Transgender prisoners are five times more likely to carry out sex attacks on inmates at women’s prisons than other prisoners are, official figures show. by Happy_face_caller in PinkPillFeminism

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Trannys deserve a lot of hate but they wouldn't be able to hurt so many women without other men backing them up. Don't underestimate how sadistic men are. Part of the reason they're so willing to transfer men to women's prisons is because they know it wil cause more women to be raped.

I hate men so so fucking much by Maryam in PinkPillFeminism

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I'll never understand how a woman can see for herself how violent, sadistic and pedophilic men are and then go give birth to a son.

The History of "Gender" by gattifw in GenderCritical

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John Money wasn't the first one to use the term gender identity. There were other male sexologists before him who also talked about it.
The concept of gender identity was invented by a bunch of men and has nothing to do with feminism. But men spend a lot of time trying to convince women that gender identity exists and that it's a necessary component for feminism.

This ejaculator saw one 17 year old girl on tiktok with radfem patches on her jeans and he's been very pressed about it since. by alttrawl in GenderCritical

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Men are always longing to yell at and abuse women and will look for any excuse to do so. He was already angry at women and when he saw that the woman was wearing an item of clothing that he disliked he allowed himself to lash out.
And handmaidens who think men believing TWAW will end male violence against women should look at this video. This man is just as eager to beat up women as any right wing man or religious man.

This ejaculator saw one 17 year old girl on tiktok with radfem patches on her jeans and he's been very pressed about it since. by alttrawl in GenderCritical

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It's not the gender identity we have a problem with. It's the fact that they're men.

I’m confused by these stories of post-op TIMs going to gynecologists??? by catawampus in GenderCritical

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You're right. Why would a doctor who specializes in female genitalia examine a man's tube of penis skin?

Is anyone else having issues with Ovarit crashing? Chapo chat discovered us and threatened to doxx. by iguanidae in GenderCritical

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Can I have an invite code too please?

Reddit strikes again. Fascist trans people?? But that never happens by Immortallogic in GenderCritical

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And according to them having a womb has nothing to do with being a woman so why would a TIM need a womb?

Cum-for-brains father teaches his 2-year old daughter to make a facial expression originating from hentai by green_olive in PinkPillFeminism

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Men shouldn't be allowed around children

I find it weird men say how they are not going to protect us anymore as if they have ever been these great safe protectors women could rely on. by slayeroftruth in PinkPillFeminism

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die by the tens of millions

Men admit they can't even protect themselves but still try to sell themselves as protectors of women

A blue check saying that WOC are masculine so it is RACIST to believe transwomen are not women and only RACISTS feel that way... This makes me feel amazing as a black woman! by throwawayfuckreddit in GenderCritical

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TIMs don't look like masculine women. They look like the men they are.

How the social role of being a wife makes women depressed by WhyDoesHeDoThat in GenderCritical

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Men's lives don't change when they get married. Married men complaining about how they have to work is laughable because all adults have to go to work whether they're single or married. The only real thing that's expected of men is that they remain monogamous and many of them can't even do that.

How the social role of being a wife makes women depressed by WhyDoesHeDoThat in GenderCritical

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"Nobody has said to our young women who are getting married: you are entering an institution with rules that are as strict as the rules of the seminary or the rules of of the church or the rules of the military"

"the institution of marriage was not designed for women it was designed for the well-being of men and children and the person who was to oversee the well-being of men and children was the wife. There isn't a character in marriage whose job it is to make sure that wives are getting their hot lunch you know, there isn't that caring so we all say I wish I had a wife"

Why women should stop having children by Deborrah Cooper by WhyDoesHeDoThat in PinkPillFeminism

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"It is my contention that every woman in the world of childbearing age should immediately get her tubes tied, or get on birth control of the highest quality, and stay on it for the duration of her childbearing years. Apparently, most men are not qualified mentally to handle the responsibility, obligations nor constraints associated with fatherhood, to have the emotional intelligence to understand the need to be kind and respectful to their children and the mothers of said children. Nor do they possess the intelligence and financial acumen to understand the fiscal and emotional costs of raising a child to adulthood.

No, it appears that the majority of men in the world are too stupid to deserve to be fathers, and therefore this is a privilege that women should unilaterally deny them."

Why did you all need to migrate? Its not like reddit is kicking you out. by cutenoobies in GenderCynical

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Many feminists, GC or not, and even women in general think men can be changed. Meaning, men can stop being men (raping, abusing, killing women) and become nonviolent like women. What needs to be done to change men depends on the woman's political or philosophical standpoint. Right wing women think that if men just become god-fearing christians then men will stop being violent. Left wing women think if men embrace socialism then men will stop being violent. And women who are TRA believe that if men accept trans identities then men will stop being violent. None of this is true of course, since christian men, socialist men and TRA men still abuse and kill women.

This idea of changing men is also used to control women. Women, not matter their political affiliation, all want to be safe from male violence. And men dangle this safety in front of women like a carrot to get her to do what he wants. Right wing men tell women if they're good loyal christian wives they'll be safe from male violence. Left wing men tell women if they help the socialist party get in power she'll be safe from male violence. And TRAs tell women if they just believe TWAW then she'll be safe from male violence. Haven't you heard this reasoning yourself from TRAs? That if everyone just accepted TWAW then female oppression would just magically vanish. But men can't change. Men are just as violent no matter their beliefs or their view of transpeople. Women want to blame male violence on politics, religion, upbringing, transphobia to avoid facing the real reason for male violence: Maleness.

Many GC women are guilty of the same denial about men. They think it's transgenderism that makes these men hate women so violently. It's not. It's the fact that they're men, and men hate women.

Why did you all need to migrate? Its not like reddit is kicking you out. by cutenoobies in GenderCynical

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Because men are biologically programmed to hate and control women. The women on reddit are now under control, they are only allowed to describe womanhood in a way men approve of. Men have always feared women thinking for themselves. Every man, in every country, throughout history. Men believe women were put on Earth to serve men. Beliefs in how a woman should serve men might differ. A right wing man might believe women are obligated to obey their husbands. A left wing man might think women are obligated to make him feel like a woman. But at it's core men are entitled and hate women for not giving them what they want.
The satisfaction a man gets when he beats up a woman for misgendering him is the same satisfaction a taliban gets when he beats up a woman for going to university. Both of them are retribution for the woman who refuses to submit to male control.

TIM uses the power of science to defend gender. by LoganBlade in GenderCritical

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How can he know other sexes existed if there's no proof of it?

The foojoshi by WhyDoesHeDoThat in Troll_GC

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They start identifying as gay transmen and then complain about straight girls fetishizing gay men. I've seen it happen.

Woman's boyfriend cheats on her with 14/15 year old girl. Reminder that every single moid dreams of fucking 14 year olds. If you're over 20 years old and you have a nigel, I guarantee he'd secretly rather fuck a 14 year old than you. by nonpenishaver in PinkPillFeminism

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Absolutely no men are an exception. The only reason men don't live out this behavior more often is because we now have laws protecting underage girls. But laws don't change men. Men are the same as they've always been, and if all laws vanished tomorrow men would start marrying 12 year old girls again just like they did hundreds of years ago.

r/GenderCynical doing what it can to get rid of gay people on Reddit by Cacator in GenderCritical

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She thinks they let her down HAHAHA! As if gay people owe your straight ass anything.

The sub that mass reported us now goes after gay men..... by RadioSilence in GenderCritical

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The gendercult thinks biological sex was invented by white people too.

When men are better at being women then women. by Eurowoman24 in GenderCritical

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I think that guy is trying to troll but many TIMs have the same mentality. This is why I don't understand handmaidens kissing the asses of these men. They look down on women. They will never view their handmaidens as an equal. They think women's understanding of womanhood and feminism is inferior. Men will always view themselves as smarter, wiser and more knowledgable compared to women simply by being born male. Because men hate women and this doesn't magically go away just because the man has a gender identity.

And yes they do get angry when a woman doesn't view herself or her opinion as inferior. Even worse, when she doesn't care about his opinion at all and values her own opinion above everyone elses. The woman who doesn't defer to men have always been viewed as a hostile invader in patriarchy.

The sub that mass reported us now goes after gay men..... by RadioSilence in GenderCritical

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That comment accusing the gay man of being white reminds me of hoteps who claim homosexuality was invented by white people.

Burning the witch because she dared say sex is real by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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They're burning biology books in 2020 as well

Left progressive and right traditional men are the same by [deleted] in PinkPillFeminism

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Don't fall for potential. It's the same way an abusive man promises his wife he will change but he never does. Promises aren't good for me. Show me a right wing man who want to make it easier for a woman to live without a man.

Hm I wonder why?? by Ayeemmaperson in PinkPillFeminism

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Men are not leaders, they are followers. Even in run-down ghettos men form gangs so they'll be able to submit and take orders.

"Imagine if the public knew about TERFs, so many people would take their side." by yousaythosethings in GenderCritical

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And somehow all men all across the globe and human history are socialized to act the same way. Even cultures that have never had contact with each other, they all beat their wives, rape women and use their daughters as trade chips to form alliences with other men.

"Imagine if the public knew about TERFs, so many people would take their side." by yousaythosethings in GenderCritical

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Men know this hurts women, and they like it

This is the truth most women don't want to face. They think if they just explan for the millionth time why we don't want men in women's spaces these men will finally understand and leave us alone. The fact that it hurts women is the reason they do it. They enjoy it. They get a sadistic pleasure out of putting women in their place and showing them who's the boss just like men have been doing for thousands of years.

Worth taking a peek at, if you were wondering why "trans women" seem to hate women so much. by puffball in GenderCritical

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They hate us because they're men and we're women.

[Serious] Why can people almost always tell someone's sex? by GCSeedling in GenderCritical

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Women live in a world full of sadistic predators. We have to be able to pick them out in order to survive.

Left progressive and right traditional men are the same by [deleted] in PinkPillFeminism

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Men's "respect" for women is always conditional in that women must submit to men and serve him and his ideology. All men believe some women deserve to be beaten and raped regardless of his politics. Some men think women who wear short skirts deserve to be raped, some men think lesbians deserve to be beaten up and some men think radical feminists who don't respect trannies deserve to be beaten up. Men think they have the authority to punish women he feels are misbehaving and then will try to convince the woman that she deserved it. The only women that men think deserve to live free of violence are the ones that completely give up ownership of their life to men.

Don't think they won't turn on you too, handmaidens by gparmesan in GenderCritical

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Grown people who bend over backwards in order to be liked by other people are just sad.

Don't think they won't turn on you too, handmaidens by gparmesan in GenderCritical

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What do they even get out of it. No matter how much they hate on other women and grovel at the feet of TIMs these men still hate their guts. Handmaidens still get shouted down and talked over by men and told to shut up and do more to help men. It doesn't make these women and their daughters safer, they still can't go out at night, they're still at risk of being raped and assaulted.

All they have is a stamp of approval from the transcult which is completely worthless. by lairacunda in GenderCritical

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Shine a light on the cockroaches and they scatter

Remember when liberal feminists hated Twilight because it romanticizes abuse? by WhyDoesHeDoThat in GenderCritical

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It's not a coincidence that the whole girldick and bathroom debate really started gaining traction after MeToo. That was a huge movement of woman banding together and standing up for their boundaries and men reacted with a movement to tear them down.

Now libfems are occupied with being liked by men or in other words, making sure men don't think they're TERFs.

Another ban wave just happened. by [deleted] in MeanwhileOnReddit

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r/terfisaslur, r/GenderCriticalGuys, and r/LGBDroptheT all just got banned by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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"how do I report these women talking amongst themselves on a different site" by gparmesan in GenderCritical

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Because transgenderism is a violent misogynistic ideology invented by men to try to control women. All male bullshit men come up with has to do with controlling women, what they do and what they think. There is no male ideology that encourages women to go against men or to be able to live free without men. There's no male ideology that encourages men to listen to women. In transgenderism this is very apparent since men are the ultimate authority on what a woman is and women are supposed to nod and accept everything the man says and any woman who doesn't agree with the man is evil.

Their biggest horror is women thinking and discussing things on their own without men there to bombard them with male bullshit and tell them how everything they say is wrong, mean and evil. Men are desperate to steer them in the direction of men and male thought patterns.

These men are entitled AS FUCK. They not only want our spaces but also our bodies and thoughts.

Interesting temporising by Stephen King by Camberian in GenderCritical

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Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) got chased off twitter for saying the same thing.

Why sex segregation=racial segregation is so ridiculous, literally no one believes it. by spinningIntelligence in GenderCritical

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Perfecly ok with women being raped or even killed but god forbid a man has his feelings hurt. How the fuck do they even call themselves feminist.

Radical feminism might as well be antifeminist. - by Knaz16 by WhyDoesHeDoThat in BlackPillFeminism

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Reformist radfems should still support seperatism. Even if men can be reformed it's not women's job to devote all their time and energy to help men become better people. Men can do that on their own if they're capable like reformists think. Until men figure out how to act like people, women and girls should stay away from men to keep ourselves safe.

"how do I report these women talking amongst themselves on a different site" by gparmesan in GenderCritical

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They demand total obedience. Women walking around having her own toughts and her life not revolving around serving men and his gender identity sends them into a tailspin.

"how do I report these women talking amongst themselves on a different site" by gparmesan in GenderCritical

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Transgestapo lol that's great

Does anyone have r/BlackPillFeminism archived? by genradfem in BlackPillFeminism

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