Phoenix cops kill white guy who legally answered door with a firearm at his side. Put his free hand up and knelt down to put the gun on the ground and got shot three times in the back by Excantare in news

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This is a response for all the 2A naysayers and finger waggers.

Iit's an interesting topic. Because a small group of individuals took over and maintained several square blocks in the city of Seattle. They even renamed it, and they gracefully gave it back to the city of Seattle recently.

Portland did the same, except in Portland they also essentially had federal troops evicted from the area..

A group of Armed men held off government goons over cattle grazing rights in an area there as well.

Small tribal groups armed with weapons held off the Soviets for 30 years and then the mighty US Army for at least 20 more in Afghanistan.

People who have trouble understanding the second amendment generally have trouble understanding the constitution, the declaration of independence especially, free speech, freedom and free will, religion and God, and thinking abstractly or independently. Freedom is a difficult concept, and there are a lot of ppl who just can't understand it, so don't feel bad, you aren't alone. Throughout written history, those who understand the concepts above are few and far between, so consider yourselves in good and typical company. it's nothing to be ashamed of, but it's good to be aware of it.. As well, that doesn't mean you have to be a believer, but not being one directly limits your comprehension in the underlying values espoused in our founding documents.

The framers, as they stated in the DOI, started with the premise that all of us are made in the image of God and have inherent value. As such, your rights come from God, and that a government's first and foremost function is the protection of these rights, that the govt is instituted by men for securing these rights.

But Because men are inherently flawed and your rights come from God and not the government, you should have the right to stand for yourself when no one other man or men will, including the institution of government.. You have the right to defend your life, to the point you will take another life if necessary, even if it means losing your own and you are accountable for your actions both in this life to men, and to God.

The above is likely lost on you. That's not especially strange given our society now. If you're a moral relativist or religious atheist as with most people now, the above is not only unintuitive, it's arcane and savage. You are now a practitioner of the predominant religion and belief systems in the US. Under these, you likely believe men are inherently good and most if not all of societal ills are due to the lack of education, exposure to harmful ideas or beliefs when young, or a system that oppresses certain groups at the expense of another to name a few.

The idea for the 2A is that you can defend yourself and your family even if it costs your life. This is a bridge to far for believers in the dominant religion of today. Not just that, it's 20XX and society is far more civilized now. Furthermore, there are few if any arguments to be made that government, not God is the grantor of rights. For them, they can see the government but can't see God. And regardless of what we were as a society/country 100 years ago and all of the terrible flaws that existed then, i think we are much father away from the values of the DOI now than then.

This is one of the primary reasons for the attacks on the meanings of words, "what's a man/woman" was a great place to start. But for a society without a compass, ask people what's a "right". You'll now here answers such as, healthcare, equal pay, or same sex marriage.

It's true there are always those who'll isolate to their own demise. The wickedness of man has no bounds.

The second amendment isn't for a moral and just society, it's for the one that isn't. If enough government goons lose their lives doing 3AM no knock raids over traffic tickets or missed tax payments, they Will stop 3AM no knock raids or they'll start looking for ways to ensure that when they do the 3AM no knock raid, they removed your ability to defend yourself because of some arbitrary rule you broke, like say a red flag law.

Of course, it's cool as long as it's them. After all it's 2020. Spoken like city dwellers, the government will take care of you..

Ultimately, it's likely we are now a people made to be ruled.

Cough19 update. by christnmusicreleases in funny

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What you said is 100% true.

But this isn't about refuting the content, it's about easily censoring content that they don't like.

35-Year-Old Florida Roofer Struck by Lightning Listed as Coronavirus Fatality by scrubking in politics

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Yeh but men can be women now. So it's all good.

What SaidIt Considers Insightful by CompleteDoubterII in memes

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For all intents and purposes, when referencing democrats and Republicans the two lefts are the same.

The old left have already moved to the Republican party. That's why you now see the yards with Trump signs along side a local union/labor sign.

Democrats, and the SJW left are generally unrestrained. They are the same. It's another reason the American communist party

Nobody likes standards anymore, everyone wants to create their own walled gardens by noble_pleb in technology

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The author mentions xmpp and it's standard and then goes on and on about how Skype, WhatsApp etc are all walled gardens that don't follow the standard.

He fails to mention that exists, that many jabber servers exist, that fully federated services such as ejabberd exist.

Why are ppl such ninnies? Stop complaining about how everyone should cater to you and switch over to xmpp, others Will follow or they'll use mms as an alternative.

Services don't just flourish because they should need to exist. They flourish because there is a need and folks step up and solve the problem. If people would rather use Skype or WhatsApp, that's because they've weighed their own value of their data and found it's meaningless.

Is antifa the greatest movement against free speech in America? by Drewski in Freedom

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Pretty sure the entirety of the DNC, the Democrat party and 98% of people who vote Democrat are perfectly fine with censoring anyone and anything not towing the line or meeting certain standards.

It's undeniably true with many topics such as climate, energy, environment, masks, covid and God to name a few. Most of the blue can easily be pushed into further censoring whatever the overlords tell them to.

Tack on that a sizeable majority of the red, especially the Cheetoh Jesus saves types are also totally fine with censorship. These are what's left of the actual bill Clinton Democrat party.

So, when it comes down to it, 98% of democrats and 50% of the red are all gone with censorship. That number is far greater than a hit squad/Brown shirts for the democratic party such as antifa/BLM or "the Juuuuuuuuuuuuuus" as someone else responded..

Chicago's lesbian mayor, Lori Lightfoot, launched a police raid on Sunday on a predominately black church for holding services in defiance of her coronavirus shutdown orders • /s/BiblicalSubmission by calmbluejay in WorldNews

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She has allowed other methods of assembly, including multiple and numerous "protests", large mass gatherings for George Floyyd, antifa rallies, and some LGBT parades just to name a few.

She's singling out religious groups and individuals, but she allows the now dominant religion, atheism and it's followers to worship and celebrate.

Any smart group would take them to court on the above grounds as she's had several news conferences where she stated that protests and parades were ok on 1st amendment grounds.

Lastly, who released you from reddit. Take that group think herd mentality back over there so you can be with the other moral relativists and religious atheists. Please get back to your grindr account, they miss you.


WTF....they are replacing the police force in Seattle with SJWs..... by Honestanonymous in politics

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Please don't move. You're just bringing You're garbage with you.

Just "voting red" doesn't accomplish anything and it's the primary reason the only party alternative to Marxists have elected a longtime Democrat. It's the reason the party offers no alternative vision other than "we aren't Marxist" while the president validates virus panic porn and ventilators and the governors of red states send police to arrest business owners for opening while letting rioters burn downtown areas to the ground (after all its their constituents who have to pay for that so no big deal).

Just hold tight, most of this should end in January when the cabinet is installed and you can go back to tranny story hour with your kids at your local Seattle church public library.

Please stop suggesting these people move. A migration and a separation is happening, but i've seen an influx of these refugees who are fleeing for reprieve and don't understand what or why this is happening.

Nevada Democrats Pass Insane Mail-In Voting Law 97 Days Out from Election - Allows Friends/ Relatives to Vote for You by scrubking in politics

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You mean like the long time NYC Democrat that currently resides in the white house, signing off on bills that he claims he'll never sign again (then signs it again except it's worse), or the signing of multi trillion dollar bills and gives pressers that talk up ventilator porn...

Yeh, i don't think much will change actually

Trump is moving forward with his plan to regulate social media by cutegirl in news

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You mean like DACA or any of the other legislative powers the president has?

Yeh Congress abdicated their power and responsibilities long ago, the SCOTUS actually affirmed this power when it said Trump has no actual power to end such programs.

The atheists generally need a god. POTUS is generally their religious leader.

So POTUS has the power, Trump may not have it, but that's because he isn't on the right team.

Facebook censors hydroxychloroquine praise, even in countries where it's an official treatment by scrubking in politics

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At least one of the doctors who came out and said it should at least be an option or something you can discuss with your doctor if you get covid sick, has been fired and may lose her license.

Nothing Will stand in the way of narrative and the ushering in of the new regime.

Court Unseals Documents: Bill Clinton was on Epstein's Island by scrubking in politics

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You know it'll be memory holed...

Austin Police Release Driver Who Shot And Killed Antifa Protester Garrett Foster – Photo Allegedly Shows That Foster Was Pointing His AK-47 At The Driver by Trump_WG1WGA in news

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I've only seen the one video, and heard the 4 or five shots from his rifle first..

However, the MO for democrats and their enforcement teams like antifa/BLM is to portray anyone not stopping or sitting in a car as hostile while peaceful protesters bash the vehicle. I think this guy was looking to be the "hero" and stop "a white supremacist" from running over "innocent people".

This guy in the car got off because he's in Texas, but you better believe he now has multiple media organizations scouring through everything he's ever said or wrote online. And if that event occurred in Virginia or Pennsylvania, or some other Democrat stronghold, they'd be looking to fry that guy.

I think if you're sitting in the car in that situation, a wise assumption is that you will at some point end up on an al-qaeda style video where antifa/BLM/democrat holds you hostage for your white guilt. Protect yourself first.

No amount of muzzle awareness or tactical training is gonna change the fact that if your displaying a firearm as part of a mob, you are a hostile threat. Mob/herd mentality and rational thought are difficult to maintain in that situation, especially since your actively participating in a protest whose members stand for anarchy and destruction of the U.S.. The guy should've probably dropped anyone standing within 5 feet of that ak47.

Pentagon UFO unit prepares to go public.. Hehe been sneaking this stuff in amazingly by jamesK_3rd in news

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that some of the found materials were from sources that “we couldn’t make ourselves.”

Pentagon UFO unit prepares to go public.. Hehe been sneaking this stuff in amazingly by jamesK_3rd in news

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BREAKING: Twitter Censors Trump By Completely Removing His Tweets For First Time - The Donald - America First by christnmusicreleases in censorship

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I think your dead on. They made him out to be the villain, and what's worse is that he believes the lies they sell the American people..

They got perfect contagion, terrifying but not really serious.. I mean if you're under 15, you're more likely to die by falling off a ladder. Perfect for reshaping society.

He's bought into it. Instead of coming out and saying this is all nonsense, he repeats mantras given to the masses by the MSM.. Then he word vomits all kinds of nonsense they tell him, such as masks save lives, the lockdown helps, and the biggest one, he has saved millions of lives because if his actions.

Cities are burning from "peaceful protests" a massive amount of businesses aren't coming back, the people are primed for socialism and the economic fallout from all this might be the catalyst.

But more than anything, they wanna blame someone. A lot of ppl now believe that if Trump is gone things will return to normal. They're wrong.

The BLM "protestor" who was fatally Shot in Austin was filmed hours earlier saying that the 'People Who Hate Us' Are 'Too Big of Pussies to Actually Do Anything About It' by america_first_1776 in news

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The democrats and the left, like in all other facets of it's existence, uses the institutions as it's weapons.

Foolish fellows make statements about how the right has all the guns.

For example, most Cops now let rioters and mobs smash, loot and kill innocents just driving thru to work.. But it's certain they'll be at your door to arrest you at 8am if you try to open your business against your overlord's dictates that says your business isn't essential.

Florida/Texas small fraction of new York deaths. by jamesK_3rd in politics

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You can believe men can be women. You can believe Florida and Texas are going to be worse than New York.

The data doesn't give a fuck about your ideology or your inept IQ. You'll obviously believe whatever.

The virus is a really bad flu strain for individuals under 45.

New York is bad because the people of the empire state chose to save themselves by executing anyone living in a nursing home or assisted living facility. That's the truth Bottom line.

Pelosi: "Whether He Knows it or Not, [Trump] Will Be Leaving” - Another Coup attempt? by scrubking in politics

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The natural assumption is that if you're already at the point where you can make such statements, having a plan for where to dump number two isn't a problem, puns intended.

Florida/Texas small fraction of new York deaths. by jamesK_3rd in politics

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It is extremely depressing to be in a dying country (USA) by Honestanonymous in politics

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That's dying.

Pre pandemic study, masks by all not based on sound data by jamesK_3rd in politics

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Cernovich on Twitter: "Twitters admin panel has a button to “blacklist trends.” So yeah twitter lied, they manually edit trends. The ones advocating violence are kept up. By their choice. They aren’t a platform. They are a publisher. Abolish Section 230." by christnmusicreleases in propaganda

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I think this is the point everyone is missing.

I agree companies should be able to censor what they like, however they aren't a platform they're a publisher. If reddit or Twitter want to blacklist every conservative or libertarian voice that's fine, even if it's "really hard" to make another platform. Umm No.

The corollary to that is platforms are generally not liable under section 230, and publishers are. Platforms generally can't be sued for damages, and don't have much civil or criminal liability. But they've given companies that are likely publishers the same benefits as platforms, likely because they toed the line in a grey area.

This restricts the ability of users who could sue a platform like Twitter for such things defamation, libel, loss of ad revenues, swatting, child porn etc. Ironically enough, the courts and money was designed to keep many companies in check, but turns out the courts and our politicians generally gave them immunity anyway, especially if they're part of an in-group.

Up until now, They've straddled the line. So everyone treated them as a platform. People even had their ad revenues coming through these sites, which is essentially their work compensation. After they began to label certain opinions as racist/misogynist/homophobic, which defamed them and likely causes them to lose advertisers, that's a problem.

If Twitter started off as a publisher for specifically leftist ideals or opinions as they are now, I've got less of a problem with that. But they didn't, they made their money and their name on being a place where everyone comes to spout off and a lot of folks got ads and revenues from that. But after Twitter made it, they can't just defame half of their users claiming the opinions they had up until now are banned, and these users shouldn't be granted any ad revenues and blacklisted. Twitter should be liable for that.

Here's a analogous example: Wal-Mart hires an ex con, and after years of work that makes them a bigger company one day Wal-Mart says, 'yeh we don't hire ex cons, sorry, so we're essentially letting you go (maybe you can still come in to work, we just aren't gonna let you get paid for it). And by the way, since we have a large bulletin board, we're putting it out there for everyone's future reference that no one should hire you either because you're an ex con. '

That's bullshit. Twitter should be liable for all of it, since they been shown from the hack to actively censure certain groups, users, ideas and material. Which means any child porn that "just got thru", didn't just get thru...

They're liable.. And after everyone gets a piece of that cake, then Twitter can become the leftist paradise of simpleton ideas that's it's so desired.

But most of the recent legislation SOPA/PIPA/COPA etc that's been pushed and either failed or was passed has Done a lot to erode section 230 and freedom on the internet. My guess is after the cabinet is installed in November, there Will be a lot more restrictions coming, such as net neutrality, encryption laws, and likely rewards for the companies who've been loyal to the cause; the pandemic/climate/social justice cause.

Hello, POC and black women of Saidit! by Doll in Introductions

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Recognizing groups or particular characteristics of certain individuals is a form of signaling. Usually when people use terms such as POC, they are attempting to endear themselves to the in group. In this case, It's mostly virtue signaling.

Https:// url is sitewide banned on reddit by Honestanonymous in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Interesting. They most certainly didn't want the National Guard to implement forced integration.

Yeh, maybe.. Maybe it's not that you're a fool, you're just ignorant of history and the US constitution.. My guess it's probably all of the above though.

Enjoy The koolaid.

Https:// url is sitewide banned on reddit by Honestanonymous in MeanwhileOnReddit

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How's that 3 trillion dollar CARES act treating those federalist principles you're raving about. And the ones after that or the bill he's poised to sign with another 1200 handout?

I know, maybe you could cite those omnibus packages, you know the ones with massive administrative state increases and federal welfare and infrastructure programs.. So bad, he promptly stated he'd never sign one like that again and then proceeded to sign another one that was worse, which included everything from before plus more funding for planned parenthood.

How about NAFTA 2.0, which didn't do anything but make washer/dryer machines 400$ more expensive than just 3 years ago,( i know i looked at one this weekend and them checked out the ads on slickdeals from 2015).

Yeh i smell Cheetoh Jesus Saves.. I totally get it bro. The problem is you aren't holding him to account for anything. If he was actually the tyrant the left claims he is, we'd be in a much different place.

The truth is this, he's Nancy Pelosi's politics and voting record with the tweeting of incendiary right wing memes that the media pick up on and vilify him about, as if he actually did those things he tweeted; such as veto the omnibus packages that gave millions to planned parenthood.

It's kabuki theater at it's finest. You my friend are a sock puppet, a brown shirt being molded and shaped by your overlords.

Https:// url is sitewide banned on reddit by Honestanonymous in MeanwhileOnReddit

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He's Either the president or he isn't. That's literally America under Trump. The "fascist dictator" watches as essentially Taliban groups go around the nation and pull down statues and history. Fitting that it should be under DT's watch.

Oh yeh, you can pull down statues, but try to attend church, and DT Brown shirts come knocking at your door for not wearing your covid condom or being 6 feet away.

Donald Trump, who was a Democrat up until 5 minutes before he decided to run, he doesn't hate big city New Yorkers, he hates you.

Https:// url is sitewide banned on reddit by Honestanonymous in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Yeh no..

Antifa and BLM were running checkpoints on roads and even interstate highways in multiple states.. Missouri, North Carolina, Washington and Maryland. I've heard rumors that it happened in other states as well.

It's specifically addressed in the constitution.. If the governors or states decide not to protect the rights of it's citizens, It's the duty of the executor to protect these rights. That's essentially his first task.

Although this might be hard for you to believe, a politicians job is not to get re-elected, or avoid ideas or functions because it messes with their cush 150k job with full pensions, medical, and luxurious part time second residences in McLean or other outskirts of D.C.

"Wanted to send the Natl. Guard in but.." Yeh stop right there. Either he's the president or he's not. What kinda of weak ass eunich is he then. Nobody elected, Jared, ivanka, fauci or any of them. He literally is assigned by the constitution these powers.

But that's him, that's the entire Republican party save for a few individuals like Paul, Masse, Cotton and Sasse.

They (including Trump) don't do things not because they are incapable. He literally controls the purse strings on these administrative issues like sanctuary cities, planned Parenthood, DACA, covid scamdemics, riots and protests, and others.. he (and they) won't defy or defund the courts or the media because they largely agree with them. If you're a conservative (which it doesn't sound like you are), It's because they hate you, they hate conservatives far more than they hate the democrats.

Shill for him if you want, that just makes you another brown shirt.

Https:// url is sitewide banned on reddit by Honestanonymous in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Somebody is doing yeomans work there..

That site is amazing.

But again, like in 2016, people aren't voting for Biden because he's better than Trump. It's ironic the Trump ads showing looting, rioting, and protesting have the backdrop of "Joe Biden's America". No actually that's Donald trumps America, and he's done fuck-all about it.

The Orange Man Bad and Cheetoh Jesus Saves groups are already set in their vote. But there are a lot of folks who are more moderate, and those folks will likely either sit it out or vote for "the cabinet".

Couple Who Painted Over BLM Mural Charged, Meanwhile BLM Loots and Destroys, Why the Double Standard by scrubking in videos

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Are you sure?? We have multiple judges, even on SCOTUS, who now interpret and make the law how they want.

I'm not even sure if I'd leave it to a "jury of peers". Over 36 million people took some part in these scam "protests", and peer pressure is a bitch. Especially if you're the lone in a jury panel holding out saying erasing graffiti doesn't mean you hate black lives.

We're entering brave new World territory.

Michigan State University fires researcher for refusing to bias study. The academy is now lost. by jamesK_3rd in politics

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Regardless of wetherthat's true or not (which it isn't).. The fact is once that happens you'll never be able to say it.

Death to the automobile (again) by jamesK_3rd in whatever

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Couple Who Painted Over Black Lives Matter Lettering on California Street Charged With HATE CRIME by scrubking in politics

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Fantasizing?? Whining??

It's already been proven this can be done. In February, March and April multiple New England states had their state police look for citizens of New York and deport, detain and/or quarantine them. Even Florida and Hawaii got in on the action.

Other states such as Delaware and Maryland used police and license plate scanners to force out of staters to either quarantine or return to their home state unless they had a covid pass.

This can be done. Governors just need the balls to do it. Your taxes, like your gun purchases, are in a list retained by the government. (This is how California confiscates guns from their owners who have had misdemeanors or felonies expunged, they aren't allowed to have them in California).

Anyone who has paid taxes in California and has ever voted blue should be returned to that home state. The host state can easily use civil asset forfeiture to confiscate housing or other land purchases by these illegal aliens.

I think the government having the capability of the above is terrible mind you. But let's be honest about it, anyone thinking this isn't coming to your friendly neighborhood Democrat run blue state has slept through events of February, March, April and May. Maybe if some actually do this, you might get enough legislators on board to start reigning in the powers of the state.

My guess is everyone is fine with it though, it's usually their team doing this stuff, and it's only for "the betterment of hum×nkind"....

"We can no longer allow any content that shows POC as the aggressor." - r/JusticeServed by avena_sativa_3 in MeanwhileOnReddit

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It's really a tactic to push the Overton window with no resistance.

It's boiling the frog slowly..

Couple Who Painted Over Black Lives Matter Lettering on California Street Charged With HATE CRIME by scrubking in politics

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Please stop with that. The time to bail was 20 years ago. I'd rather none of them leave. Wall that place off and let them lord of the flies.

How it feels to leave Reddit by skunkwerx in memes

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Well done.

Whoops. WaPo editors let a little truth slide out. -- Coronavirus excess deaths heart -- by jamesK_3rd in news

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The issue with that is, a majority of cases are asymptomatic. In fact, up until pretty recently, you couldn't be seen for anything other covid, and only if you were symptomatic covid such as: - loss of taste, - fever (Which is actually atypical) - respiratory symptoms

In their quest to save everyone from coronavirus through: - masks, - locking down young and healthy individuals, - ensuring covid positive elderly don't remain in hospitals and are promptly returned to their nursing home or assisted living facility, They essentially increased the death rate for these other diseases, Which are or may have been exacerbated by covid.

Many number of healthcare workers have been frustrated by having patients come in with heart attack or stroke symptoms, but they were declined treatment or told to return when it was safe for them from covid.

What do you know, democrats actually do love science when they can use it to assassinate elderly and patients who are asymptomatic. Another +1 for Cuomo, the DNC, and Trump.

Origins of Antifa by cons_nc in politics

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The action arm of the DNC..

Or is that the quiet part you don't say out loud???

Whoops. WaPo editors let a little truth slide out. -- Coronavirus excess deaths heart -- by jamesK_3rd in news

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The Post found about 2,100 excess deaths from influenza and pneumonia in the six locations it examined, about 20 percent of them in New York City alone.

Because tracking efforts showed that influenza fell to “undetectable levels” in March, Weinberger said, “the excess pneumonia and influenza deaths we’re seeing are probably covid-19 deaths that are just not being attributed to the virus.”

Variations in the way underlying causes of death are recorded on some death certificates mean some covid-19 deaths could be included in the analysis of other causes; however, the number is small and does not account for the dramatic increase in excess deaths from heart disease and other causes, said Robert N. Anderson, chief of the Mortality Statistics Branch of the National Center for Health Statistics.

Piazza said he was not surprised to see across-the-board increases in diabetes deaths given that the pandemic has drastically altered routines, making it more difficult for people to stick to regular diets and exercise crucial for glucose control. Some diabetics may be reluctant to go to the pharmacy and could be more likely to run out of medication, he said.

The Post analysis estimated there were more than 1,300 excess deaths from diabetes.

“Diabetes is the kind of illness that requires, for good control, a reasonable amount of monitoring from both patient and provider,” Piazza said.

The Post analysis also estimated there were 1,300 more deaths attributed to Alzheimer’s disease than would have been expected, adding to the pandemic’s devastating toll on the country’s elderly.

The coronavirus has made nursing homes some of the deadliest places, and responding to the crisis probably affected care across the board, Bhadelia said. Facilities may also have been reluctant to send uninfected residents to hospitals for fear of exposure, she said.

“They just didn’t get timely care,” Bhadelia said.

And as with other diseases, experts said, some of those Alzheimer’s deaths may have been missed cases of covid-19.

Deaths due to Alzheimer’s

 Total weekly deaths Expected deaths


March 1May 3050100150


March 1May 3050100150


March 1May 3050100150

New Jersey

March 1May 3050100150

New York*

March 1May 3050100150

New York City

March 1May 3050100150

*New York totals do not include New York City, which is charted separately.

The Post’s analysis found that cerebrovascular diseases — stroke and other conditions that involve blood flow to the brain — accounted for more than 170 excess deaths in New York City and more than 120 in New Jersey.

In New York state and Illinois, the numbers were smaller, well below 100 each. Massachusetts and Michigan saw about the same or fewer deaths from strokes than would have been expected over the same period.

Deaths due to stroke and other cerebrovascular disease

 Total weekly deaths Expected deaths


March 1May 3050100150


March 1May 3050100150


March 1May 3050100150

New Jersey

March 1May 3050100150

New York*

March 1May 3050100150

New York City

March 1May 3050100150

*New York totals do not include New York City, which is charted separately.

Though covid-19 was originally believed to be primarily a respiratory illness, Eriksson noted its ability to attack blood vessels and form blood clots. That virus-related complication could have created stroke symptoms in some patients, he said, but there also almost certainly were patients who delayed stroke treatment out of fear of exposure to the virus.

Analyzing deaths by cause underscores the severity of the pandemic, its cascading effects and the deadliness of the novel coronavirus, Weinberger said.

“It’s useful to see the magnitude of those increases in relation to the magnitude of the epidemic overall,” he said. “It tells us even if there are deaths due to these other causes, it’s probably much smaller than the deaths we’re seeing due to the virus.”

Lenny Bronner contributed to this report.

Whoops. WaPo editors let a little truth slide out. -- Coronavirus excess deaths heart -- by jamesK_3rd in news

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Heart conditions drove spike in deaths beyond those attributed to covid- 19, analysis shows

Fear of seeking care in hospitals overwhelmed by the pandemic may have caused thousands of deaths, experts say

Joseph Neufeld, Jr. looks over caskets at the Gerard J. Neufeld funeral home in the New York borough of Queens in late April. (Bryan R Smith/Reuters)


Reis Thebault, 

Lenny Bernstein, 

Andrew Ba Tran and 

Youjin Shin

July 2, 2020

The coronavirus killed tens of thousands in the United States during the pandemic’s first months, but it also left a lesser-known toll: thousands more deaths than would have been expected from heart disease and a handful of other medical conditions, according to an analysis of federal data by The Washington Post.

The analysis suggests that in five hard-hit states and New York City there were 8,300 more deaths from heart problems than would have been typical in March, April and May — an increase of roughly 27 percent over historical averages.

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That spike contributed to Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, and New York state and the city having a combined 75,000 “excess deaths” during that period, 17,000 more than the number officially attributed to covid-19, the disease the virus causes.

While several experts said some of the excess deaths in the analysis were almost certainly unrecognized fatalities from covid-19, the review suggests that many patients suffering from serious conditions died as a result of delaying or not seeking care as the outbreak progressed and swamped some hospitals.

Normally, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. But in the early months of the pandemic, some hospital departments were nearly devoid of the heart, cancer, stroke and other patients who populated them before.

Looking at the analysis, more than 50 patients a day “died excess deaths just from heart disease, just in New York City,” said John Puskas, chairman of cardiovascular surgery at Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital in Manhattan. “Frankly, that would explain where all the patients went.”

The analysis of data from March 1 to May 30, using a model previously developed by the Yale School of Public Health, shows heart disease is the major driver of excess deaths, excluding those officially attributed to covid-19.

As states in the South and West restart their economies and see new cases surge, the excess deaths should serve as a cautionary tale, said Nahid Bhadelia, medical director of Boston University School of Medicine’s Special Pathogens Unit.

“This data underlines the importance of not letting our health systems get to the point where they are so overwhelmed that it spills over and affects people with other medical conditions in our community,” she said.

The number of excess deaths in the United States during the pandemic far surpasses the number officially attributed to covid-19, analyses have shown. The official death counts from the disease are incomplete, according to experts, in part because it spread for weeks before testing was widely available and because the virus kills in a variety of ways that were not recognized early on.

But several experts said the spikes in the causes of death in the new Post analysis suggested a deadly collateral effect of the pandemic. They said the surge in deaths from heart disease and several other conditions matches what they saw in clinics and hospitals and confirms their fears that many patients died after not seeking care.

“This is in line with what we were scared of happening: that we were missing people beforehand and that people were dying of other diseases,” Bhadelia said.

Deaths due to heart disease

 Total weekly deaths Expected deaths


March 1May 305001,0001,500


March 1May 305001,0001,500


March 1May 305001,0001,500

New Jersey

March 1May 305001,0001,500

New York*

March 1May 305001,0001,500

New York City

March 1May 305001,0001,500

*New York totals do not include New York City, which is charted separately.

New York City, which reports its covid-19 statistics separately from the state, quickly became the epicenter of the pandemic in the United States and saw more than 4,700 excess deaths from heart disease — more than four times the number of any other jurisdiction The Post examined.

Puskas said that even at the height of the outbreak, when his hospital was nearly overwhelmed by the pandemic response, it didn’t turn away anyone seeking heart care. Yet the number of cardiovascular patients showing up remained low, he said.

Health-care providers everywhere are now reckoning with the consequences.

“All those patients that would typically have been there having cardiovascular care were not there,” Puskas said. “Those who would’ve had emergency lifesaving care did not receive that care, and they then became one of the statistics on your chart.”

In many cases, experts said, patients suffered through cardiac events, strokes, hyperglycemia and other health difficulties at home, likely fearful of seeking care in hospitals where large numbers of people suffering from covid-19 were receiving treatment.

Between March 15 and May 23, visits to hospital emergency departments declined 23 percent for heart attacks, 20 percent for strokes and 10 percent for high-blood-sugar crises — a complication of diabetes — when compared with the previous 10 weeks, according to a report last month from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “The striking decline in ED visits for acute life-threatening conditions might partially explain observed excess mortality not associated with COVID-19,” the researchers wrote.

Deaths due to diabetes

 Total weekly deaths Expected deaths


March 1May 3050100150


March 1May 3050100150


March 1May 3050100150

New Jersey

March 1May 3050100150

New York*

March 1May 3050100150

New York City

March 1May 3050100150

*New York totals do not include New York City, which is charted separately.

And in a separate excess deaths analysis, the CDC estimated that since Feb. 1, between about 20,000 and 49,000 more people have died of all non-covid-19 causes than would be expected in a typical year.

On Wednesday, an article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association bolstered the findings from the Post and CDC analyses. The paper looked at excess deaths nationwide in March and April and found that 35 percent were attributed to causes other than covid-19. The researchers, led by a team at Virginia Commonwealth University, concluded that those deaths may include unreported, “nonrespiratory manifestations” of the virus, or they could represent “secondary pandemic mortality caused by disruptions in society that diminished or delayed access to health care.”

The emerging understanding of the collateral toll signals the fallout that America’s new hot spots could face in coming weeks and also suggests the backlog in health-care problems that hospitals and other caregivers will face once the pandemic subsides.

“We are waiting for this cloud of coronavirus to lift more fully so we can see what’s happened to our patients,” said Gregory Piazza, a cardiovascular specialist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. “Are we going to see a flood of new patients that have decreased left heart function because they’ve had a missed myocardial infarction? Are we going to see more patients with heart failure?

“We’re certainly preparing, in the cardiovascular community, to run double speed to accommodate all the things we’ve put off, that have been backing up all this time,” he said.

Resident physician Leslie Bottrell stands outside an ICU room as a nurse suctions the lungs of a covid-19 patient at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Yonkers, N.Y., in April. (John Minchillo/AP)

The head of the National Cancer Institute, Norman “Ned” Sharpless, predicted on June 18 that delays in cancer screenings, diagnoses and treatment during the pandemic are likely to result in “thousands” of excess cancer deaths in years to come.

For its analysis, The Post selected the five states and New York City because their official covid-19 tolls ranked among the highest in the nation and their death data were among the most complete. The analysis focused on common causes of death.

The analysis calculates excess deaths in the United States by estimating the number of people who would have died absent the pandemic — an estimate that takes into account population growth and seasonal variations — and subtracting that number from the overall number of deaths reported by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS).

The great majority of those excess deaths are counted as covid-19 deaths. In the United States to date, at least 125,000 deaths are officially attributed to the disease, according to a Post tally.

Some of the remaining excess deaths — especially early in the pandemic — were likely caused by covid-19 but not attributed to the disease when death certificates were filled out by physicians, coroners or medical examiners.

“Not everyone gets an autopsy,” said Evert Eriksson, trauma medical director at the Medical University of South Carolina, one of the physicians who saw empty beds as the pandemic first hit. “There is some miscoding that goes on in there. That’s why a lot of this is difficult to tie causation to.”

Increases in deaths from pneumonia and influenza, for example, point clearly to missed cases of covid-19, said Dan Weinberger, professor of epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health, who led the team that developed the model The Post used in its analysis and co-wrote the JAMA paper.

White couple who defended themselves in a Chipotle parking lot with hand guns are arrested on assault charges. by Canbot in news

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Regardless, if you conceal carry, you only pull your gun if you're pulling the trigger. Show of force is no justification.

She had no right to pull her weapon in that scenario. They should've backed down, until the point where you physically cannot and/or you're in physical danger, and then it's headshot time, drop all of them without question.

Conceal carry, carrying a firearm, it's not meant to sway, inflict or implement your will on someone. It's not there so you can be a tough guy or gal, just because a few individuals are being asshats.

67 shot, 13 fatally, over Fourth of July weekend in Democrat Run Chicago by scrubking in politics

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I think DC is worse.

Surprise surprise. Predator drone renamed to fly over San Diego. by jamesK_3rd in news

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If you believe the government shuts down those drones when there is no rioting, looting, protesting, criminal acts occurring.. Well, all i can day is you're ignoring a long arc of human history, in favor of your particular group and rainbows and lollipops...

Donald Trump is responsible for these riots. Anyone who cares about freedom at all should be demanding he step down to get someone actually willing to do what he either ineptly or maliciously won't do; use the bully pulpit to call out all of these demonstrators, leftist governors/legislatures/states every day, every presser, at every event. Even in issues like masks and covid. But he can run off to south Dakota for rallies and sign multi trillion dollar giveaways, but he can't speak out against anyone or anything except on Twitter, where it's really just to virtue signal.

DT is bending over anyone who's a conservative for RINOs and leftist Republicans, and He's straight up wiping off all the lube because he's silently endorsing policies like military drones, which make no mistake are going to be fully exploited whenever a Democrat, or in the case of this upcoming November, "the cabinet" is elected.

Maybe they'll start tracking individuals with CHP, like Maryland does with their cameras, and make sure they're not going anywhere they shouldn't.

My take on surgical masks: are they useful? Are they a tool for psychological conditioning? by TheNecrons in conspiracy

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The magic property is likely the fact that In certain healthcare scenarios such as clinicians performing surgeries, reducing transmission of virus and bacteria can save a patient who might be immuno-compromised or on immune system suppression drugs.

Taking The criterion needed for sterile facilities due to very specific and well defined purposes and applying it broadly in other scenarios is largely ineffective at best, and malfeasance at worst. In fact, I'd say most of these individuals are doing this for the social media value whereby it turns into group virtue signaling or for collective shaming and drone control.

Speaking from an evolutionary biological perspective, the idea that people are wearing masks in many of the scenarios is a tragedy in the making, not this tone because the virus is not lethal. Exposure by individuals leads to herd and group immunity. In fact, surviving with the virus is one of the surest ways to increase the overall fitness of humans. This should be mandatory, especially in light of data and evidence that suggest for those under the age of 50 with no co morbidity, this virus is almost as deadly as the flu.

The fact that most people don't operate in such sterile environments is one particularly good reason to avoid the masks. Adults exercising, biking, walking hiking etc leads to them repeatedly touching and readjusting the mask. I've never seen any of these adults use alcohol prep pads on their face and hands after adjusting it, while outdoors exercising or while walking around inside places such as home goods stores.

But, as you have already surmised and are quite well aware of, the masks are really for virtue signaling and social control by particular groups and particular people. Groups that want you to not wear a mask when it may make you feel better because they tell you not to be preset of some collective.. And Groups that say you need to wear a mask, if you don't you hate science, people of color, and you want to kill old people.

As a libertarian, i think people should be able to wear masks add they see fit. I most certainly don't think the government should be mandating it. I mean covid isn't even considered at epidemic levels, and jammy been since early June, but you won't hear anything about that. I don't swear a mask, unless i know I'm around a particularly at risk population, and even them, it should really be them wearing a mask, not me. But i do enjoy it when i get approached about not wearing a mask.. Freedom is hard, and telling someonethat they aren't important enough to save over the species is hard for some to hear, but I'll keep saying it.

Some people really hate religion and they'll abuse their position to attack it. by calmbluejay in BiblicalSubmission

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You're good to protest though

Some insight about free speech from Reddit: West turning into USSR by cloudrabbit in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Yeh i don't think he said what he meant.

I mean he couldn't have said anything more untrue. The media is literally spewing leftist or government media propaganda.

Even FNC which the tools glorify as a bastion of "right wing" or "conservative" talking points, are essentially controlled opposition. Most of their talking points and mouthpiece opinions are far to the left of where Obama was years ago.

NYC Mayor Defends Ban on Religious Gatherings, Says Black Lives Matter Protests OK Because of ‘Profound Meaning’ by scrubking in politics

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It's just a different form of salvation.

If you look back on the past, when these individuals get ostracized from the collective, there are definitive steps they have to take to be returned to the collective.

Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein both came out after their respective outting events occurred, they put out pressers that they'd be donating to climate change groups. I'm the case of Weinstein, i think he even pledged to donate to planned parenthood and several anti 2A groups. That's pretty much standard practice, even among non elites. I think several of the parents involved with getting their adult children into their preferred college of choice made similar donations after they were outed paying their child's way to the front of the line.

But depending on who you are, you're correct that salvation can never be reached. We see multiple elite white individuals placate groups such as BLM, but they can never earn enough forgiveness, even if they do attain it for a short moment.

NYC Mayor Defends Ban on Religious Gatherings, Says Black Lives Matter Protests OK Because of ‘Profound Meaning’ by scrubking in politics

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Excellent analysts. There is one left though.

  • 6. Salvation (through repentance and Actions) -- donations to groups Such as planned parenthood, climate catastrophe groups, anti 2A groups -- taking steps from these climate groups are the first steps towards salvation

Forget Google - It's time to break up the payment processing duopoly of Visa and MasterCard by magnora7 in finance

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You know I've seen several retailers and restaurants recently who refuse to take cash, they have signs abound that state this is due to the ongoing pandemic and cash is inherently risky.

Within 1 hour, Reddit banned 2000 subs-almost all right wing, Twitch banned Trump's account, Youtube banned Stefan Molyneux, Twitter banned Sidney Powell, and the MSM all had long ass articles ready to go to praise it. THIS IS ELECTION MEDDLING. Contact your state reps and demand something be done. by Tarrock in politics

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That's pretty good advice. If you can change you're neighbors opinion, you have made a difference. And you'll also be able to tell if the Brown shirts would round you up there, maybe it's time to move..

At The state and national level, the Republicans are to the left of Obama. The cabinet will be installed in November. The Republicans aren't much better at this point even if they had a shot in November.. The few Republicon legislators who wouldn't knife you in the back, Roberts and gorsuch have already made clear that what you vote for is irrelevant, and there is no legislator in office now who has even hinted they'd be willing to defy the courts, let alone canwe get them impeached.

As they say, winter is coming. Creating local networks and knowing the people around you is the best way to live life, whether the U.S. is here for 6 years or 600 years.

Democrats doxx white couple who use firearms to protect their home by jamesK_3rd in whatever

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Oh cool.

What's your limit on how big a property is where it becomes fine to loot and vandalize?

Although i think it's a bit much to go outside and antagonize them.

"The students won't cheat in exams if they value their learning more than we value their grades." - Richard Feynman by muellermeierschulz in quotes

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College isn't about learning. It's a credentialing and signaling system

Violence upon Catholics vigil praying for a statue. by jamesK_3rd in whatever

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Yeh I'm not sure i get this one.

Democrats want to tear down all the statues and the country. I get that.

If your Catholic, better to let the country fail than pray for meaningless statues.

Better to have a prayer vigil outside someplace that might make a real difference in saving lives, like outside a planned parenthood.

You cannot save a country that wants to commit suicide. If half the country believes it lives in an illegitimate country, and the elected officials of that country essentially endorse this viewpoint, the reality is you no longer live in a legitimate country. You can wipe your ass with the founding documents that reside behind lock and key, it might actually be more useful in the current pandemic shortages.

Democrats doxx white couple who use firearms to protect their home by jamesK_3rd in whatever

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I'm not a fan of gateway pundit, but they were about the only ones publishing this story.

The California legislature has now voted to strike these words from our state constitution: “The state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin.” by Questionable in politics

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Ironically, what gorsuch did when he reinterpreted sex and gender into the constitution besides destroy religious freedom forever, it actually opens up some pretty interesting ideas for challenging affirmative action, as well as things like women's or men's exclusive bathrooms, clubs or colleges.

Some pervert Will come along and decide he's had enough of not being able to go into women's restrooms legally to check out little girls, because he feels pretty. And there's a pretty good chance he's gonna win.

Beyond all that, if i we're in a red state, i'd be demanding my governor and legislators place a 10 or 15 year moratorium on people from California getting state citizenship, purchasing land, driving privileges etc. We've already seen it can be done via covid. I'd make them pay taxes to California and the new state by granting them some type of dual residency status.

Barr creates task force focused on 'anti-government extremists' by Drewski in news

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All under the guise of reigning in meatheads ripping down statutes, and i bet they won't touch many of them.

Drop an old white lady in the street, or kill Officer Dorn trying to protect a shop from looters, you're fine.. But They'll send 15 FBI agents to investigate an alleged noose at one of those racist car rallies, and you better believe they're looking at places like saidit for non conformity individuals.

For: the future. by Vigte in conspiracy

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Why is no one talking about the fact that we have seen a steady decline in overall covid deaths for 6 weeks now? by Themagicalmidget in news

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Great points, but on top of that, fecal matter studies from several European countries, including Italy, where it's believed the strain of the US originated, it looks like it was in those countries in the fall of 2019. Several studies are verified and dating the virus' presence to early November. One Italian scientist believes it likely started early fall, but can't prove it as of yet.

In all likelihood, we were in peak covid during January and February. Lockdowns likely made the situations worse, especially for those in nursing homes. As governors like the NY governor actively forced the removal of any covid positive testing nursing home patient from hospital beds back to the nursing homes, where they promptly infected most of the other residents.

Ironic, the Lockdowns have likely served to kill more people and continue to prolong the infections than just doing nothing would have.

But again, i suspect this was never about a virus. At the minimum, it's about control and conformity as well as seeing who doesn't conform. At the worst, well there's a lot of governors, especially Democrat governors who hate those old fox news watching fogeys in the nursing homes.

I usually don't believe such malice intent, but when the NY governor actively tries to scrub links on the web of his order forcing the return of nursing home resident back to their home especially if they test positive, even though several private nursing homes actively begged him to stop. Then in late March, or early April, NY changed how they count nursing home deaths. Prior, if a nursing home resident went to the hospital and died, that's counted as a nursing home death. They did away with that one quickly.

Im afraid and scared about the future by Historie in WorldNews

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I totally believe this. This particular "pandemic" was more than they could've ever hoped for.. It largely only affects those over 70, i think the fatality rate for healthy individuals under 40 is roughly .01%, over 80 it's pretty lethal. For children, it's insignificant.

Governors like in NY essentially mandated nursing homes required anyone testing positive to not be hospitalized, they we're forcefully returned to the nursing home. This was essentially Palpatine doing order 66 on old folks.

I think just over half of all deaths are from nursing homes. And this is after several states like NY and Illinois started obfuscating how nursing home deaths are counted, they started this about a month and a half ago.

Yeh. They'll never relinquish this power.


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Why go full ticket red? Republican governors/legislators across the states are by and large to the left of where Obama was 8 years ago.

Wasn't it Tim Scott on the floor a few days ago making statements about police brutality, essentially echoing talking points from the Obama administration.. I believe the cops need to be reigned in, but what they're talking about has no basis in reality and defies logic, it's simply panic porn to placate antifa, BLM, and white woke suburban moms.

Governors Abbott and Santos have fully bought in to the Rona, telling businesses and individuals they're at fault for the return to lockdown and shaming them, nevermind the massive "protests" and funerals where these governors told us those events were ok, but your church service and outdoor bbq with friends is killing grandma and inhumane.

Beyond that, these legislators, many Republican, continue to echo the hysteria that dems have glummed onto, that Rona positive cases are up massively, yet on Thursday, the Rona death rate was down over 90%... Mums the word from the "conservative" Republicans who are supposedly so different than the leftists.

And vote red for judges is what they say, Well what the "originalist" Gorsuch did recently did is much worse than what Roberts did with obamacare.

Voting red hasn't really done anything, except get us more leftist policies. I'll probably vote red in November, but I'm not voting for any president candidate from either of the main two parties, the communist one or the Republican one. I'll vote for any other name on the ticket for sure because I'm not voting for Jared.

I'm hopeful for a convention of states, or perhaps that the few actual conservatives/libertarians in the Republican party will leave it and form a new party. Chip Roy, Justin Amash, Rand Paul, Ben Sasse and a few others.


As far as submitting, there are things you can do. I don't wear a mask, if a business owner tells me to wear one, I'll go elsewhere. When i hear folks it and about, i did randomly chime in, Most of the time it's been seen as unwelcome. We are planning on moving.

The Western "Proletariat" by Marou in memes

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Well said


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This election isn't about Joe.

Fair or not, this election is about Trump.

In The same way people held their nose and voted for Trump in '16, or just didn't vote at all, they're going to do that with Joe..

Because it's a referendum on Trump, not Joe.

He refuses to not prostrate himself to Fauci/Birx, he allows antifa to conduct interstate checkpoints in multiple places around the country, we now have a Vatican like city-state within the city of Seattle, and mobs are essentially scrubbing history, including but not limited to statues, right before our eyes.. Let alone kushner/ivanka and Gorsich...

Dems/leftists were never going to vote for him. But the above combined have anyone who is a moderate Republican or independent far more disenfranchised and disenchanted at another 4 years of Trump. At least with Joe and "the cabinet", we all know the Rona is gonna go away the day after they're installed. That's worth it just the fact that we can get out the house.

Im afraid and scared about the future by Historie in WorldNews

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And what's better, we might actually have the news and the cdc stop with the "low grade fever" nonsense as a symptom. After all we have multiple studies and even a NE journal of medicine study which show over 75% of positive cases of Rona do not exhibit fever.

I think i hate that one the most

While they distracted you with every kind of divisiveness possible, billionaires pulled off the biggest looting ever by FormosaOolong in corruption

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I live in a similar area, but most of the individuals living near me are govt or some type of contractor.

The only thing that's changed in my area is that many individuals are complaining that they might have to go into the office and not be allowed to work from home starting in 2021.

We did get some spillage from the recent "protests" in the city recently. My neighbor just traded her '19 range rover discovery for a new Subaru because she thinks it gets less attention and she is worried that the discovery might've got her townhouse vandalized.

I'm far more ok with private business persons making a fortune than i am with those who work for the govt who haven't been affected by this at all, except that they can now work less hours from home and still get the same pay.

Journalist Lays Absolute Waste to CA Officials for Excessive Lockdowns by Questionable in politics

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It was never about a virus. Failure to understand this is a failure to understand history.

This was about power. It's about control. It's about testing limits. It's about making them conform.

Im afraid and scared about the future by Historie in WorldNews

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It will get worse until November. All the forces are in play to remove orange man bad and install "the cabinet" in November.

But look at it this way, once the cabinet is installed, the news will suddenly discover the recently done and peer reviewed studies which show that over 10-15 % of the populations from NC, PA, and CA have antibodies to the Rona, and what's more sewage studies from late last year and early this year show Rona been here for a while.

Once the installation happens, the news will suddenly discover that we've been testing so much more (since it's a requirement to test for anything if you want to reopen) and while cases have been rising, the fatality rate has been falling fast.

We will have finally flattened the curve, and we can all go about our business, move along.. Well, except for certain groups like religious groups or gun manufacturers and gun organizations, which will inherently require more regulation and oversight to prevent the spread of future viruses.

And yes even though hospitalization rates are rising, that's because people are going back to the doctor for things they put off for the last few months, go in for your heart condition and test positive for Rona, well that's technically a Rona hospitalization, but it's important to separate that data now.

At this point, I'm on board with the cabinet just to so i don't have to listen to the orange eunuch prostrate himself to Fauci/Birx who change their opinion depending on which way the wind blows.

Canadian Mayor stand by not flying the pride flag by calmbluejay in SocialMedia

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This is a much better method for population control than abortion. And it hits more of the white woke population.

I'm absolutely against abortion, but I'm totally on board with sterilization in exchange for 4/8/12 years of paid for mid/upper level education (HS/college). Specifically in lower income urban settings, this would be the best method of reduction.

Hormone and puberty reducing blockers also seem to be a great way to reduce certain groups from long term reproduction as well. It's difficult because we unfortunately won't see the effects until one or two generations down the road.

It's not arguable that teachers who notice certain children identifying as anything other than their birth sex have a duty inform and mandate hormone blockers, especially in more affluent urban/suburban settings.

A very interesting modern couple that choses to live in the Victorian era comments on today's society. by calmbluejay in BiblicalSubmission

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It Really is a monoculture of diversity.

Even The interviewer didn't get it.... A lot of ppl might look different, but they're still the same.

Nice find

Trump Announces HUNDREDS Of Arrests Over Destroying Statues As Riots Continue In Several Cities by Tarrock in politics

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Largely irrelevant is irrelevant. A supposedly law and order guy is allowing someoneto brazenly mock the system.

Punishment for the regular folks like general Flynn ie Martha Stewart, but certain individuals it's all good.

That's The definition of the swamp. Trump was garbage when he was elected, and he's even worse now that we actually need leadership. When they install the communist cabinet in November, make no mistake they'll institute their justice and reform.

Pepsi, HP, Doritos, Paypal, Adobe, BMW - Pull Ads from Facebook Until they Ban Conservative Voices and President Trump's Posts by scrubking in politics

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Yeh if any company hasn't renounced it yet you better believe they at the very least tacitly support it.

My guess by looking at that list is most of them wouldn't care if conservatives or really anyone not hoisting up a BLM flag or not chanting about "we're all in this together" were sent to the gulags.

Ironic for ones such as Pepsi And Doritos considering most of these companies likely believe conservatives, libertarians and Republicans are just uneducated toothless obese hicks living in a backwoods trailer somewhere prepping with their guns and bibles while sipping on Pepsi and munching on Doritos while watching NASCAR.

Honestly, a boycott by anyone center right, right, or heck even center is really needed. I don't think companies should be pandering to anyone. It's fine to let your employees do whatever they want, but companies should want to sell their products to whoever.

I think Companies can make decisions such as the above because they're so excessively wealthy and it is also largely fueled by gross excessive pay for CEOs and other white collar individuals and shareholders. Passing off cheaply produced goods and/or services from China or Vietnam as high priced items, paying CEO's and others exorbitant salaries, even upon their firing or resignation, and artificially low wages for their employees leads to such malfeasance that allows the boards and executives to pander to whatever garbage group comes along to "strong arm" them, like antifa, BLM, media matters, SPLC, etc.

Before anyone thinks I'm in their camp, think again.. What's enshrined and solidified the above is the fact that the government directly and indirectly picks winners and losers through bailouts, grants, loans, ordinances, special tax breaks or special payment credits (like carbon credits), or the administrative state; e.g. administrative state approvals and/or regulations from a multitude of acronymed agencies that essentially render all big business and any incumbent business untouchable by newcomers to market.

That's just a start, but the administrative state goes pretty deep, and it is across the aisle, so it really depends on if you prefer your politicians beholden to wells fargo or BoA. It really is a Marxist and Democrat wet dream, all under the guise of capitalism.. Crony capitalism brought to you by a Republican party that wants cheap labor and a Democrat party who are true believers and want fundamental and cultural change and they get to beat the drum of how capitalism is terrible and the system is destroying people of color and plain white trash while Marxists such as AOC get bankrolled on public dimes and have lavish digs in DC and NYC.

Whew, That's a mouthful. In an ideal world anyone who cares about freedom would boycott any company guilty of this nonsense. In fact, i think that's one of the few ways we can stave off a real balkanization break up of the US within the next 50 years or so.

But let's be honest, most of us don't care enough to be bothered to do any of that. The greatest change is always done by a few but dedicated true believers. In fact it was the few who fought a revolution when everyone else said, nah fuck it I'm good with the Crown. We see that same fervor today, they're smoking statues of Lee, Washington, Grant, Jefferson and Jesus. They're occupying and holding 9 blocks of a city, they've created their own country. They hold vigils and have their faithful recite mantras. They make your kids sit on the laps of those you don't want them to at the public library all while you complain about it being unfair or rationalize it as the new norm.

Ultimately, they'll get away with everything they will. The true believers might not win yet, but I'm satisfied that we'll still be discussing the practices of ethical ad agencies and they'll be discussing how to progress the revolution that's begun...

MASSIVE Release From Project Veritas PROVES Facebook is Meddling In The 2020 Election by Tarrock in politics

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Yeh I'd archive that and get it up on bitchute, liveleak or somewhere else.

Truth isn't long for the world in places like YouTube, well certain truths anyway.

"DON'T BE A SHEEP!" Sheriff Tells Citizens To Ignore WA State Dictator Inslee's Face Masks Order by Drewski in videos

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Meanwhile, Wednesday was the lowest deaths from covid in the last 4 months.

Ironically, most of our population is to stupid to critically think. Show them a graph and tell them aliens are on the way to pluck them up and most of them would rush home to pack their bags

Pandemic Lockdown and Protests Push Gun Sales to All Time Highs (in the US) by [deleted] in politics

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I was running low because i usually do a costco run every few months to get a large pack.

All of a sudden there's a run in toilet paper and i can't get off work to go stand in line to get any.

It was a bit ridiculous. Like everyone needed to make sure they could wipe their ass for the next 9 months.

***Possible Reddit Meltdown Watch Tonight***AOC Primary by [deleted] in MeanwhileOnReddit

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It's New York. They'll replace one Marxist with someone else claiming to be just a hair less Marxist.

The people there love Marxists. I'm not sure what all the fake rage would be about or why reddit would supposedly melt down. My guess is it won't.

Scott Alexander: "NYT Is Threatening My Safety By Revealing My Real Name, So I Am Deleting The Blog" by r721 in privacy

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They do this a lot. Usually it's like where they destroy that kid from Iowa who raised beer money to give to children's cancer Center, and those they do it to typically have no ability or following to fight back.

They picked The wrong one this time. Even Russ Roberts of econtalk has sounded of about this