I cannot escape... Gender nonsense on a BASS GUITAR subreddit! by RedditHatesLesbians in GenderCritical

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Omg I saw this shit too! And I just went and looked and now there's a new post from some stupid TIM telling his whole life story because that poll triggered him. Lmao Literally a sub for bass guitar... And it's somehow turned into trans talk time. I. Can. Not. Stand. These. People. Fuuuuuck, I'm just so sick of them. They can't shut up about themselves for 2 seconds, it always has to be about them and their super special feelz.

I shaved my head, I'm not a woman anymore! by Beth-BR in GenderCritical

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Non binary pisses me off so much because it's like... They almost fucking get it. But instead of just saying gender is stupid and ignoring stereotypes, they fucking lean all the way into it and just reinforce the stereotypes even more. Fuck all these not like the other girls/boys.

This is the top upvoted post on r/MtF in the past week. Over 1000 people thought this was completely normal behaviour. Not a fetish at all... by DoneWithReddit in GenderCritical

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I honestly can't understand how any actual women can read this kind of shit and still think 'yeah TIMs are just like us! This isn't creepy behavior at all!'

Rape by deception is totally cool if you're trans by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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I have a hard time believing their partners don't know something is up. Like come on. They're probably just using them, but then the TIMs think they're sooo valid

Looks like William Shatner is on our side. I wonder why he's getting so much less hate than JKR? How odd. by blahblahgcer in GenderCritical

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Gee I wonder why. I mean he didn't nearly say as much as Rowling did, maybe he'll back off, but still. I'm sure he won't get rape threats and all that shit

People talk about the effects of male puberty on athletic performance. But boys are stronger than girls even before puberty by Realwoman in GenderCritical

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I mean I was an outlier I guess, not because I was naturally gifted, but because I practiced 'boy' skills and didn't care about being told what boys do and what girls do. That's why I was good and most of the other girls were bad. They literally didn't try and actually acted purposely bad because to them that's what being a girl was.

People talk about the effects of male puberty on athletic performance. But boys are stronger than girls even before puberty by Realwoman in GenderCritical

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So you really don't think being encouraged and pushed into sports, and most importantly practicing and being more physical, doesn't benefit boys when it comes to strength? I remember the other girls saying, and I quote, 'being good at sports is gay'. They purposely acted stupid and bad because they thought that's how girls were supposed to be. They already had this attitude at a very young age. Thats literally socialization. I don't doubt that girls are weaker on average, I just think it has a lot more to do with them never practicing those skills rather than being naturally bad.

Joe Rogan's latest podcast interview--with Abigail Shrier, author of Irreversible Damage by Lilith_Fair in GenderCritical

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This is awesome. Joe has a huge audience, and even if they aren't our target audience, it'll get them thinking and saying things which will hopefully influence the people around them. Tbh I like the way he interviews people, he seems to actually listen and engage. Come on Joe, lets fucking go. Megan Murphey on his show would be so good.

People talk about the effects of male puberty on athletic performance. But boys are stronger than girls even before puberty by Realwoman in GenderCritical

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You sound the same as me! I played every sport that was available and loved it. We had a flag football team in our city and I was the only girl in the whole league.. Lol it was awesome. I think socialization and not being encouraged in sports plays more of a role in this discussion than OP thinks. I literally never felt inferior to the boys before puberty.

People talk about the effects of male puberty on athletic performance. But boys are stronger than girls even before puberty by Realwoman in GenderCritical

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I'm short af and always have been, and I agree with you. Before puberty almost all of my friends were boys and we all were very equal when it came to our physical ability, we played every sport around and I held my own and was better than a lot of the boys. Maybe I'm the anomaly, but I kinda don't think so. I think it's more down to girls not doing sports as seriously as the way boys do, which I did.

Do you know when you're punching up? by arlyparly in Lesbians

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I feel exactly the same as you. Finding just a normal woman seems totally impossible, even more so now with the virus. By punching up I'm guessing you mean thinking you're in a higher 'league' than you really are? Honestly (and this is going to sound asshole-ish and probably get me some hate lol) if you're in good shape and have a decent face you're definitely in the higher tier looks wise when it comes to lesbians, simply because the obesity rate in the lesbian community is crazy high. Yeah I know, I'm a jerk for saying this, whatever. Haha

I'm also not willing to lower my standards, because really I don't think my standards are very high to begin with. Have some things in common and get along well, be attractive to me. That's literally it, and even that feels hopeless. Don't lower your standards so much that you settle for someone you don't really like, that isn't going to be fair to either of you. I think I have a decent idea of my attractiveness level, definitely not from me judging myself since I've had horrible self esteem for so long, but judging by what others have said to me I'm good looking. Regardless of that, everyone should always 'punch up', because you never know who might find you attractive.

Anyone knows if TrollGC will be back? by Whatsup in GenderCritical

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I miss it too. :( In the meantime it's probably fine to post memes here, I'm not a mod though so if they don't want that content then I guess no memes then. These subs will never have the membership numbers that the ones on reddit had. Making a bunch of different spin off subs will probably result in them having like maybe 50 people and maybe 1 post a week. Better to just keep things consolidated unless we suddenly get a shit load of active people. That's just my opinion though, like I said the mods might not want it that way

"Friends and allies" that turn on you as soon as you let it be known you don't want to date a trans person were never our friends to begin with by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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Eh, this is more complicated than just saying someone is your friend or not. People are very misinformed about trans shit and they blindly support it. If these people eventually want to talk to me then cool, if they just stop talking to me forever then whatever. Like I said this is a recent development, so we'll see. I'm not going to act like the TRA's and cut people from my life for little (maybe misinterpreted) actions.

"Friends and allies" that turn on you as soon as you let it be known you don't want to date a trans person were never our friends to begin with by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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I think I'm kinda dealing with this right now, waiting to see where things go. I've been more vocal about my GC views lately and a few people definitely seem to be noticing and disengaging with me. I've said a few times I'm open for discussion, but all I get is silence of course. Instead they just quit talking to me or engaging with anything I post, just waiting for them to block to stay safe. Luckily these are just online friends, so not a huge loss, but still kinda sucks since we've known each other for years.. Like you're going to throw that away because why...? I'm a lesbian who doesn't think 'girl dick' is a thing? It's pretty pathetic, and honestly insane to me. Oh well, I'll see what happens. Hopefully they'll actually talk to me before just leaving.

So does anyone actually understand gender theory? by bi_otter in LGBDropTheT

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Gender is nothing but stereotypes and expectations based on your sex. Masculine or feminine. This shit is entirely a social construct that can change with time and can differ between cultures. The reason it doesn't make sense and requires impressive mental gymnastics to 'understand' is because these people are literally making it up as they go.

Their new target: askgaybros by motss-pb in LGBDropTheT

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Maybe they shouldn't be celebrating and helping get our subs banned if they don't want to deal with actual homosexuals in their QT+ safe spaces. The thing is, we have always been in these other subs they're all claiming we're brigading, they're just extra sensitive right now since the banning of all GC type subs. And sure, maybe they are having an influx of GC people disagreeing with them, but I mean, what are they going to do about the naughty brigading down voters or commenters? Get our subs in trouble and banned? Oh wait.. Lmao Deal with it you fucking homophobes.

Trans women and cervical cancer screening - Canadian Cancer Society by fijupanda in GenderCritical

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Why call it cervical cancer? Like sure, they can maybe get cancer in their neo vaginas, but it isn't cervical cancer, because spoiler alert, no male has a cervix. Like take care of yourself and test for cancer if you're at risk, but let's be honest about what kind of cancer it is. I really hope the majority of trans women aren't this level of delusional.. But I just don't know anymore, shit is crazy.

I was misgendered today. An older man said 'sorry sir' to me.lets see if you can guess my response.. 1. Screamed about the violence of this comment 2. Cried 3. Went about my day by Finally in GenderCritical

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  1. Went to gamestop and kicked displays while screaming

What are your hopes for the new r/gendercritical site when it is created? by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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A lot of active users. GC had a lot of people, hope to get most of them back

Gender Critical and Atheism by -thedarkhorse- in GenderCritical

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I'm atheist and have been for a very long time. I'm so thankful my parents never took me to church and just let me make up my own mind instead of being brainwashed by religion. I think being skeptical about belief systems from a fairly young age has been a good thing for me. If you can't hear opposing views without throwing a fit, or defend your views without circular logic or just saying 'because that's how it is', then I'm going to have a very hard time taking you seriously or respecting you.

Can someone help explain these posts from r/gc? by emissch in GenderCritical

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I actually did see a few of those posts as they were happening, and I don't agree with them. I remember disagreeing once or twice and some other woman replied saying that it's fine to basically emotionally neglect (though I'd call it abuse) your child if it ends up being a boy. I was pretty disgusted. I can understand why someone wouldn't want to have a boy if they view all men as evil, but for that same reason, why would they want to have a girl? If your view is that you're giving birth to an evil oppressor by having a boy, why would you want to create more victims by having a girl? If that's how you think then you just shouldn't be having kids at all, because either way you're just bringing more suffering into the world, right? Though that's actually how I feel about having kids in general since I'm antinatalist, so yeah, I obviously have my own controversial thoughts on this subject.. Lol

AgainstHateSubs basically admitting they had to get GC banned because it was peaking too many people. by BraveAndStunningTERF in GenderCritical

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When did GC ever go around recruiting people? People found the sub because others would bring it up and tell everyone how awful it was, they'd get curious and check it out, then realize TRA's are liars. That's how I found it anyway, went to lol at the bigots but ended up staying because it actually made sense.