New York to Give $15K Each to Illegal Immigrants by MarcoPolo in news

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If I were a governor in any bordering state, I'd have a greyhound contract to send every illegal alien to IL, NY, and CA on a rotating basis provided they sign an agreement never to leave their new home state. Fast track.

‘Journalist’ STUNNED to find out Hunter Biden laptop story is actual news, gets OBLITERATED by Daily Caller, by MarcoPolo in politics

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Is just Democrats and their lackees laying the groundwork for the rise of karmala. Useful idiots or tools of the trade, no difference.

I still believe they'll leave dimentia Joe in for as long as possible. They can wheel him out with a pen and sign what he needs to, then send him back to bed. Karmala might receive scrutiny as she has the ability to put multiple phrases together into a sentence of the cuff.

Charles Barkley drops major truth bomb during live March Madness coverage (to millions of people) by Vigte in conspiracy

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Well said.

This is largely why the constitution is now irrelevant. It no longer represents a majority of the people that it is intended to govern.

UBI and the Road to Serfdom by Drewski in Libertarian

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Nothing can stop what is coming now. If they can print multi million dollar bailouts for the Kennedy center and to provide monthly childcare for politicians, they should be able to print every American a monthly 5k check at least. Everyone should get what they deserve

CNN Slips Up - Admits Lockdowns are Coercion to Force People to get Vaccinated, Accept 'New Normal' by scrubking in politics

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Yeh. I'm not sure who actually believes this is a slip up.

I think it's all largely irrelevant now. The people will obey.

Twilight of the American empire. After years of liberal imperialism, the US has finally overstretched itself. “Overextension abroad, exhaustion and fiscal strain at home, and political disorder feed off one another in a downward spiral, cumulatively threatening the survival of the republic”. by Chipit in WorldNews

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It's a good piece.

I think you are partially correct, but it wasn't subverted. It was abandoned by it's citizens.

The people no longer believe in the founding principles of the declaration of independence, as such the constitution is irrelevant.

Fauci, a Proven Liar, Claims Babies, Toddlers Need to Be Vaccinated for Herd Immunity; Touts 2022 as Viable Timeline; Dismisses Notion That mRNA Vaccines Could Alter Genetics of Kids. Kary Mullis Noble Prize Winner for 'PCR' Stated Fauci Is a Fraud. by christnmusicreleases in news

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All the people that voted for Joe, their children, and even their pets need this vaccine before anyone else.

North Korea has labeled Joe Biden a “fool of low IQ” and an “imbecile bereft of elementary quality as a human being” by christnmusicreleases in news

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He's packing those shacks on the border with little brown workers as well. And he's working on extending the national guard to "secure the capital" well into the summer.

You can't argue with Joe's viewers though. They be double and even triple million billion masking to block them some virus....

TEXIT! Texas Secession Moves Forward as Counties Separate from Crime Infested Cities by christnmusicreleases in politics

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Did the governor of Texas finally come out and allow the good people of Texas to move about freely yet? Asking for a friend.

Does the governor there allow Texans to think about things like secession, he did say recently that Texans have no business looking at sites like Gab. Maybe if they get the governor on board they can talk about it.

Private messaging apps - use a messaging app that's not controlled by a big tech giant by Panzerfaust in privacy

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Run your own xmpp server for friends and family.. tell your family to start using xmpp.

Ejabberd + conversations (Android) ftw

You can probably put it on a raspberry pi or beaglebone, along with a dynamic DNS at your house and you've already defeated most trackers.

Raised bed I built this past weekend. by Zapped in gardening

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Nice. Using the small branches and brush as filler?

Bureaucrats order power shut off to business who decided lockdown mandates, welcome to the oligarchy by jamesK_3rd in politics

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For posterity:

Before Democrats/media highjacked the language, this would absolutely fall in the definition of fascism.

Democrats hate you. Most Republicans also agree with Democrats, they just believe their wealth can insulate them from what the common folk must endure. Do not forget this.

The still-anonymous coward who murdered unarmed protester Ashlee Babbit has a new excuse: She wore a backpack. by wristaction in news

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Seemed like a mostly peaceful protest..

How many illegal firearms were confiscated there again?? I think someone testified recently it was a really low number...

Pro tip: if you're insurrectioning without firearms, you're insurrectioning wrong.

Joe Biden Delivers Speech on Anniversary of COVID Lockdowns - Only 7,141 Tune In even though he is Supposed to be the Most Popular President in History with 80M Votes by scrubking in politics

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This wasn't about Biden. This was about me, and about anyone who has more traditional, conservative or libertarian leanings and anyone who thinks differently.

Donald Trump is a scumbag. Donald Trump largely said things people like me think, but he never followed up on any of it or did so only in administrative action instead of forcing RINO Republicans to make a choice. Donald Trump was largely a democrat under the guise of what is now a GOP shell which is largely talking points from W. Clinton era Democrats.

But to the media, and to progressives/Democrats, Donald Trump is the proxy for me and for us, as much as that pains me to say and although he really isn't. They hate him, because they hate us. All those people with "we believe.." or "love Trump's hate" signs in their yard, they hate me. And they'll be the first to call the cops and have your children taken from you for not vaccinating, masking, denying climate catastrophes.. Even though the BLM hordes are at their white picket fence looking to burn their house down.

However many people voted for biden or didn't, covid has left everyone's idols and the truth out in the open. The amount of people still traveling in their car or running outdoors alone while wearing a mask is astonishing. It's almost April one year later. The amount of people who actively detest freedom is larger than all the fake vote tallies for Biden. So you see Biden isn't The cause, he's a symptom. They don't care about Biden, they care about you, if you don't worship their atheistic cult gods with them. But you know, wear a damn mask.

Columbia hosts 6 graduation ceremonies segregated by race, sexuality, income level by MarcoPolo in news

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You were taught some semblance of taking pride in yourself.

Being a ward of the state, getting your check on the first of the month, being on food stamps and welfare, being of a certain victim status or racial caste are all things to be celebrated now.

Why would they not think this is a good idea. They've been preaching and teaching this to several generations now. The time for sowing is over, the reaping has finally begun.

Texas Governor Abbott Orders 'Operation Lone Star,' Puts Troops on Border as Biden Refuses to Address Crisis by Panzerfaust in politics

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The Best option is to have buses running 24/7 transporting these "citizens" to the blue states that desire them, like california and new York on the condition they remain there.

Think of it as an ongoing jobs program for maintenance workers, drivers and others who'd sorry this task.

Stop being Pedophobic! by Tarrock in politics

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That would be Android spell check. It gives me know when it's now and other great thinks..... I suppose it doesn't help that I use swipe to type as well.

But still, I'll count every vote they tallied, fake or otherwise. It lets me tell people that more than half the country are ducking nitwits that voted for an 80 year old dementia patient. You can be vicious to people when they think they aren't being singled out.

Stop being Pedophobic! by Tarrock in politics

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Biden has been fondling those precious, supple children for a long time, with their delicious smelling hair and taught skin.

And half the populous voted for him and it.

I'd say plenty of people are more than willing to overlook it.

New scientific study finds “no evidence” that stay-at-home orders reduced COVID-19 deaths | Disrn by christnmusicreleases in news

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Were you refuting anything, or are you just here to do the obligatory orange man bad mantra.

I know it's tough when you start seeing publications such as Nature have to admit there really wasn't much anyone could do and that everything you believed was pretty much nonsense and you've been walking around double masked because you're generally an asshat..

but don't let the truth get in your way. You hold on to your double masks and lockdowns until the very end Biden voter. You deserve that much indeed.

Plus, my guess is the intelligent ones hold on to the mantra the longest. They cling to the bitter end, because they know what kind of useful tool it makes them if they don't.

Do We Even Have A Republic Anymore? The idea of a republic is that the people, through their representatives, get to make the laws that govern the country, but it appears that’s no longer a thing. What if you made a law, and no one enforced it? Is there even any point to the exercise? by Chipit in politics

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I didn't read the article.

But when a majority of the constituents no longer believe or have the same values as the people it's meant to govern, well in the best case scenario it's essentially parents staying together for the kids and that rarely turns out well.

The irony of it all is that the constitution and the declaration are short enough that they're fairly readable. Most bills created now are several hundred pages, they're fairly difficult to parse through and get an understanding of what they're doing and what problem they're solving. Most Americans can't be bothered to do either.

This is the govt the people deserve. If the administrative state can get away with passing legislation and the people let them, it should because that's what the people want.

Likewise, I'm all in for we are owed 2000$. In fact, I really feel like they owe me 2 million dollars. So if they want to print 2 million dollar covid checks, sign me up for whatever they're peddling, even if it's sacrificing little democrat babies to planned parenthood or nursing home residents to Molech, something I'm already getting from red and blue without the payout. I mean every senator and representative got 45000$ a month for childcare alone during the first CARES act. So I'm not really asking for a lot.

I didn't even vote for Joe but I'm good with him stealing it to get there. Now he just needs to pay up.

Vindication for Ron DeSantis. “The media vilified him for rejecting harsh lockdowns. But Florida’s COVID-19 numbers are better than California’s or New York’s, and its economy thrives." by christnmusicreleases in news

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What the hell are you talking about.

As far as one and two are concerned Florida, like Sweden is the control group. All the non pharmaceutical intervention efforts in the form of lockdown and masking and Florida still has numbers less than california or NY.

As far as Fl manipulating it's numbers, most of what that #3 had turned out to be insignificant or irrelevant, I know your mainstream sources don't follow up for you. She was a democrat op, probably because orange man bad or something.

If you don't wanna die, don't be in a state with a democrat governor or filled with Democrats. The really young or the really old get thrown to Molech in those states and by those people. I'm most cases, red governors aren't much better, but the red people are generally still sane.

EncryptedList - a collective list of products & services that offer zero-knowledge or end-to-end encryption by Panzerfaust in privacy

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Who came up with this list and how??

I mean they include Skype but not Jitsi and include keeper but not Keepass.

California to ban all new gas-powered cars by 2035 under order from Gov. Gavin Newsom by freshvote in whatever

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I think they know exactly who and what the laws are for..

"It's Un-American, Un-Texan and Soon Will Be Illegal" - Texas Governor Abbott Announces Bill Prohibiting Tech Giants from Censoring Viewpoints by AXXA in politics

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There's no difference. The sheeple in either of these red or blue states are owned by their overlords.

In fact I'd argue that it's actually worse for the sheep in texas. The blue actually believe most of this nonsense, they're too stupid not to. In texas, the most gracious and benevolent overlords are granting some freedom back to the texas eunuchs. Mostly because Ron Desantis called out these fake freedom loving states such as texas indirectly in his speech at CPAC a few days ago. The eunuchs would still be locked down were it not for this.

No.. I think it's much worse for them. Because although their freedom might be returning, they've lost something far more valuable, their liberty. Call me when enough people have signed on to have Abbott removed.

"It's Un-American, Un-Texan and Soon Will Be Illegal" - Texas Governor Abbott Announces Bill Prohibiting Tech Giants from Censoring Viewpoints by AXXA in politics

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It's texas... the people are so indoctrinated and such sheeple that Abbott announced that lockdowns, restrictions and masks didn't work, and they were going to end. But, they were going to end next week, on texas independence day.. apparently they work up until then...

That's texas and those are Texans. Like most Americans now, a People made to be ruled.

Ebay BANS people from reselling six 'offensive' Dr Seuss, but allows Mein Kampf and Louis Farrakhan's books to be sold by scrubking in censorship

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That is ultimately where this will go, and these are just small steps to set the table.

You can't have one religion which has a moral philosophy based on everyone is a sinner, that anyone regardless of whatever they've done can be saved, and that homosexuality and transgenderism is bad as some of the core frameworks.

This competing religion cannot let the other stand. It not only perverts, but it attacks with violent hostility the core ideas of the other such as that anyone can be saved, that there is something beyond this simple flesh, and that there are simple truths like He made them man and woman. This is atheism and moral relativism put forward through statism.

The govt and the in group determines your sin from your birth race or class or belief system. They determine what you must do for salvation and sanctification, such as pay homage to climate change or anti NRA groups. They persuade them to throw their children to Molech under it's current name of planned parenthood, which like transgenderism, attempts to mock God with it's name planned parenthood. They determine who gets saved, once you start your repentance.

Orange man bad isn't there any longer, so they can't go as fast as they once did, but this is about moving the Overton window and acceptability. Looking at the push back on the socials, I'd say they could've went further.

Disallowing the book about the only black conservative supreme court justice while telling you that Dr Seuss is racist are the initial steps from companies like eBay and Amazon, not the end goal.. it's the beginning..

Woman with ‘My Body My Choice’ shirt freaks out about Texas ending mask mandate • Genesius Times by christnmusicreleases in funny

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It's texas. Those people are made to be ruled. The lady and the governor are all the same.

Hollywood’s favorite women’s charity, Time’s Up, spent $2.4M on salaries, $19K on actual grants by scrubking in corruption

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I still give them money. If you're living in the street, by choice or not, sometimes you want a beer.

XigmaNAS is an Open Source Storage NAS distribution based on FreeBSD by Panzerfaust in technology

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Why this over FreeNAS?

Stimulus check: $1,400 for you, $1,400 a week for federal employees by purselady in whatever

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So the imaginary currency, with no real basis in the physical world(and no finite restrictions other than arbitrary rules for certain classes from the political elite), is being used by multiple economies and countries for a medium of exchange because of its manipulated market imaginary value....

Please see my first comment.

Again, the US is gone as it once was. At some point I see 3 outcomes: - balkanization - takeover from within - takeover from outside

Believe what you want though. I've known people that believe if they chop their pecker off they become a woman.

Stimulus check: $1,400 for you, $1,400 a week for federal employees by purselady in whatever

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So you believe it's real currency.... That's cute.

Have you ever wondered how long it would take for each press (or multiple) to print a trillion dollar bills? Just curious...

Stimulus check: $1,400 for you, $1,400 a week for federal employees by purselady in whatever

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I used to think like you.

Then reality hit.

The truth is until someone comes with an army greater than ours AND the wherewithal to wipe out their economy so they can destroy the United States, we can print money indefinitely. Someday this will happen... But..

It isn't just Pelosi and biden, though I'd say any democrat is most certainly involved, it's the Republicans too.

The first CARES act gave all of congress 45000 USD a month for childcare alone, approved by a long list of "conservative Republicans" and every democrat. Meanwhile, they hem and haw to give a 1500 one time check to every adult, while at the same time telling them that they cannot work...

The US as you once knew of it is gone, in more ways than one.. Make them give you anything and everything you can get.


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What a waste..

This is the best they can come up with?? Fire them all..

If state legislatures were interested in it's citizens, they'd pass laws that defend voting rights of their citizens, and take measures against other states that attack their vote by allow illegal voting.

They would pass legislation that moves them towards financial solvency, and moves away from their citizens being wards of the federal govt.

They would renegotiate interstate trade pacts with other states, and ensure that goods and services are being sold at an market price, independent of federal grants and monies.

The latter has been a major problem for Midwestern states, as water, grain, meat and petro products have been exported to rich coastal states for far too cheap. In many cases the federal govt often pays farmers not to produce crops, which in turn causes then to not look for alternative crops or land usage.

Tennessee legislature cracks down on protesters, making it a felony to camp overnight outside Capitol by korvote in news

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Please which constitution is it violating. And which govt is actually being governed or bound by a constitution.

It's govt by consent of the governed. The people of Tn seem largely OK with this.

Our United States Navy is now a woke institution. "I pledge to advocate for and acknowledge all lived experiences and intersectional identities of every Sailor in the Navy." by Chipit in politics

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You misunderstand. The threat now isn't foreign...

This is the process of breaking that institution, at the base level.

Hundreds protest Iowa mask order at State Capitol by April3 in news

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The question isn't if the virus is real.

The question is do we shut down society for it..... For a virus that most people will die while having covid, not from it.

The mitigation efforts, masks and lockdowns are failures. They placate a people whose religious beliefs are statism or some version of moral relativism, that the government is in control of all the things and can keep us safe and save us by following prescribed procedures.

But.... Masks don't work well enough right now, that's why you should double mask. Or triple mask. Or... And lockdowns... Lockdowns worked so well last time, we are going to do it again.

Again, this might be part of your religious beliefs to have the govt keep you safe (whether you know it or not).. but when this is the case it's time for the country to split apart, because the constitution might be a dead document for all of us now, but I don't have the same belief system as you, and neither of us want to share a country together.

A gay white dad of a mixed-race child has been denied a spot on the San Francisco Board of Education’s parent committee because he would hurt the diversity of the all-female group. by scrubking in politics

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If we're doing real diversity, then it should probably better match the demographics of the city:

San Francisco Demographics

According to the most recent ACS, the racial composition of San Francisco was: - White: 46.41% - Asian: 34.40% - Other race: 7.68% - Two or more races: 5.57% - Black or African American: 5.21% - Native American: 0.37%- - Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander:0.36%

Additionally: - gay or lesbian: 15.6% - 49% female

If they want real diversity, they're going to need to fire half of the women in the council. They probably only need two homosexuals.

So really, they need: - 7 whites - 5 Asians - 1 black - 1 Hispanic - 1 other

Of course only half should be women.

The two homosexuals are probably White or Asian there, so if probably just select one homo in each of those two brackets. But they could make one of them from another bracket for fun. Of course if they want more homosexuals they could always pack the board.............

Why is it only a 15 person council rather than a 150 person council....

Gov. DeSantis Tells Biden: "Go Fuck Yourself" - Real Raw News by Questionable in politics

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I didn't see where they got the transcript, and/or if this is real.

However, if he successfully forces other RINO governors, or the people in states ruled by RINOs, to remove these people and put individuals in State leadership who will defy illegal edicts even using the national guard if necessary, Ron Desantis will have done more to successfully rekindle the torch of liberty than anyone has done probably since Lincoln.


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These are the same people that believe if you double mask you've now just magically created an N95.

The evidence has been there for a while. They didn't care about it then. Heck Time magazine even produced what is essentially a manifesto of how they did it, perhaps it was a tribute to OJ.

You can't reason with them.

That's them.

They're doing yoga during a coup. Half of them aren't capable of thinking. The other half are true believes, and for them the ends always justified the means. Yoga during a coup is the half time show.

America Is Back by CompleteDoubterII in memes

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What's even better is that 80 million billion trillion people voted for it... Allegedly.....

Kinda sad since old Joe won't be able to sniff the hair of those young, supple and fair skinned children. I suppose he'll just have to stick with Americans, Chinese spies or interns instead like the rest of the party.

It's just not been the same for those guys without the island getaways.

Why talk about a 'steal'? What happened was nothing short of a coup d'etat. by LarrySwinger2 in politics

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Your satement is how I know it's already peak 2021. Enjoy that koolaid pal.

Robinhood Blocking Traders from GameStop, AMC & More Amid Surge by scrubking in politics

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Yeh nobody realized that Janet Yelen and other bureaucrats were speakers that most of these big banks paid a ton of money to. Bureaucrats make a ton of money in these funds and in speaking engagements.

The people won't be allowed to attack the system like this, I bet they'll fix this loophole this year.

After 440,000 Americans are Dead – Facebook and American Journal of Medicine Admit Their Stand on HCQ was Wrong — These People Should be Prosecuted! by Orangutan in politics

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It's included in covid prevention packs that most other countries use.

Meanwhile, here in the USA, get your covid shot bigot, and stop questioning it's effectiveness, it's the only way.

Texas OFFICIALLY Starts Vote To SECEDE From US! An Absolute... by Trump_WG1WGA in news

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4am vote dumps and counting votes after the deadline violating the state constitution is also illegal.

In fact, states who allow such nullify the vote of hard working Texans, Floridians and everyone else who voted legally.

This is grounds for secession. And more states should begin to look into creating inter state treaties now.

The coasts might have big cities, but for far too long wheat, corn, beans, rice, meat and water have been exported to coastal elite states for far too cheap a price.

Refuse The COVID Vaccine by noworldsystem in WorldNews

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You must be crazy.

I see people double masking while exercising outdoors, driving in their cars alone while wearing masks, and forcing their tiny children to wear masks.

The govt will memory hole anything that even remotely look questionable. And the majority will never inquire further, let alone think something wasn't legit.

This was about control. And if you think for yourself and you let other people know you think for yourself, there will come a time in the future where they put you at the front of the line for a hot shower. And your friendly neighbor is the one that will turn you in for the sake of your kids or your own safety.

HOT MIC: Biden Says ‘I Don’t Know What I’m Signing,’ Signs Executive Order Anyway by scrubking in politics

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Biden has had the symptoms of demential for some time now, it's been fairly well documented.

He is a pawn of his wife and the party. They're gonna wheel his corpse to and fro photo shoots signing executive orders and other things, no matter how bad it gets. He is a dream come true.

BBC Slammed For Teaching 9-Year-Olds There Are 'Over 100 Gender Identities' by MarcoPolo in science

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They're children of Democrats.

For them, gender and sexuality are a complicated spectrum of infinite possibilities, like the wavelengths of light.

Democrats also know thanks to their science and the people who are their superiors/experts, that using multiple masks is the best method of achieving a N95-like filtration with their cloth masks.

Thankfully, and hopefully, 99.9% of all children of Democrats should be on mandatory hormone blockers until they are legally able to choose their sexual identity, around the age of 21. I'm not sure there is any legislation needed more than this. It's literally life and death for so many CoD.

Clarity in Trump's Wake by jamesK_3rd in politics

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This is a good starter from the last 10 years or so.

He wrote one in the 90's that we read in one of my college classes and it stuck with me. I can't seem to find it now though. If/or when I do, I'll post it here.

Clarity in Trump's Wake by jamesK_3rd in politics

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Preserved here, until it's censored.

A great piece. I think mr Codevilla had an excellent understanding and analysis of where we are at and why.

He's had some excellent pieces in the past about the oligarchy we are in.

Democratic borders are the solution to all political problems. And the idea is more needed now than ever. by x0x7 in politics

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You know wheat, grain, corn, beef, beans, and water have been sold at a steep discount and undervalued for far too long.

A move such as this can actually get the realistic and actual price for exporting all these items to democrat havens.

How big are the zoos these days in democrat cities....

Oh really? by [deleted] in memes

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This fake covid shit gives the impetus for the removal of free speech. They're directly related

Vote Irregularities and Illegalities by Category and State by Orangutan in politics

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At the same time while this is a top post on Saidit, several other posts it's sharing space at the top with are:

  • the govt just confiscated the bank accounts and business of the gym owner in new Jersey for refusing to stay shut down and accept his 600$ dollar check to feed his family with
  • social media CEO of Twitter is recorded by a whistleblower, no fallout, no one from the govt looks into any of this
  • texas woman caught by project veritas stealing votes for biden.

A convention of states is likely the only way to save the country now. And I'm not sure it can be, there's a lot of people who have disdain for the founding values of the country. That no one is up in arms about any of the above leads me to believe that the purge of people from certain states will happen fairly quickly now, some self sorting is already occurring.

Again, that Trump and his team was inept and went on about sea creatures or voting counts overseas is irrelevant. Allegations or appearances of voter fraud deserve to be adjuticated far more than pee tapes, and we spent 4 on that.

Biden vote harvester arrested in Texas for election fraud by scrubking in politics

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You'll find more factual information on Twitter than you will on CNN, NBC or Fox.

Biden vote harvester arrested in Texas for election fraud by scrubking in politics

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I'm gonna guess you believe that Jeffery Epstein killed himself.. good for you..

Dennis Prager: “There Is No Example of the Left Having Power and Not Suppressing Speech – Free Speech Is Its Dire Enemy” by MarcoPolo in politics

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4am vote dumps are fact. Those votes could've all been for biden who, knows at this point. Since no one seems to want to investigate it. Of course if you're committing fraud why would you.

The votes by mail in pennsylvania after the fact are against current pennsylvania law. Of course laws are mostly guidelines now, it's really court opinions and governors edicts that matter.

Multiple legal battles actually exist in NM.

That Donald Trump is an asshat who had his incompetent staff, lawyers and Guiliani go off on tangents about overseas election machines and mythical sea creatures doesn't change the fact that a lot of shady stuff happened,l and deserves far more fervor than pee tapes.

Evidence masks don't work: Info dump by dontbuyanylogos in Coronavirus

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Beyond any of these studies, look at the real time analysis from the guys at they do yeoman's work over there.

I make fun of my coworkers, not only should they erect chain link fences to keep the mosquitos out of their yard, they can use that same fence to prevent the mosquitos in their yard from entering their neighbors.. good Samaritans I tell you.

...and the sorry state of /r/privacy by asterias in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Reddit isn't the source of the poisoning, it's the result of it.

Dennis Prager: “There Is No Example of the Left Having Power and Not Suppressing Speech – Free Speech Is Its Dire Enemy” by MarcoPolo in politics

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He needs to add an asterisk in, one that says always loses except when 4am dumps aren't involved, or courts mandate that ballots be accepted unconditionally past the deadline regardless of if it violates the state constitution.

But really, when you can deliver the votes you need in the middle of the night, it puts leftist judges out of work.

Twitter Permanently Bans President Donald Trump by Tarrock in politics

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The only place where what you said exists is in your head..

People are people. Most monetarily wealthy people also have multiple years of brainwashing. 4,6,8 years of university level indoctrination. Plus almost EVERYONE has the standard 12 years pre university. Perhaps if you had good parents or were lucky you didn't have 12 years of it.. some parents actually parented, and taught their kids the govt provided childcare they were being sent to was teaching them garbage.

I know someone mid 20's with a recent master's degree who didn't have to take a data structures class in all 6 years at uni, but he is well versed in gender studies as there were multiple requirements. He got offended when I told him he wasn't even a trade school engineer and his uni was garbage.

Monetary assets have little to do with wanting to tear down the American way of life. Being taught that the founders were all racist and evil, that the origins of the country is evil, that the idea of inequality of outcome and the fact that it exists is evil. When your taught the above, and then given the answer, which is socialism, democratic socialism, or whatever label you want to put on it, you'll get where we are at now.

Beyond that, when a people no longer believe their rights come from God and we all answer to Him. The foundation of the country is based entirely upon that bedrock principle, the country will fail when it no longer believes those things. I'm not saying we all have to be Christian, not all the founders were, however they all recognized this fact is what unifies us.

That last reason is why our constitution is largely a dead letter now. Courts make and interpret laws not according to that document, but in spite of it. Legislators make and pass laws, or pass their responsibility to the executive branch now in spite of it. And people worship the executive branch in their states and nationally as if the person were a king with kingly powers in spite of the document that tells us one doesn't exist here.

The anti American sentiments have little to do with money, and everything to do with we the people.

I am not a patriot by fschmidt in politics

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Well said. It's going to get worse.

I've lowered my US flag at my house and started to fly the Betsy ross flag about 6 months ago.

I cherish and remember the founding ideals. But we are a long way from there now.

Twitter Permanently Bans President Donald Trump by Tarrock in politics

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Most US citizens are anti-american now. Corporations are just organizations run by people, reflecting their attitudes and values.

Despite his official stance as a moderate Democrat, Biden has proven himself willing to pander to the radical left. This suggests that he himself accepts some dimensions of the Critical Social Justice framework. by Chipit in politics

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That people associate him as a moderate lend credence to the idea that the country will never unify again.

At this point, regional breakups are probably the best case outcome.

Every person on the left believes they just survived the parallel to the rise of Nazism in Germany and they defeated it. - Thread by @chadfelixg by muellermeierschulz in whatever

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Because the government and by proxy the people have allowed for the monopolization of things, like with hosting, ISP's, data centers etc etc, yes..

Yes they should be forced to host it. The government allowed for such consolidation of power, and in that case absolutely. Netflix can host movies about and with child porn, yet the calls for censoring them are nil.

The people on the other side have made their choice. If someone finds such acceptable, they most certainly aren't reasonable or likely to be reasoned with. You aren't defeating them with ideas, because they don't care.

Pentagon Officials Say Pelosi Asked Them To Stage A Military Coup Against President Trump by zyxzevn in politics

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You mean like shuting down everything for a virus that largely only affects people who will die within a year due to co morbidity and/or advanced age?

FNC's Carlson Warns Capitol Hill Riots Will Be Used to Strip Americans of Their Rights by MarcoPolo in news

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Oh the droids have arrived.. Let's see..

  • We can spend 4 years on pee tapes that essentially lead back to Joe and Hunter biden.

  • There is video of 4AM vote dumps in multiple states.

  • multiple states have laws on the books that state in person voting must be done, yet somehow, governors, courts and even state administrators have the power to overide state legislative bodies and require mail in ballot acceptance and even unsolicited mail in ballots, sometimes accepting them well after the election has ended..

  • drop boxes accepting mail in ballots are against numerous states' laws.

  • software used by the government to tally votes should at a minimum be open source and subject to audit by the people

That's barely scratching the surface. So no, I'd say that every democrat... As they did in the past during the era of slavery in the United States are continuing their long history of voter suppression, quite successfully I might add. Joined by some very milquetoast Republicans as well.

But thankfully, the world has a new model of how to express your grievances; through mostly peaceful protests, like the peaceful protest in DC. Well except for the officers killing protesters, that's common though. And I hope we can all come together to discuss defunding federal officers such as these.

And above all, if you thought it was ok that they investigated Trump for 4 years but you think any of the above doesn't warrant a closer look, then it's perfectly obvious that the time for a split has arrived, because we cannot share the same country.

Feminist fakes being knocked out after getting slapped on her shoulder/arm by x0x7 in videos

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What's a woman? Some pretty beastly women out there. There's a woman cyclist dominating the industry a while back, with all the strength of a man.

Your ideas might've worked well in a different time, but I don't think it is in this time.

A 45 minute speech from the president of the United States today. Complete media blackout. This is unbelievable by christnmusicreleases in politics

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I think this is 100% correct. He had 4 years get stuff done, and for many reasons, some of which are the fact he couldn't keep from stepping on his own phallus are the reason he's only got small amounts of what should've happened completed..

However, anyone making claims that China Joe and dumb Trump are the same are not only actively lying to you, and possibly themselves, they'll be the first to lead them to your house, with their finger wags and heads shaking, probably posting you on the head saying it's for your own good as they haul you away.

The idea that we can investigate pee tapes for 4 years meanwhile Trump's AG, claiming he doesn't see any evidence of election malfeasance while sworn testimony is being given in Michigan makes even Baghdad Bob blush.

That few Republicon governors or state legislators are looking into this leads me to believe they've already chosen. And in all honesty, when all of the systems that are put into place to enable fighting within the system (the courts, the laws, and elections) are removed in favor of one side, the reality is the fight will then take place outside of those bounds. Marriages tend to split when that happens.

Amendments the people vote on get nullified by the courts, such as in california. The black robes rewrite doctrine to make it legal, as in Obamacare, but an executive order such as Obamacare can't be rescinded, as in the case of Trump. You can have your abortion or attend your strip club but you can't go too mass, and you must quarantine after Thanksgiving but important people can still fly to see their family and not quarantine upon return.

The people making asinine comparisons of biden and Trump being the same are ok with the above. The ends justify the means. They're ok with you being carted off, it's for your own good, bigot.

I'm not sure that even if they recount it would away things for Trump, with this mail in voting system there's no shortage of fraud. They don't really care about the massive millions sent out in SSI and SSDI checks to dead or non existent persons, so if they don't care about money I'm not sure why they'd care about sending ballots only to existing persons.

A hard truth is this didn't just happen, it's been building up to this for years. And people are so dumbed down by pornhub, marijuana and their 1200$ unemployment check that it's largely irrelevant at this point. I have no idea when it's coming, but I think it is unfortunate, how we got here.

Lobotomized by politics on reddit by jaarrrtttt in Introductions

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The mental gymnastics you have to accomplish to think the massive progressive dogma groupthink on reddit and the extremely various, differing, and at times horrifying opinions here is amazing.

Conspiracy theorists at least think, and somewhat reason. You can even attempt to hold a conversation and there exists the possibility you can change their mind.

Redditors, a good 95% of them are generally stupid, literally. There are a few, between 5 and 10% who are smart and highly indoctrinated or agenda driven, and they generally give the masses their narrative and taking points.

It's the very reason, that unless you're chatting with one of the 5%ers, it's quite possible you will have more success relieving a headache by staring at The sun while dancing circus monkeys slap symbols by your ears.

The truth of it is, liars and cheats like conspiracy theorists are bad. But not even closeto being as dangerous to the Republic or to you as individuals as the stupid.

Whistleblowers from Dominion Voting Systems have supposedly come forward. by Orangutan in politics

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Really, the software the govt is using for this election should be open source.

Give me liberty or give me death unless there's a virus with a 99% recovery rate in which case strip me of my freedoms, my job, my constitutional rights and put me under house arrest. by JasonCarswell in PoliticalHumor

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You really should've put masks on the guys sitting around.

Other than that, it's spot on.

Dr. Naomi Wolf on Twitter: "If I’d known Biden was open to ‘lockdowns’ as he now states, which is something historically unprecedented in any pandemic, and a terrifying practice, one that won’t ever end because elites love it, I would never have voted for him." by Orangutan in politics

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That's BS. Joe even said as much in the final debate.

If she would keep her face covered with a diaper that would prevent shit falling from her mouth. Joe needs to mandate it

Rand Paul Calls For Cuomo To Be Impeached Over Coronavirus Response by redheadgirl in news

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Sometimes, the emperor has to send Anakin to the temple to get rid of all the bad younglings.

Just think of it as a purge.

The communist's plan to use COVID-19 to usher in their centralized marxist system of unified global governance by soundsalad in conspiracy

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Probably more accurate to say, "resounding success"..

It's like 210 days to flatten the curve now. No end in sight.

You can have Thanksgiving in California, but only outside and only for 2 hours...

Yes, the eunuchs acquiesced to everything

This was Georgia tonight. Someone tell Biden he can go home. It's over. by [deleted] in politics

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The NRA isn't a super Pac.. It's essentially a club and it does the bidding of it's members.

People who say they hate the NRA, well that's really newspeak for "i hate you, gun owner"

What is it about the government and its agents and employees that they can lie to us with impunity, but we risk being sent to jail if we lie to them? ― Andrew P. Napolitano by Optimus85 in quotes

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The worst form of government, except for all the others..

Does too much CO2 or too many vaccines cause this? by zyxzevn in memes

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I don't think anyone argues the virus isn't real.

It's just that for 98% of people under 70, they'll be fine. 90% of people between 70 and 80 will be fine. And if you're over 80 or have another health condition like cancer, you should be very cautious.

A big survey about 3 months ago found that people under 40 generally believed that if they got the virus, death was imminent. This isn't true.. It wasn't true then, it wasn't true in march, it's not true now. But if you try to tell them that, they will rage against you. This is atheism at it's core and this woman is merely following it's scriptures and principles, virtuous scientism.

I think caution is warranted. But you don't quarantine the healthy.. You don't lock everyone up and tell them to wear a mask that doesn't do anything. In a real pandemic, you're not stocking up on toilet paper, they're using toilet paper for kindling for the mass graves.

The woman in this photo is the typical American person. A people searching for a king. A people made to be ruled.

‘Synagogue of Satan’: Black Lives Matter militants bully, shove Jewish men until they leave Philly protest by Trulytimes in politics

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Blm is antifa, and antifa is BLM.

Youtube-dl no longer in github. Github didn't try to fight this either, moral police and all... If you have software that you like, archive it now!!! by jamesK_3rd in censorship

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Having a local or source repo is important.

A lot of people writing software now look at themselves as some arbiter of morality and truth.

A great example of this is Firefox.. Their recent manifesto reads something essentially like; "yeh we realize it's open source software, but we believe the purpose of our software is equally if not more important than the quality of code".

This leads to things like, well if you voted for Trump or are a Republican you're a Nazi and you shouldn't be able to use our software.

It's the same issue like guns. We know what's best for you, it's for your own good we are keeping you from these things, you're a bigot.

Great idea to not allow downvoting on Saidit by pulverize in Linux

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Ironic you feel down voting is a way for you to censor those posts instead of having an admin do it.

I think you prove the point that down voting is bad

Report from the CDC showing only 60 non-covid flu diagnoses in the entire united states for this week? by magnora7 in corruption

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I think it's beyond this..

I'd argue most people don't care about the truth.

If someone gives you something free, very free people will ask how/why/what for, and even fewer people will decline diverging free even when they know it's bad for them or it's garbage.

Philip Anderson is the black man who got his teeth knocked out by Antifa at a rally to protest Big Tech censorship and support free speech. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have deleted his accounts. If you stand up for free speech, they assault you, and if you try to tell others, they ban you. by Chipit in censorship

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Actually, these are democrats attacking people.

Democrats were once the party of slavery, now they're the party of sending Democrat operatives to Republican baseball games and shooting them, lockdowns, or sending swat officers to arrest salon owners for opening their business to feed their families.

Antifa is just an idea.. An idea rooted in the Democrat and DNC platform. Multiple Democrat legislators are part of this larger idea, AOC, Keith Ellison, and others as well as many other silent supporters ( democrats in your daily life).


I'll take it even a step further, even Republicans get in on this action. They might not be actively promoting the destruction of the States as the DNC is, but when you see Facebook, Twitter and others actively censoring Scott Atlas or the WH spokeswoman, along with anyone else whose stance is other than the "official narrative", you aren't part of the solution, you're the problem.

How no one has brought up impeachment charges against Roberts is beyond me, elections now literally have no meaning or timeline, i can mail in my fucking ballot 2 months after the election and they better count it..

We are literally living in a banana republic.

The irony; that the descendents of the people that ended tyranny and oppression in Europe are brought their knees by people who refuse to acknowledge that men and women are different or that words and statues are hurtful.

The Real Purpose Of Socialism Is Precisely To Advance Beyond The Predatory Phase Of Human Development - Albert Einstein by EndlessSunflowers in whatever

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They are analogous to HIV and AIDS. the ultimate state of those with HIV, will be do suffer from AIDS (medical prophylactic not withstanding).

Likewise, socialist and socialism are only a vector to arrive at the end state of communism, per Marx himself.

You might want to believe that Magic doesn't have HIV, just like you might not want to believe your beloved democratic socialism or whatever it's being referred to now, will not lead to statism and communism.

Both ideas are Very unintelligent

randomised trial of cloth masks compared with medical masks in healthcare workers by jamesK_3rd in Coronavirus

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Biden Email Leak Shows Evidence Joe Biden Lied About Ukraine Dealings, Democrats Are Freaking Out by Tarrock in politics

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I agree.

The people voting for Biden are doing it without regard for well known and established facts such as: - if he can put his pants on correctly in the morning, that's a win - a campaign advisor for Bernie is running his campaign - racism ( Kamala calls him a racist and is now his running mate, eulogies for Byrd, statingif you don't vote D you aren't black) - the fact that they are team lockdown - well known corruption

We Very much are creating two different countries. I'm not sure it will split in my lifetime, but i can strongly see a breakup during the lifetime of my children.

It's a tragedy for sure

Nursing home residents stage heartbreaking protest outside facility: 'Rather die from COVID than loneliness' by Orangutan in politics

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Lockdown and masks are the same issue.

Framing it in any other way is ignorant at best, nefarious otherwise.

The CDC just released data showing that 80-85% of some infected individuals wore a mask and yet still got sick. That's just for this pandemic, and ignores the long historical datas that clearly show masks are ineffective, but it's 2020 and orange man bad so fuck science.

As was written up by several scientific authors recently, masks "are largely talismans". Think of them as armbands that let you go where you wanna go, since it doesn't sound like you mind wearing them.

Do you think that the sheep mentality of people is due to low intelligence or ignorance by PencilPusher55 in AskSaidIt

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Worker class are most likely to be ignorant and willing to accept/trade what the govt provides them.

Those with education within this class often are in fields with the most indoctrination, think social workers, journalists, teachers and blue collar healthcare workers.

The wealthier class individuals typically fare the best. Most of them who are not "old money" Typically choose a field where there is still some form of meritocracy. Many provide a social structure for their family and children other than govt provided ones, this includes religious groups or community/work related groups. Most of them include a two parent household consisting of a male and a female, and the parents typically take a strong role in their offspring's learning and development even outside of school. Being that there are two parents, this can make a big difference.

These parents often take a more definitive role in looking at the offspring's peers and potential mates, the family pressure to keep their offspring looking for mates with similar backgrounds, such as choosing a mate having been reared by a traditional two parent household provides for a greater chance the child withstands social pressures such as indoctrination at high school and college.

The more successful the individual is, the more susceptible they will be to the shame of doing well, or guilt for their privilege or success. Their cognitive dissonance allows them to endorse groups like antifa and BLM, because they are largely a "them over there" problem. Protestor have largely remained in urban areas, well outside of the suburbs especially outside of the wealthy areas within the burbs.

The wealthy elites largely don't care about anything other than power. Antifa, BLM, proud boys, etc are all weapons to wield for a politically driven motivations or power.

Trump And The Fed Have ‘Ended The Free Market’ by rainbow80 in news

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Is this the same free market that let the banks and airline carriers go belly up in 2008????

California governor's office tells diners to wear masks "in between bites" by Tom_Bombadil in Coronavirus

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A people made to be ruled..

Reddit blasted as the late Aaron Swartz is omitted from the founders page by Drewski in MeanwhileOnReddit

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TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) is real.... And i certainly don't like the guy.

I'm not sure anyone is immune to it. This might be one of those instances, Where it's far better to die the hero, than live to see yourself become a villain.

I'd like to believe it isn't true, but i meet people every day who complain about howTrump ruined their lives, but the only thing i can see is that everyone around them wants away from them because they complain about life all day and how nothing is their fault.

More Than 7,500 Health Scientists, Doctors, and Epidemiologists State Lockdowns Are Causing "Devastating Effects" On Public Health, Demand An End To Them, Media Silent by NewsJunkie in news

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Except for that whole thing where the governor was sending cops to arrest salon owners in Texas.

And that whole thing where the governor left in place the administrative rules to arrest them, but chose not to enforce it after he got push back from ONE salon owner... But you know, next time..

It isn't just what you can see, it's the fact that the groundwork was laid. After all, GWB said the patriot act is bad, but you know he'd never use it outside of its scope.. And we all know the patriot act or FISA courts have never been abused.

Beyond the legislative aspect, the idea the govt gets to choose which businesses are essential or not should be extremely distressing.

And if secession isn't in the back of your mind as a Texan, my guess the govt isn't the problem, the problem is you, and you've already lost. Don't worry though, the govt is gonna take care of you.

More Than 7,500 Health Scientists, Doctors, and Epidemiologists State Lockdowns Are Causing "Devastating Effects" On Public Health, Demand An End To Them, Media Silent by NewsJunkie in news

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None of this, including the lockdowns, was about covid.

Christian Satire Site The Babylon Bee Is So Good Treated It Like Real News – by christnmusicreleases in news

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I think you nailed it.

‘Michigan Is Now Unlocked’: State Supreme Court Strikes Down Emergency Powers Law by Drewski in news

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That's asinine.

We can only hope she fights out and takes that to SCOTUS and we can get a lot of this shit struck down