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TRUTH. You can't say that anywhere of course. Well except on here.

I give zero fucks about so-called "oppressed males": they're rapist, sadistic and violent like all males. In my experience, way more than white men who, let's remember, aren't the majority of males on this planet. Women who insist white men are the worst are self-centered and clearly haven't travelled at all. Or haven't thought about things very deeply. Why would men be any different outside of the US? (the default country per usual)

Go to any non-western country and see how men behave. You'll change your mind FAST. More likely, the cognitive dissonance will be too big, they'll decide to stay blind.

I agree about the race bullshit but I don't see women as sisters either. Most women are complicit. Especially heterosexual women who hate lesbians and who suck men's dick at every turn. Why on earth should I consider them sisters when the reason we still live in a patriarchy is because they keep fucking men and birthing boys? Fuck them. Don't care about the color of their skin: they will always side with their men instead of other women.

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Extremely based. I guess what I mean is that I want to see all women as sisters, but most cannot be saved because the desire to breed is more evolutionary important to our species than unity with other females. That's innate in most organisms so I'm definitely not expecting it to change. Doesn't mean we can't rage about it though. What pisses me off is seeing it in "feminist" groups where ideally it wouldn't exist but of course it does.

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but most cannot be saved because the desire to breed is more evolutionary important to our species than unity with other females.

Biology is the root of female oppression and submissiveness.

What pisses me off is seeing it in "feminist" groups where ideally it wouldn't exist but of course it does.

Exactly. Mainstream feminism is a joke nowadays. Libfems rant about how pregnancy and childbirth are what makes women powerful. Blatant ignorance, imo. Had women not been burdened with tearing apart their bodies to let this fucked up species continue, oppression and submissiveness would plummet.

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Being an asian woman, I can totally confirm that most brown men are entitled creeps who view women as nothing more than sex objects and birthing machines.

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Women have a love/hate Daddy-issue relationship with white men. They hate daddy for being such a meanie, but they also want him to put them over his knee and give them a good spanking. And this is also - if not even ESPECIALLY - the case among feminist and non-white women. The "me on Twitter; vs me IRL" attitude is a meme at this point:

All these BLM weirods on Twitter who """ironically""" call themselves "the white man's whore", etc.

And I think one of the reasons why they are so full of hatred for white women is that white women are statistically much more likely, of course, to have a relationship with a white man.

Mainstream feminism is nothing but a love/hate daddy-issue relationship with white men. Which is one of the reasons why it's so fucking useless. You cannot even talk about bread-and-butter issues like street harassment with them because when it comes to street harassment and catcalling, black and brown men are much worse, aggressive, violent, and stalkerish than white and yellow men.

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Yeah but if you call that out it's racism somehow, even though I have no problem with black or brown women; I see them as my sisters but they will never see me as the same. I just can't stand their men. If they were paying attention they wouldn't be able to stand them either. White men are absolute degenerates just like the rest but your own eyes will show you that brown and black men are even worse by how they treat the women they're around. I'm not going to baby my own group of smegs but I am likewise sure as hell not about to baby an even more degenerate group of smegs. Black men can solve their own problems. They aren't entitled to the emotional labor of any women including white women.

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Specially u/happy_face_caller likes spanking from white liberal daddys

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I will spank them, in the head for being turds

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Karen Attiah is a textbook example. She posted that pic, too.

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You are spot on with the intersectionality point. Black women will bring up racism as an excuse to shit on non-black women, lesbians will bring up anti-gay sentiment to shit on non-lesbian women, lower class women will bring up classism to shit on middle or upper class women, etc. Intersectionality gives them an out for their misogyny and a way to shut down on unflattering discussions about their men. Don’t forget a lot of these women are or want to be boymoms.

I don’t think it matters if women get along, though. Men don’t rule because they all get along, they rule because they are not averse to violence and killing.

As for arguing about privilege, just ignore it altogether. In fact, you should consider “privilege talk” to be a yellow flag. It exists to shut down a conversation and dehumanize the opponent. The various unearned buffs and nerfs of someone’s life are far too complex to boil down to (outdated) American class/sex/orientation/race dynamics.

Infighting and oppression olympics seem to be an inevitable consequence of leftwing movements, and today’s feminism is a leftwing ideology. Basically, the biggest loser wins. Don’t mistake my take as pro-rightwing. Women end up as an auxiliary group fighting for scraps no matter what political movement they join.

Why do you accept that sex is relevant to behavioral tendencies, but not race (or ethnicity to be more accurate)? Do you think that over thousands of years of environmental and cultural selection pressures, genetic drift and bottlenecks, and even hybridization with different archaic humans, that traits related to brain development and function would be the one thing to remained unchanged?

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Sorry but one thing isn't like the other. Lesbians pointing out lesbophobia among heterosexual women are right. And lesbians aren't doing that to defend men, that's for sure. You know that, right? Lesbians are a minuscule minority with zero power that nobody ever defends and heterosexual women are the majority and for the most part, they choose to date and marry men. They're not helpless victims.

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I wrote anti-gay, not anti-lesbian. Lesbians are called gays the same way women are called guys.

Lesbians defend gays over straight women, even claiming that straight women oppress these men to shut down discussion. They defend their male counterparts from criticism by out-group women same as every other group of women does. Women treat female as a modifier, not as its own identity.

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Women treat female as a modifier, not as its own identity.

True. If only more women stuck together instead of siding with men.

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What i meant when I said that sex is what matters or is the only thing rooted in biology, is that sex based persecution is the bottom line for women. What skin color of moid she is being dominated by is irrelevant, it's largely based on sociological arguments that brown men are somehow oppressed by white women rather than that bottom line. Although I'm aware there are superficial differences between the races, all of them are bad for women, so arguing over "the poor brown men" is stupid when it doesn't change how dangerous they are for us just like all groups of men are.

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Yup. Women use race politics to hide and justify the ugly truth, even from themselves, regarding the lengths they will go to just to protect awful, horrific, inexcusable male behaviors. They can’t admit it’s just in their biology to protect men from reality, even if the same men will murder them.

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"If white women and black men were trapped on an island, white women would be absolutely fucked." You don't need to be trapped on an island, white women experience racist-sexism no matter where they are in the world. White Whore Syndrome, which I've written about extensively, is a very real thing. More noticeable if you are a woman moving through the world alone, of course. A woman moving about under the watchful eye of her male master is pretty safe. Myself, I've been sexually and physically assaulted more by non-white males than white males, even in white-dominant cultures, doesn't matter the country. And (I'm 48), I've noticed it getting worse and worse with more global migration.

Racism is a male invention designed to control access to the pussy and uteri of the females of their tribe. All males of all races do it. So racism is based in misogyny. If males didn't exist, I suspect racism wouldn't either (along with all the other isms out there). The weird part, of late, is the liberal agenda to force white females to accept the blame for all racism in the world. But women are always convenient scapegoats when men are called out on their shit of the day.

Any group of 'feminists' that puts anti-racism at their centre or even on their speaking agenda is something to avoid. The white women will be blamed for everything, shamed, guilted, and censored. And divisions between women will be formed. Solving nothing. Intersectionalism is divisive by definition, not inclusive.

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Maybe white females should start using burqas and niqabs 🤔

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This rant is one of the most honest ones I have ever heard. I am glad you spoke up. The intersectional bs is doing more harm than good. And all the newbie feminists, who wont think beyond how to please men ffs, are placing the ideology on a pedestal. 'Tribalistic bs', exactly. This is why the woke feminism is so unappealing to me. On almost all social media platforms, we can see liberal feminist art and crap. Such waste of talents, imo.

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Yeah, I still use reddit for femaledatingstrategy just because its one of the few popular female only spaces online and I like to see the empowerment going on. But even there, the black women have to constantly harp on how white women are privileged over not only them but black men as well (??) And if you try to reach some common ground they just downvote you. Someone posted about how "karen" is insulting but if it's used when a white women is acting entitled, especially to a black person, it's okay and they're all for it. So misogyny is okay if its against a sister with a different skin color than you when she speaks up against something she doesn't like? I thought we were supposed to be encouraging every woman to demand satisfaction in their lives since we've all been punished for it so much, yet these women act like brown men can never be deserving of a white woman's wrath. Of course they can and we should be encouraging it. "Entitlement" is something that is never said about men unless it is referencing their desire to be able to fuck any woman they want which is not the same as a black man working at a fast food place ignoring you the first 3 times you tried to get him to listen to the order you're paying him to get right. Black women hate other races of women so much they would rather shit on us for our race than stand with us against the men in theirs and ours. It's hypocrisy, it's racism toward their fellow sisters, and it's fucking counterproductive. How are we supposed to stand up to the people murdering us if some of us are too busy squabbling about each other's intersecional "privileged" that ultimately means nothing when we are all essentially sexual and domestic second class citizens. Its just internalized misogyny being validated. It's easier to shit on another woman for her race than it is to shit on a man of your same background for his wrongs. Absolutely nothing will be accomplished. (Sorry for the long reply I just kept getting mad as I was typing.)

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Hey, its okay. I can understand the rage. I am only glad to see women speaking up. The more, the better.

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Race is a bullshit social construct. It has no basis in biological determinism. The only reality is sex and the weakness women live in psychologically and physically because of our ability to have children and because of our lack of strength.

The fucking truth tbh.