Gender Quiz - Where do you fall on the spectrum? by Vigte in whatever

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It would seem this "test" is missing the other 95 correct answers.

I'm sure someone Will apologize and update the site soon

This week was brutal for the swamp. by Tarrock in politics

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Cnn is full of week paid stooges, they've been caught numerous times plagiarizing Buzzfeed and others, they've been caught deliberately editing video to employ a narrative though they new it was false(covington catholic), and they created a panel of individuals to harass and intimidate NRA spokespersons on national TV even though they were aware the main individual conducting the panel (sheriff Israel) knew that it was his deputies who refused to enter the building and stop the gunman and that the gunman had been reported to his Department and the fbi numerous times..

It is up to all of us to do research. Posting that Laura Ingram is a paid shill is no different than any of the others. It is the same nonsense when people post that you can't trust Zerohedge.. If it's anonymous sources, ok, but otherwise, refute the argument. At the very least it gives you a place to start doing your own research.

This week was brutal for the swamp. by Tarrock in politics

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When your arguing that two of the four warrants from a special secret court (so special it's a super secret government court that can't be bound by the regular judiciary, the Congress or the people), you should probably understand that you've already lost.

The Senate should absolutely call witnesses, guiliani, all of the Biden's, Schiff, the "whistleblower" Maxine waters, and Donald Trump, all of them, and jail anyone that doesn't come to testify.

But they won't, because nobody cares. Nobody cared when Clinton had her own server with classified docs on it in her basement, something that anyone else gets jailed for. & Trump is one of them, he just tweets like he is one of the people, but it's all a ruse. Trump could've stopped all this nonsense long ago by de-classifying the FISA docs, all of them like he said he would do... He didn't.. Why not... Regardless, They won't investigate this now or any of it before because they are all the elites, they're better than you or i. Them might did hunter, but it's unlikely they will actually look into any of their corruption.

In The end, this impeachment isn't about removing him. That'd be icing on the cake if it would happen, but in no way is that the goal. They tell that to the suburban dems so they can feel better about their white guilt. They are true believers, and you have to feed the slop to the pigs lest they get rowdy.

No, this is about delegitimizing Trump and his election. But moreso, it's about Calling into question elections, the parties, the institutions, and the system.. It's about prepping their base, a young base embracing socialism and secular humanism, for upheaval. This is about the removal of trust and destruction of the institutions. It might not be within the next few elections, but they are sewing the seeds for palpatine to declare that this type of government and system has failed us, and only a reset can save us, creating a new system.

Giving legitimacy to secret courts that shouldn't exist lends credibility that their tactics have and are working.

Divide and conquer.

Father Confronts Warren To Her Face, Says She Is Screwing Over People, Demands Tuition Money Back by Tarrock in politics

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I like Tim. But i couldn't find the actual exchange in his video so I'm posting it.

I disagree with with his analysis that there should be some type of "debt relief" though. He's dead wrong.

Where the difference is between medical debt and student loan debt is that most of us can't control if we get cancer. People willingly sign large contracts to pay out 6 figures over 4 years to attend some school with a particular name. Meanwhile, they could've easily chosen to do 2-3 years at JuCo and then another 1-2 at a less prestigious college instead of a large University. Instead they want the name recognition of a large state school or elite private school because the govt is giving them free money. Surprise, that money isn't free..

But with the population accepting more and more socialism as well as leftist ideals and ideology, i have no doubt that "debt relief" is a thing that'll come true.

It's a payday and wealth transfer for Democrat voters. Like this father found out, the people who do things without the government, well they pay twice. Once for themselves, Once for everyone else. And the socialist/democrats laugh at him, like Elizabeth Warren snickered at him

Feds Seizing High-End Night-Vision Tubes. Feds also jamming GPS in test exercises ending Jan 24, will disable all GPS systems in a wide area of the US for several hours a day by magnora7 in videos

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Are they blocking GLONASS as well as the US GPS system?

The assault on encryption to ensue shortly.. What marxocrats and republicons Hate more than each other is you, and another assault on apple is beginning. by jamesK_3rd in news

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You're insinuating that Apple is evil for not giving up the encryption keys?

Why is it so cool to be an atheist? by RatherSmallPotato in whatever

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You mean you believe that no God exists. In which case, your belief structure is no different than than those who believe in a deity. It's another reason the government classified atheism as a belief system, you get your tax benefits.

The only true position non belief system is agnosticism, the others all worship something.

Why is it so cool to be an atheist? by RatherSmallPotato in whatever

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Everyone worships. The folks who remove God from everything generally turn the government into a god for all their answers. It's the "people are generally good" crowd, they just need more education.

The Amazing Amnesia of the Delusional Left -- Flashback: Senator Hillary said "I want the Iranians to know if I were President, we would attack Iran...We would obliterate them." by useless_aether in politics

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Only a Clinton or a Kennedy could get away with keeping classified info on a personal server, and once you are found out you destroy the drives with no consequences. The media, beacons of truth such as WaPo cover for you, up until Years later when they figure you're old and irrelevant so they finally run a piece documenting their own corruption by touting how you're always exonerated.

And I'd bet good money that any clandestine CIA/XXX operatives that have been outed and/or killed are a direct result of her leaking info, intentional or otherwise, from her personal servers. #clintonBodyCount is actually #underreported.

Trump claims he ‘never meant’ Mexico would directly pay for border wall despite repeatedly saying it by Nemacolin in news

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Trump didn't just start lying. He lied on his tv show for years. He has lied to his wives, ex wives, and random women for years. He's been lying for a long time. This isn't new.. I'm not sure how the wall has you so worked up, or is this a TDS thing..

I mean, far worse than the wall is Paula White is trump's "spiritual advisor", a known Christian heretic and someone who actually takes advantage of desperate people by telling them God will taste care of them if they donate too her.

That says far more about Trump than his lying about immigration policies.

US Government-funded Android phones come preinstalled with unremovable malware: Phones were sold to low-income people under the FCC's Lifeline Assistance program. by madazzahatter808 in news

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First, these programs aren't "gifts" from the government.

Second, I'm operating under the assumption that many of these programs from the government come with nasty terms of service. The same kind most people just check a box without thinking that let's Google rifle through email to find ads of what you might be looking to purchase for convenience.

I generally agree with you in principle about privacy. But the government is not a supporter of that, and their help comes with stipulations, like it or not. Years ago, people turned to actual social institutions, and these actually met the needs of people at the local level . Churches, synagogues, Lions clubs, moose and elk lodge, just to name a few examples.

Most of these have fallen by the wayside now, and the masses much prefer the safety and blanket checkboxes of government assistance and "gifts", regardless of if the price is their privacy or worse, their freedom. It's that reason I'm quite pessimistic long term about the USA.

Finally started cleaning up plastics from the ocean by jamesK_3rd in news

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I generally don't like posting articles from CNN because you just don't know if what they post is true or plagiarized. This one seems to check out.

The Amazing Amnesia of the Delusional Left -- Flashback: Senator Hillary said "I want the Iranians to know if I were President, we would attack Iran...We would obliterate them." by useless_aether in politics

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The irony. To go from that to palettes of cash...

I'm shocked this video is even stool in the web

Trump claims he ‘never meant’ Mexico would directly pay for border wall despite repeatedly saying it by Nemacolin in news

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So you don't really care about the problem, you're just anti Trump.? They all lie they're politicians. That's no excuse, however I'd be less concerned about his lying and more concerned about the actual problems. I'm hoping you we're equally concerned with the following doozies.

  • if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor : these were orchestrated attacks because of an anti Islam video : my FBI is highly ethical, they'd never abuse FISA
  • i had to suspend the free market to save the free market : Iraq has WMD
  • i didn't have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky
  • read my lips, no new taxes ...

Trump claims he ‘never meant’ Mexico would directly pay for border wall despite repeatedly saying it by Nemacolin in news

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I don't think he meant to limit immigration in any sense of the word.

Which is one of the main reasons that he hasn't done anything about a wall or immigration since he's been in office.

But this is what The people who voted for him wanted, and that's what they're getting. Bigger government, nothing done about immigration, more omnibus spending bills after "I'll never sign another one of those...".

I'm actually shocked he hasn't given Amnesty to DACA people. But I'm going to assume when they vote him in a second time, that'll be his signature defining cause for his last term.

More than 2 million voters approved North Carolina's voter ID amendment. One unelected Democratic judge threw it out. by useless_aether in politics

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To proffer: something proposed for acceptance by another

You think things are rude because you aren't looking at things truthfully, either because you don't know, or don't care to think about them, or you simply agree with something regardless because it fits a certain agenda or narrative.

Too Complex For U.S.A. by EndlessSunflowers in LateStageCapitalism

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In other news, there is literally 1 out of 33 of those nations developed nations where you are allowed to: - teach your dog to sieg heil - say fuck the government/President/prime minister/leader - openly express controversial ideas, ideas which may be considered racist or abhorrent

Of course if that isn't your thing, you might also realize that socialized medicine is great for having the sniffles. When you have some cancer, they're coming here instead of getting on that socialized treatment wait list.

Why would we want shit healthcare like the rest of the planet. They're all getting innovations like immunotherapy from the USA. Further, with innovations like AI and robotics in medicine, why would we want socialized medicine to keep us in the 19th century, like the rest of the "developed nations"

We do need to ensure those who are in a bad way don't end up destitute. but otherwise, every time i hear a statement from ass hats that goes something like, every other country has great socialized medicine, i just hear them jealously trying to export that garbage here.

Here's a good listen.

EconTalk: Keith Smith on Free Market Health Care

EconTalk: Keith Smith on Free Market Health Care

More than 2 million voters approved North Carolina's voter ID amendment. One unelected Democratic judge threw it out. by useless_aether in politics

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so the judges should legislate based upon some perceived or alleged past grievances..

I'll proffer that if it was a bill you agreed with, you might be ok with signing it quickly, so that you can later find out what's in it.

Saidit has a few Hilarious front page posts at the moment whining about immigrant white men losing majority status in the U.S. very little self awareness of where they're from or who was here for thousands of years before they came to the americas (bringing slaves in chains) WTF! by EndlessSunflowers in funny

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The irony.. they complain about it and most of the suburban/urban white folk are progressives who hate everything this country was founded and stands for.

Yet many immigrants who don't look like them espouse values opposite to the white woke brigade.

'See? Not Radical': New Poll Shows Nearly Two-Thirds of Americans Support a Wealth Tax to Fund Universal Programs by [deleted] in politics

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Wealth by definition isn't "borrowed".

The people borrowing money in your scenario and not paying anything on it are generally college students. On top of that, many of them are being bailed out after 10 years with debt forgiveness, another Wealth transfer money laundering scheme.

Taxation is theft. The govt should Control it's spending and stop looking for ways to steal money that doesn't belong to it. On top of A wealth tax being theft and immoral, it's completely unconstitutional, as if that matters to democrats i suppose.

A rich man's money should be able to be used In whatever way he deems it, the same for a poor man. But since you're in favor of a wealth tax, I'm going to bet you know better how each of their monies is better spent...

Our tax system is broken though, they need to scrap it and Institute a flat tax, but that'll never happen because it would prevent folks like you from demonizing someone or shaking the fist and telling them what you did with their money.

More than 2 million voters approved North Carolina's voter ID amendment. One unelected Democratic judge threw it out. by useless_aether in politics

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That's foolish.

No one removed The right to vote.. The govt requires you to show ID to board a plane, collect welfare, drive or register a car, or pickup a package..

It's interesting that suddenly once it comes to voting, people that the government says can't be trusted to do the above are beacons of truth and morality and questioning that is a symbol of the evil empire attempting to put people in slavery.

This is another case of judicial activism.

They knew all along. by useless_aether in funny

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I lol'd pretty hard at this one

With Approval from Vatican: Canaanite Idol ‘Moloch’ Put on Display in Rome by Vigte in news

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Every culture has practiced child sacrifice. You don't need to watch it on CCTV or wait under the cover of darkness to see it if that's your shtick.

here in the good ol' US of A, you can easily see child sacrifice on the regular in the middle of the day at your local planned parenthood clinic. We even have women at Hollywood trade shows shouting their abortions now, their badge of courage.

US Government-funded Android phones come preinstalled with unremovable malware: Phones were sold to low-income people under the FCC's Lifeline Assistance program. by madazzahatter808 in news

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Perhaps a better takeaway is, (especially but not exclusively when pertaining to the government), anything that has been given to you for free might not be as free as you think. At the very least, it may not be designed for your direct benefit.

I don't think it's shocking at all. I mean the government tells institutions that accept funding which students they can discriminate against. It tells grocery stores what items do and don't qualify for WIC(food stamps). Why should it be any different for individuals who want a government subsidized cell phone/internet. They absolutely have the right to spy on them.

​American College Of Pediatrics Reaches Decision: Transgenderism Of Children Is Child Abuse by Trump_WG1WGA in news

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If you're an atheist or secular progressive, that actually shouldn't be a problem. They are viable depending oh the age.

A Petition To Remove Donald J. Trump by banksy in politics

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When government removes God, government becomes the god.

It's not simply TDS. It happened when Bush was in office. Politics has become religion for these people. For all his rhetoric, Trump policies mirror bill Clinton than anything a Republican once espoused as their values. He isn't labeled as "their guy". As such, they absolutely can and do feel what this person wrote above, because it isn't just politics, it's an affront to that person's religion and their core belief system.

This person is a true believer.

Baltimore goes ahead with drone surveillance... Let's increase police state power, instead of asking about the cultural failings that led to this, you bigots. by jamesK_3rd in news

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Yes but you aren't recording them all the time, storing all the backups of those recordings for an unlimited amount of time, you aren't using those pictures to "go fishing" i.e. running someone's facial id's through a database to see what crimes they may or may not have committed to go pick them up, or check to see if they have any warrants pending without just cause.

The act of being recorded or monitored all the time is well known to change behaviour. That's easily seen on the internet, it's where trolling can occur. The other side of that coin is people can truly express themselves, and discuss ideas with others think may not be acceptable, and change the opinions of others or themselves.

More to the point, having no expectation of privacy isn't what makes it legal to record the police.

Baltimore goes ahead with drone surveillance... Let's increase police state power, instead of asking about the cultural failings that led to this, you bigots. by jamesK_3rd in news

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I can accept it in cities. The people of Baltimore, and Other cities put up with that garbage to help keep them safe. I'm good with that, because I'd move, and moreso, I'd stay away from such place.

What i hate is things like this at the federal level, because you don't have any choice.

People with extreme political views have trouble thinking about their own thinking by Tiwaking in politics

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Might be you have a good ad blocker. That site seems heavy on JavaScript.

Trump seeks 'immediate' Senate impeachment trial and swift exoneration by Tiwaking in Trump

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Wait what's he guilty of again?

Obstruction of Congress isn't actually a thing when the obstruction is coming from a different branch of government. Obstruction of Congress by the executive or judicial branch is known by another name, "checks and balances".

They chose not to put forward the actual crime, which was bribery.

Don't be angry, they hate you. This was a sham. They gave their base just enough to whack off to and feel better about themselves. If you're looking for real substance, these aren't the droids you're looking for, move along. It's another reason the house refused to subpoena very many witnesses and almost everyone they've interviewed wasn't even in the room, it's all conjecture and hearsay.

The goal was to delegitimize him, to call into question his winning in 2020, and to placate the democratic base that can't stand that he's their guy.

I'd say they've done that pretty well, but you can scream orange man bad all day long, he's gonna be your guy again in 2020. At this stage in the game, the DNC is making what palpatine did look like amateur hour. Will they execute 66? No clue, but i can see us getting to that point once orange man bad gets re-elected, i mean that broad in Georgia is still claiming she won the election, she just needs to have her folks take the capital.

Does anyone else think it's weird that doesn't auto-upgrade to https: ? I mean, it's 2019, not 1999! by Robin in technology

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Also, when the Carrington event occurs, or when GPS goes out or there is a general event/issue with time, you can still get to all that information that's still available on simple http. Once you have a timing issue, hello walled garden of data for everything https. (Paranoia for all the preppers out there)

Does anyone else think it's weird that doesn't auto-upgrade to https: ? I mean, it's 2019, not 1999! by Robin in technology

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The great thing is you can always find a browser to go to a http only site.

Have a cert issue, fail to pay for your certs, or fail to hire an extra sysadmin to manage your site certs, fail to have the best encryption of a cert, even if free from let's encrypt, it is an extra cost. And when any of the above break, your site fails to load on almost all browsers.

Https is great for some things, Dealing with pii and payment information. Other than this, i think the https everywhere thing is a money laundering scheme and it's also a way to increase barriers to entry for information, specifically for smaller businesses or websites by large controlling internet corporations.

And yes, ppl do get afraid because most of the browsers now have capitulated for the money and because they hate their end users. They throw up scary warning pages and red web address bars when Mary tries to read a website on how to make a perfect peach pie.

https is the commercialization of the web, by it's very nature. It's the web for millennials. Please payme. Everybody needs to eat. Which is antithetical to what the web was designed for, which was sharing.

People with extreme political views have trouble thinking about their own thinking by Tiwaking in politics

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  • presented study participants with a question that had an objective answer, rather than one rooted in personal values.

Irony isn't it, they try to implement research using metrics such as "objective answer" in a world that blindly accepts as facts such ideas as: - men can be women, if the feel like it - women can be men, if the feel like it - we're all going to die in 10 years, woke climate catastrophe brigade - anything and everything "orange man bad/Cheetos Jesus saves"

Can we have less use of the words "left" and "right" here, please? by Robin in SaidIt

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Radicals vs progressives is more appropriate.

The "conservatives" are not conservative in any way. Donald Trump and his base represent and have the values of the 1980's Democrat party. Pro taxes and tariffs, Pro spending, Pro surveillance state, Pro eugenics through abortion, Pro big unions and big corporations...

Pelosi Threatens to Call Off Impeachment Unless Senate Runs Trial Her Way by MassTooter in politics

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That's it.

Technically i believe he is still impeached regarded if the trial date. This, If for example in a year or even 3 years when DT is re-elected, they could in theory move on this, if there were sufficient senators who would vote to remove him.

It's happening.. Trump is set to sign this behemoth today. No big government by jamesK_3rd in news

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Yes. by Orangutan in politics

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I think as both Obama and Elizabeth Warren have orally stated, you didn't actually earn that money.. It's not yours. You exploited the system, the government gave you that system. Police, roads, bridges etc.

Therefore, as you exploited us, we are taking our fair share

When Laws Are Unjust, Just Men Become Outlaws by x0x7 in politics

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  • That's not a meme, it's the truth.

When it isn't you, or people who believe the things you do, that implement something FOR YOU, they define the terms, they choose the values, they choose the standards. If they are benevolent, like the U.S., perhaps they attempt to implement the cultural values of those people in the new government that they've created.

NATO and primarily US forces stood up these governments. They implemented governments reflecting their values with some local cultural norms. Do the people hold those same values? Time will tell.

If the government gives you your stuff, the government has a right to provide stipulations for that stuff, or take it away.

It's The reason some illegal alien sanctuary cities went back on their promise to their constituents once the threat of removal of funding was used, i look for similar events with these new 2A sanctuary cities. Ultimately People would rather have shoddy medicaid access and food stamp crumbs than the ability to defend themselves from a government that is after all, giving them free stuff..

  • On victim blaming.. You ironically do the same thing you advocate against..

Situationally comparing children to adults is intellectually dishonest at best. Children aren't adults. In fact, when Children get a bad education, i blame the parents, not the government nor the children, because neither are (or should be) responsible for them. The parents are responsible

You in fact are doing what all leftists/democrats and many republicans do. You remove the agency of people or the individual.

People make choices. - In the case of our founders, they chose that it's better to die than to live under tyranny - parents will make the choice that the education the government provided their kids is "good enough" or not. - parents also choose to come home and Instagram/Facebook\tinder/meetup/PlayStation rather than sitting down with their kids and doing algebra or English.

My parents had nothing, including having no education, and yet both of them came home late from very difficult factory work and one would sit down with me and do homework, to the point i knew they were sometimes learning things with me especially when i got closer to high school.

The problem is your viewpoint of " you deserve this". Again, a very Democrat/leftist/Marxist notion. It's wrong. Not only is it wrong, it removes the onus of individual responsibility or agency and leads to this deference to authority/expertise that is so prevalent.

If you need to think of things in such terms, think of it as, "you earned this"... You crammed last night and played xbox the previous month, you earned a D.

  • On privilege

What Marxist/socialist/leftist nonsense. Privilege.. Obviously nothing I say will likely Change your mind because for you, i don't think you'll be satisfied until the government creates equal outcomes for everyone, but again, this is what the people are choosing and it's wrong on so many levels.

Being hard working or poor doesn't make you any better of a person than someone rich or in one of the "privileged classes" that you're railing against. Poor People fail all the time, so do rich people. Again, People have and do make choices. When i studied in chicago, i encountered numerous people that could've done something different because their light was very bright. I would tell them, "you need luggage". Most of them would say they don't want to leave though, no matter how bad it was. There are opportunities, but they choose something different, that's unfortunate sometimes, but something they values was more important to them than those opportunities.

Life isn't easy and it isn't always fair. Some People will fail, some People get cancer, some People get injured, and i think that's where private institutions and in some cases the government should step in and give people the help they need. The problem with you're socialist ideology, is that while you're "making things fair", you remove the agency of the people when you choose their route for them to ensure everyone can simply "hire someone else" to make a ton of money for them..

Finally, here's where we are at... - A lot of people chose Trump over the vast number of other rhinos and a couple of actual conservatives.. he was and is a terrible pick, and he is giving a large phallus to his constituents and they're lapping it up. - An even larger group of people voted for Hillary, even though she was extremely corrupt, so much so that she had her own private server to hide secret government documents on. - Several weeks ago we learned that the war in Afghanistan is a total farse, more so than anyone believed it was. - we recently learned that FISA process was being abused, so much so that Comey had to come out and almost apologize for it. Not only that, this process was used to investigate a us citizen who had money, i can only imagine what they are doing to the average Joe. - we've learned that in the great conservative state of Texas, if your mom wants your son to be a girl, she can almost certainly use the courts to have the father's will and common sense revoked. - a us news agency (MSNBC) would not take the statement of Lindsay Graham, yet took a Trump bashing commentary from Feinstein. - trump renews and expands the NDAA, tariffs, and spending - the people with the state motto, "sic semper tyrannus" overwhelmingly voted people whose platform was to overwhelmingly curtail the rights of the people and those most vulnerable in office. - the amount of corruption in this impeachment process is scandalous, on both sides. Instead of the senate going to actual trial and subpoenaing everyone on the record, those who refuse to testify should be jailed, so we can get to the bottom of tyrranies involved with this impeachment process such as: - abuse of FISA, - FBI\DOJ abuses Carter page, - XXXagency abuse of power - Schiff know about the whistleblowers before he came forward, - nepotism Joe - all the corruptocrats in trumps cabinet who should be in jail

Yet nada. They're going to have a quick vote, exonerate Trump and everyone on the democratic side that drummed up Fake charges. All so they can get Back to important legislation, you know <b>like making sure 18 year old adults can't get access to ecigarettes.</b>

I'm sorry, if you're telling me that the people of this nation aren't getting what they are asking for, I'm going to call BS.. Nobody can be pulled away from their tinder accounts, tranny story hour or from watching twitch. None of these politicians face any real backlash, let alone being tarred and feathered which is no less than what they deserve. It's so bad that most of them get re-elected or will get re-elected. In fact, if the is constitution was forced to be voted upon today, i think a majority of the states would decline ratifying it, 1st, 2nd, and as we've seen recently, 4th and 5th amendments are clearly not representative of the government or the people's values.

A return to the constitution is the solution. But we as people don't hold the same values as country any longer.. That has little to do with race and more to do with beliefs. And as such, i think there is strong evidence that a more totalitarian solution, as in one you proffer, i think is not only likely it's quite possibly what will occur. I think this is especially likely within my lifetime and I'm a Xennial(late 30s).

I hope for a better solution though, perhaps a split. One where areas of the country return to the values espoused in the original documents of the U.S. founding, and other areas which can have more equality of outcome, social justice, and progressive for people like yourself. I'm less inclined to believe that this will be a possibility though. Not to offend you, but as we've seen with the transgender madness, it isn't about just living in peace with one another. It's about "you" will be made to endorse, to validate, to delight in the equality, social justice, transgender madness. And if someone refuses, those fun loving equality folks think government should force them to care.

*edited for clarity and spelling, i was on my phone

When Laws Are Unjust, Just Men Become Outlaws by x0x7 in politics

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The people get the government they deserve.

These things aren't happening in a vacuum, i think the messages from the declaration of independence cannot ring more true. And very often, the government it's simply a reflection of the values of it'sl people

"SPOTTED: While we were on the House floor voting, @CNN's live feed caught press photographing documents on @JudiciaryGOP desks" by SierraKiloBravo in news

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The real question is why would anyone care. No thinking person takes CNN serious. Half the time they're plagiarizing Buzzfeed, the rest of the time they are the mouthpiece is the DNC. you're actually better off watching MSNBC or Al Jazeera than CNN.

‘The law is the law’: Virginia Democrats float prosecution, National Guard deployment if police don’t enforce gun control by MassTooter in politics

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To all these people who are counting on this sanctuary city nonsense, be careful.. When the state or fed pulls their funding, just like a few of the illegal alien sanctuary cities, the people might find themselves locked up as their county decided to comply with the law.

On top of that, the first time there is an active shooter in any of these places, they will come and come hard in all of these places with this as the excuse.. i have no doubt it will be national guard and police/swat going house to house.

It's happened in Boston, it's what the militarization of the police, the creation of entities like DHS, and the arming of the administrative state such as the IRS has been built and training for. For everyone who says it can't happen, the Nuremburg tribunals were filled with plenty of "good officers in a bad spot" that were just carrying out their orders. "Sorry bub, but you've gotta go to the bath house, i know you don't want to but my career's on the line here..."

Virginia, its the testing ground. And no doubt the first state of the many.

They need to change the motto from sic semper tyrranus to something like, "we elect you to save us, we will obey".

At this point, i think only a convention of states can save the republic. If enough people move from these states, there can be places that could successfully secede, but at this stage, you might be better off becoming an expat.

‘The law is the law’: Virginia Democrats float prosecution, National Guard deployment if police don’t enforce gun control by MassTooter in politics

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It is though. Unjust and terrible.

The reality is the people of Virginia wanted this, now they will get it.

At some point, they really will have no choice but to change the constitution. It doesn't accurately reflect the will of the people any longer. It's a terrible thing to say but it is a hard truth.

VA Gov’s ‘assault weapons’ proposal would ban new AR-15s; force registration or surrender of all existing by MassTooter in politics

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You knew this was coming.

I'm not sure why it took them so long to give the people of Virginia what they wanted. I'm also not sure why they left a grandfather clause in there though, they have the votes without catering to anyone.

Florida man guns down AK-47-wielding robber: ‘Not going to go out like a punk’ by dcjogger in news

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It's more likely this is fake news.

It is actually impossible for such a scenario to happen exactly because the AK is illegal.

Journalists are OUTRAGED That Impeachment Coverage Isn't Changing Minds, HOW DARE YOU by Tarrock in politics

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Mainstream journos are pretty arrogant.

The interview Gayle King did recently with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg was pretty breathtaking. She must've asked or hinted to him several times that political ads shouldn't be allowed, implying that people watching them are to stupid to make an assessment themselves.

It was quote ironic that Zuck is now standing up for free speech more than mainstream journos.

The mask is slipping off by useless_aether in WorldPolitics

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People don't go to China and protest their carbon output or their pollution..

People don't go to India and demand cleaner forms of energy for the population to control their CO2 output.

Nobody cares... Instead.. People get on their private jets and come to the US and lambast them for leaving the climate accords or driving personally owned vehicles even though the USA has been and continues to exceed the world in carbon reduction, accord or not.

These people don't care about the environment, CO2 emissions, or truth. It is a convenient means to an end. Western culture, in particular, the US, capitalism must be dismantled at all cost.

The truth is they've already won. It is just the next generation that will reap this, not this one. That's a tough pill to swallow for Zoey the millennial Marxist Democrat who wants it now.

The Twitter purge begins soon. Removing accounts that haven't agreed to their updated TOS. A case study in how to effectively censor ensor content. by jamesK_3rd in news

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That's a really good analogy.

The Twitter purge begins soon. Removing accounts that haven't agreed to their updated TOS. A case study in how to effectively censor ensor content. by jamesK_3rd in news

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Come on... I don't think it's about that.

I think it lies in the fact that they are removing and deleting, Censoring if you will, all this content without any real justification or need for that matter.

Just a few examples: - Perhaps you wanted to see some of the disinformation that was posted to help get Trump elected. Nope. - want to see any of the Russian bot postings that claimed pizzagate was real or that H-rod had a home server so you can analyze it. Nope. - lots of political staffers create dummy accounts and post stuff, want to search for any of that content.. Nope - anonymous accounts have been used in the past to leak info about corporations, campaigns, and individuals. Nope - maybe you just wanted to see what people were posting about 7 years ago, instead of what they tell you people were posting about. Nope..

You need to believe what they tell you, and there were never any indicators or records of events like the Matt Lauer rape dungeons or the Jeffrey Epstein pedo island.

Make no mistake, they are pissing on you and telling you that you're on fire. This is for your safety, security and privacy.

New study finds journalists score far lower in moral reasoning than they did 13 years ago by Chipit in news

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It isn't necessarily about their morality. Many big organization journalists claim smaller journalists and bloggers aren't true journo and shouldn't be protected. Individuals such as Andy Ngo come to mind. In addition to their demands for deference to their authority, they generally have been attempting to stifle smaller outlets, or larger platforms that independent horrendous journos may use, such as Facebook, twitch or WordPress.

It's a big reason we've seen the push for censorship by media outlets under the guise of curtailing fake news. They generally think you're to stupid to read and make an informed decision yourself..


Frightening ways Trump's America mirrors Hitler's Germany by dcjogger in politics

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Americans can do this because, because their masters have given them cake to eat and they enjoy it.

People don't talk to each other any longer, at the dinner table they stare at their phone, posting pics of their food for an endorphin rush.

They have Netflix, Hulu, Disney, YouTube and twitch.

Instead of taking their dog for a walk or raising their child, they'd rather hire someone on rover or hire an au pair while they Instagram or have political parties at the bar.

They protest things like racial, economic and social injustice while living in one of the wealthiest and most opportune for anyone who desires social and economic mobility. Most of them have no clue what true injustice looks like.

Their leaders tell them and the country on national TV that they are to believe climate change as if its a religion(Hirono, Hawaii), not a science. The people in turn protest the USA, a country with the most innovation and the least carbon output of many countries that signed some meaningless accord. Yet none au anything about China, or India, or nations emerging. This is Because climate change is two things for them; it's about the destruction of capitalism mainly, and it is part of their religious foundation and redemption story second.

The country has no belief system and no moral compass any longer. The values stated in the declaration of independence no longer reflect the values of it's citizens.

This is the reason for many of the things you speak of. The constitution becomes nothing more than a really old, well kept magazine article and it's the reason the constitution and liberty are trampled so.

With the return of the pagan culture and political religion as the new God, the destruction of gender, tranny story hour for the kids, nighttime vigils protesting climate change, the NRA, or political leaders failing to acquiesce are the norm. Parading children around in whichever gender suits the parents is the norm. Men beating women in women's sporting events is the norm.

Politicians now celebrate abortion on national tv. It has become nothing more than the child sacrifice of this age, repentance for their impending catastrophic climate doom. It's no different than than Aztecs or the child sacrifice at the temple of Moloch.

No country lasts forever. That is the way of things. The best question is to ask what comes after.

San Francisco has an app to tag human feces for crews to clean up by useless_aether in maps

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San Francisco has an app to tag human feces for crews to clean up by useless_aether in maps

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I think the people did vote.

Democrat DENOUNCES Impeachment, Says He Will Vote NO, That Other Democrats Agree Secretly by Tarrock in politics

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Exactly. With Trump out of the way, then we'd get someone who's is an actual conservative. I mean, i doubt Pence would've: -nominated someone as milquetoast as Cavanaugh -voted multiple times to continue payouts to organizations like planned parenthood in the budget -fail to have his DOJ indict people for keeping private, classified, public documents in a server in their basement -fail to have his DOJ look into the delivery of palettes of cash to rogue nuclear countries - leave most of the staff Obama put in

But impeachment is a political proceeding, not a criminal one. Which is why this is all just a big spectacle nothing burger so the democratic politicians can make their constituents feel good about themselves in their circle jerk, they'll generally believe anything.

Chick-fil-A is discontinuing donations to charities opposed by LGBTQ community by Nemacolin in news

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The scarlet letter and social shaming for anyone, even an organization like the salvation army which has helped far more impoverished/hungry/needy people in the last hundred years regardless of race, gender preference, or sexual preference than any other organization i can think of. Perhaps if they could do a children's story hour and dress up In costumes everyone would be better.

All this to sell a few more sandwiches in airports. Yuk.

Armed Bystanders Shoot, Kill Gunman Who Opened Fire at Oklahoma City Restaurant by MassTooter in politics

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Sorry that was so long

Armed Bystanders Shoot, Kill Gunman Who Opened Fire at Oklahoma City Restaurant by MassTooter in politics

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The flaw in your logic lies with a basic understanding of the constitution. I'm guessing you're a millennial, I'm NOT saying that in a derogatory manner, just that very few have an understanding of it. I'm a Xennial, they suck too.

The problem is this: driving is a privilege, not a right. Whereas gun ownership is a right, not a privilege. The "free for all" has nothing to do with gun manufacturers, and everything to do with our rights and culture. I'll let you chew on that for a minute, but I'll end this part by saying perhaps a more accurate comparison is requiring training before issuance of a conceal-carry permit, which most states already do.

Citing the gun statistics or anecdotes from Switzerland is similar to citing health care statistics or anecdotes from Nordic or other oft cited northern European countries.

These countries are largely homogenous in their ethnic and demographic makeup, i think the Swiss are beginning to open up their borders to outsiders, but it's still largely white, Swiss or European people.

Beyond demographics just 40 or 50 years ago, students used to bring rifles to school to participate in shooting competitions and competitive shooting leagues. This was common even in large cities such as NYC. I've seen old photos of kids with rifles under their desks, like back packs are today.

Gun ownership was actually more prevalent in the past. Now you can be in many cities and meet people who've never seen a firearm, let alone own one. Fewer people own more guns now.

But for all our problems, school shootings and mass shootings are pretty low. So low in fact data analysts have been adapting what is considered a mass shooting/school shooting to help the cause.

So what's changed from 60/70 years ago? This is a far better question. A lot of people like to cite demographics, or mental health. I tend to think of these as scapegoats for the lazy and uninformed (although i do think there are serious and as of yet unseen problems with the widespread use of anti depressants and other psychotropic drugs in the U.S., far worse than the opioid "epidemic").

I don't think a majority of the states would ratify the constitution today. The first, second, fourth, fifth, and sixth amendment seem anathema to what a majority of people want or believe today, on the left and the right. No offense, but i think comparing/confusing the right to own a gun and defend yourself from your government to the privilege of driving a car is prima facie example of this.

Further, when i read the declaration of independence, which were the reasons for this country and our constitution, i see very little in similarities between the people that wrote that document and the people that inhabit the country today.

The U.S. was great not because of our constitution, but because of the underlying ideals and beliefs of it's people and recognition of what/who people are. The govt can lock up the constitution in a safe at Fort Knox, but when the DOI no longer represents the beliefs of the people, you might as well wipe you're ass with it, that would be a better use of the paper. And i think we are quickly approaching the time where they will remove what's left of the constitution because the people want the safety and security that only the government can provide them. In similar fashion as speech, have all the free speech you want just have it in particular zones and absolutely no hate speech.

It's disheartening, but I'm reminded of the quote, "this constitution is meant for a moral and religious people, wholly unfit for any other". And for the people now to make a new constitution, i have no doubt it will be better and will represent the people quite well.

SCOTUS justices lean toward unconstitutional DACA by jamesK_3rd in news

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What's it all mean??

Intentionally, or bumbling into it. I think the Trojan horse is about to be unleashed. The perfect storm.

Since it's inception in 2012, the Republican base has hemmed and hawed about topics such as ACA, taxes and spending, and of course DACA. They did nothing About any of these(largely because they agree with all of these). Though they had a majority in the house and senate, and most recently while having the house, the senate and the presidency for the last two years.

Now, Trump who has made overtures to the previous Congress that he thought DACA recipients should be given citizenship but that the administrative DACA solution was unconstitutional. It's looking. Increasingly like the justices will rule against DACA. 

I personally like a more libertarian solution. Mainly to end the asinine restrictions on who can come here to work. Of course, you'd also need to end any and all welfare for these  immigrants. 

However, I'm increasingly skeptical that this solution would work in our current system, where leftists desire for political power prevents them from stopping the defacating openly on the streets by their constituents. 

But Legalizing DACA recipients would enshrine leftists/democratic party as a superpower for the conceivable future, which should serve up some good fodder floor 4 Republicans as the inept minority. 

Reminder, all these politicians hate us..

Stopping the flow of California emigrants by jamesK_3rd in news

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I disagree. California geographically is massive. It isn't overpopulated. There are ALOT of places in the state where you can go and not see anyone. Further inland yes, Further north yes. But it's There.

California seems ridiculously packed because bad governance. Artificially increasing housing prices by protecting special groups and inhibiting construction. Compound this Further by leftist policies that say it's cool if you camp out on the bike trail, in fact we won't even prosecute you if you wanna defecate anywhere you feel like.

So you can't find an affordable place, but screw it, just buy a Honda Odessa mini van and crash on the street with everyone's else.

I'm not speaking about immigrants from other countries. Ironically, i tend to think they carry more of the American dream than many Daca recipients or native born 🇺🇸 citizens. I'm speaking specifically about the mass exodus from states like California, Illinois and New York.

Many of them will claim to be some kind of libertarian or "fiscal conservative, social liberal". It's garbage. When you ask them how their state got so bad, they'll look at you as a deer in headlights, or spout some nonsense about democrats. No dude, it's you. Take your shit back there and keep voting for your Medicaid expansion and more money for government schools there.

Ironically enough, Reagan hosed California. His Amnesty Bill demolished a moderately centered California. After that Amnesty deal, California has been decidedly and remarkably blue ever since. I think that's about to happen on a national scale once Trump amnesties all the Daca kids.

I'm all in for immigrants. But you can't give them welfare.

Stopping the flow of California emigrants by jamesK_3rd in news

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There need to be more states that embrace federalism and look at ways to impede emigrants from states such as California, Colorado, Illinois, New York, or any blue state really.

What are ways to stem the flow of these individuals from certain states? I don't know, but here are a fewI've thought of.

  • Maybe using tax schemes, would it be possible to require an incoming citizen to pay tax to both their previous state as well as their new state, for short period, say like 5 to 10 years.

  • an easy one is to prevent emigrants from owning land until they've reached some milestone. This is used and is fairly effective in Hawaii, where outsiders may buy a place but not actually own the land. Instead you generally own like a XX year lease on the building, but you don't retain title unless you are in a certain ethnic group. Land or housing would be the most effective, but you could also do it with other entitlements such as: -- welfare -- voting -- firearms or firearms permits -- driving, working permits

I'm still brainstorming. But i cringe every time i hear someone complain about the state not giving them something and then complaining about the size of government or thinking they should move.

In 2015 the state of Maine passed the Constitutional Carry Law. This allowed gun owners to carry a firearm with them without a special permit. Critics said it would increase crime. They were wrong. By 2017 Maine was the safest state in the country. by Orangutan in news

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This and similar studies imply these correlations are the result of such policies. I find these highly suspect at best, what's more they are terrible arguments for conveying the need for the right to keep and bear arms to people undecided about the issue.

It's the correct premise, but terrible reasoning. Here are some better arguments to make your case to the average leftist/Democrat:

  • the second amendment affords citizens of the United states the right to keep and bear arms. If you don't like this fact, change the constitution to something more palatable, it's been done before and is the best method to get everyone on board.

  • the average response time for police to arrive on scene is over 5 minutes. Being able to protect yourself, your family, and your property is important. Long ago first responders referred to individuals first on scene who would help out, now it is a term reserved for individuals trained in a particular field to arrive on scene, while bystanders look on and periscope the tragedy.

  • the police have NO to duty to protect you (Warren vs. D.C.).

  • although the state may never come for us in the sense of the holocaust, firearms in the hands of individual citizens make it a costly proposition for police or state actors to confiscate your life/property. It also forces them to rethink certain tactics. One such example is the military style "no knock" raid conducted In Houston, Tx. The policy of no knock raids were stopped after multiple officers were wounded in the assault.

  • although we live in the most enlightened 21st century, believing we have it so good that the state could never act in inhumane ways defies logic and the long recorded history that is humanity on earth. The founders believed that we have the right to defend ourselves against such oppression, as far fetched as it may sound.

  • you believe Trump is a Nazi and i should have to give up my guns or register them with the state? The police/military aren't our friends. In fact, many of them were just "following orders" as stated in trials at Nuremburg. And so far, I haven't seen many officers; -resign over injustice, -refuse to conduct military style raids, -object to conducting Civil asset forfeiture, -object to the increased use of tactics and vehicles/weapons from war theaters here ( do they really need MRAPs??)

  • these policies are better solved at the state, not federal level

  • when the aliens invade, it's far better to go out fighting

Advocating for gun rights by making the case that crime dips is asinine regardless of how true it might be. It's like making the case against abortion because women having an abortion have higher rates of cancer afterward. No matter how true it may be, it's largely irrelevant and unconvincing. Now state that abortion is killing another person and make them take a stand on if that's ok or not, at least you'll get somewhere.

All that being said, i really think our gun rights days are limited. A majority of the people want restrictions on the first and second amendments. Further, one can see a blue wave coming.

What's more, the Trojan horse has just arrived ( SCOTUS just decided to take up the DACA case, if it's declared unconstitutional, and we have a blue house, and a blue Senate, and they amnesty these ppl, the USA just became California).