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Against my original intention has this post turned into a rambling wall of a text I took a whole cup of tea to write, lol. But it's not like anyone forces you to read all of it.

I see the whole world turn into one neo-feudalistic shithole, really. World-wide high-tech dark ages in which women will get the worst of all possible worlds:

  • economic exploitation as "empowered" wage slaves.
  • sexual exploitation as "empowered" cum buckets.
  • "traditional" exploitation as human livestock that is supposed to shut up and breed.

Meanwhile, this generation of men is not able and/or willing to perform traditionally masculine tasks such as protecting, providing, or fixing things in the house anymore but is also unable to perform traditionally feminine tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and emotional labor.

The left prefers transsexuals over actual women, the right prefers anime girls of actual women. The left wants to rape "Terfs" in Gulags, the right wants to rape "femoids" in concentration camps. And hating WHITE women - especially middle-aged white women ("Karens") - is probably the only thing left-wingers and right-wingers, Reddit feminists and 4chan incels, intersectionalists and anti-IDpol dudebros, white men and wo/men of color all can agree on.

Feminism and anti-racism have both failed in the sense that the progress that was made was a sideproduct from the development of feudalism to capitalism and then from the cold war between the capitalist Western and the communist Eastern block. I mean, just look back into history:

Until rather recently, the vast majority of all Westerners, no matter how white, male, and Christian both they and those ruling over them otherwise were, had been living in utmost poverty and misery for many, many centuries, despite the fact that the (proto-)industrialization rendered the West by far the richest part of the world. Only the fear of the emerging workers' movement resulted in the capitalist ruling class making a few concessions and introducing the weekend, ending child labor, the 38-hour week, old-age pensions, etc. It was all based on this idea of "sacrifice a part in order to keep the whole." Bismarck in the 19th century German Empire sacrified a part (and slightly increased working conditions for the working class) in order to keep the whole: outlawing socialists, keeping it a monarchy, keeping it a patriarchy, etc. And this peaked during the Cold War when the ruling class of the Western block was most afraid of communism. Between 1950-1990 the living standard in the West was - as to be expected - relatively high. Especially in those parts of Western Europe that were supposed to be "The Window to the West." So in order to subvert the Eastern bloc and in order to prevent Westerners from sympathizing with the East, they sacrified a part - gave them a higher living-standard - in order to save the whole. And once the Soviet Union imploded and fell apart for a variety of reasons, the ruling-class took back all these parts they had once sacrificed. Now the "middle-class" is gone and we're all turning into one gigantic neo-feudalistic shithole.

And as a monopoly-capitalist ruling-class has no interest in borders, racism, and nationalism anymore, racism is now the most mortal sin imaginable. (Except for temporary racism against white people, of course.). Capital either goes to misery or it imports misery. It either outsources to cheap labor or it imports cheap labor. Outscouring and open borders are two sides of the same coin. But their anti-racism stops the moment imported non-whites demand a higher living-standard. Then the capitalists rather let them attack white people as a scapegoat. Ironically, white people are now treated like Jews were treated for a long time. As a scapegoat for economic problems, often driven by jealousy over the fact that this hated minority managed to make at least a little bit of money instead of being as miserable as the poorest peasants.

Where I might disagree with you, btw, is that do not really see the US "falling apart as a nation." At least not in the sense this phrase seems to be commonly used. 99% of the American ruling class is on the same side. Not even Trump was able to implement any significant change. And if virtually all of the ruling class is on the same side, there will also be no civil war or anything. The only thing we will witness over the next four years are a few more right-wing incels shoot up synagogues and female gyms, but that won't change anything in the grand scheme of things.

In some ways, this talk about civil war on the internet often even feels like wishful thinking to me, like people waiting for a BANG rather than a prolonged whimper. And for people thinking that significant change is still possible. But it's very ahistorical thinking, imho. If the possessing (and therefore ruling) class is on the same side and only one side has the means to supply electricity and running water, pay soldiers, hospitals, wages, etc. there won't be a civil war, just isolated shooters and things like that. There is this very ahistorical, idealistic thinking among Westerners who believe that revolutions and wars happen if enough people are unhappy enough. But this is not how history works, imho. The standard in history is a minority oppressing and exploiting a majority, without it resulting in any actual revolutions. A few peasants rise up and get killed and that it's.

I'm obviously very influenced by Marxism. BUT I think the major mistake of Marx was his optimism. Or BOTH major mistakes of the historical Left are BOTH rooted in what Schopenhauer called a "ruchlosen Optimismus" – a shameless and outrageous optimism. BEcause contrary to what the Communist Manifesto seems to imply do the subjected classes usually not have the ability to eventually overcome their structural disadvantages. While a certain optimism might have been understandable among those who were mainly focusing on Western European history from the Renaissance to the "Belle Epoque" until the outbreak of World War I, actual "progress" that results in a higher living-standard, less suffering, and more pleasure for the non-possessing class remains the historical exception and not the rule.

The oppressed, subjected, and exploited classes remained exploited, subjected, and oppressed in the Roman Republic and Empire (where everything from slave rebellions to Gracchi reforms failed in murder and defeat) as well as in the long, long night that succeeded this empire and that lasted at least until the 12th century in its former Western part and in its Eastern part even longer, namely until it was brought down by another empire. The same is true, of course, for this "other empire", the Ottoman Empire, that was just as oppressive – and just as oppressive as Feudal Japan, Imperial China, the military oligarchy that was Sparta, all Muslim Caliphates, the pre-Columbian high cultures of the Americas, and the US empire that rules since 1990: worldwide and maybe forever.

The revolution does not happen, the subjected classes have absolutely no chance to overcome their structural disadvantages.

And the same is true for the left-wing view of human nature and biology. "Tabula rasa" is an inherently optimistic view of human nature. All the major issues are all just due to muh socialization or whatever. This is also bullshit. Biology matters - both in regards to gender/sex as well as maybe even in regard to race. At least you gotta say that in some ways, "the proletariat" is actually more of a "social construct" and less "material" than biology is. "The proletariat" is a construct that is shot through with all kinds of divisions, cleavages, heterogeneities, the majority are actually women and/or people of color and they do not necessarily have the same interests as the poor white men lurking on this sub. But leftists declare this to be "material" but penises to be socially constructs and sex as "IDpol" or whatever. (Edit: r/stupidpol - one of the larger "anti-IDpol leftist" places online requires "TERFS" to wear a right-wing tag because they consider the way we're talking about men "identity politics"...)

Marx is fundamentally a product of German Romanticism and the issues with it you still see with leftoids today. The main mistake of the left is their optimism both in regards to history and revolution as well as in regard to their illiterate view on human nature and biology.

This is also part of the reason why I reject "radical feminism." In a way, transgenderism is nothing but peak leftism, anyway, and Radical Feminism is obviously one branch of '60s leftism, despite them usually denying it. And historically, the leftist view of human nature is to see it as a "blank slate", as a "tabula rasa": instead of humans being shaped by evolutionary psychological adaptations (which is nothing but reactionary pseudo-science according to the left), it all comes down to muh socialization.

And in a way, transgenderism just brings this worldview to its logical conclusion: human nature is nothing but a "social construct", biology doesn't matter, and men can be women because these categories are just social constructs themselves who do not essentially exist. ("Essentialism" is another thing leftists hate and accuse everyone who disagrees with them of promoting.)

So maybe this is part of the reason why RadFems have lost. Because the third-wave feminists have simply taken the second-wave feminist's anti-scientifical worldview to its most radical conclusion. But if you honestly believe that we all just have to return to the 60's version of feminism, you have lost your mind.

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And part of human nature is that men have evolved to rape and kill and that, forced to choose, they would rather be able to hurt women than to not be oppressed themselves. Imho, you cannot explain why Marx' predictions were so utterly false if you do not take this into consideration. At the end of the day, being able to hurt and dominate women is more important for men than not being oppressed by men with higher status. Without this, you cannot explain why a tiny minority (of "kings", "aristocracts", capitalists, tribal chiefs, etc.) ruling over a subjugated majority is the standard in all of history.

Men are face down ass up in the dust before high status men. And as long as they are able to hurt and dominate women, tehy are perfectly OK with being the serf of a high-status man - no matter if that's Elon Musk or some tribal stoneage chief.

That's why they worship Russia so much and hate Sweden(?) of all things despite the fact that the objective living-standard of men in Sweden is much higher (yet...) than in Russia.

And historically, communism was very male, very macho. They even stylized themselves as more masculine as these limp-wristed bourgeoisie. Just like the capitalists used to present themselves as more masculine and macho than some powdered aristocracts. But the moment feminism came into play was the moment men immediately turned on the left again and/or only accepted it in its misogynistic form - with prostitution and torture porn and transsexuals and murdering TERFS and Karens etc.

Two last points:

The purpose of immigration and outsourcing are to increase competition among workers and to make strikes impossible. The more the merries: the more hungry peasants have to compete for jobs and apartments, the shittier wages and the higher rents they are forced to accept. This is also one of the main reasons why women's bodies have to be controlled: a ruling class wants as many soldiers and as many workers/peasants as possible. There is this ridiculous conspiracy that the "globalists" now plan to depopulate the world. But so far, the opposite has happened: so far, over the last, ~70 years since the end of WW 2 have they achieved EVERYTHING they wanted and became more powerful than ever before. The gap in living standard between a modern US billionaire and some poor fuck working a minimum-wage job in an Amazon warehouse is larger than the gap between a medieval Sun King and a peasant. And YET ... the ONLY Thing they have not achieved is that the population of the world has EXPLODED to almost 8 BILLION. They want it to have as full as possible because that means more competition among workers which makes it easier to exploit and blackmail them. The more there are, the more disposable they are. And they hate euthanasia.

Currently, however, are birth rates going down.

So I'm pretty sure what we will witness soon is removing the last few choices in regards to abortion women had. Noteworthy btw. how Trump was unable and/or unwilling to stop mass-immigration and outsourcing but the Republicans were semi-successful in making access to abortion harder and harder. Soon, they will probably tell us that abortion is an invention of those wicked white people which is genocidal or some shit like that. If you want to talk about overpopulation, you are always accused of being a racist anyway.

But if the world is overpopulated, we only have two choices: either complete destruction of all environment, turning it all into a desert with apartment blocks and streets and factories etc. OR only a tiny minority of super rich can afford comfortable bathtubs, the mobility provided by cars, traveling, etc. While the majority may eat bugs and live in cages. I guess we'll get climate lockdowns soon. The American/ized left wants to take cars away from teh working-class anyway.

So I think what we will witness over the next few years will be attempts to decrease abortion rights while promoting misery and poverty in the name of climate change. (Despite the fact that if the official theory re: climate change is true, the most pressing issue would be to promote birth control and the one-child family.)

Last point:

One of the illusions many people have that I believe will be destroyed over the next few years is the idea that Russia and China have any actual alternative to offer to the West. This is something you come across very often online from the far-right to the far-left: this idea that the US will fall and Russia and/or China will take its place and that things will be different then because these countries are so different.

This post is so long already that I do not want to write lengthy economic assessments of China now. But Russia is a corrupt shithole, China is a party dictatorship turning its own citizens into human robots so they can function in the "workbench of the West." You cannot explain the rise of China if you do not take into consideration that Western corporations have outsourced so many parts of their production to Chinese slave labor. There are people working 12-hour days for wages that can buy them a bowl of rice and a fried bat head. Leftists salivating over China are cringe AF. I actually know many right-wing dudes loving China, often having married Chinese women: they are often small-business owners, logisticians, or engineers who have worked in China for a while or outsourced production to it. A colleague of my father has outsourced his small business to China and he looooves how docile the workers there are. Elon Musk salivated over China, lol. No, they have no alternative to offer.

But this is an illusion I believe will only shatter over the next few years, no matter what I write here.

The US Empire will rule the world, basically. All this talk about the US being "divided" and "weak" is propaganda to hide the fact that they are ruling more supreme than even. The only two major countries left that are semi-independent are Russia and China. The former is falling apart right now and not being able to sell gas to Germany, the later is the workbench of the West.

And just like most people opposing transgenderism oppose it for all the wrong reasons do most people opposing Trump oppose him for the wrong reasons: because he has not been aggressive against Russia - one of the last countries independent from the US, with independent natural resources and capital - ENOUGH. This whole talk about the "weak and divided" US is imperialist propaganda. I WISH they were that divided. But there is hardly any independent country left. And now a tiny clique of US billionaires will turn the whole world into a giant neo-feudalistic shithole. And as they now rule supreme and globally, they do not need to "sacrifice a part" anymore, they do not need the US middle-class anymore but will simply turn everyone - independent of nationality or race into a serf.

And with the oppression of women they can kill two birds with one stone: - turn women into livestock that is supposed to breed so they get more workers and soldiers. - keep the oppressed men happy.

Because men are usually OK with being oppressed AS LONG as women are beneath even them.

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I am so glad you took the time to type all this out. This is exactly the kind of sane analysis that I look for here.

I agree with you that saying that America will actually "fall apart" is probably wishful thinking. It's nice to fantasize about some big conflict after which things return to normalcy. I think this narrative is implanted into us in history lessons about the world wars, which seemed like catastrophic events that nonetheless didn't stop life getting better in the west. I think you are right that what we will actually see is just slow agonizing decline that will demoralize people into powerless apathy.

What you say about leftism denying nature is EXACTLY the conclusion I have come to. Marxist analysis basically seems correct in pointing out the problems, but when it starts to offer solutions, it goes into fantasy land. Communism can never work because people are always greedy and wont be content with their fair share and because the system always needs leaders who will just become corrupt. Leftism honestly seems to me more like a religion, comforting fairytale that people cling to because they can’t handle the depressing reality. Everything bad about humanity is caused by capitalistic brainwashing (socialization), deep inside humans are blank slates or some leftists even insist that peaceful egalitarianism is our nature (the stuff about pre-historic utopian societies). ”True Communism” will turn us all into perfect beings and if it doesn’t, it wasn’t True Communism.

Greed and selfishness, misogyny and sex differences, xenophobia and racism, all variations between people that makes us unequal etc is all supposed to be just result of society. Claiming anything else is biological essentialism and practically nazi eugenics. Humans are somehow the only animal without nature. As shitty as a lot of pop evopsych is, I think it’s much closer to the truth than leftist denialism. I made the original BPF subreddit because I had become convinced that male supremacy was rooted in biology and most women will always participate in their own oppression, and that women like myself were probably also biological oddities (I think of straight women who’ve never had any sexual/romantic attraction to male dominance as basically like sexual minority).

I’m also against mass immigration and creating multiracial/cultural/religious societies, simply because it has never worked anywhere. Every such society has inequality, tensions and outright conflict between the different groups. Of course the left blames all of this on whatever group is the majority. If only whites stopped being racist, we would live in diverse utopia. But if every single multiracial society has always been racist, then we have to admit that racism is just human nature that can’t be overcome and multicultural project was doomed to fail from the start. There is lots of research that indicates that we are biologically hardwired to be xenophobic and prefer our own groups. In that case, homogeneous societies are always more stable, peaceful, equal and superior in basically every way, and destroying this peace with mass immigration is insanity.

USA has always been touted as the supposed proof that multiracial societies can work, but it’s all bullshit. The melting pot only worked within broad racial categories, melting different Europeans (who all look similar enough with similar enough cultures) into one White People, different Africans (ditto) into Black People etc. But then those broad categories stayed separate and unequal. And things stayed stable for exactly as long as white people had a large enough majority that the hierarchy couldn’t be challenged. USA was most white in 40’s at about 90%, by 1990 it was 80% and the decline has been rapid with 2050 being when whites become minority. I think this is major reason for the current instability, with no clear dominant majority, the ethnic groups will all fight for power. All American politics are now just about race. Even if races mix so much that those broad categories become muddy, you just shift from racism into colorism like in Latin America and you end with USA turning into another Brazil where tiny mostly light-skin upper class lives in gated communities and the rest of the country is one big ghetto.

You talk about USA dominating the world, but isn’t it more accurate to say that there is now some kind of amorphous global elite ruling the world? Nations don’t matter, corporations use tax havens, digital giants like Google and Facebook are ”metanationals” untied to geography, factories are sent to cheaper countries and cheap workers shipped around the globe like nothing. The crazy thing is, I’m old enough to remember when resisting globalization was leftist thing and left wing parties here were critical of euro etc. Then the right started to criticize globalization because of immigration and this single issue turned leftists everywhere in the west into passionate globalist lackeys. Like you say, racism is the Worst Thing Ever and this is what basically killed what was left of leftist class politics after the Soviet collapse (I agree with you that the fear of bolshevik revolution was basically needed to scare capitalist into listening labor unions etc).

You are also correct about how full of shit the left is about overpopulation. It’s another blatant example of the left just sticking it’s head in the sand and again, it’s about the pathological idpol. Overpopulation doesn’t exist, overpopulation isn’t a problem, it’s corporations that pollute the world (never ask where the demand for more factories and farmland comes from), if you think African population explosion is bad you’re a nazi, blah blah. It’s unreal. This makes all the climate alarmism pointless because every positive change we make will be undone by population growth anyway, but since it’s ”BIPOC” people who are being born, you can’t talk about it, even if it’s driven by women’s total lack of reproductive control and rights.

With abortion rights another issue is the growing white panic about white birth rates. Every western country already has populists who basically want to force white women back into birth machines to reverse the shrinking of white population. If the backlash against immigration becomes too great, the capitalists will side with these populists as another option to get more cheap labor. I agree that we will see abortion rights taken away and women pushed out of work force to make babies. Another feminist delusion is the idea that removing women's rights will take force and look like Handmaidens Tale. In reality all it takes is making the other options look worse. The worse the job market becomes, with more work for less pay, worse conditions, more unemployment, especially since women are hit harder by this deterioration and the more obvious it becomes that men will NEVER do their share of domestic work, the more women will simply choose to drop out of workforce, especially if pushing out babies at home will be rewarded with tax reliefs or similar incentives and social approval. Combine this with the hellish “sex positive” dystopia feminism has helped to create, which basically has left generations of women traumatized by all the dehumanization and degradation. Many of these women who let themselves be exploited will turn to conservatism to protect themselves and their daughters from it. Ultimately as long as you are lucky and your husband isn’t a violent drunk, then is being a submissive chaste housewife that bad compared to other options?

China is very interesting to me because I do see more potential there than you do. They are past the ”factory of the world” phase and are rapidly trying to shift into first world service economy. They are even trying to turn Africa into their own sweatshop. I think China will become the leading economy unless something goes terribly wrong there, they have made so much investment into infrastructure and education and after certain point the progress becomes almost inevitable. If Chine becomes first world economically, it’s middle class will be four times the size of USA. I think the west is completely unprepared for how big China will be and how much it will shake things up. But China isn’t Marxist utopia and leftist who think otherwise are projecting their own desperation. China is impossible to categorize, it might even be argued it’s closer to fascism than socialism, with the combination corporatism, authoritarianism and increasing nationalism. They still have state as the highest power above private capital which is probably more than can be said about western countries. Their entire ruling philosophy is ”don’t rock the boat” so they avoid conflict and divisive politics, and try to keep the people content. It’s very dystopian in a lot of ways but I could also see China becoming sort of centre of stability and material prosperity similar to what USA has been for a long time, that other countries will increasingly try to imitate. If you accept the lack of freedoms, life as middle class in China in 2050 might be more comfortable than in the west. The old Confucian culture is nightmare for women although communism improved things, but I think for a woman it’s not culture itself that is important but personal economic independence and the stability and safety of society, and if China lifts the rest of it’s population from horrible poverty, it could be a decent place for a woman.

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Agreed. China is not the factory of the world anymore. Tons of rich people, rapidly growing middle class and educated class. The standard of living is much higher than it used to be, and they are not only outsourcing to many poorer countries (in Asia and especially Africa), but they are also outsourcing to factories in the US simply because of the skilled labour needed for certain products that ends up being cheaper to do with American factory-slaves. I lived in China for the better part of 10 years, and I am female, lesbian, and black pill, so I have a very different perspective than the average male douchebag that loves to spout off endlessly on his opinion of China (and he is clueless about most things on the ground as he seldom speaks any Mandarin or Cantonese, and almost always has a gf or wife who makes his life easy in a way that he doesn't have to deal with the racist and very complicated system just to get basic things done on a daily basis).

I think China could very easily become the next world power. I can see the US being employed as a military mercenary-for-hire country, and thus still having a fist/dick at the table of power, but the Chinese are united, squash any identity-politicking distracting bullshit, and are much more subtle in the way they take over. Rather than kicking the door in and shooting everyone American-style, they look for the most desperate (even in Western countries - and there is and increasing number of desperate people in the West), offer them a golden carrot, move in and take over. Economic stealth, rather than sheer violence and aggression. Oh and they are massive contract-breakers - that always helps put the desperate at a disadvantage ;) As an aside, I've followed some African blogs on the conditions in Chinese work set-ups in several countries there, and there are killings and massive human rights abuses, pretty much covered up, which doesn't surprise me. Unlike in Western countries, there is no human rightsy, in-country, lefty groups race-shaming the Chinese for abusing people who are not Chinese. The Chinese save their shaming for family politics, and are generally quite proud of their racism.

Like with all revolutions and empire changes, the dick colours might change, but you are really just exchanging one master for another. A male system is a male system. Women are fucked no matter who is in charge.

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You talk about USA dominating the world, but isn’t it more accurate to say that there is now some kind of amorphous global elite ruling the world?

Yes, of course, but they still need the US military to rule the world. "All power grows out of the barrels of guns," Mao Zedong said. And this isn't something only communist politicians knew. Every American politician knows this. Politicians who support endless wars in the Middle East and regime change """revolutions""" around the world aren't exactly very trustworthy for telling the peasants that "violence is never the answer." Powers grows out of the barrels of guns, and these guns need to be paid. And this is the moment where the nationality does matter again. US military, US nukes, US courts. Look at the way the US forbids Russia to sell gas to Germany now. ("Nord Stream 2") Germany is not allowed to buy cheap gas from Russia but forced into buying more expensive gas from the US. (=higher energy prizes for German citizens) This wouldn't be possible without the US military.

Admittedly, the general EFFECTS of what we're talking about is pretty much the same. You say "an amorphous global elite" will rule the world, I say, the capitalist ruling class of the US will rule the world. But at the end of the day, it won't even make much of a difference who of us is right because my prediction will pretty much result in the same shit your prediction would result in. Because a ruling class ruling world-wide does obviously not have any interest in the nation-state, borders, sharp religious or racial distinctions etc. anymore. And the US ruling class will then treat US citizens the same way they have treated the citizens of South America, the Middle East, East Asia, etc. I mean, this process is obviously already going on. Cornel West once talked about the "niggerzation of America": EVERYONE will then be "niggerized", to use his words.

I'm pretty sure that over the next four years, the Biden/Harris administration will ruthlessly crush Antifa and BLM and beat these useful idiots back into the kennels like the dogs they are. The American/ized left is a bunch of Frankensteins cheering for the creation of a monster that will soon devour them as well. (And soon deplatform and cancel them as well IF they are serious about their medicare and anti-war stuff, etc.)

Come to think of it ... if the American/ized Left ARE Frankensteins cheering for the creation of a monster that will soon devour them as well, right-wing populists WERE Frankensteins who have cheered for the creation of a capitalist and imperialist monster that has grown so big that it doesn't need the nation-state and a middle-class anymore, lol. They were perfectly fine with """globalism""" as long as it only affected black and brown people, the Middle East, South America, etc. And they cheered for "deregulation" believing in the trickle-down ideology, lol.

In a way, it's poetic injustice happening right now. American patriots are now getting a treat of their own medicine.

Alas, I'm sitting in the same boat as all/most other people and women, so...

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Just dropping in to say you're very intelligent. Thanks for taking the time to write all this. It's like you're putting all the current events together in a way that makes everything was planned...

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Since USA is now basically falling apart as a nation

The US fell apart as a nation years ago. Our country is an economic zone heading backwards into a more hellish version of the Victorian era. Factory towns, company money, work houses, and scabs are already here, and with globalists and transhumanism there will be no escape.

I saw the writing on the wall for white women this year, and am now in the middle of leaving for a part of Europe that ~fingers crossed~ has a decade or so left. Even before, I knew where the US was going, but I thought there'd be more time. The US is headed for violent conflict, definitely along ethnic lines. We all know what that means for women.


That so many women believe and invest in either political side really drives home to me how unusual it is for a woman to have a sense of dignity. Too many women get off on suffering. Well, they'll soon be living in a second world shithole with all that entails for women. I expect feminists will complain, maybe even attend a march, but they won't harm a hair on a single man's head and will rationalize their new restrictions as more empowering than the old Western ones. Check out s/ppf for a recent example of this featuring veiling!

A lot of the US (like where I live) has been second world for awhile, and most of the white women who can't afford a house elsewhere not only accept it, they defend it. All while still believing that our previous standard of living can come back. Maybe if we solve America's most pressing issue--white supremacists per the feds--her magic dirt will be recharged?


There will also be women trying to "live free" by joining way-off-the-grid communes/compounds. These usually (always?) descend into open polygamy, incest, and pedophilia, since that's what unfettered men do, and I can see American Taliban bro types making up most of these places' male populations.


There is no positive future for women in America or other western countries.

Where do you see a positive future for women? It seems to me like we're entering into a global dark age.


Another incoming fact of life for American women is the increasing percentage of us who are chronically ill. Following that, the increasing percentage of our children who are some flavor of not-so-bright or spazzy. There are already a lot of Gen A kids who by today's standards are normal, but by 90s standards are learning disabled.

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I think you are doing the right thing to get out. If we talk about what places are best for women in the future, I think two things to look for is economic stability and racial homogeneity. Nordic countries other than Sweden are still good, I live in one of them, although the cultural left here is absolutely cancerous and would destroy everything good about our countries if given the chance. Avoid places like UK, France, Sweden, Germany, which have been “diversified” into places where women can’t safely walk in some urban areas and have rampant woke culture. Ex-communist Europe is a mixed bag, some like Poland are anti-abortion and misogynist, but others like Czech and the Baltics are nice and have been spared the woke madness and immigration from third world (this is where I would move if things get bad here). Some Asian countries are very safe as well like Japan where old grandmas walk alone at night in big cities with no problem, although these countries are sexist.

Most women are biologically submissive and this will never change. Conservative white women submit to their husbands and men in their community. Liberal white women submit to pimps, non-white men, trannies etc. I don’t have empathy left for these women, they will always reap what they sow. It’s crazy to see videos of BLM marches where black and white women are getting themselves beaten by men in the front lines while men are hiding behind them, or like the recent Capitol shooting of the Trump supporter woman – she was also in the front and shot by a man, with even male police officers behind her who didn’t do anything. If women want to die for causes that don’t benefit them, not my problem. Even without outright civil war USA will definitely become more unsafe and violent, with riots and gangs and I could definitely see a culture of men attacking “enemy” women and raping them to humiliate them, uploading videos online etc.

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My criteria for areas to move to boiled down to two things: Is its population largely native? Does it still have a native working class?

It was the replacement of American agricultural/blue collar workers with immigrant/illegal labor and overseas industry that sealed our fate. It was the excuse to open the floodgates. That, and the white collar workers/professionals now rely on this cheap, exploitable labor along with low interest loans, and investment portfolios to pretend to be rich: rent-a-maids, pre-made food, yearly vacations, yearly wardrobes, multiple properties, a big primary residence, etc. If they tried to defy the government they would be going against everything that made their way of life possible.


Ex-communist Europe is a mixed bag, some like Poland are anti-abortion and misogynist…

I’m not moving to any of those places, but honestly I’m over the abortion issue, and everywhere I’ve been in Europe isn't any more misogynistic than the US. Abortion is no longer a personal issue for me anyways, as I'm sterile.

It's not that I have moral qualms about abortion; to me, humans aren't human beings until they are sapient, and forced organ donation is wrong. However, I don't see abortion provided by medical institutions staying accessible. The pro-choice side has always had weak arguments and inconsistent lines drawn. Women will need to learn how to perform them in private, or get comfortable with accidental and inexplicable infant & young child deaths going back up. Guess which course of action will be more popular.


Japan where old grandmas walk alone at night in big cities with no problem, although these countries are sexist.

Yes, public areas in Japan are safe for Japanese women. And yes, it's very sexist (and racist) and not as safe behind closed doors or neighborhoods as Westerners imagine. Unfortunately for Japanese women, their government has started immigration reform.

I spent some of my childhood in Japan, and I’m sad to see this happen. Living there was an ambivalent experience, but it gave me the experience of being an outsider in a first world, non-Western, homogeneous society. That, followed by moving to a diverse area, inoculated me against the ideologies that have infected so many American whites.


Most women are biologically submissive and this will never change…I don’t have empathy left for these women, they will always reap what they sow…

I’ve come to the realization that—barring some truly bad luck—people get what they deserve (or maybe earned is a better word?) in life. I don’t mean that in a moral sense, necessarily. I mean in an obvious cause and effect sense. If you don’t have the smarts to figure out your situation or the willpower to go against the grain, and instead check out or surround yourself with excuses and let fate overtake you, then oh well. It sucks to suck.

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for a part of Europe that ~fingers crossed~ has a decade or so left.

Where is that?

[–]CosmicFarmPrisoner 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (2 children)

Like I said, anywhere that still retains its white working class. Scotland and Northern Ireland are two English speaking countries that fit the bill, provided they free themselves from English rule before it’s too late. Northern Ireland is the most likely to do so and I expect it be part of Ireland again by the end of this decade.

[–]fckoffmale 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (1 child)

Scotland? Lmao to each their own. I'd rather not be imprisoned for making someone piss their panties on the internet.

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Okay 👌

[–]UnapologeticMisandry 7 insightful - 2 fun7 insightful - 1 fun8 insightful - 2 fun -  (1 child)

Based. There is no group that actually supports women. Women are biologically inclined to fuck ourselves over for any group besides ourselves because we have been evolutionarily designed to put our needs dead last (to support children) and socially encouraged to hate ourselves and starve our own movements (you aren't REALLY a feminist without focusing on race issues, gay issues, environmental issues, trans issues, etc etc. Just caring about women is not important enough. Women's groups always cuck for whatever male-inclusive demographic is screeching the loudest) We are not important enough socially and most women feel morally superior believing it. We were doomed from the moment God created us

I would also like to add that marxist/any kind of class (whether that is economical or social) movement is doomed to fail and absolute fucking nonsense. This includes feminism. This is cope because of the based principle of human nature: self preservation. A single woman has no incentive to follow BPF ideology. Her biological drive to have a family and love some depraved moid is more important to her than solidarity with a vast and impersonal social class of Womanhood. Women will always have an individual, selfish incentive to not care about women's movements, because the likelihood of the movement succeeding is less than the emotional importance of a family and a woman's male-centric desires (sex, belonging, etc). This will keep any kind of movement from succeeding with any lasting impact. Marxism at large is just as much of a scam as feminism is. The individual is always more important to itself, than the class.

[–]kt0998[S] 4 insightful - 1 fun4 insightful - 0 fun5 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

Yes feminism nowadays is about everything except women. I think women who are involved in feminism today represent the most stereotypically pathetic and desperate-to-please portion of women. Even conservative christian women have more spine and are less handmaiden-y. Being associated with feminism is honestly embarrassing as hell now.

And class equality is impossible for the same reason as gender equality, biology. Humans evolved to form hierarchy and to have leaders and followers. People would rather have bad leader than be without leader, and when you don't have authority and hierarchy you end up with chaos and violent anarchy which is just the "rule of the strongest (male)". I think women and poor people are similar in that both constantly act against their own interests and have no hope for things getting better for them.

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We need to fight for our rights!