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You are spot on with the intersectionality point. Black women will bring up racism as an excuse to shit on non-black women, lesbians will bring up anti-gay sentiment to shit on non-lesbian women, lower class women will bring up classism to shit on middle or upper class women, etc. Intersectionality gives them an out for their misogyny and a way to shut down on unflattering discussions about their men. Don’t forget a lot of these women are or want to be boymoms.

I don’t think it matters if women get along, though. Men don’t rule because they all get along, they rule because they are not averse to violence and killing.

As for arguing about privilege, just ignore it altogether. In fact, you should consider “privilege talk” to be a yellow flag. It exists to shut down a conversation and dehumanize the opponent. The various unearned buffs and nerfs of someone’s life are far too complex to boil down to (outdated) American class/sex/orientation/race dynamics.

Infighting and oppression olympics seem to be an inevitable consequence of leftwing movements, and today’s feminism is a leftwing ideology. Basically, the biggest loser wins. Don’t mistake my take as pro-rightwing. Women end up as an auxiliary group fighting for scraps no matter what political movement they join.

Why do you accept that sex is relevant to behavioral tendencies, but not race (or ethnicity to be more accurate)? Do you think that over thousands of years of environmental and cultural selection pressures, genetic drift and bottlenecks, and even hybridization with different archaic humans, that traits related to brain development and function would be the one thing to remained unchanged?

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Sorry but one thing isn't like the other. Lesbians pointing out lesbophobia among heterosexual women are right. And lesbians aren't doing that to defend men, that's for sure. You know that, right? Lesbians are a minuscule minority with zero power that nobody ever defends and heterosexual women are the majority and for the most part, they choose to date and marry men. They're not helpless victims.

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I wrote anti-gay, not anti-lesbian. Lesbians are called gays the same way women are called guys.

Lesbians defend gays over straight women, even claiming that straight women oppress these men to shut down discussion. They defend their male counterparts from criticism by out-group women same as every other group of women does. Women treat female as a modifier, not as its own identity.

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Women treat female as a modifier, not as its own identity.

True. If only more women stuck together instead of siding with men.

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What i meant when I said that sex is what matters or is the only thing rooted in biology, is that sex based persecution is the bottom line for women. What skin color of moid she is being dominated by is irrelevant, it's largely based on sociological arguments that brown men are somehow oppressed by white women rather than that bottom line. Although I'm aware there are superficial differences between the races, all of them are bad for women, so arguing over "the poor brown men" is stupid when it doesn't change how dangerous they are for us just like all groups of men are.