Women care too much about rules, traditions, social norms etc that's why they are lost in life and quite stupid by blackwhitered in BlackPillFeminism

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You are one hilarious dude, dude. I'm loving your posts. Are you trying to be ironic?

I used to teach data analysis, methods and interpretation back in the day, and I wish I'd had you around to guest lecture as you seem quite adept at using percentages and coming to insightful conclusions about observational data. But you probably would have shown up late and unprepared... ;)

Waiting with bated breath (although wearing a mask) for your next installment,

Your superfan

Actually more women called me bitch, aloof, intimidaitng etc than men by blackwhitered in BlackPillFeminism

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And yet you are hanging out here in a women's space despite the fact that you hate 99.9% of women and "really don't have massive problems with men". How curious...

I'll pretend you're female and say this: It might be more rewarding for you if you go find a male e-space (pretty much anywhere but here, but definitely - DEFINITELY - check out the violent rape and porn and PUA and incel threads on whatever site you choose). There will be few, if any, women in those spaces, so you can be fully appreciated for the special, aloof, anti-social, lady-snowflake that you are. Or they might call you bitch and cunt and tell you how much they want to rape or torture you. But I think you know all of this already, which is why you're here being a dick ;)

Female Only Community by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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an obsession with infantilizing children because they have a creepy agenda

totally, and a universal and timeless hobby (and often business enterprise...)

Female Only Community by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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I like this idea as well. The only thing I'd change is to prohibit breeding altogether as women who breed tend to get extremely self-centred and 'special', and to think they are better than women who don't breed.

I'd be for adopting young girls into the community who have been genetically screened and aren't already or aren't going to be lifelong non-contributors to the community due to birth defects or other disabilities. Sounds harsh, but I am firmly against women being turned into 24/7 slaves to another human who is only alive because of medical 'advancements' and never, ever is able to pay anything forward or support the community. I like the idea of a human bee colony, but with free-thinking and individuality, etc.

Men Are A Ticking Time Bomb (They Fantasize About SHTF Scenarios Because That’s When They Can Hurt Women And Girls Without Consequences) by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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Yeah, I'd agree with that. Random violence against women (outside the consensual rape relationships that are marriage or other het partnerships) is always explained away as something else that is more politically acceptable (racism against non-whites by whites, anti-immigration, anti-tranny, etc) to rally behind. Advocating for women in a way that logically concludes with "men hate and try to destroy women, therefore we should be separate from men" is not allowed.

Separatism (and anti-natalism) is the only logical position for a woman who doesn't hate herself, and by extension, other women. Small anti-natalist, female communities are the only possible safe places for self-resepecting women. If only self-respecting, separatist woman had the resources to build what they want and then guard against the inevitable physical, sexual, legal and economic attacks males would launch in retaliation... Ah, dreams of safety ;)

Feeling Misunderstood by My Therapist by [deleted] in Lesbians

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the one upside to being raised in (basically) a cult is that I am now hyper aware of the characteristics of toxic ideologies

I hear you on this. I had a different, but equally messed up upbringing, and that kind of experience really gives you a strange set of skills - nothing that is useful on a resume, mind you, but still. That people grow up in situations where they end up with this kind of 'expertise' in life at all really bites...

Feeling Misunderstood by My Therapist by [deleted] in Lesbians

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Thanks for posting. This is difficult stuff, and it can be hard to talk about even in supportive online groups when you're feeling frustrated (among other complicated and heavy emotions).

I'm not a therapist, but I have a few degrees in psych, so I know the crazy world of psychologists and social workers all too well. It is really hard to find one that works for you on all the levels you need (kind of like dating, except that you are paying the latter for their time, and the relationship is, by definition, a power imbalance). I'd first suggest to ditch the current therapist. As soon as these types start talking about non-binary and gender dysphoria issues, you know they are full of shit, aren't that intelligent themselves, and absolutely should have their credentials stripped from them ASAP. Seriously abusive, anti-science nonsense. Sorry, I get angry just thinking about this and the damage these people do.

As for finding a new one, have you thought about finding one online through a professional organization where you can browse their specialties? Sometimes online listings are searchable and therapists may have profiles you can read about (listing therapy types, population specialties, etc). I am not sure where you're located and whether you have a really large pool to choose from, but sometimes, it can be hard to find niche therapists in your local area.

I really wish you luck in finding what you need. No one should live with undeserved shame, and having to justify yourself to someone who doesn't really have your best interests at heart, while you're paying them at the same time, seems like cruel and unusual punishment.

Joining this sub because of Happy Face Caller's tyrannical rule over PPF. by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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All men are pedophiles - if you think there is some sort of racial claim to pedophelia, then you are deluded.

Take your racist bullshit elsewhere - white rapists are no worse than black rapists or brown rapists or yellow rapists or purple rapists. They are all the same.

One of the few things I cry about is that women are put in jail for killing rapists, when they should be given a fucking medal.

UnintentionallyMGTOW by OftenWrong in BlackPillFeminism

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why do men always feel they must jizz all over women's forums, with their hand-wringing and fake innocence and "I don't understand..."? I just wrote a fucking post on this on my blog, and here you are proving my point... You. Are. All. The. Same.

And btw, unintentionally mgtow = incel = rapist and rape fantasist

Go fuck off to reddit where you can find women who will e-suck your dick. This is not your community where women will take time out of their day to explain to a fucking man everything they want to 'learn' and 'understand'. Lurk here if you really must, but don't speak. Men should never speak. Ever.

And another btw, men and women have never been compatible. When men say 'compatible', they just mean that women will take their shit and and won't talk back after being punched or raped. Don't worry, most women are still controllable, and thus 'compatible' in the male sense of the word. But of course, like all men, you need to come HERE to try to figure out why we - this minority of women who talk back - are so divergent.

Fucking scrote.

Joining this sub because of Happy Face Caller's tyrannical rule over PPF. by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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Here might be the links being referred to. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but maybe you can derive some meaning from it. I think there is also some element of "black men can't be pedophiles" as well.

https://saidit.net/s/BlackPillFeminism/comments/6d0z/so_fucking_pathetic_one_mod_from_saidits_ppf/ ---

Joining this sub because of Happy Face Caller's tyrannical rule over PPF. by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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Well, welcome to a forum where you can say what you want (at least for the time being). Let 'er rip, and to echo the previous commenter, s/bpf is a newer sub that would be good for you if you want to post anything thought-provoking.

Sadly, most 'feminist' forums are overrun with male masturbators and with women living straight and breeder lives who like to flip on the concerned-worried-angry-and-confused switch for a few seconds while they're taking a break from giving blow jobs to hubby or covering up their son's sexual assaults. You can't do heterosexuality AND put women first AND speak fundamental truths about precious males, unless you redefine feminism to mean "X,Y, Z as long as you don't alienate or hurt the strangely fragile feelings of males". So yeah, your truth-telling was a major offence. You know you've struck a nerve when you get censored ;)

But welcome. It's a little underpopulated here, but every new addition helps.

Smart women alienate everyone and they are not married by palma in BlackPillFeminism

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"Being extremely intelligent does not always guarantee success or happiness."

Lol. Hilarious - any research that has been done shows that women's health and happiness go down after marriage, which I suppose is the sadistic way men measure 'success'. Research on males shows that they become healthier and happier after marriage, and that makes sense because contrary to what males peddle as 'truth', marriage was designed by men, not women.

This goes along with the whole thing where people say to beautiful women who are not married, "What a shame..." A shame for whom? She's not getting raped daily and having to scrub shit stains out of men's underwear? Yeah, sucks to miss out on that opportunity.

I also have a theory that women who marry and (especially) breed, will actually score lower on standardized IQ tests than they did before they became indentured slaves. Kind of like anti-progress. But no one is going to fund my research project, so we'll never know :(

Believing that men view women as objects is a cope by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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cheers - I have some recollection that there was possibly a meta-analysis in there somewhere. I constantly kick myself that I didn't used to be as diligent about downloading and screenshotting as I am now. There is some very damning and/or important work out there that disappears when I go to look for it again.

Believing that men view women as objects is a cope by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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I'll dig for it - no promises - I read some stuff on this very topic before I became neurotic about taking copies of things that go against mainstream thought (aka 'not all men' and 'society forces men to be evil') and then are either censored or buried. It was more recent than the flurry of studies on the response to deliberately objectified women that came out around 2011-12'ish.

Believing that men view women as objects is a cope by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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Scientific research shows that male brains process viewing a woman in the same way as their low-functioning brains process tools and other functional hardware. In other words, objects to be used. They know we are human, but men also see everything (human or otherwise) in terms of how they can use it, so NOT to believe that men see us as human objects is just plain willingly ignorant.

The research makes for a better biological argument, tbh. What comes out of their mouths and what happens in their 'brains' may, on the surface, be two different things. Depends on how political they are and what kind of mindfuck game they use to pick up women. But in the end, it is all the same. Power and control through usage.

Oh, and you can change men to stop them from doing this shit - using a few different methods, actually. Lobotomy is one. Death is another ;) I prefer the latter as the story ends... finally - at least for that particular scrote.

Phyllis doesn't mince words by Tarrock in funny

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It's not old ladies I worry about in the bathroom...

Men are the ones living one easy mode. Holy shit i can't belive i let moids gaslight me into beliving that men have it worse. While all women i know have depression/other mental issues, are masochistic and go through literal terror, i can't even think about how horrible women have it without crying by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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No male actually believes that women have it easy. They are trying to antagonize you and they take pleasure every time it works. Like a cat plays with its prey before killing it, men bait women and then watch the self-destruction. The only differences that matter between cat-mouse, human-male-female dynamics are that males intentionally cause suffering, the suffering lasts longer for the prey (women), and the prey (women) play into it and unintentionally make it worse for themselves. If you just ignore what they say, they will eventually wander away bonerless looking for an easier target, and you can focus on something more productive. Like planning your cold, emotionally detached destruction of men ;)

The nature of hetero sex really terrifies me and as a straight( i think i am but i despise men) woman makes me feel so fucking terrorised and humiliated. by infinitedarkness in BlackPillFeminism

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Things will be infinitely less horrifying on a personal level if you can manage to do a few of the following: 1) don't fuck men, 2) avoid the Cult of Positivity people like the plague - I feel these are deeply miserable people trying to convince themselves they are cool with their choices and they will gaslight the fuck out of you if you even try to get real with them, 3) don't have children - the fastest way to lower your IQ and divest yourself of any citizen-related sense of responsibility for trying to make the world a better place is to pop out a kid or 10, 4) spend less time on the internet/in the manosphere and instead find some hobbies (preferably in the meat world) that make you feel good, and 5) don't fuck men. Oops, did I say that already? Well, it is key because you have to hate yourself as a woman to allow a male to use your body. And the effects of hating yourself on your body and mind are manifold and take years to recover from if you even start to recover.

Just my two cents. You can hate men and be blackpill and still manage to carve out a decent existence for yourself. But you have to want that.

there’s no point living in a man’s world, suicide shouldn’t be so taboo by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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wow, cool. You're on two of my favourite topics: death and therapy ;) This could easily be hours, days of interesting discussion.

While the concept of mortality is super complicated in and of itself, how people deal with it fascinates me; the behaviour death inspires is truly weird and horrible and very occasionally wonderful. I suspect that it is a major underlying driver of most, if not all, male behaviour - this love-hate-fear-ignorance of dying. There are feminist writers out there who have written extensively on that. But yeah, male and female alike, few things get people riled up more than being forced to face mortality and other people who want to deal with it differently than they do.

I remember a few years back reading a seriously heated discussion on some lesbian blog I used to frequent, mostly as a lurker, about which was worse: being raped or being killed. And of course, there were two camps. The 'death is worse' camp, which seemed to attract more straight women and religious women, was in a complete frenzy and they couldn't understand why some women would prefer to die. It was interesting and bizarre. It think so many women are so trained to see suffering, especially life-long suffering, and especially suffering at the hands of men, as a natural and acceptable part of their lives (and thus not really a big deal), and are influenced heavily by rape not being taken very seriously as a crime (and this is just my opinion, but most consensual intercourse is just consensual rape), while death is a complete unknown and therefore terrifying. I think the debate was a bit pointless, even though interesting. These 'which is worse' or 'would you rather' hypotheticals speak a lot about personal psychology, but are probably better as drinking games. I think time would have been better spent asking women why they feel they have a right to have a say in a stranger's intimate decision-making processes. And I completely agree with you - turning a personal judgment of another's choice not to suffer or whether they are suffering into a hijacking of that person's right to decide is arrogant and a boundary trespass. Judge people, sure go for it. But you can't take their right to act away.

Therapy. Never been, never will go. But two of my degrees are in psychology! Although I'm more hard science (psychobiology and data science/psychometrics). But I've orbited the psychopathology crowd since I was born - father was a psychologist and an abuser, and I've assisted many clinicians and forensics folks in research settings. I think the mindfuckery of my household under the control of a professional mindfucker, in and of itself would prevent me from ever seeking out professional help. But I'm of mixed minds on the efficacy of therapy. I think that has long been an issue in the clinical world - does therapy work and if so, how? And no one has been able to figure it out. I think in many cases for women, just having someone listen to you instead of use you in a myriad of ways is a big deal and can be the sole measure of success. There are a lot of people who are really looking for a label. Feeling fucked up, having been told you are fucked up all your life, and then having someone in a position of authority tell you exactly how you are fucked up, complete with a shiny label can be a great relief to many people. Very validating. Even if the diagnosis is wrong. Even if you have been gaslit into seeing the problem being you instead of say, an abusive parent or partner. I guess I kind of get how that could be a relief, if I look at it from a physical disease point of view. If you feel physically unwell for a long time and then finally you find a doctor who can diagnose you, most people will feel relieved and feel like they have some control (even if it isn't a lot or if the diagnosis is wrong). They can focus on the diagnosis, look for information, and try to fix it. Most people just don't deal with uncertainty of lack of control very well. I don't know if I would recommend most people go to therapy. It is expensive, and I've known a lot of clinical folks in my professional life and many of them have as many issues as the people they are trying to help. And the potential for abuse is HUGE!!! I don't believe men belong in the helping professions, but there are a lot of destructive women who gravitate there too. Having said that, I wouldn't write the whole profession off. It is probably more effective if the person going into it has some really clear goals, and does their research into therapy orientations. I think a lot of women really just need to been seen and heard, and I also think that removing men from their lives would do wonders for both their mental and physical health ;)

there’s no point living in a man’s world, suicide shouldn’t be so taboo by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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Still thinking 'out loud' again. I'm wondering if you need hope at all if you have faith. It just seems to me that faith goes hand in hand with believing in predestination and divine plans, which means you don't have to put any energy in hoping for the best or whatever. Kind of like 'que sera sera' - what will be will be.

But religion is filled with hypocrisy and mixed messages, of course. So you get "You didn't pray hard enough." if something doesn't go your way. And then there is all the morality nonsense that is often tied to success - a morally correct and good-with-god person is one who succeeds in life and vice versa (this is very American, but it may happen elsewhere and in other religions besides Christianity).

I would have never considered myself a hopeful person, and am even downright cynical, but clearly there is something going on, because on some tiny level, I believe I can make good things happen or can see a flower growing in an otherwise barren space. Is that hope? I don't know. Maybe there isn't a good word for why I am not ready to die yet. I like big picture thinking, but I think I prefer to operate on the ground, trying to effect small changes where I think they have the best chance of happening.

Thanks for your insights. You see many things in a way I haven't thought about before, and I really enjoy that. This is clearly a topic that will be on my mind for a while as I haven't figured it out yet!

To which extent do you let blackpilled feminism affect your life if at all? by trash_dakimakura in BlackPillFeminism

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I can say 'ditto' to much of what has been said here already.

I don't publicly blackpill (sorry for verbifying that). But I also don't pretend to be something drastically different from what I am in public either. I just use common sense. For example, it is pointless (and dangerous) to discuss anything blackpill related with almost everyone, so I limit my conversations to non-provocative topics. I avoid talking to or interacting with males as much as is womanly possible. Sometimes, it is unavoidable. Luckily, I am 48 and I don't dress like I want male attention, so I've entered that mostly invisible phase of life that will follow me to my death. I'm unfortunately living in North America again after many years in the East, and socially/politically it is much worse than it was even 10 years ago. A bloody shock to my system, and I want out of here as soon as I can during this pandemic bullshit that Western governments don't seem to have the ovaries to clamp down on. If I can't be myself in public anywhere in the world and if I am going to be in danger as a white female everywhere in the world, then I'd still rather live in a conservative country that isn't filled with immigrant-rapist apologists and trannie-fuckers (aka liberals and handmaidens).

I save my blackpilled self for my writing, a good friend from China, and some folks I talk to online. It is always in the background for me as I wander the streets of the meat world. So I live blackpill, but quietly, unless I'm online - then it's loudly. If I can't write, then I'll go a bit nutso. I know this doesn't work for everyone, but I think writing is such an excellent outlet for active and frustrated minds. Some people might prefer making videos or podcasts or playing music - but having some outlet is crucial for mental health.

I guess I'm a realist, kinda cynical, critical, and like talking and thinking about dark, dark things, and I absolutely don't believe things are going to get better. Having said that, I still think there is enjoyment to be had in moments, and I actually enjoy helping select people (like others here, I waste less and less time on people who just want to use me) find those little ways to live, but also to thrive, in a world that really fucking hates them. You can be a doomer and still go about things in ways that help you sleep at night and that can make a difference in individual women's lives as well as your own. I don't believe in happiness, but I do believe in small joys.

I got banned from facebook for saying 'men are dumb' under a post where man was whining that women live on easy mode lmao men want to be the victims so much. What does it says about them? by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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It means men are dumb, and that Facebook is controlled by men and bolstered by other dumb men and their dumb liberal handmaidens.

Ignore Airbus. It is a male. And dumb. It leaves little turds like this on most of the posts in the blackpill thread. It pops a boner every time a woman pays attention to it. Just block it, and then poof, it is gone from your radar ;)

there’s no point living in a man’s world, suicide shouldn’t be so taboo by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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I have to do some more thinking on hope and innocence. I think it means different things to different people (as well as in different cultures, as pertains to religions, between sexes, and across generations).

Your view on the role of religion and hope is interesting and something I also want to think about more. I have never connected the two, except in the sense that really desperate and hopeless people are much more vulnerable to religious influence than the more secure. But I also see hope as having an existence separate from religion. I've been very desperate and hopeless many times in my life, but have never found myself vulnerable to religion or delusional nonsense or a need to have faith in anything or anyone. I'm a rather hard-core atheist, and have never had any kind of interest in religion except from a psychological point of view, and especially as it relates to one of my special areas of interest: propaganda/indoctrination. I think faith is ridiculous and makes me feel embarrassed for people who achieve it so easily, but I believe that hope is necessary to have any kind of reason for living or trying to achieve something. Sorry, I'm kind of thinking out loud as I write here - I suppose, at least for myself, I associate hope with goal-setting, and it is perhaps a chicken and egg thing: do you need hope to set goals, or does having a goal give you hope? Of perhaps, they are just two very different and unrelated things. Maybe I define hope differently. Yeah, I need to think about this more.

The future of USA and how liberals will always fuck women over by kt0998 in BlackPillFeminism

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Agreed. China is not the factory of the world anymore. Tons of rich people, rapidly growing middle class and educated class. The standard of living is much higher than it used to be, and they are not only outsourcing to many poorer countries (in Asia and especially Africa), but they are also outsourcing to factories in the US simply because of the skilled labour needed for certain products that ends up being cheaper to do with American factory-slaves. I lived in China for the better part of 10 years, and I am female, lesbian, and black pill, so I have a very different perspective than the average male douchebag that loves to spout off endlessly on his opinion of China (and he is clueless about most things on the ground as he seldom speaks any Mandarin or Cantonese, and almost always has a gf or wife who makes his life easy in a way that he doesn't have to deal with the racist and very complicated system just to get basic things done on a daily basis).

I think China could very easily become the next world power. I can see the US being employed as a military mercenary-for-hire country, and thus still having a fist/dick at the table of power, but the Chinese are united, squash any identity-politicking distracting bullshit, and are much more subtle in the way they take over. Rather than kicking the door in and shooting everyone American-style, they look for the most desperate (even in Western countries - and there is and increasing number of desperate people in the West), offer them a golden carrot, move in and take over. Economic stealth, rather than sheer violence and aggression. Oh and they are massive contract-breakers - that always helps put the desperate at a disadvantage ;) As an aside, I've followed some African blogs on the conditions in Chinese work set-ups in several countries there, and there are killings and massive human rights abuses, pretty much covered up, which doesn't surprise me. Unlike in Western countries, there is no human rightsy, in-country, lefty groups race-shaming the Chinese for abusing people who are not Chinese. The Chinese save their shaming for family politics, and are generally quite proud of their racism.

Like with all revolutions and empire changes, the dick colours might change, but you are really just exchanging one master for another. A male system is a male system. Women are fucked no matter who is in charge.

there’s no point living in a man’s world, suicide shouldn’t be so taboo by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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It still astounds me that I even met this woman at all, and I wish everyone could experience it once in their lives. I know exactly what you mean about the state of denial the vast majority of women live in. They can't do otherwise and still maintain the relationships with men that they have. I'm trying to imagine being married or having a son, and the mental gymnastics I'd have to do to not kill them both, nevermind serve them and their endless neediness and disrespect. I mean, the fact that other oppressed groups are not pressured or forced to have such intimate relationships with a member of the very class of people who actively try to destroy them and their cohort on a daily basis (or at best just benefit from their harm), is very telling. Only women are herded into this type of situation and convinced it is somehow natural and good for them, and then, even if they manage to wise up, they are usually stuck there through breeding situation. It is quite rare for a woman to walk away from a child she birthed. It has got to be a hall of mirrors inside these women's head, seeing glimpses of the horrors of the truth of their lives, and then if they try to get a closer look, the light changes the reflection and they aren't sure of anything anymore. There are so many coping mechanisms needed in order to deal with male relationships. But denial is a big one. And the clichés and mantras that most women have at the ready when they are faced with cold hard facts that contradict their entire worldview are things they have heard from birth from everyone around them.

It's frustrating not being able to candidly discuss facts with women though. I've gotten to a point where I can tell the exact point in a conversation with a woman I don't know well where she is mentally starting to inch away from me in fear due to something I've said, and I know she will never speak to me again even if she ends the conversation politely. Sigh...

I've always found it interesting that males in direct competition can always bond over hurting women, but women almost never bond over the shared experience of being hurt by men.

there’s no point living in a man’s world, suicide shouldn’t be so taboo by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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I relate to you on the topic of being cut off and seeking, without much success, for fulfilling relationships. It almost seems like with every betrayal within a female friendship (i.e., female friend chooses a male, even a truly horrendous one, over you), something is chipped off you deep inside. I think I've learned to enjoy encounters or short walks together because to expect more is to doom yourself to constant disappointment. I think the same thing of the concept of happiness in general. I've been fortunate to lend an ear to many of my depressed college students who have been fed the lie that happiness is what everyone should be seeking, and that if you can't attain a constant state of being happy (whatever that means!), then there is something wrong with you. I tell them to look for moments - it works for me - a feeling of joy for 2 minutes can make a massive difference in how your day goes and can offset the other stuff. Yeah, I guess I have a real hard time believing in permanence, which seems to be what is pushed on people. It is so unrealistic. So if I meet an absolute star for an hour, that is something I won't forget. If I know them for 10 years, yes it would qualify as a miracle to me.

Your comments remind me of something I intend to write about soon - innocence, and loss of it. It is human to place value on everything, and so many fall into the natural trap of deciding whether something is good or bad (dichotomous thinking). And I've been thinking about this lately with regard to innocence, what it means, whether we need to lose it to truly learn and grow, etc. Can one lose something, but then find something better. You also mentioned another important concept: hope. Can you lose innocence while retaining hope? It seems to me hope is necessary to being able to function well, to thrive, in this world. That is one major theme I see in a lot of black pill writing - the loss of hope. I'm really looking for a balance between thinking all is lost and there is no point (nihilism), and foolishly pretending everything is perfectly wonderful (what I call the Cult of Positivity folks).

there’s no point living in a man’s world, suicide shouldn’t be so taboo by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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I fully agree about the brain. Creativity and questioning are undervalued qualities, and the latter especially is discouraged in so many places.

I'm so glad you had childhood influences and ways to find truth. I do believe in 'better late than never', but you can save yourself so much grief if you can peel the onion, so to speak, early on. Books can be true friends and partners in this quest.

Yes, I dream of in-person discussions with women who have freed themselves, or at least are on the path to freeing themselves. When I left China a year-and-a-half ago, I left behind a dear friend half my age who, despite our many differences, was a true sister. There was so much freedom in hours-long discussions, the likes of which I hadn't had before. I would love to have that again. Women are so cut off from one another. The intellectual suffering is very serious.

there’s no point living in a man’s world, suicide shouldn’t be so taboo by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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Thank you so much. I am always extremely pleased to meet a kindred spirit. Yes, I'm not overly contactable, mostly because Wordpress is not known to be kind to women who a) walk two to three paths off the main road in their thinking, and b) generate a lot of traffic and discussion. Women speaking together without being policed by men is dangerous, I gather... I've seen a few prominent blogs shut down by the powers that be. And of course the sub on Reddit, which is why many people are here now. I only recently came over here, and have been able to talk to a few people I sadly don't get to connect with because of my no-contact/discussion policy on my blog. It is a trade-off, but this space looks safe enough (for now).

Anyhow, thanks for connecting. It makes me happy to know there are others out there looking up at a mountain we don't want to climb and thinking instead of other more pleasant environments :)

there’s no point living in a man’s world, suicide shouldn’t be so taboo by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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Yes, it is fascinating how there are many people perfectly willing to stand in a person's way when it comes to choosing the date and means of one's death, and also willing to criminalize what should be your basic right, but they are definitely not willing to examine the conditions that bring a person to that decision or to help that person out in a non-selfish way. Same with other control-over-one's-body issues (i.e., aborting unwanted parasites).

I'm inclined to agree with you on the university front. It is not the place to be an intelligent female these days. If you're going to stick around, figuring out how you're going to make money is the kicker. If you can manage that (and it is NOT easy), and you're committed to staying man and child-free, just spend your life doing weird and crazy shit and learning as much interesting stuff that will make being on this earth worth it. There are still cool things to experience if you can craft your life in a way that minimizes your exposure to people who know you're an outsider and see you as a threat. But you have to be a brave and very self-possessed woman, and be okay with some loneliness and very slim means. Society is a killer.

I dont care about any moids, including black moids. A rant by UnapologeticMisandry in BlackPillFeminism

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"If white women and black men were trapped on an island, white women would be absolutely fucked." You don't need to be trapped on an island, white women experience racist-sexism no matter where they are in the world. White Whore Syndrome, which I've written about extensively, is a very real thing. More noticeable if you are a woman moving through the world alone, of course. A woman moving about under the watchful eye of her male master is pretty safe. Myself, I've been sexually and physically assaulted more by non-white males than white males, even in white-dominant cultures, doesn't matter the country. And (I'm 48), I've noticed it getting worse and worse with more global migration.

Racism is a male invention designed to control access to the pussy and uteri of the females of their tribe. All males of all races do it. So racism is based in misogyny. If males didn't exist, I suspect racism wouldn't either (along with all the other isms out there). The weird part, of late, is the liberal agenda to force white females to accept the blame for all racism in the world. But women are always convenient scapegoats when men are called out on their shit of the day.

Any group of 'feminists' that puts anti-racism at their centre or even on their speaking agenda is something to avoid. The white women will be blamed for everything, shamed, guilted, and censored. And divisions between women will be formed. Solving nothing. Intersectionalism is divisive by definition, not inclusive.

I'm straight but i still feel like having sex with men,finding men attractive and loving them is some form of self-harm and its mentally demaging and makes u bond with men even more bc u get more n more traumatized. AND I think that women being naked or sexual with each other is healthy and natural. by Maybeiflll in BlackPillFeminism

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Don't you think that if something is dangerous to you and you can't really stop yourself from gravitating towards it over and over, it is probably not a natural thing...??? No other dangerous behaviour is like that without a) programming with a lifelong hard-core, multi-level reward-punishment system built-in and/or b) addiction that has to do with brain chemistry which you can't control (aka you're not born to do it). And if you have to force something systematically, it is definitely not natural. That applies to every behaviour and system on the planet. Further, nothing about heterosexuality from a woman's point of view makes sense logically or evolutionarily. It is constructed by men in service to men. Men will fuck anything, so I don't consider them naturally heterosexual either. It's all about power and control.

What is a woman's natural sexuality? We don't know. We have never had the opportunity to figure it out. I'd bet a gazillion monetary units from whatever country you're from that it has nothing to do with servicing men, tho.

This post and accompanying comments don't belong in the blackpill sub.

Fucking men is gross and kind of masochistic by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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Honestly, the worst part is all the whining hetero-women do about what they have to 'deal with', and then continuing to fuck men. Whine, fuck, whine, fuck, repeat. It drives me round the bend. Stop fucking men and most of your problems will go away. Then, you only have deal with all the goddamn men you're not fucking who cause problems for you every damn day. But with them, at least you don't need birth control, constant STD tests, and abortions ;)

When men say that women have it better in life cause we can hit men and they can't hit us --- by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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Men have always been allowed to hit women (and a shit ton of other stuff) and get away with it. Thousands of years of evidence of that. Women go to jail for defending themselves against their rapists. Men write the laws and run the courts. Anyone who thinks that doesn't affect who can do what is delusional and likely projecting because he. knows. what. he. has. done.

Why theres so many coomeritas on r*ddit posting pics with cum on their faces or pics of their assholes with captions like "ready to service you" or in those barely legal subs, seriously why the fuck? by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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Agreed. Before I saw your comment, my first thought was that these are just men posting. Men trying to normalize something women don't naturally agree to, but who will eventually go along with as they end up with the impression that it's a deal breaker if they don't. I also think these are mostly men who are expressing their omnisexuality - meaning they will fuck a woman to have a slave to cater to them (because men certainly won't look after them and can't create mini-scrotes/moids), but they are all into dick BIG TIME... as well as animals, children, holes in walls, children's plush toys, food, anything that will accommodate their dicks. But the anal obsession is really telling. All men, not just these posters, like dick to some extent. But if they don't threaten women with rape, and actually rape women, and have this bullshit lifestyle notion called 'heterosexuality', then more than half the population roams free, unafraid of males. Very dangerous. As it is, all women live in fear, and it is easier just to adapt to it than fight it.

The myth of Sisterhood by Seekers in BlackPillFeminism

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I think a lot of women who do use the f-word and the s-word (and I mean feminist and sisterhood) only whip them out when it serves their selfish wants or 'needs', and then put them back in the box when said needs have been met. Usually, they are calling upon lesbians, the child-free, asexuals, the family-less - basically all the most vulnerable and invisible and hated women out there. These women are considered sisters when mostly straight and breeding women want something that men refuse to give them or are suffering from something men gave them that they don't want. These 'sisters' are seen to have endless free time because they don't have families or children (and are called selfish, when they are not being called 'sister'), and they are called upon to do things that generally don't apply to them at all. These are mostly hetero-oriented help/services like providing free childcare; providing a safe place to stay after husband/boyfriend beats or rapes them; fighting for and putting money and labour into abortions and birth control and d.v. shelters so that straight chicks can keep the fuck machine going; and more shit like this. Things that mostly aren't relevant to a man-free/child-free woman's life. There is no thanks from these straight and breeder women, and they almost never return the favour, citing being too busy due to family or child responsibilities (strangely, there is always plenty of time to be on Facebook and cellphone games, etc...). Lesbians never get support for their issues from straight 'feminists'/'sisters' - no financial support, no labour support, no care-taking when vulnerable women fall ill, not even social justice support. And by issues, I mean ensuring man-free spaces are protected, standing up for lone women being harassed in public, fighting against the trans take-over, making sure health services are available and old age considerations for the child-free are in place, etc.

On paper, sisterhood sounds great, but I am not sure that it can work when the sisters in question are fucking men, breeding sons (and just breeding in general), and just overall supporting a world where men always come first in all possible ways.

Why do some women become abusive or psychotic in a relationship with men? by Xxxpoxxx in BlackPillFeminism

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You definitely answered your own question. Females are not born psychotic or crazy. We are all beaten down psychologically, sexually, emotionally, intellectually, physically, etc. since the day we are born. A small percentage of women see what's going on and disconnect from male bullshit on at least one level to find a kind of freedom (and BlackPill sites, lol), and another small percentage continue serving men while partially seeing what's going on and therefore completely losing their shit because they realize they are particpating in a waking nightmare (the ones you're talking about). The vast majority cope by siding with their masters, keeping the oppressive agenda going and acting as henchwomen in policing aberrant female behaviour in exchange for the crumbs they get. It's the easiest way of dealing with constant abuse and oppression, and humans for the most part do what is easiest.

Is it possible for hetero sex to not be degrading, demeaning? Most men expect stuff like anal, face fucking, facials so women are pressured to submit to them and that is kinda 💀💀💀 by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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"I don't think many will ever realise this, unfortunately." Sadly, this is 100% correct. The whole premise underlying blackpill is that you can't change anything, but I'm glad we are still allowed to talk about it - at least until the censors get at us ;) Thanks for posting!

Is it possible for hetero sex to not be degrading, demeaning? Most men expect stuff like anal, face fucking, facials so women are pressured to submit to them and that is kinda 💀💀💀 by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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Cheers :) It probably means that I've thought about it waaaay too much. Gross, eh? I wish I could disinfect my brain.

Is it possible for hetero sex to not be degrading, demeaning? Most men expect stuff like anal, face fucking, facials so women are pressured to submit to them and that is kinda 💀💀💀 by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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Nevermind all the 'other stuff', the only important act of sex that matters to men (and the only act men consider to be 'sex') - intercourse - is by definition, degrading. Think of how the vast majority of men react to the idea of penetration by a dick when it comes to their body, and you know where they stand on degradation. You have to hate yourself very much as a woman to accept being used by a male in the hetero sense. The 'other stuff'? The fact that male animals don't do any of it tells you everything you need to know about being a hetero woman and where your mind needs to be to accept it. Consciousness is wasted on human males and the vast majority of females.

I feel terrorised by just sharing a planet and energy with men and being aware of their true nature, what they really think. And having a female body feels humiliating. Ive always thought that being a woman is a c*rse, it's just sad. by Foreverme in BlackPillFeminism

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I think the only way males can successfully sell their protection racket (marriage/partnership) is to keep women fearing shadows and not living life. It's like "I will protect you from all the rapists in every alley, if you let me rape you (aka 'consensual' intercourse, aka 'consensual' rape)." Blackpillers here would argue that women have been bred to think like this, period. I personally think men are born violent and destructive and depraved and then have designed and honed over the years a system of socialization that rewards them for their natural tendencies and brainwashes females to be useless and stupid and submissive. The few women who break out of that hardcore conditioning - and it is possible - are punished on many levels.

Long live the Ice Queen ;)

Why do radfems hate trans ppl? They don't belive that gender dysphoria is real? Why can't the put their attention on more important topics? Are trans people that much of a problem? I'm askin bc i'm dumb and don't get it by Beyondthe6 in BlackPillFeminism

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Go to my blog, hit the sidebar and read the long list of posts on the trans thing. I collect good resources because female bloggers (especially lesbians) are being shut down for criticizing this very powerful group of often violent, male supremacist, fake-victim fetishists. Although I write on them occasionally myself, my sidebar includes stellar academic articles, lists of trannie crime statistics against women, argument dissections, and plenty of articles outlining all the reasons and ways male trannies hurt women and girls. storyendingnever.wordpress.com

Anyone else feel like some users on this sub are bots? by lurkergirl in BlackPillFeminism

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Exactamundo. Bring on the man-hate. No idea why anyone here would have an issue with women getting mad, unless this is more of the 'women have to be nice to the rapists so we don't sink to their level and logic them out of their violent tendendies' bullshit. Anger is not 'hysteria', it is righteous and justified. And me personally, I have no problem with the idea of aborting male fetuses, or executing men without trial for sex crimes, or women getting a free pass to take equal revenge upon men who hurt them. And I ain't no bot or troll, although I have to admit, I'd be curious to try out life as a cyborg or some human-something else hybrid that has no males within the species... Ah, I dream...

Why do men think that women live on easy mode? They say it to just gaslight us? and brainwash us into accepting inequality and suffering? by Mmmfucku in BlackPillFeminism

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Trannies didn't take over 'female' because they think it's easy. They are looking to be the biggest victims on the planet and to shut actual women up when they talk about rape and shit like that. They know women have it rough and can't stand not being the centre of attention. I guess you hadn't noticed the constant whining they do about how hard it is to be female without actually knowing what it is.

Dudes love male violence more than life and saying they are victims of socialization and that they will get better if women only explain to them how much it hurts them is gaslighting bullshit. by tallowcandle in BlackPillFeminism

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Using Real Male Logic (TM), their hatred of us is logical and warranted... and legal. Using Logic, the actual branch of math and philosophy and my own personal brand of justice, men should be executed for most of what they do to us. The only way to stop a problem is to actually stop the problem, and by stop, I mean end, terminate.

Prolific "radfems" being gaslighting male-worshippers by tallowcandle in BlackPillFeminism

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Yeah, always some excuse - yet it's the same behaviour regardless of time and place. Next year, there'll be a new manifestation of misogyny and a new bullshit reason for it. And the year after and after...

It is an ouroboros, or as I prefer to see it, the dog licking its own dick infinitum / ad nauseam.

Why do men think that women live on easy mode? They say it to just gaslight us? and brainwash us into accepting inequality and suffering? by Mmmfucku in BlackPillFeminism

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If womanhood were on 'easy mode', men would have taken it over years ago. Yes, it is gaslighting. I think a lot of them believe it because born with a dick, but no brain, but a lot of them are just mindfucking. A guilty and ashamed feeling woman will let men do what they want to her. Women are really easy to control through psychological means.

Dudes love male violence more than life and saying they are victims of socialization and that they will get better if women only explain to them how much it hurts them is gaslighting bullshit. by tallowcandle in BlackPillFeminism

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my alcoholic, woman-hating psychobiology lab supervisor who did everything in his power to prevent me from going to grad school gave a lecture to our class once and told us that "the vagina is an infinite space".

I'd like to stuff his mouth with a thousand barbed cat dicks and see what he thinks about infinite spaces after that.

Blackpill materials by tallowcandle in BlackPillFeminism

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Have you read it? I don't trust a man writing about Patriarchy and women's issues. Men love telling women how they're doing feminism wrong. And honestly, the oppressor has a different view of what's going on since it's not his neck under the boot, if you know what I mean.

For that matter, I don't trust most women writing about Patriarchy since most women put some super special group of men first in their so-called feminism. I go for radical lesbian or asexual separatists, as long as they are not intersectionalists or think racism is a bigger issue than the worldwide and multi-millennia oppression of women.

I'm a Sheila Jeffreys fan (especially because she is an outspoken anti-trans, frequently no-platformed lesbian), and I have other reading links in the sidebar of my blog. storyendingnever.wordpress.com

Prolific "radfems" being gaslighting male-worshippers by tallowcandle in BlackPillFeminism

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The problem with labels and identity are that anyone can say they are anything, thus turning said labels into meaningless bullshit. We need labels to some extent, but in this day and age where any idiot can rant publicly, what the hell is the point of 'identifying'.

I used to call myself a 'radical feminist' until I realized I shared the platform with breeders, heteros, bisexuals and other dude-fuckers. As I've written about before, the more males you have in your life, the more diluted your 'feminism' becomes. You can't put women first when you've got dicks in your mouth, twat, ass and uterus, nevermind your living space ;)