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You're right. First the evidence. Then you make a plan of action. When I say plan it's just so you don't react out of anger because very few things are worth going to jail for.

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Keep receipts of everything the fence and repair has cost you. Add your labour per hour as well. Then if you catch them sue them for the cost of the whole fence plus what it would cost you to buy all that veg you've grown if you got it at the organic supermarket. You could probably file criminal charges for destruction of property and trespassing as well. Maybe you could sue them for emotional distress if you have to scare the deer off because obviously you are such a sweet hearted soul.

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Most states won't let you sue for your labor. Only the cost of broken property.

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I had a neighbor complain about my garden on his property. Told him he'd need a survey to prove it. The survey proved the property line was closer to his house, not in the middle.

Also some properties have surveys at the county clerks office. Can save hundreds of dollars.

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Cowboy gun duel.

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I second this

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Is your yard fenced in in any way? You should get a surveyor out, and if you can afford it, put up a 6 foot fence around your property. No invasions then.

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I believe in that saying "Good fences make good neighbors."
Also, if you do want to put up a fence, check out your local zoning regulations. It would suck if you spent time and money on erecting a fence only to be directing by the town zoning officer that you had to take it down because you broke some local rule.