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To any trans "man" reading this: if you lie to me and you waste my time, and you keep up the lie until we’re both naked and in the same bed, it’s your own fault if I throw up all over you.

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Many beating or murders of transwomen is exactly that, they tricked a man, and when man found out he is tricked - he is going agressive and violent.

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The TRAs will later inflate these death counts as an "epidemic of trans violence" when in reality majority of MTFs die due to sex work or catfishing straight men. MTFs die mostly as a result of their own actions, not because the entire world is out to kill them

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Afaik majority of transgender people murdered in the world are prostituted transwomen who were murdered by men. Last year around 350 transgender people were killed, 170 of them were prostituted transwomen in Brazil (so almost half of all, and so reasoning was - catfishing and homophobia), around 5 were shot by cops during crime they were commiting, around 20-30 more were prostituted transwomen in other countries, and around 30 were murdered by another transwoman or by their male partner they were living with for long time (so domestic violence).

And as far as I know there were not a single murder of them due to transphobia, no one murdered them with reasoning "I hate trans people".

Number is very small too, 350 in a year? Just from Domestic Violence 350 women are murdered in world in one single week in world...

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Maybe these people need to realize sex work is the problem not their transness, but if sex work is criticized then an army of queer coomer morons and their female simps from r/TwoX will magically appear to defend it and they will scream "sex work is work" until everyone tired of them. Screaming sex work is work doesn't make it actual work.

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Screaming sex work is work doesn't make it actual work.

More like screaming that does not make it less exploitative. Because, slave work is a work too. And 10 year old kids mining cobalt is work too. Just because those "can be paid" and "is work" - does not mean those aren't forms of exploitation that they are something good.

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And also it's one of the more dehumanizing late-capitalist arguments out there, and the sad part is it's usually made by "leftists" (in big quotes there).

"Well, I live in capitalism and capitalism sucks so selling my body as a camwhore should be legal" like, fuck off - you're reducing one of the last things about your humanity that isn't commodified into, what exactly, some sort of protest? Not only does it ignore the massive suffering in the sex trade by hiding it behind camgirls and OnlyFans "safe, clean 'sex work'", it justifies the very capitalist exploitation that they claim to be against, but only for the sex work. And it also ignores the very notions of "consent" that they claim to push - that any coercive sex is rape, except when it's economic coercion then it's OK, because it's their "free choice", but then in the same breath they'll repeat "there's no ethical consumption under capitalism", because all economic activity has a coercive element of "get money or die starving in a gutter". It's really sad.

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I mean for fuck's sake, just because we as a society have normalized selling your body as a way to get money, doesn't mean we should accept that for perpetuity. We can raise our standards so that people aren't in poverty any more and don't feel like they have to resort to selling their bodies out of desperation. We as a society shouldn't ever feel like we have to sell our bodies as a last resort, period.

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Sex work is work the way that slavery is work. Okay, technically yes, but what's your point?

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Sex work is work, but then again, so is child labour, so is slavery. Just because something is work doesn’t mean it’s good. And of course queer coomers are going to defend sex work because it’s usually the only way they can have sex.

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It's work, just really risky work where you can easily get STIs and be drugged, raped, and assaulted. Maybe you mean sex work is not exactly a career with much of financial future- because income goes down with age, which would be true.

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Well, sex work is work. What do you think it is?

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It's rape

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Specifically, because under capitalism, refusing to do work (any work, which under these "sex work is work" definitions now includes sex), results in starvation, homelessness, and death. It is both directly and indirectly coercive, and is thus rape by any reasonable definition.

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Mmm, they aren't forced to do it. I don't see the rape. Maybe in a country like Thailand where a woman doesn't have much choice than this.

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Poverty can affect people in developed nations too and lead them to making choices like doing sex work out of desperation. When we talk about how sex work is bad for society as a whole, part of fixing that is addressing economic inequalities.

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Prostitution is a particularly dangerous profession.

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Yep. Most men who assault or murder trans women do so upon finding out that their victims are transgender while having sex with their victims. As far as the men who killed or assaulted the trans women are concerned, their victims are men, because duh, trans women are men. The men were lied to, and they were raped, because tricking a straight man or a lesbian into having sex with you when you’re a man is rape by deception. Rape can be traumatising for men as well, and some male victims of rape resort to violence because they’re in danger and they are panicking. Obviously, I’m not justifying these murders, or even these assaults. The proper response is to get out of the situation immediately and run far away. And most men who find out that they are having sex with trans women simply flee the situation. But some people do resort to violence when they feel threatened, and while there is no excuse for killing person unless your life is genuinely in danger, this is the reality.

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Most men who assault or murder trans women do so upon finding out that their victims are transgender while having sex with their victims.

In some cases 'proto-chasers', so to speak, have sex with travestites even with the knowledge they aren't women, only to feel regret after the fact.

They often resort to murder as a way to cope with their sexual confusion and also to affirm their own masculinity.

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Do you really think you'd not notice before your clothes came off?

Do these people rely on poor lighting and the other person having had too much to drink?

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I’m not stupid, so I’d notice. But if I really was stupid, or just really drunk, someone would be covered in vomit.

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Do these people rely on poor lighting and the other person having had too much to drink?

They'd have to, I don't see how they'd manage to trick anyone otherwise.

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I posted this elsewhere, but I've noticed that one common TRA strategy is to break things down into weird little pieces and then come up with arguments based on those pieces in isolation with no reference to how those pieces are integral to some kind of whole. The thing is, attraction is holistic. We take in everything about that person.

If you're 6'6" with a square jaw, wide shoulders, a prominent Adam's apple, huge hands, and a deep voice, you're not going to come across to anyone as female. Anyone who can see will add those things up in a fraction of a second. Talking about genitals and genital preferences is a red herring. Attraction is not based on any one thing; it's the whole picture.

We should always call TRAs out on this when they pursue style of argument.

Edit: I have a high-functioning autistic friend, and he has a tendency to do this as well. He's a friend, but it can be maddening.

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I think its a weird manifestation of the equal rights movement. Lots of kids have grown up hearing that men & women are equal, which they've incorrectly interpreted as there's no difference between men & women. Which is why they say insane things, like you can't tell someone's sex just by looking at them or not understanding physical differences in sports.

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I see your point, but I still think it's mainly a bad-faith argument technique. They seize on one part of the picture, like what genitals one has, but that's never an isolated issue. It's that, plus all the other details that don't fit.

For example, a friend of a friend is a trans woman. In terms of appearance, she passes well, but every time I talk to her, I become aware that I'm talking to someone who used to be a man. It's the things she's interested in and the directions she chooses to take in the conversation. She talks like a guy.

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every time I talk to her, I become aware that I'm talking to someone who used to be a man

He is still a man. That's like talking to someone who wears a cosplay costume full time. It's just a costume.

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For example, a friend of a friend is a trans woman. In terms of appearance, she passes well, but every time I talk to her, I become aware that I'm talking to someone who used to be a man. It's the things she's interested in and the directions she chooses to take in the conversation. She talks like a guy.

Felt the same way about most trans people I've met. If you talk to them long enough, no matter how well they pass, there come up little things that will always suggest they were socialized as the opposite sex (i.e. their birth sex), be it music choices, phrasing and word choice, the way they talk about other people, etc.

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Once had a conversation with a friend about a mutual acquaintance who was trans. My friend didn't know that. He said to me, "She sounds like she's mansplaining."

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YUP, among transwomen that's one of the biggest tells. They just... sound and act like men. That sort of crap was my peak trans moment. Thankfully I haven't had much experience with them outside of a few one-off acquaintances and the Internet; I've actually met more transmen, and they come off the opposite - like "guys" who hadn't been teen boys (and everything that comes with that) and who had a lot of suspiciously... female tastes in various things. As a GNC guy I get it, and it's usually only obvious after knowing, but still, I've definitely noticed a pattern there.

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who used to be a man

Yeah and I used to be human until I identified as parrot. Dude is and will always be a man.

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re: your edit, I don't think this is a coincidence. I don't think we entirely know why, but a huge percentage of trans people are on the autism spectrum, especially those on the activist side.

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Unhinged ugly rapist. Why are these men so open about their rape fetishes? Does pretending to be a woman give them an extra layer of social protection? People will still not believe how dangerous these degenerates are and continue to advocate for these monsters. What the fuck is wrong with society. Ugh.

Also his twitter bio is comedy gold:

Fae/Her Latina | BPD/Autistic Transfem Girlflux Bi Lesbian Post-Anarchist and Professional Hermetic Astrologer

By "professional astrologer" what he means is that he is are unemployed 😂😂😂 Also wtf is girlflux? I'm getting too old for this insanity

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Also wtf is girlflux? I'm getting too old for this insanity

I think that I was BORN too old for this insanity.

Also, "girlflux" (whatever the hell THAT is) reminds me of what "flux" used to mean, once upon a time... namely, dysentery. Come to think of it, this whole gender-plague might as well be bloody diarrhea; it's a sickness we need to cure, and is at least as gross.

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That's an amazing euphemism.

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They simply cannot comprehend that when there is a plan to interact with someone's genitals, the other party has a right to information. We aren't saying that they need to wear a badge to indicate that they're trans (besides, they often do that on their own) but your gentials are 100% someone else's business the moment there is an agreement for someone else to look at or touch your genitals. Waiting until you're already locked away in the bedroom is inexcuseable. The instant there is knowledge of the interaction, full disclosure is the right of potential victim

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They're basically doing a lot of work astroturfing in order to try and convince people that genitals are irrelevant when everyone knows they're damn important.

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I mean, unless the other person has stated that they are bisexual/pansexual, they are likely only interested in one sex to begin with. Not disclosing that you are not that sex immediately, knowing full well that they are not going to be attracted to you, is very dishonest. It doesn't have to go as far as genitals at all until the truth should come out.

[–]wafflegaffWoman. SuperBi. 7 insightful - 4 fun7 insightful - 3 fun8 insightful - 4 fun -  (0 children)

unless the other person has stated that they are bisexual

Intact standard-issue body parts (combined with a reasonable level of mental health and awareness of a plausible reality) matter just as much to us, thanks.

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"Fae/Her. Girlflux Bi Lesbian."


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I’ve never hate a word more than “bi lesbian.”

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I'm a straight gay.

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So brave and stunning.

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I have yet to hear of a female bisexual lesbian. They all seem to be trans so far.

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I've seen female ones on Her quite a bit, but maybe it depends on where you live?

[–]PatsyStone🚔Bisexual Sheriff 🤠 5 insightful - 1 fun5 insightful - 0 fun6 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

I wouldn't doubt it.

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Trans acceptance will not be complete until cis people are okay with the idea of not knowing what genitals their date has until they have sex.

Insane trans rapist wants to sexually coerce 99,99999% of the entire world's population.

This tweet is batshit insane, disturbing, disgusting and hilarious at the same time. How should that even work? By screeching on twitter? By threatening suicide?

And again yet another trans lunatic who thinks trans people are the centre of the universe and everyone has to obey them. Also there already ARE people who date trans people voluntarily but trans people call them chasers. No, It has to be people who aren't in any way attracted to them or even find them repulsive.

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If only there was some way for people to disclose what kind of genitals they're interested in so that trans people would know they're going after the wrong person. Something like, IDK, a woman saying she's a lesbian to indicate she's not interested in males?

Also, you can't have a fetish for genitals because genitals are inherently sexual. A fetish is always about something that's not inherently sexual, like those freaks who like feet.

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A fetish is always about something that's not inherently sexual, like those freaks who like feet.

Considering what I've seen on the internet recently, I would say that a feet fetish is kind of mundane in comparison.

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After encountering all the extra weird fetishes that seem to accompany TRAs, I still find foot fetishes gross, but so much better than other options. Whenever crazy TRA fetishes come up here I find myself thinking, “please just be a foot fetish. Please don’t let it be shitting on yourself, acting like a dog, torture, acting like a baby, or any of the other weird shit these people seem to like.”

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Foot fetish is the new vanilla

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genitals and sex characteristics are ultimately arbitrary and shouldn't matter

The trans community literally won't be happy until it kills the LGB community. I'm serious here; the goal of the trans community is not to shame homosexuals for being same sex attracted, and essentially kill same-sex (as well as opposite-sex) attraction as a distinction. To support the trans community is to accept the complete and utter destruction of the LGB community and the ability to say "no" to partners on the basis of sex.

Also, hilariously, this person refers to themselves as "a professional astrologer" as in their literal job description is to peddle bullshit to people and expect to be paid for it.

What a complete waste of oxygen this man is.

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Oh, so if the "cis" people he lusts after turn out to actually be "trans" when the clothes come off, and have genitals that are the opposite of what he'd been led to expect, ol' "Emerald-Rose" will just be cool with it, huh?


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Well, then if all of these things are so irrelevant, why should programs like Medicaid cover HRT and surgery? Edit: I say this as someone who knows (and cares about) an FTM person who has gotten the hormones, the mastectomy, is going to get facial implants to masculinize her features, all under California's MediCal program. Done, done, done, with hardly a hitch.

Meanwhile, this same person is trying to get a transcranial stimulation treatment in a desperate attempt to heal a lifelong anxiety/depression condition which has left her disabled, after all the SSRIs and mood stabilizers seem to have done nothing. Which is being balked at. I am baffled at why these cosmetic procedures are being greenlighted. After the proud top surgery photos are posted, the same lingering sadness comes to the surface again. The medical industry has thrown its hat in with Team Transition, while efforts to address actual mental health are bypassed as too risky or unreliable.

[–]julesburm1891 17 insightful - 1 fun17 insightful - 0 fun18 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child)

That’s the true question. Why should others have to fund your choices if they aren’t medically necessary and even you consider them irrelevant?

[–]Virginia_Plain 16 insightful - 2 fun16 insightful - 1 fun17 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)

And the contradiction is put right out in the open too. The newsletter for the queer group I was part of had this rant about how being trans was not a medical condition at all, followed by demands that all of their HRT and other transition costs be fully funded, as they would die without them.

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facial implants to masculinize her features, all under California's MediCal program. Done, done, done, with hardly a hitch.

I just hope she won't end up looking like handsome Squidward from Spongebob.

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They never have to explain the endless contradictions. They simply wave their hands & dismiss any responses as hate.

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"That means 3.1% of Americans identify as bisexual, 1.4% as gay, 0.7% as lesbian and 0.6% as transgender."

I knew that homosesual women were less than men and very few but if this survey is right, not wonder actualesbian looks like that

[–]VioletRemiCat, homosexual one 26 insightful - 1 fun26 insightful - 0 fun27 insightful - 1 fun -  (11 children)

Amount of lesbians decreased, but amount of transmen and different weird genders increased. Amount of gay men and lesbians should be around the same, it is just "being lesbian is very uncool and you can be bullied" nowadays in the USA.

[–]Elvira95Viva la figa 13 insightful - 9 fun13 insightful - 8 fun14 insightful - 9 fun -  (10 children)

Thanks for the insight, my hot wise girl

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Those stats are 100% cooked. There's no way there's as many transgender identified people as lesbians. That's just bullshit.

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it’s suspect whenever cis people hold trans people to an expectation to which they don’t hold their fellow cis people

I do expect my partners to have female genitalia, whether they're "cis" or trans. So as a lesbian, though I don't date trans men (because of the mental illness mainly), I would be sexually attracted to a trans man or a woman because they would both have female bodies. These people really do want to destroy sexual orientation until everyone is pansexual.