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What is the world becoming where is individuality? Having no hair discludes you from being a woman? Becouse being a woman means only caring about your clothes and make up? Do you have to assign comfort and originality with another gender? I'm fucking tired of this.

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Becouse being a woman means only caring about your clothes and make up?

Based on the stuff "non binary" people talk about, I'd say it's them that only care about clothes and make up. Just the other day someone shared a video of this woman identifying as agender who talked about wearing loose clothes like that was supposed to mean something. It's just a comfortable clothing choice?

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My god we've really gone backward. So what, cancer patients are all boys/men now? Black women who do a big chop are men? (lol who am I kidding of course they believe that.)

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Someone should really tell those women in Saudi Arabia that there's been an easy way out this whole time.

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And that easy way is similar to "If you are homeless, just buy a house, duh".

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Sinead O'Conner should know that she's /he's a man now.

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Or Susan Powter! Guess she's a dude too! :rolls eyes:

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I forgot about her! lol There must be a list of designated womanly haircuts somewhere.

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Demi Moore in G.I. Jane!

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Don't give that poor woman ideas.

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That would be terrible! I know her mental health hasn't been well lately, I'd probably cry if she decided she hates being a woman.

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I hate this. I have short hair, it’s easier to maintained and I don’t have to do much to it, I dress fairly masculine or not very feminine, but I’ve been asked by my girlfriend ex friend if I was trans a few times because of my appearance.

I detest how people will just automatically assume that if you don’t conform to your sex means you must be something completely different.

No, I am not trans because I have short hair and dress more masculine than most women. I have short hair because it easier and I’m comfortable with it.

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I love my short hair, it's so weird now that butch lesbians are now considered to be trans men just because of short hair and having more masculine styles = being a man. We've come full circle with stereotypes lol

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We have. Since they’ve made them self known more to the world they’ve somehow managed to redefined what men and women should look like.

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I have short hair, a pixie cut. For me personally, I style it feminine, I think it looks feminine on me, and I generally dress pretty feminine.

I hate this idea that short hair is associated with masculinity. I think a short haircut looks really pretty on me. That's not to say that it's not GNC for others. But it doesn't make me GNC.

Now there's a whole other question of the merits of appearing feminine, but honestly, it's just what I prefer and I find dresses much more comfortable than pants anyway.

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I once saw a comment in AL on reddit explaining that lesbians can't be physically attracted to transmen because when women go on T they grow body hair and therefore don't look like women anymore so lesbians will find them disgusting.

They weren't even talking about growing a bushy lumberjack beard! They were talking about regular leg/arm hair!

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Hmm, I suppose then that every winter I suddenly become a transman, because I can't be bothered to shave my legs.

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How do they square this with naturally hairy women?? Have we all just been transboys this entire time...

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They could become a new label: naturally transitioned. An exclusive clique among all the artificially transitioned people. Organic you could call it.

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Everyone knows women are hairless

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I've shaved my head several times and all it does is make me a woman that uses less shampoo.

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Didn’t you know women who don’t attract the male gaze don’t exist as women to these tools?

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If only it was as simple as a haircut.

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I cannot even handle any of this. I peak and get triggered daily. It's nuts. I need to go off grid and become part of an Amish community or something for women. No men allowed.

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I'm so glad we have the space here where I can take out my frustration. I can't say anything anywhere else.

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Non binary pisses me off so much because it's like... They almost fucking get it. But instead of just saying gender is stupid and ignoring stereotypes, they fucking lean all the way into it and just reinforce the stereotypes even more. Fuck all these not like the other girls/boys.

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what are "Gender Feelings"??

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The tickle in your tummy when you think you're waaaay more special than everybody else? NB/trans seems to be a way for boring people to reframe themselves as "unique." They're still boring though, imo. Just the package has changed.

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I’m going to take a wild guess and say gender feelings is when one day you feel like a woman and the other like a man.

For instance, yesterday I felt like a unicorn, but today more of a cat addicted to coffee. Meow meow.

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This is nuts. Sure Noelle, life will be so much easier now that you aren't a nasty woman. I'd say they were 1) stupid, 2) children but those are grown adults who are intelligent on other issues.

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This is so insulting and ignorant, my god


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Ignorance and sexism is woke now people.

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What the fuck is wrong with people. It's like aliens sucked these people's brains out and replaced it with 'gender religion'

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I actually almost shaved my head during pandemic, but went just short. Now it's shaved everywhere but the top and I love it. Was always too afraid to do it, but while quarantined I figured "whatever, to hell with it". Feels awesome. Still a woman.

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I've had short hair since I was a kid, guess I was a man all along! Except now I'm letting it grow, does it mean I'm actually a trans woman?

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Guess I’m no longer a woman then. It frustrates me to no end when gender stereotypes are used to claim what gender someone is. Isn’t this part of what feminism fought against? That you don’t have to conform to what society thinks a woman should be, but that you can dress and look however you want and be a woman? By the logic they’re going on I am a man, last time I checked I am a woman, a tomboy, but woman still.

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These women are morons. Do they seriously think having a shaved head makes them non-binary? What does this mean for the army? Lol

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"I'm really not sure what "gender" even is anymore."

I completely understand. Because of the TQ, I'm really not sure what "gender" even is anymore either.

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Damn, so back around 2002 when I shaved mine, I wasn't a woman for a whole year. Nobody told me. That whole time I was walking around and I thought all I did was change my hairstyle.

I remember when I first heard non-binary and it was described as a way to break sex based stereotypes. I thought that's great and that describes me. So I looked into it and looked into some of their communities and it's literally ALL sex based stereotypes. It was all about their outfits and presentation. It was sex based stereotypes on steroids. I'm a live and let live type of person and I would be fine if they just did their thing and left everyone alone. But no, I have to be a sexist jerk, too, or I'm an evil bigot. I have to be dehumanized and become a person who menstruates or a person with a cervix so they can indulge their narcissistic, sexist fantasies.

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This is the problem with the enby/GNC shit. "I'm not comfortable with embodying literally every single gender stereotype" now has this ~special~ label whereas before it just fucking WAS. And the goal was to show, hey, you can be a man or woman and you don't have to pay any mind to gender stereotypes! GNC doesn't eradicate those stereotypes. It doesn't subvert them. It literally condones them.

Because now "I'm a woman who doesn't like woman things" now means you're not a woman at all (meaning being a woman IS being all those stereotypes). Instead of "I'm a woman who doesn't like woman things but I'm still a woman" which would ACTUALLY challenge gender roles.

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I just saw that Kate Tempest, a hugely talented poet I had the opportunity to see a few years ago, has gone NB, maybe en route to trans since she mentions the beginning of a process. Heart sank, I think she’s in for a world of pain :/

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It's the strangest thing. We're assigning a whole "identity" to something that has been part of the human experience for as long as gender roles have existed.

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Do they even hear themselves and how ridiculous they sound?

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This is just so disturbing and sad. These are educated adult women.

How could feminism have failed so terribly that women associate the length of a person's hair with womanhood? It's like the entire world is upside down. For God's sake, it's as if conservatives are more progressive than liberals. At least conservatives know that a boy is a boy and a girl is a girl, and the way they act and dress has nothing whatsoever to do with what sex they are.