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As for EFB, I think mainstream feminism is basically full of women like this, most feminists are the doormat-type who apologize for existing and are ridiculously naive about men

'Apologize for existing...' 😆😆 Nice wording. But its unfortunately true. Mainstream feminism has led to the normalisation of sexism that even conservatives couldn't match up with. Tradwives, 24/7 BDSM slaves, porn etc to name a shitty few.

And obviously these biological difference compliment each others in the worst possible “match made in hell” way – EFB women are the perfect victims for EMB males.

This is something I have noticed as well. Most men and women deserve and complement each other. Thats why, I have given up hope on mainstream sisterhood. Women are more than happy to choose men and men are more than willing to let it remain the status quo.

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Most men and women deserve and complement each other.

There is a wonderful scene in Woody Allen's (I know...) "Radio Days" in which the father and the mother of the protagonist ("two people who could find an argument in any subject") finally agree to see a couples therapist. And after each of them told him how terrible the other person is, the therapist eventually replies: "I think you both deserve each other."

Upon which both of them get angry at him and start shouting at him: "What does that mean!?" "Look, we didn't come here to be insulted." "I love him, but what did I do to deserve him?"

And this really is how it is. Men and women deserve each other. And if you tell them that they deserve each other, they both get angry at you. They don't go to feminists "to be insulted" (i.e. being told the truth). Women want a feminism that is a pity party without any actual consequences. They want a hug and being told that their feelings are VALID. But if you tell them to do more than just whining you're "victim-blaming." If you call them out for their BS, you're "toxic."

And it's not just "third-wave feminism" we're talking about here...

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"Pity party" is exactly what it is. I stopped being involved in feminism because it started to feel like nothing more than enabling the worst shit women do and their weak victim attitudes.

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Autism impairs a person’s ability to naturally pick up on or repeat social cues and physical movements of others. So it’s not that autism is an example of EMB, but that autistic males are effectively un(der)socialized, since they couldn't pick up prosocial behaviors from their mothers during those critical, early childhood developmental windows. You get to see a male mind with most of its default settings preserved.

Autistic females don’t have the same level of socialization issues or antisocial tendencies, since they start out with a prosocial brain. That’s why they were originally thought to not exist and are still underdiagnosed. Autistic females don’t act male, but instead aren’t as feminine, because not all of femininity is natural to females. Females may be naturally more empathetic, more accommodating, and less aggressive than males, but the rest of what’s categorized under femininity always struck me as aping the faggotry of follower males.

Your borderline description is also spot on for fags, yet they aren’t any more empathetic than other males. I think it’s more a follower dysfunction rather than an empathy dysfunction. Anxiety might be as well. I’ve heard that narcissism is the female version of psychopathy, but that sounds like it's related to the belief that women have childlike minds.

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But narcissism is more common among men.