Culprit Behind 2nd “Nth Room” Sex Abuse Case Revealed to Be a 12-Year-Old Boy in Elementary School by green_olive in BlackPillFeminism

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The "Nth Room" case is a criminal case involving blackmail, cybersex trafficking, and the spread of sexually exploitative videos via the Telegram app between 2018 and 2020 in South Korea. A man nicknamed God God sold sexual exploitation videos on Telegram channels and groups.

A copycat crime, known as the "Doctor's Room", was operated by a man using the screen name Doctor, who is accused of blackmailing dozens of women, forcing them to take sexually exploitative videos, with some involving rape

Banned in r/FemaleDatingStrategy by OasisReverie in BlackPillFeminism

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Willingly dating an XWhy as a woman in 2020 has to be one of the dumbest decisions you can make. There's no faster way to bring danger, stress, and trouble in your life than allowing scrotes into it. They all think their Nigel is the "rare good one", but it's interesting how seemingly every woman claims to know these "rare" "good" men.

The One Thing All Men Can Agree On by CosmicFarmPrisoner in BlackPillFeminism

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I'm dead at this pickme:

I can confirm. As one of my countries only (10?) female automotive engineers I can honestly say women lack logic, and technical abilities. I mean I don’t like women so maybe I’m biased, but I certainly don’t think they should be in charge of anything without an aptitude test or some kind of ability evaluation compared to men.

Of course there are. I mean look at me. I don’t know many women who taught themselves to use maya, photoshop, substance designer and understand all technical and electrical information, quantum science, I beat every male in my engineering courses, got top of the class for welding but fail miserably at humans. Always outcast from women and hated for being attractive. They are just dumb petty bitches tbh. I don’t know how you guys date us.

Yeah I'm sure an attractive, twice top-of-her-class, quantum science understander, who's also the rare 1-in-10 female automative engineer in the country, is using her free time to post on of all places about why her right to vote should be removed. I wonder why other women outcasted her. Retarded pickme and even more retarded LARP.

"In Colombia, Mother’s Day is also one of the most violent days of the year, with women bearing the brunt of it in the home. Historically, domestic and sexual violence in Colombia spikes around and on Mother’s Day, as does the murder rate." by green_olive in PinkPillFeminism

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Silly me for thinking the many hard-working mothers around the world could at least have their own special day for recognition. Of course scrotes have to ruin that as well.

What was your path to undiluted feminism/radfem/pinkpillfeminism? by Immortallogic in PinkPillFeminism

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I always disliked boys and avoided them because I noticed they were the cruelest bullies in school. I tried to brush it aside and assumed it was just immaturity and kept a good attitude towards adult men. I was a naive liberal feminist who learned from Tumblr as a teenager that trans people are severely mentally ill people who need compassion and makeup is empowering and other such libfem things.

It started at age 18 with stumbling upon a gender critical video showing examples of TIMs who were arrested for sex crimes and placed in women's prison. Something instantly felt off and I explored further into gender critical theory which also helped me get started on radfem/PPF theory. I also started noticing forums filled with misogyny like 4chan and Reddit, and there was also a now-defunct forum I knew (before r/PPF was made) where women would share their reasons why they hated men and stories of their absolutely horrible experiences with them. After reading all of that I felt like a rug was pulled under my feet in regards my understanding of reality. I falsely assumed as a sheltered teenager that misogyny and rape/pedophilia/other sex crimes were quite rare in the Western world, but I learned that it's all just as prevalent as ever but most of the time men don't show it in your face.

I know that online doesn't always necessarily conform to reality, but in my real life adult men I had known (family friends and teachers, etc.) and former peers from school started showing their cracks with allegations and arrests. Rape, child porn, abuse, etc. Plus, like I said men don't always show it to your face and prefer to spew all their misogyny with their male friends and online. The volume of sheer hatred towards women online is too much for it to be a "small vocal minority" of men as some people would try to have you believe. It's clearly most men. Radical feminism/PPF made sense as the only coherent and actually substantial explanation for reality that tells it like it is unlike liberal feminism which is full of bullshit and tiptoeing around the truth, thus I've stuck with it ever since.

In regards to my life, discovering radical feminism and PPF didn't change a lot about my life. I barely wore makeup and now stopped completely, only dated a scrote once for a few weeks and never will again, mostly had female friends, etc. It mostly gave me a tremendous amount of confidence and motivation to improve myself. Sure I get depressed sometimes about the state of the world for women, but I'm glad I at least know what's going on to help me protect myself and that I still can rely on and look up to so many awesome women.

Remember, he’s someone’s Son, Dad, nephew. by Happy_face_caller in PinkPillFeminism

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Right like what is the point of this? We already know men hate women and most of them love to watch porn with violence against women, even the men we often think are the “good guys” like our relatives, friends, teachers, etc. So this isn’t really news to us but thanks for confirming it from the male perspective I guess.

Reddit Crosspost: "Tip / PSA: Two pickup artists are illegally recording dates and conversations…and SELLING THEM to men all around the world. It happened to me :(" by green_olive in PinkPillFeminism

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With new technologies it's even more dangerous to even go on a simple date now as a woman. You can easily have something like this happen or revenge porn (filmed with a secret camera) get posted online. Men are fucking scum.

"Not all men are bad! I know my dad is a good man!" What the "good dad" in question actually says in private: by green_olive in PinkPillFeminism

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Your "good" boyfriend, husband, dad, brother, male best friend, etc. might be "good" to your face but in private with no women around it's a whole different story.

(The image order in the album got messed up, start with the second image)

Am I, a man, a lesbian? Wherein everyone says yes. by millionssomething in GenderCritical

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If you look in his post history he's a 13 year old boy and also posted a joke about hentai.

"Hey guys, gals, and my NB pals, thanks for helping me come to the conclusion Im a trans girl. For a long time Ive wanted to do more traditionally feminine things (shave body/hair wear makeup) and while I know those alone dont make me trans, getting to do them definitely helped me discover me."

"Can’t wait for [my mom] to get out of her state of denial that I’m trans. She keeps saying “what about you is feminine???” While ignoring my desires to dress like a girl, and all my stereotypical feminine interests! She also says “You’re probably just a gay guy!” When I’m only attracted to women! I’m not gay! I’m lesbian!"

Now Reddit along with Tumblr is responsible for misleading many young children into thinking they're trans just because they want to do gender non-conforming things (I think Tumblr was mostly doing it to teenager girls and now Reddit is doing it to teenage boys). Also as an off topic note, no hate to teenagers but I feel like their presence has increased massively on Reddit in the past few years which is why I've found the overall quality of discussion on the entire site has decreased dramatically. Once the radfem subs were banned I find little use for Reddit anymore.

Accurate bingo card. Guaranteed blackout. by [deleted] in PinkPillFeminism

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You can fill every box within 3-5 minutes of browsing reddit. Spend just enough time reading MRA/MGTOW/incel garbage and you'll notice they're always repeating the exact same conversations word for word, year after year. Their ideology rots their brains and turns them into actual NPCs. I could probably program one of those chat bots using these typical manosphere phrases from my memory and it would probably still be way more interesting to talk to than the typical manosphere idiot.

Same old misogynistic attitudes and behaviours, but this time they get to wear glitter and nail polish by green_olive in PinkPillFeminism

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Just wanted to say that I actually didn't know who he was either (thanks HFC for the info). I just wanted to post this to show how many people think that men wearing makeup, dresses, and nail polish is supposedly ~breaking gender norms~ and ~fighting the patriarchy~ when in fact many men who dress like that are still exhibiting misogynistic and abusive behaviours and don't want to stop doing those, so in the end nothing actually changes. Another example would be the actor Ezra Miller whose known for doing photoshoots in dresses and high heels, but was caught on video choking one of his female fans. Sorry for any confusion about that.

Same old misogynistic attitudes and behaviours, but this time they get to wear glitter and nail polish by green_olive in PinkPillFeminism

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I think "toxic masculinity" might be a useless libfem term anyways. It's not really society causing them to act like that, that's just how XY individuals are.

Why does the mainstream media keep giving a platform to incel ideology? New York Times Article on August 20th: "How Two British Orthodontists Became Celebrities to Incels" by green_olive in PinkPillFeminism

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I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this but I'm noticing this trend of mainstream media outlets who are obsessed with incels and giving their ideology a platform. For an extremely misogynistic group that has killed over 50 people in just a few years I think this is really irresponsible as I don't really see the mainstream media challenging their ideology enough but instead trying to get people to feel sympathetic to them. The New York Times even promoted a podcast about interviewing incels. I can't help but wonder if members of other hate groups have/would ever be given such sympathetic treatment in the media. Anyone else think this is strange?

Doxxing, death threats, suicide attempts, swatting, mass exodus of a sub, serious social justice stand? No -manlets still testerical over banning of the word trap. ‘r/animemes goes nuclear as the mods set it to private due to doxxing attempts : SubredditDrama‘ by Happy_face_caller in PinkPillFeminism

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Weeks-long mantrums, doxxing, and swatting because admins banned a single word in their coomer anime meme reddit. I wish women also had so few problems that we could care as much about stupid things like this.

“Cuties” New Netflix film about twerking 11 year olds is the stuff of nightmares. by Happy_face_caller in PinkPillFeminism

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Thanks for the info you posted. The critique of over-sexualization aspect of the movie wasn't that well conveyed in the American poster, Netflix description, and the trailer. Considering the nature of the content they should have been more sensitive about it. Big failure on the advertiser's side.

“Cuties” New Netflix film about twerking 11 year olds is the stuff of nightmares. by Happy_face_caller in PinkPillFeminism

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Yeah, this was deliberate. If they wanted to make a feel-good children's / coming-of-age movie about sports they have a lot of options such as soccer, basketball, track and field, rollerblading team, skateboarding team, or another appropriate style of dance (it looks poverty is a major theme in this movie so those would be some examples of sports I can see fitting in this film). At no point should twerking even be considered an option for a film about pre-teen girls and if it wasn't deliberate than this is an insane level of incompetence.

Reacting to incel twitters h8 comments 🤠 I might make a part 2 because the replies are endless lmao by Happy_face_caller in PinkPillFeminism

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She handled that well. I'm pleasantly surprised this video got 500,000 likes. I'm personally used to seeing a lot of hatred towards women online so it's a nice reminder that there's still a lot of people who don't tolerate this type of sexist rhetoric.

Browsing NSFW Twitter and Tumblr is a good blackpill by green_olive in BlackPillFeminism

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There are many accounts filled with tweets like this with violent porn gifs and videos attached to them featuring slapping, choking, women crying and vomiting, etc. You will feel ill after five minutes of browsing. And yes, many of them seem to be run by actual women and not just men pretending to be women. A lot of these women might be mentally ill but it's really hard to feel sympathy.

I used the word ‘cute’ to find a Rddit sub I couldn’t remember and these are the degenerate male subs that were suggested. Rddit is basically just pornhub now. by Happy_face_caller in PinkPillFeminism

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And the minimum age to sign up for reddit is 13. Seems fucked up that /r/teenagers is one of their largest communities but it's this easy for them to access all this shit.

These Dummies - Re: WAP Song by Spicylikegumbo in PinkPillFeminism

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Both the song and video were disgusting. There’s a way to make a sexy video without turning it into softcore porn. These days every big mainstream female rapper just has vulgar songs about sex, their pussy, and their ass. It’s not art and it’s not “empowering” but actually regressive for women to be presented like this in the media. It’s sad that this is the “entertainment” young girls have today.

I don’t blame only the artists but also the degenerate males from the record companies in the background who are working on pushing this. And yes I know male rappers have made much, much worse songs before which is why I also don’t listen to them and only listen to female artists.

Why not un-privatize r/pinkpillfeminism at this point? The sub's still up and seems to have avoided the ban-wave - and a sub being private didnt necessarily mean it wasnt bannable during the ban-wave (ie r/GCdebatesQT and r/truelesbians.) I miss it so much ╭(╯^╰)╮ by Maryam in PinkPillFeminism

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Agreed, it's been like a month since the banwave. PPF had a huge following that we don't want to lose. While I'm approved to post there it's also important for the sub to reach the lurkers and new people. If any mods from there are here, please unprivate it soon before people forget.

Do you think that most women who still choose to have sex with men and suck their dicks are intellectually retarded? by nanklm in PinkPillFeminism

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Either naive or just plain stupid once they've inevitably had enough horrific experience with them yet choose to continue for some reason. Moreso for relationships rather than sexual encounters. Forcing yourself to suffer through a heterosexual relationship as a woman in this world is essentially self-harming.

Do not allow men to access your social media pages by green_olive in PinkPillFeminism

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Or better yet, don't post your pictures at all. But if you still want to, please be careful about who you allow access to. Scrotes always save random women's pictures and repost them on weird fetish sites and do other fucked up things with them, even if they're just innocent pictures like selfies or pictures from a trip.

Marriage is a scam by green_olive in PinkPillFeminism

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This is literally the fakest MGTOW revenge fantasy story I've ever read. Lmao. by nonpenishaver in PinkPillFeminism

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Most reddit stories are fake. A lot of them are blatantly fake incel fanfiction ragebait posts (can be written from a male or female perspective) that are created to make people angry at women. Some of them are used for moids jerk off fantasies. Sometimes they're used to promote people's products or websites. Some people even make it a personal hobby to create stupid fake stories and see if they can get them to the top of relationship_advice and similar subreddits. Redditors are extremely gullible and will believe anything. I don't even know who can use the "mainstream" part of reddit anymore because all of it is bullshit.

Here's a gem I once found - this guy admitted that all of his stories on red pill were completely fake.

Why women should stop having children by Deborrah Cooper by WhyDoesHeDoThat in PinkPillFeminism

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I love Deborrah. I highly recommend checking out her Youtube channel. I don't even date but I still enjoy listening to her videos because she's hilarious and isn't afraid to call scrotes out.

Example of leftist misogyny. In 2020 it's considered "progressive" to encourage women to leave the workforce and enter prostitution. by green_olive in PinkPillFeminism

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I actually didn't make this but found it on forum for left-wing memes. It's encouraging women to leave the workforce by portraying OnlyFans and prostitution as an easy gig which will make them rich and that will have no repercussions on them in the future, which is a dangerous lie that is being sold to young women on social media right now. Instead of fixing working women's conditions they're advocating for taking up prostitution instead. Just posted this here to call out these supposedly "progressive" leftists who want women out of the workforce and into prostitution.

Woman gets raped as a child and has child porn distributed of her. Men respond like they always do by catharticoverdrive in PinkPillFeminism

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Lurked her account and what all those scrotes have done to her (won't repeat it here) is fucking sick. Male depravity truly has no limit.

"Selective Reasoning" by catharticoverdrive in PinkPillFeminism

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Liberal "feminism" is a joke. I think in the future people will laugh at how stupid these people were.

Personal Safety for Women on the Internet by motionlessoracle in GenderCritical

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Good post. Ungoogled Chromium is another lesser-known browser you can use.

This is more of a personal choice but I also refuse to put a picture of my face online, who knows who out there has saved it and where it is getting reposted.

FUCK MEN FUCK MEN FUCK MEN YALL EAT A DICK by ihatehijabyouwearit in PinkPillFeminism

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Lol banned 9 times for "violent content", meanwhile the main incel subreddit caused something like the Toronto van attack where 10 innocent people died and their sub was still allowed to stay up for 1.5 years after that. And now every month in the news we hear about a new small-scale violent attack or planned attack by an incel and admins still drag their feet on banning their ban evading subs.

They banned R/ blatant misogyny by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Ridiculous. For those who don't know, this was a sub for pointing out instances of misogyny on reddit that wasn't breaking any rules.

I've heard a rumour that tomorrow (July 1st) Reddit might ban some more subreddits. I hope that they finally ban misogynistic hate subreddits but I bet they're probably just going to axe the rest of the GC and GC-adjacent subs. Note that this is just an unverified rumour. However the last one was also just a rumour that came true.

I already like it here :P by pink_lioness in GenderCritical

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Unfortunately Raddle is an anarchist reddit clone that heavily supports TRAs and other libfem positions which is why Chapo moved there. They would not welcome us.

Can someone rip the Magdalen Berns YouTube videos? by sosorreal in GenderCritical

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I have uploaded all her Youtube videos as of June 29th, 2020

Archive of Magdalen Berns Youtube Videos With Subtitles on MEGA