The joy of lesbian sex by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Twitter is a male/tranny platform, of course they're fine with misogyny

Gee I wonder if she still thinks JK Rowling is a transphobic monster by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Notice that these lesbians who claim men in drag are women NEVER date these males in dress. They're perfectly ok with pushing them onto other lesbians though. When it comes to dating, suddenly these lesbian sellouts know exactly what biological sex is and that men aren't women.

The joy of lesbian sex by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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why do you want this removed though? I don't get this 'report it!' thing. Wouldn't you want this shit to stay there so that everyone can see it with their own eyes? Personally I want to KNOW what these nut jobs are thinking. If you scrub the internet, there's no more proof

This is exactly why I was worried about that study on Gen Z "LGBT identification"... the author just parrots all the TRA rhetoric to say homo/bisexuality is a choice by fuck_reddit in LGBDropTheT

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the statistics would be entirely different if it was just about LG. Let's not forget that B is a huge ally of T and Q Everyone and their mother is bisexual these days. But the vast majority of bisexuals (talking about women here but it's the same for men) are in straight relationships and indistinguishable from straight people. Except when they want to scream about how oppressed they are while being in het relationships

The slavery of motherhood by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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Oh of course it's a cope. But what else to do but to delude themselves? If they admitted the truth, they'd have to jump out a window. So what do they do instead? Feel smug and superior to childfree women whom they look down on. That's all mothers have: status over childfree women. But this status is their raison d'être

there’s no point living in a man’s world, suicide shouldn’t be so taboo by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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Like you, I see suicide as a basic right, as the ultimate freedom and it baffles me that for so many people death appears to be the worst thing that could ever happen. Is it really so hard to understand that for some, the end of their suffering is a good thing? For some women death is a relief. I completely get that. I think it's the height of arrogance to tell people they should love life and that 'life is beautiful' or whatever I personally like my life overall and manage to enjoy bits and pieces here and there and have no wish to kill myself (I did at one point but frankly wouldn't have done it because it takes a lot of courage) but would never presume to decide for someone else. Another aspect of the suicide taboo is the immediate insistence to try therapy. I've never been able to figure out what the hell people who claim to have been helped by therapy actually GOT in therapy that was so great. Therapy in my experience was just a whole lot of platitudes at best. Even when I was using it to vent about some stuff, I never got any insight from therapists. It was often gaslighting and at the end of the day, a waste of time and money. But so many women (since most clients in therapy are women) swear by it and it's impossible to criticize therapy, even among feminists. And if you do, it's because you didn't find the 'right' therapist or it's because you didn't try enough.

So... M Manson was sending the porn and nudes he received from underage giels to his firiends... And there is also this girl that dated him when she was 18 that said that Jonny Depp saw her nudes... WELL. Also Marilyn Manson has a 'rape dungeon'. Also thats not the worst story. There is a worse one. by Iknowitstrue in BlackPillFeminism

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yeah use your common sense. This creep looks like an actual monster. Hello. If women still went 'well I'm sure he's nice' then that's on them.

I'm straight but i still feel like having sex with men,finding men attractive and loving them is some form of self-harm and its mentally demaging and makes u bond with men even more bc u get more n more traumatized. AND I think that women being naked or sexual with each other is healthy and natural. by Maybeiflll in BlackPillFeminism

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thank you for saying that. The vast majority of women are indeed heterosexual. I REALLY hate when traumatized het women decide that they're going to 'become' lesbians. Like, no. This is how we end up with polilez who are not in fact attracted to women. Being a lesbian is hard enough, we don't need that shit on top of everything else. The OP sounds a bit like that to be honest and that made me cringe.

White women do have it worse in one specific way. by FutileDeathStar in BlackPillFeminism

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Yep. But shhhhhh you can't say that out loud of course. Let's gaslight white women at every turn and scream racism! whenever we point out the truth. And let's be real: most white/European women would never admit to any of that because they have completely bought the idea of the 'oppressed male' that their knee-jerk reaction will be to defend these males. As for arabic, Turkish and black women, they of course defend the males from their communities. While these men treat them like shit.

European white women = whore, slut, easy in the minds of Arabs, Turks and blacks.
Many were born in Europe btw. Second, third and fourth generation. So they're not recent immigrants (not that this is an excuse obviously) at all. They've been here for decades. Yet haven't changed one bit. What a surprise! Recent migrants (Afghans for instance) are really fucking dangerous. Like, they literally think any woman walking the street deserve to be raped.

Go to any muslim neighborhood in Europe and you will be stared at (best case scenario), catcalled and harassed. Black christians (Rwanda, Congo, Ivory Coast) are not as bad (the bar is so fucking low) but you will be fetishized and preyed on as a white woman walking in African neighborhoods. No Indians where I live thankfully but from what I've heard they're the absolute worst. And of course, if you go to the countries of origin of these males, then it gets harder to deny that it's their shitty culture + male nature because they behave even worse than in the West.

I remember a few years ago a Dutch woman had the idea of taking a picture of every guy who was following her, catcalling her, harassing her, asking repeatedly for her number, etc. Many (most in fact) of these men weren't 'white' and most were smiling in the pictures. Check it out:

why darker women shouldn't envy white/light women by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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to add: the Dutch pull that same sort of 'enlightened' shit Always banging on about the fact that everything is legal in their country and it's no big deal because people are chill: pot, prostitution, gay marriage. We are sooo advanced!! the Red Light district in Amsterdam is so cool you guys! Been there many times (I live close by) and while it's indeed a beautiful country, the Dutch are not as 'chill' as they claim and liberalism is their religion, not any kind of actual 'progress' (whatever that means)

why darker women shouldn't envy white/light women by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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Scandinavian countries have the best PR in the world honestly. Their marketing strategy is very effective: look at us we are so enlightened! Don't you know we all descend from the Vikings who were super progressive (sure, Jan) and basically huge feminists and we are some sort of feminist heaven where women have a ton of power and men and women's relationships are totes equal. Oh and we have fjords too so come visit us!

why darker women shouldn't envy white/light women by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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yeah she's right: as a lesbian, no way am I taking care of het women's brats. But of course that's the only role I would have in this matriarchal fantasy. Unfortunately (and while I find her blog interesting and agree with many of her points) I suspect the author is a polilez and that turns me right off.

To which extent do you let blackpilled feminism affect your life if at all? by trash_dakimakura in BlackPillFeminism

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I don't speak about my views in public obviously. I've learnt my lesson. The few times I said something very mild (compared to what I actually think) I got so much pushback. For instance, when I say that the vast majority of criminals are men (which is a basic fact) men flip out but so do women. I recently said to a female coworker that women shouldn't willingly put themselves in danger: for instance if they're hitchhiking (which isn't safe to begin with) at the very least they shouldn't get in a car driven by a man. This coworker accused me of victim-blaming bla-bla-bla. I'm so tired. Basic common sense is victim-blaming nowadays. So many women are fucking naive it's insane.

If I just keep my thoughts to myself, it's ok honestly. I don't engage in activism. I have a few friends. I'm looking for a girlfriend/wife and then I will be set. I will occasionally help an individual woman if I see she's in distress but other than that, I see no point in fighting for women, demonstrating, etc. It frees a lot of time and a lot of space in my head. I'm realistic about things which I think is good. I enjoy nature, books, music and the occasional movie. I focus on hobbies. I'm good. I've always been a pessimist/realist so that's a natural state for me. But being a pessimist doesn't mean I live my life in misery. Not at all.

Armie Hammer scandal and why submissive women ruin everything by kt0998 in BlackPillFeminism

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You said it. This is the kind of take I want to read. I'm so fucking tired of being expected to feel sorry for these pathetic women and having to invest time and energy to listen to their cries and their regrets. Why on earth would any woman consent to this eroticized abuse? But they do. Nobody put a gun to their head (obviously it's different if someone is a minor). So I don't give a fuck. And I so agree about heterosexual women being incapable of independence. Not that lesbian relationships can't sometimes be toxic but not to this extent. Like, no fucking close. This is why I don't care about MeToo: women are all 'let's listen to women and the abuse they face' but they are NEVER prepared to reach the logical conclusion which is to stay away from men. Nope, they still choose men over and over. And then cry when men behave horribly or complain that their husbands are lazy fucks. Like, what did you expect?? I'm not gonna give you a hug and tell you you are blameless in this. Miss me with that shit.

I came across an account on twitter asking lesbians to post their comp-het crushes and women are posting pics of men they drool over. How do you all feel about this? by Wot in Lesbians

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Gay men aren't sexually attracted/fantasizing about Madonna or Cher. That's the difference. These women are clearly genuinely attracted to men. Maybe a few of them are actually lesbians who are pretending to have a crush on a man to fit in but most are either straight or bisexual.

The slavery of motherhood by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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Most women want to be mothers and they are prepared to go to great lengths to accomplish that goal, even to the detriment of their physical and mental health. A friend of mine wants a kid even though she is not fit for it physically (and maybe even mentally), she will be put on some artificial hormones to get her periods to come back. I think that's mad and that she has a rosy view of motherhood and is bound to be disappointed but nothing I could say would ever change her mind. So I don't say anything. One of my colleagues had a kids a few years ago, he's severely disabled. Now she's trying to have another, injecting herself three times a day with hormones. It's obvious she wants a 'replacement' kid because the first one is disabled. She's had two miscarriages already. I think that when your body can't get pregnant then that's a sign that maybe you should accept you won't have another child. The rest of the office tells her that she 'deserves' another kid and that she will be a great mother and I just cringe internally but again, what can I say? She doesn't need or care for my opinion. So I keep my mouth shut.

Statistics that show that women still do most of the raising, cleaning and taking care of kids are freely available. Yet women still want kids and delude themselves that the father will 'help' He won't and they will be exhausted and resentful but on the other hand, they would be miserable without kids.

All this to say that I don't care about motherhood ultimately. Women freely choose to be mothers and nothing I say or do would change that. I know perfectly well that my antinatalist views are in the minority. I'm not interested in fighting for women who have no issue with motherhood and who simply would like their men to be a bit more helpful and that's it. In fact I'm not interested in fighting for women at all. It's pointless. I enjoy reading the based opinions on here because they are interesting and make me think and I agree with a lot of them.

Supporting the veil? by Maryam in PinkPillFeminism

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So on top of everything else women go through, we should also wear an uncomfortable and ugly piece of clothing that restricts our movements and makes us hot in the summer. Brilliant. That's what men want.

The “Gold Star” Problem by WordsHaveMeanings in Lesbians

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yeah you got me. I'm "obsessed" with men. It's called having feminist consciousness. But you wouldn't know anything about that, would you?

I'm sure I could also go through your posting history and then write some passive-agressive comment about you and how I supposedly know you based on that, but you know what? I can't be bothered and that would be lame and immature.

The “Gold Star” Problem by WordsHaveMeanings in Lesbians

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Comphet is bullshit though. Not surprised you are bringing that up.

The “Gold Star” Problem by WordsHaveMeanings in Lesbians

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OF COURSE you were married to a dude. I'm so not surprised by this. Explains why you are so defensive and so against goldstars.

The “Gold Star” Problem by WordsHaveMeanings in Lesbians

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why would you regret not sleeping with men? Your comment is weird.

The “Gold Star” Problem by WordsHaveMeanings in Lesbians

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lesbians who never slept with men weren't "privileged" though. We just resisted. Straight privilege exists, lesbian privilege doesn't.

The “Gold Star” Problem by WordsHaveMeanings in Lesbians

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well said

The “Gold Star” Problem by WordsHaveMeanings in Lesbians

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telling young lesbians that no, they shouldn't feel compelled to sleep with men to "be sure" is crucial. that it's ok to never sleep with men and to have boundaries. It's ok to feel zero attraction to men. Women are constantly told they should be available for sex with men. If you can't see that and want to frame the issue as some sort of irrational hatred for men, that's on you.

We live in a patriarchy, ALL women are defined by whether they sleep with men or not. like hello. Where is that place you live in where women get to be themselves with no relation to men at all? I would love to live there.

Also, the refusal of the term goldstar is a way for het or bi women to then claim to be lesbians, even though they have been fucking men for years with no gun to their head.

I dont care about any moids, including black moids. A rant by UnapologeticMisandry in BlackPillFeminism

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Sorry but one thing isn't like the other. Lesbians pointing out lesbophobia among heterosexual women are right. And lesbians aren't doing that to defend men, that's for sure. You know that, right? Lesbians are a minuscule minority with zero power that nobody ever defends and heterosexual women are the majority and for the most part, they choose to date and marry men. They're not helpless victims.

I dont care about any moids, including black moids. A rant by UnapologeticMisandry in BlackPillFeminism

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TRUTH. You can't say that anywhere of course. Well except on here.

I give zero fucks about so-called "oppressed males": they're rapist, sadistic and violent like all males. In my experience, way more than white men who, let's remember, aren't the majority of males on this planet. Women who insist white men are the worst are self-centered and clearly haven't travelled at all. Or haven't thought about things very deeply. Why would men be any different outside of the US? (the default country per usual)

Go to any non-western country and see how men behave. You'll change your mind FAST. More likely, the cognitive dissonance will be too big, they'll decide to stay blind.

I agree about the race bullshit but I don't see women as sisters either. Most women are complicit. Especially heterosexual women who hate lesbians and who suck men's dick at every turn. Why on earth should I consider them sisters when the reason we still live in a patriarchy is because they keep fucking men and birthing boys? Fuck them. Don't care about the color of their skin: they will always side with their men instead of other women.

I hate when women act like little girls by [deleted] in Lesbians

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the most popular type of porn worldwide is teen (with very young women - some I'm sure are barely 17 and maybe younger- pretending to be teenagers). Says it all. In many countries on this planet, girls are married to adult men. Men DO fuck children and it's perfectly legal. Girl children mostly. Which is not a coincidence.

What is our opinion on islam spreading to the west? by fivetrees222 in BlackPillFeminism

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Against it obviously. Is that even a question? All men are awful but muslim males are the absolute worst. Islam (no, not islamism) is a violent disgusting ideology. Like, there is no debate.

Even radical feminists often believe that while male sadism is biological, female masochism is just a result of >muh socialization. Imho, taking the black pill means accepting that we're biological outliers and that the majority of men and women suck, deserve, and complement each other... by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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yes most women are masochists, pathetic sellouts. That's the fucking truth and that's even more taboo than saying that men are naturally sadistic. Because of them, women will never be liberated. But that's fine with most women since they don't want to be liberated anyway.

Ellen Page is now Elliot Page by lmaonope333 in Lesbians

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You weren't paying attention then. She was deep into the trans cult. Was only a matter of time until she "came out" as "male" Never cared for her personally but she is going to encourage a lot of stupid kids to do the same. She's an idiot who hates herself. She better not come back crying in a few years