawed human made taxonomies" and that "you can't see someone's chromosomes and genitals so sex does not matter"? by EverydayIsSad in GenderCritical

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Intersex people are either male or female. No one is determined to be both male and female. The anatomical anomalies of intersex people doesn't counter their determined sex. All intersex people are determined to be ONE sex, and there are only two choices: male or female. As others mentioned, there's no such thing as a hermaphrodite (a person with both sets of functioning genitals).

The scientific consensus is that 5 degrees of female on a "spectrum" or 5 degrees of male on a "spectrum" are not proof of a variety of separate sexes, just various degrees of male or female.

The scientific and medical consensus is also that we identify people based on sex, not gender.

Trans people are also not intersex, and their life experiences and biology have absolutely zero connection to intersex people. There is no empirical evidence saying trans people are merely intersex people with a fully one sex body and the brain of the opposite sex. It doesn't even make sense on a developmental level in the womb.

New York state senate also has men in women's prison bill! Pls object now, before it's too late! by BEB in GenderCritical

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The tweet was deleted. What did it say?

Eddie Redmayne flips and flops depending on which way public opinion looks to be going. Almost as if the streak of piss went to the same school as David Cameron and Boris Johnson. by jet199 in GenderCritical

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Have we ever seen him and the twin in the same room together? They both look like they had weird feminizing surgery, which leads me to believe it's just the same person playing both male and transwoman roles.

Eddie Redmayne flips and flops depending on which way public opinion looks to be going. Almost as if the streak of piss went to the same school as David Cameron and Boris Johnson. by jet199 in GenderCritical

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“The Danish Girl‘s struggle to portray Lili Elbe’s story magnifies not only the most glaring weaknesses of both Redmayne and [director Tom] Hooper, but also the cisnormative gaze of the transgender community,”

"Cisnormative gaze"

Don't you just love how these people just blatantly rip off feminist concepts so lazily that it doesn't even make sense?

“As Lili, he performs womanhood by way of stereotype.”

So feminist a TERF could have said it 😄 sense of irony, whatsoever.

Women in the US are getting organized! Join FIST! (and/or WoLF) see discussion by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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That's great! The only thing this, their rule about "We reject any alliances or collaboration with the Religious Right" seems pretty contentious and non-negotiable. It seems like pandering to the left when this is a woman's issue that is not getting support from the left or right. The left passes and advocates for pro-class, sexist, racist, anti-immigrant stuff 100% of the time, too, so I don't know why we should act as if we draw the line at the right. I think it's a pretty arbitrary line being drawn. The idea that building alliances on like minded issues with people we don't agree with = we support them seems to come from the same mentality that believes in neo-lib cancel culture. We need to get away from this hierarchy of ideas where we give more credence to truth based on how agreeable someone is. It only increases the toxicity around the idea of open debate, which hurts our cause.

Cancel Culture VS. Ellen by Anon123 in GenderCritical

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No, I meant I disagree with her assertion that hanging out with politicians that have literally effected millions of people is the same as having friends that simply disagree politically. A politician has actual power. The problem with GWB isn't that he has bad views, it's that he's committed atrocities.

Now, on the other hand, she may have a different approach. She maybe open to being friends with him because he's a powerful person that has powerful the same vein as people that don't want to turn down being invited to the white house just because Trump is president. These are significant opportunities. So, while my first inclination is to disagree, I don't think it makes her bad person. I have no idea of the context of her relationship to him and her thoughts/feelings behind it. It's certainly not cut and dry.

Cancel Culture VS. Ellen by Anon123 in GenderCritical

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I already explained this. Neo-liberal idpol cancel culture is the narrative. Existing as a rich, white woman is the ultimate crime, according to the "left" (I say this as a leftist), let alone being a gay woman that isn't considered woke enough. She committed wrong think that the left didn't like, so they came for her.

I read the stories, bro. She's not "abusive". She an asshole - which has been known for years - but being an asshole is not a fucking crime, and it's fucking height gaslighting and misogyny we're focusing on Ellen being an asshole when the male producers of the show were sexually assaulting women and the network was apparently not paying workers enough.

Cancel Culture VS. Ellen by Anon123 in GenderCritical

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What does Ellen being mindless while talking to Taylor Swift have to do with Ellen being targeted by a misogynistic hate campaign?

Cancel Culture VS. Ellen by Anon123 in GenderCritical

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Dude, did you not read what I said? I already referenced that thread and why it's bogus. He was literally offering money to a charity to people if they tweeted bad stories about her.

Cancel Culture VS. Ellen by Anon123 in GenderCritical

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Yes, thank you! See, I'm not saying Ellen is a perfect person...but people are literally blaming Ellen for sexual assaults that had nothing to do with her and a toxic workplace environment when there's a team of people that handle staff relations and work duties and a network whose responsible for pay and workplace culture, and I find that misogynistic and insane. They just couldn't wait to take a powerful woman down.

Can't take it anymore. by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Working in BDSM and having talked to thousands of "sissies" and trans identified males, I can also affirm some of the things you spoke of...requests ranging from wanting to be trampled, foot fetishes, being cucked, humiliated, made to be disabled and de-limbed, castrated, being a human toilet, among other masochistic things....many of them also fetishcize tall women and have a "giantess" fetish. A lot of women don't realize the extent of the sissy humiliation fetish in porn and how extensive and popular it is. More and more men are developing submissive fetishes where the ultimate submission is eventually being humiliated via "feminization". There's a strong connection between fetishcizing submission and transgenderism.

If I were you, I would take those bits out of your profile and just ignore or block any transwomen that contact you. Try to fly under the radar and not bring attention. The fact that these men come looking for you is insane. Maybe alert your employers and let them know you've been stalked and to be wary of any weird people. Get cameras outside your home, if you can. Keep up your goals, you sound like you're on the right path.

Did y'all ever notice r/detrans was taken down for half a day, yet all the exclusively women's subs were permanently banned? by Anon123 in GenderCritical

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Well, that's essentially what I'm saying though. The reaction to r/detrans taken down was different than r/gendercritical. Either reddit was afraid of looking anti-trans (and don't give a fuck about feminists saying #reddithateswomen" on twitter) or we didn't do enough to spread the word and create more backlash. What can we do to rectify in the way r/detrans did?

Did y'all ever notice r/detrans was taken down for half a day, yet all the exclusively women's subs were permanently banned? by Anon123 in GenderCritical

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I think Buck Angel did, but you're right...again, I don't think we made a big enough reaction.

Calling all individuals with a cervix! New cervical cancer screening recommendations with extra extra inclusiveness by sisterinsomnia in GenderCritical

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CNN or Twitter is deleting tweets on this story as well. Use the #CNNHatesWomen hashtag. They're trying to shut us up.

Has anyone watched FX on Hulu's show "Mrs. America"? Such an excellent series. by censorshipment in GenderCritical

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Gloria Steinem said there were a lot of complete falsehoods in the series, the main one being that Phyllis Schlafly influenced any votes. They make it appear that she had more power than what was actually true.

Sick of Reddit misogyny? Are you Ovarit? Come join us at our permanent new home for Gender Critical women! PM me for an invite code! by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Just a heads up, I would change that banner if I was you. I thought the site was at first. For clarity, I would make the "we are" really small print and underline the part to distinguish it from the other text.