The future of USA and how liberals will always fuck women over by kt0998 in BlackPillFeminism

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Like I said, anywhere that still retains its white working class. Scotland and Northern Ireland are two English speaking countries that fit the bill, provided they free themselves from English rule before it’s too late. Northern Ireland is the most likely to do so and I expect it be part of Ireland again by the end of this decade.

I often see women posting porn(that looks really traumatizing n extremely humilaiting to the women) of themselves choking on their male pig dicks and those men ALWAYS have gross saggy dadbods, and those women often call themslevs worthless whroes. Is it a fucking mental ilness or some retardation by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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Female guppies with fewer neurons than average are less discriminatory in their mate selection. That is, they are more likely to breed with a male guppy that has subpar coloring or has other conformation issues than brainier female guppies.

Sooooo, yeah, women involved with ugly and/or physically or mentally unhealthy men are probably not very smart. And men have been selecting for stupid for generations...

What is this "sacred whore" and why do spirtual women love to talk about it like it's the highest expression of the divine feminine... It just... doesn't sit well with me... are there any spiritual women that are not pick-mes...? by Xxxpoxxx in BlackPillFeminism

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Sacred whores (the higher up ones, for sure) were/are cross-dressing, castrated males. Taking it up the ass for a goddess is accurate.

If these women really are spiritual, what do they think will be the outcome of continuously receiving sadistic/parasitic energy in its most creative form? Consent doesn't change what it is.

Misogyny in the Capitol: Among the insurrectionists, a lot of angry men who don't like women by Happy_face_caller in PinkPillFeminism

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How to tell if a source is fake news? It refers to what went down in DC as an insurrection, but never referred to what went down all summer as such.

To the meat of the article: Men inject misogyny into their disrespect of opponents when said opponents are women? No shit. Imagine going to bat for a wretched ghoul like Nancy Pelosi.

Oh wait, The author’s a scarf-wearing Rutgers poli sci professor. Her doctoral dissertation was “Politicizing Representation: Campaigns for Candidate Gender Quotas Worldwide” 😂. Her livelihood depends on her ability to finagle "women's issues" out of any scenario so she can write these useless pieces.

Newflash: the same families still rule us. Just because some of them change their name and backstory and get a boob job doesn't mean us commoner women have more representation. In fact, things have only gone downhill. Nancy Pelosi is from a mob family and had to trans her kids--sons Alexandra and Jaqueline at least--to move up.

If I made a discord for white BPF women, would anyone here want to join? by UnapologeticMisandry in BlackPillFeminism

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A Pink-Armed Ladies group? We can be PALs :P

Seriously though, I’d be interested! That you had to spend a whole paragraph repeating how white women having private discussions is not white supremacist, and how you wish it didn't have to come to this, says everything. What other group has to constantly grovel, apologize, and soothe their "allies" like we do?

The Questionable Link Between Saturated Fat and Heart Disease -- How Crisco Conspired with the American Medical Association to Sell More Polyunsaturated Oils by christine_grab in conspiracy

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Pastured meat, dairy, and egg yolks are all good sources of K2. I eat them plus cod livers (A + D3).

The Questionable Link Between Saturated Fat and Heart Disease -- How Crisco Conspired with the American Medical Association to Sell More Polyunsaturated Oils by christine_grab in conspiracy

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Modern vegetable oils and isolates will mess you up. They play a large part in the US’s ever increasing rates of endocrine and auto-immune disorders.

…butter, cheese and red meat should be avoided because they clog our arteries

Ignore this anti-West propaganda and eat your traditional diet.

Dad of 'Non-Binary' Teen Who "Calmly" Killed Mom Blames Sex-Segregated Mental Health Units for Teen's, Ex's Deaths | Women Are Human by Happy_face_caller in PinkPillFeminism

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Marc Thompson’s got one of those faces… I am not surprised his son was way fucked up.

Sorry Marc, but what your son did was unforgivable. I’m glad he had a suicidal bout while no one was watching. The world is a better place without him.

The Extreme Male Brain and The Extreme Female Brain by kt0998 in BlackPillFeminism

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Autism impairs a person’s ability to naturally pick up on or repeat social cues and physical movements of others. So it’s not that autism is an example of EMB, but that autistic males are effectively un(der)socialized, since they couldn't pick up prosocial behaviors from their mothers during those critical, early childhood developmental windows. You get to see a male mind with most of its default settings preserved.

Autistic females don’t have the same level of socialization issues or antisocial tendencies, since they start out with a prosocial brain. That’s why they were originally thought to not exist and are still underdiagnosed. Autistic females don’t act male, but instead aren’t as feminine, because not all of femininity is natural to females. Females may be naturally more empathetic, more accommodating, and less aggressive than males, but the rest of what’s categorized under femininity always struck me as aping the faggotry of follower males.

Your borderline description is also spot on for fags, yet they aren’t any more empathetic than other males. I think it’s more a follower dysfunction rather than an empathy dysfunction. Anxiety might be as well. I’ve heard that narcissism is the female version of psychopathy, but that sounds like it's related to the belief that women have childlike minds.

EDIT: typo

The future of USA and how liberals will always fuck women over by kt0998 in BlackPillFeminism

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My criteria for areas to move to boiled down to two things: Is its population largely native? Does it still have a native working class?

It was the replacement of American agricultural/blue collar workers with immigrant/illegal labor and overseas industry that sealed our fate. It was the excuse to open the floodgates. That, and the white collar workers/professionals now rely on this cheap, exploitable labor along with low interest loans, and investment portfolios to pretend to be rich: rent-a-maids, pre-made food, yearly vacations, yearly wardrobes, multiple properties, a big primary residence, etc. If they tried to defy the government they would be going against everything that made their way of life possible.


Ex-communist Europe is a mixed bag, some like Poland are anti-abortion and misogynist…

I’m not moving to any of those places, but honestly I’m over the abortion issue, and everywhere I’ve been in Europe isn't any more misogynistic than the US. Abortion is no longer a personal issue for me anyways, as I'm sterile.

It's not that I have moral qualms about abortion; to me, humans aren't human beings until they are sapient, and forced organ donation is wrong. However, I don't see abortion provided by medical institutions staying accessible. The pro-choice side has always had weak arguments and inconsistent lines drawn. Women will need to learn how to perform them in private, or get comfortable with accidental and inexplicable infant & young child deaths going back up. Guess which course of action will be more popular.


Japan where old grandmas walk alone at night in big cities with no problem, although these countries are sexist.

Yes, public areas in Japan are safe for Japanese women. And yes, it's very sexist (and racist) and not as safe behind closed doors or neighborhoods as Westerners imagine. Unfortunately for Japanese women, their government has started immigration reform.

I spent some of my childhood in Japan, and I’m sad to see this happen. Living there was an ambivalent experience, but it gave me the experience of being an outsider in a first world, non-Western, homogeneous society. That, followed by moving to a diverse area, inoculated me against the ideologies that have infected so many American whites.


Most women are biologically submissive and this will never change…I don’t have empathy left for these women, they will always reap what they sow…

I’ve come to the realization that—barring some truly bad luck—people get what they deserve (or maybe earned is a better word?) in life. I don’t mean that in a moral sense, necessarily. I mean in an obvious cause and effect sense. If you don’t have the smarts to figure out your situation or the willpower to go against the grain, and instead check out or surround yourself with excuses and let fate overtake you, then oh well. It sucks to suck.

The future of USA and how liberals will always fuck women over by kt0998 in BlackPillFeminism

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Since USA is now basically falling apart as a nation

The US fell apart as a nation years ago. Our country is an economic zone heading backwards into a more hellish version of the Victorian era. Factory towns, company money, work houses, and scabs are already here, and with globalists and transhumanism there will be no escape.

I saw the writing on the wall for white women this year, and am now in the middle of leaving for a part of Europe that ~fingers crossed~ has a decade or so left. Even before, I knew where the US was going, but I thought there'd be more time. The US is headed for violent conflict, definitely along ethnic lines. We all know what that means for women.


That so many women believe and invest in either political side really drives home to me how unusual it is for a woman to have a sense of dignity. Too many women get off on suffering. Well, they'll soon be living in a second world shithole with all that entails for women. I expect feminists will complain, maybe even attend a march, but they won't harm a hair on a single man's head and will rationalize their new restrictions as more empowering than the old Western ones. Check out s/ppf for a recent example of this featuring veiling!

A lot of the US (like where I live) has been second world for awhile, and most of the white women who can't afford a house elsewhere not only accept it, they defend it. All while still believing that our previous standard of living can come back. Maybe if we solve America's most pressing issue--white supremacists per the feds--her magic dirt will be recharged?


There will also be women trying to "live free" by joining way-off-the-grid communes/compounds. These usually (always?) descend into open polygamy, incest, and pedophilia, since that's what unfettered men do, and I can see American Taliban bro types making up most of these places' male populations.


There is no positive future for women in America or other western countries.

Where do you see a positive future for women? It seems to me like we're entering into a global dark age.


Another incoming fact of life for American women is the increasing percentage of us who are chronically ill. Following that, the increasing percentage of our children who are some flavor of not-so-bright or spazzy. There are already a lot of Gen A kids who by today's standards are normal, but by 90s standards are learning disabled.

r/AskWomen is besoming crazy as well by Lingenfelter in GenderCritical

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Stop using Reddit!

College Bathrooms by hippiepotomus in GenderCritical

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That building no longer has any women-only restrooms? Sounds like a building code violation, at least it is for office buildings. I'd report it to the proper local authority and convince other women to do the same.

OK Cupid surveyed their members by jet199 in PinkPillFeminism

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What I'm getting from this is at the very least, women should stay away from online dating and dating apps.

Natural reproduction as the basis for female oppression by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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Nature is brutal. I personally believe this world is a type of hell.

You have to be very sheltered or lucky to think the natural way is the "good" way, and that's what the mother-goddess feminist types are. None of them stick with it when the reality of nature hits them with a body that can't survive pregnancy or childbirth without medical intervention, or with a baby that comes out defective.

Male mammals are just as antisocial and brutal towards females as human males are, no envy needed. They are mutants whose bodies were altered from the female base template to better fight and rape.

TIM Blaire White claims to "no longer have DNA" due to taking androgen-blockers and cross-sex hormones by MarkTwainiac in GenderCritical

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Hey, if gender == sex, then why not DNA == gametes? /s

Anyway, here is yet another case of "trannies reproduce via abuse."

I dont care about any moids, including black moids. A rant by UnapologeticMisandry in BlackPillFeminism

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I wrote anti-gay, not anti-lesbian. Lesbians are called gays the same way women are called guys.

Lesbians defend gays over straight women, even claiming that straight women oppress these men to shut down discussion. They defend their male counterparts from criticism by out-group women same as every other group of women does. Women treat female as a modifier, not as its own identity.

An American Surrogate Had His Baby. Then Coronavirus Hit. by bluetinfoilhat in GenderCriticalUSA

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Stranger surrogacy is vile, and yet so many gay men feel entitled to it.

Some irony from a surrogacy attorney:

I have to be honest, I’m annoyed, frustrated and a little angry that the State Department can’t simply adopt a fix for this and let these babies get passports,” Pope said.

It’s like seriously… do you just not care? What does it take to make you care?” she added. “These are human beings.

This is evil:

And [birth mother] was worried about bonding too much with a baby she knew she’d eventually have to give away—a well-known issue for surrogate mothers, and one of the reasons that most intended parents require them to sign strict contracts.

“And then, a week before I’m due, it’s: ‘Can you take care of my baby?’”

Poor baby.

‘I Can’t Focus on Abortion Access if My People Are Dying’ by bluetinfoilhat in GenderCriticalUSA

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My god, the number of self-centered dumbfucks in this article is shocking.

Study: "Men respond more aggressively than women to stress and it's all down to a single gene". Men - not women - are the ones who cannot control their emotions. And it seems like high testosterone levels come with low impulse control. (Might partly explain women's self-destructive dating patterns.) by _Moon_ in BlackPillFeminism

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Another difference between men and women: women cry more easily. Crying is self-soothing and reduces stress hormones, which also helps reign in emotions.

I dont care about any moids, including black moids. A rant by UnapologeticMisandry in BlackPillFeminism

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You are spot on with the intersectionality point. Black women will bring up racism as an excuse to shit on non-black women, lesbians will bring up anti-gay sentiment to shit on non-lesbian women, lower class women will bring up classism to shit on middle or upper class women, etc. Intersectionality gives them an out for their misogyny and a way to shut down on unflattering discussions about their men. Don’t forget a lot of these women are or want to be boymoms.

I don’t think it matters if women get along, though. Men don’t rule because they all get along, they rule because they are not averse to violence and killing.

As for arguing about privilege, just ignore it altogether. In fact, you should consider “privilege talk” to be a yellow flag. It exists to shut down a conversation and dehumanize the opponent. The various unearned buffs and nerfs of someone’s life are far too complex to boil down to (outdated) American class/sex/orientation/race dynamics.

Infighting and oppression olympics seem to be an inevitable consequence of leftwing movements, and today’s feminism is a leftwing ideology. Basically, the biggest loser wins. Don’t mistake my take as pro-rightwing. Women end up as an auxiliary group fighting for scraps no matter what political movement they join.

Why do you accept that sex is relevant to behavioral tendencies, but not race (or ethnicity to be more accurate)? Do you think that over thousands of years of environmental and cultural selection pressures, genetic drift and bottlenecks, and even hybridization with different archaic humans, that traits related to brain development and function would be the one thing to remained unchanged?

I dont care about any moids, including black moids. A rant by UnapologeticMisandry in BlackPillFeminism

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Karen Attiah is a textbook example. She posted that pic, too.

The sex binary is not a ‘Western construct,’ gender identity is by BiologyIsReal in GenderCritical

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I can only think of one instance where women were allowed to be "men." It was somewhere in Eastern Europe, and it was restrictive and developed to allow a family to survive until a male was produced to take over again. Maybe there was something in Indonesia, but I can't remember if it was a recent development...

Otherwise, third genders are dumping grounds for men who aren't masculine enough.

Yesterday Mara Gomez became Argentina’s first transgender footballer to play professionally in their top women’s division. by MinisterOfTerfery in GenderCritical

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How embarrassing for this team. The management is spitting in the face of every female player on it.

Being a blackpilled woman starter pack (from r/BlackPillFeminism) by WhyDoesHeDoThat in BlackPillFeminism

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The only thing missing is most women happily turning on the outliers who dare to live their life without being a pair of tits between three holes for a man.

Believing that men can be fixed with "therapy" and "mindfulness" is like believing that herbs and spices can cure cancer. It comes from the same naive bullshit esoteric mindset that is so common among women. by _Moon_ in BlackPillFeminism

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These women keep projecting their humanity onto men. Males are literally degenerate, mutant females.

Saddened by the non-binary / theybie trend by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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At what point is a woman gender-non-conforming? Which trumps: behavior, presentation, or life outcome? Most publicly visible GNC women seem like reactionary snowflakes, so it's not surprising where they end up.


Try transhumanism

Study that proves that Transgenderism is real (Supposedly) by Kai_Decadence in GenderCritical

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If you believe that the brain and body are distinct from one another, you are wrong. It doesn't matter if a brain shows up as "feminine" (bullshit, maybe a few parts) by contemporary measures, the rest of the man's body--with its nerves, hormones, neurotransmitters, fetal hormone exposure, plus the Y chromosome in every cell--isn't.

What's the Difference Between BDSM and Abuse? The patterns are remarkably similar, but BDSM advocates claim "consent" makes it all okay by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I reject cultural relativism. BDSM is the contemporary version of wife beating, at least in the US 🙄.

I hate how they speak like they think they are making sense : PedoLogic by Happy_face_caller in PinkPillFeminism

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I know people with these views really do exist and have these conversations, but my brain keeps automatically assuming they must be bots or bait. Imagine how socially isolated and low empathy someone would have to be to openly discuss dropping the age of consent to toddlers.

No normal person can tolerate the presence of pedos. Only another predator would try to rationalize, humanize, or otherwise destigmatize pedos.

Master Card Says Using a Credit Card Is "Scary" for Trans & Enbies, Coz None of 'Em Thought to Use Just An Initial Instead of First Name by MarkTwainiac in GenderCritical

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For many transgender & non-binary people, using their card can be scary because the name doesn’t match how they identify


MasterCard implying trans are mentally incompetent, lol.

Hate Crime Bill would affect freedom of speech in transgender debate – comment by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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It’s almost like hate speech and hate crime laws are a trojan horse 🙄

Scottish people need to wake the fuck up and that miserable Yousaf needs to be fed pigshit until dead.

I was watching The Queen's Gambit and immediately noticed the man posing as a female in the first episode. (Very minor spoilers.) by Nonime in GenderCritical

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There have always been trans people in the entertainment industry. Now because of greater acceptance, some of the less passable ones can admit to what they are and still have a career as a performer.

"Female-founded" company launched ad to belittle professional women. Ha ha So funny. /s. NOT by missdaisycan in PinkPillFeminism

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Co-CEO Heather Hasson claims to have pulled someone off of Wall Street as she started her business out of the trunk of her car? Bullshit. In fact, her story and this article smell like burning plastic.

Related: Ms. Hasson has impressively sized, hands, wrists, neck, jaw, and a huge face in general. However, her hips, not so much…

Black man is mad he can't get away with rape like Donald Trump does, because of racism! Also the permanent fear all men have over being accused of rape, I swear men don't worry about actual women being raped as much as they think about what improbable hypothetical evil can women do to them.Lunatics! by imafreespirit in PinkPillFeminism

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Plenty of black sportsball players/actors/politicians/agitators' histories show this man's statement to be false. If you are among, are related to, or support those who rule, then you can get away with murder.

This man is very envious of the top dogs and what they are able to do to the rest of us.

What is our opinion on islam spreading to the west? by fivetrees222 in BlackPillFeminism

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Against it, and any practitioner or supporter of it. Islam is evil after all.

It's a true, demonic mind virus that goes against human decency; it shouldn't be tolerated anywhere.

Former doctor who spied on a 15-year-old taking a shower avoids jail by Lady_Montgomery in BlackPillFeminism

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No matter how smart or helpful a man may seem, he cannot be trusted around women and girls. Men are ruled by their sex drive; they talk about their urges as if they were as critical as eating, sleeping, and breathing. Combine this with their sexual entitlement and you end up with a piggish creep stupidly using a kid to scratch an itch.

Fielden had taken steps himself to address his offending behaviour by having counselling.

What would counseling accomplish? He threw caution to the wind because his judgment was clouded by the sight of a naked girl triggering his natural urges. Men literally get stupid around women (and girls) they are sexually attracted to. If having his public life ruined isn’t enough to limit his libido around strangers, then counseling is pointless.

Culprit Behind 2nd “Nth Room” Sex Abuse Case Revealed to Be a 12-Year-Old Boy in Elementary School by green_olive in BlackPillFeminism

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Since the boy is underage, he won’t be punished for the crime

The damage these boys inflict is intentional, it’s what gets them off and reinforces their behavior. Imagine what they are like to their female peers.

Bad seeds and irreparable mental damage exist and should be taken seriously no matter the age of the offender. A maximum of 2 years in juvie with no criminal record is laughable. These demons' mothers should clean up the messes they shat out onto the world, but that’s never going to happen.

The One Thing All Men Can Agree On by CosmicFarmPrisoner in BlackPillFeminism

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I laughed when I got to that comment; it has to be a troll. No one with those credentials would work as a lowly automotive engineer.

Mediocre, male morons lap this nonsense up. Their contempt for women boils down to their repressed homosexuality and belief that had mommy only served them better, they would have succeeded in life.

Why are women usually the ones who are really into gender theory? by sickofit in GenderCritical

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Yes. I’m basing my claim off of knowing the differences between male and female bodies.

Can we talk about Netflix "Cuties"? Men--dads--tell me it's no big deal by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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People are still falling for the “it’s art!”, “it’s supposed to make you uncomfortable!” excuse? “A WOC made it! Context!” Apparently black women are incorruptible? Disgusting.

Look at the industry this came from. It’s obviously part of the greater push to normalize pedophilia.

Americans, how angry do you want to get today? by BEB in GenderCritical

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What an accurate picture of how left-wing politics operates in this country XD!

Why are women usually the ones who are really into gender theory? by sickofit in GenderCritical

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Most people don’t deep dive the causes they support; they listen to the sales pitch and what the news says and believe it. Women who support trans may have no experience with them and are going off of what they've been told. Or they are deep in the queer kool-aid and are now more ideologue than person. They aren’t thinking about the consequences--they don't think there will be any--just that they are being good allies and sticking up for another oppressed group.

The normalization of trans has also been going on for longer than you think: look up pictures of Happy Rockefeller for starters.

Reddit really is full of pedos. A young age of consent is nothing to be proud of. by Number5IsAlive in GenderCritical

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Why do you think I hate men? I wrote about my observations, not my feelings. Based on Webster’s definition, I am not a misandrist because I do not hate men. However, if you feel my observations are hateful, then to you I am a misandrist.

To you, freedom of speech is a privilege, not a right?

What does opposing misogyny have to do with opposing misandry?

Being referred to as "Transphobic", do you just accept the label? by Kai_Decadence in GenderCritical

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Anti-trans would work.

Being referred to as "Transphobic", do you just accept the label? by Kai_Decadence in GenderCritical

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-phobia being used to describe a hatred, not an actual fear is Orwellian. Phobia was repurposed despite the existence of -ist and miso- because phobia implies the target is silly, abnormal, and irrational. There is gaslighting built into its new usage.

So ignore the label, but think about what this means for the people who use it. You aren't going to have many worthwhile discussions with them.

Reddit really is full of pedos. A young age of consent is nothing to be proud of. by Number5IsAlive in GenderCritical

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What definition of misandry are you using? Why does your support of freedom of speech rest upon my agreement with your definition and why is it relevant?

The One Thing All Men Can Agree On by CosmicFarmPrisoner in BlackPillFeminism

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This thread from top to bottom has it all. There is no point debating with men. This is an increasingly popular site with various male groups—some at odds with one another—participating. Yet of course, there is one subject they can all agree on.

American women are fucked. Pick which flavor of shit you’d like on your sandwich: mongrel communism or American Taliban.

All men hate women by green_olive in PinkPillFeminism

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A man being an out and proud feminist is a red flag for being a craven sex pest. Why else would a man support mainstream feminism other than easy access to troubled girls? Civilization as we know it comes from the exploitation of women by men. Thus if feminism were to succeed, it would destroy civilization. Men's quality of life (by their own reckoning, not ours) would plummet.

Reddit really is full of pedos. A young age of consent is nothing to be proud of. by Number5IsAlive in BlackPillFeminism

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I remember on the old sub someone linked to a study showing that no matter what age range men claimed to find most attractive, their gazes lingered the longest on young teens (11-14?).

Does anyone have a link to it?

ACLU Free Speech Hypocrisy by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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The long march through the institutions has been a resounding success.

ACLU Free Speech Hypocrisy by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Look at the photos of these people! Trust your gut.

Reddit really is full of pedos. A young age of consent is nothing to be proud of. by Number5IsAlive in GenderCritical

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Men are animals with no little to no desire to evolve. Even among men who despise and want to kill pedophiles, the discussion often degrades into quibbling over the age cutoff. Over half of them will argue that having sex with younger teens is fine, and in the past, perfectly normal and natural. They believe that once a girl starts developing breasts she is no longer really a child and it isn’t perverse to be sexually attracted to her. Despite all of the still childish traits, physical and mental. Despite how due to those immaturities, she would still be damaged by adult sexual attention.

They will throw up distractions, like "What about an 18 year old and a 16 year old???" to seem reasonable. When I was in college, there was an 18-year-old guy from a small farming community who readily admitted to having a 13-year-old fiancée whom he would marry after graduation. He didn’t realize the general population would find that strange, and other than being seen as a bit weird it did not impact his ability to make friends. Then of course there are tons of cases of 20-something guys preying upon younger teens while local men do nothing.

It seems for a lot of men, their hatred of pedophiles is the same as their hatred of homos: they don’t want to consciously admit something about themselves.

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Are male vs female rape equal? by Maryam in PinkPillFeminism

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You are correct, a woman getting raped is a much bigger deal and has worse short-term and longterm consequences for the victim.

Society does not focus on male rape because men don’t care about it. Most men joke about prison rape and female teacher & male student scandals, and don’t really think about a woman “forcibly enveloping” an unwilling man. In the Royal Navy back when teens could deploy, it was a joke and an introduction to manhood for the older guys to drag a virgin boy kicking and screaming off the ship and pay a hooker to fuck him. They’d make a game out of it, like find the “biggest, blackest hooker in Brooklyn” to do the job (yes, this is a real example). Other groups of men did and do this too. Men only started caring about male rape once women got political about female rape. Just like men only started caring about aborted babies after women started getting political about our status as chattel.

I’ll join you in having another controversial opinion about rape. Men cannot be raped. They can be sexually assaulted and sodomized, but not raped. Rape exists even among animals, though it has been renamed sexual coercion. It is a reproductive strategy males use to counter choosy females. Men and boys don’t only rape to reproduce, but that is where the urge comes from and pregnancy is the ultimate way in which they control women and girls.

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Are men essentially dumb AIs? by Fel in PinkPillFeminism

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You are definitely on to something, but I take the spiritual route. I believe that the Y chromosome is demonic, and that males are literally monstrous, spiteful mutants that exist to create more suffering for life on Earth. With humans, this has accelerated with the rise of agriculture and we all are now left with smaller brains and statures.

Unfortunately, even if men were replaced tomorrow with a better gene mixer, the damage they've wrought with radiation and plastics would take generations to fix. We still would not be free from their harm so long as we stayed on Earth.

A swedish woman asks college students if she can be a man and then asks if she can be Japanese. Double-think ensues. by LasagnaRossa in GenderCritical

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Gotta get those good boy/good girl points! It's no different than supporters of masking, or of 21st century Western democracies for that matter.

So fucking pathetic. One mod from saidit's PPF (Happy_face_caller) NAMALTS her own dad then doubles down and says men of colour can't be pedos because their coloured. by hunther in BlackPillFeminism

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“Dad of Color”, “you miss your dads dick”, “coomer” I can’t take this seriously XD. For her sake I hope she is a teenager.

Awful Pink Pill Watch scrote claims "women can't raise children correctly without men" by Number5IsAlive in BlackPillFeminism

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What a bitter, little chode. He believes that women are bigger abusers, rapists, and society destroyers than men. Men who created and invented everything! What evil bitches!!!

Men who believe that "only through proper husbandry can human society function" are irredeemable.

These types of stories from women who date men aren't cute or funny, they're pathetic. I understand being young and naive, but past a certain point take responsibility for your choices. by green_olive in BlackPillFeminism

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Why on Earth would she publicly admit to this? Shameless and stupid.