Headshot by pcpmasterrace in memes

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I do agree with you that raising kids is difficult. And I don't call sticking your kids in front of an iPad or on YouTube when they aren't in public schools good parenting.

but I don't agree that somehow people have been priced out of children or marriage. Money is always an issue, even if you have millions of dollars.. but for most county courthouse weddings, it's still 50$.

Likewise, most mothers usually can breast feed for the time it is needed, ironic that most choose to purchase food for their kids at such an important stage of life as this, but it is what it is.

No, for a majority, It has more to do with the value system and culture of the people now. When you nihilistically put self and your own pleasure and well being above everything else, it's easy to see why someone would choose abortions and porn as to not interfere with European backpacking trips, selfies and ladies club nights while men choose Chaturbate and video games rather seek meaningful lives.

Overwhelming majority of Americans want companies to stay away from political advocacy, poll by P-38lightning in politics

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This is the only reason to miss Trump.

He drew these people out, even if all he ever did was mean tweet and then play golf with Schumer.

They had to, because the end or something.. now they're attempting to go back to the shadows, kinda sad.

Drip irrigation by AmericanMuskrat in gardening

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Would be really useful if you could catch rainwater.

How far past 4 days can you realistically go. This seems like a great vacation setup. I was gonna buy one of those sprinkler auto watering attachments for my 2 week vacay, but honestly if I could setup this, this seems easier.

Drip irrigation by AmericanMuskrat in gardening

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How much water is it getting to the plants? Care to elaborate a little?

That seems like an easy setup

Are calls to violence allowed on saidit? by Blackbrownfreestuff in debatealtright

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I disagree with this ban and I'd like to explain why.

The founding fathers and citizens of the USA for generations after them, threatened politicians with stupid ideas be tarred and feathered and sometimes actually did the act. Discourse and politics are generally raw and often uncivil. A battle is will be waged either way, in the arena of words thoughts and ideas, or in the arena of the streets with guns, knives and fists... Harsh tones and angry discourse are part of life, while I hate to cite them, even the supreme court in the past has stated as such.

We continue to silo off things that aren't narrative approved. Not just here, but in our society. Here is really just a reflection of the culture at large, or a certain section of that the founders like M7 and derr agree with.

You can't say men can't be women, you can't say God in schools. Ban links to content we deem unworthy. We allow protests now based on permits and land use and move them to the somewhere they don't interfere with the important people's lives. The RIAA controls what content a lot of people can and cannot see, under the guise of "copyright" or "theft".

Socks made a stupid comment. Obviously unable to win in the realm of ideas, but I'd argue the taddle tale nancies were just as bad. Instead of mocking such a stupid statement, it turns into "get help" and "please ban them", which I find lower IQ than the statement in question. As if we all don't get angry, we all don't have such thoughts. I still find my blood pressure boiling when I think about Trump and Fauci, and their horrific lockdowns, mask mandates, forced vaccinations for the past 3 years, and the future.

Additionally, I disagree with the policy of deleting posts of users, unless it is a seriously egregious violation. The best disinfectant, as musk says, is sunlight.

Again, I don't care for socks. Generally, I think they're trolling others, and their ideas aren't based in real life. In fact most of the time I feel their posts are good for the practice of mockery and scorn, as well as patience and restraint... But again I disagree with the ban as I don't believe the user was inciting violence, or even directly threatening it. Of course, the mods, including M7 have a tough, thankless job. I still appreciate and thank all of you, regardless of everyone's stance on this or any other issue, it takes a lot to do such work.

Did anyone take screenshots?

Yes https://ibb.co/1r2dy1R

Deep in my bones by BravoVictor in politics

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I'd venture to say that most of them don't get their pecker chopped off though.

They just use hormone blockers etc.

Now I'm actually ok with tax payers funding their surgeries. In fact, I'd get more of a, "operation warp speed".. where if a dude thinks they're a chick, men in black surround your house, roll you up like a Chinese COVID+ resident, take em to the quick clinic, lob their Bob, and let them go about their life. In fact, I'm even ok with no due process on this. Kicking and screaming..

Do you believe women should be able to have elective abortions? by AmericanMuskrat in AskSaidIt

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So if we agree that ectopic pregnancies can be the edge case scenario in shock an abortion can be obtained, you'll agree to been abortion in all other circumstances?...

I'm gonna guess no.. because it's a religion

people have been giving birth for thousands of years. They'll be fine.

Wait a minute - aren't these the same Democrats whose Supreme Court nominee just told us she can't tell us what a "woman" is because she's not a biologist? by Chipit in MeanwhileOnReddit

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That's right.

The GOP is now where Democrats were when JFK was president.

Democrats, are generally communists or Marxists looking to remake the country.

Conservatives, or Lincoln Republicans who brought freedom to slaves and liberty to the people, are generally homeless. They can vote occasionally with the GOP, but they should be diametrically opposed to anything from Democrats, just as a policy.


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Ah yes the traditional racist reply that most of these kids will grow up to be drug dealers and gang bangers.

The argument is asinine. And neither you nor the govt should be allowed to determine which groups of children are expendable or to deem the economic status of the parent means the children are viable.

If you and people like you would put half the thought and energy in getting rid of all govt welfare programs for people and corporations, things would be different. But everyone has a spot on the teat I suppose.


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It's been working both ways.

A lot of the blue who claim to love freedom and hate oppression have been leaving states like Cali, NY, Illinois or Maryland heading to places like Florida, Texas, Tennessee or Idaho.

They go all in except when it comes to their spot on the teat, or it goes after their preferred crony capitalism corporation like Disney,

If there's one thing we've been shown over the past three years, it's that the list of people who will actually stand up for freedom is very, very small. Bro dudes mask their kids in between gym sessions and rant about how it's unfair they govt masks the kids. Rednecks with a home arsenal wait in line to get a jab that makes more likely to get the virus, because their govt told them they had to comply.

While none of us know what the actual decision says yet, generally I think this is good. But the govt aborts real live adults now. They forbid early treatment for whatever, unless you were a certain class of individual, like the governor of Maryland, they prevented normies from getting monoclonal antibodies, and now unless you're jabbed they can prevent you from getting cancer treatment or a transplant.

So this is a good thing, but I fear justice is winning this time because why bother with child sacrifice when you can have the adults too.

Elon's not going to fix anything. He's a false messiah. by BravoVictor in politics

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Great point.

Regardless, musk has already done far more than Trump. Moreover, what people like musk and DeSantis are doing is showing that people can do something, however big or small it is. But you have to take risks.

Trump, talked big game, but cowered on EVERYTHING that mattered. The Republicans have said for years that they couldn't do anything that Florida's Ron has done, proving it isn't that these people don't believe it can't be done, it's that they won't do it and largely disagree with the people that put them there. Controlled opposition.

But ultimately, you're correct. If the people don't stand up locally, if they don't hold their representatives accountable, then you get Kevin McCarthy, Lindsay Graham and Donald Trump, all bluster and nothing else.

Google will kill call recording apps on Android for good starting May 11 by JustLookDontDismiss in news

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That's right.

Most people prefer the only back doors available to be for apple, Google, FBI, DHS and local law enforcement, and theirs party friends of Google..

Google will kill call recording apps on Android for good starting May 11 by JustLookDontDismiss in news

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You would need root access.

And even then, you have to create modules that will allow this

What @LibsOfTikTok exposed by jet199 in MediaAnalysis

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"This is a CDC Issue, It Should Not Have Been a Court Issue" - Fauci Insists the CDC Should be Above Federal Courts and Law (VIDEO) by Questionable in Coronavirus

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I suppose that could be true if one were under the misguided belief that the nation wasn't already broken..

The Secret Codes that Printers Put on Every Paper by magnora7 in videos

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It's not that no one noticed, it's for the most part, no one cared. And by and large, no one cares generally at all about actual freedom, or it's lip service at best.

As long as nothing gets in the way of Netflix, pronhub, TikTok or Instagram, the people of the United States will accept any level of tyranny you can imagine. You can even tell them what to put in their body..

Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter, take it private by [deleted] in news

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CNN+ struggles to lure viewers in its early days, drawing fewer than 10,000 daily users by [deleted] in news

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I'd say a majority of people are fine getting their news from CNN. They just don't want to be milked for more, after all Biden is in office, Democrats are in charge, and things are going great.

HALF of Americans blame rising gas prices on Democrats: Poll by aaarrgh in whatever

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Funny, I'm actually shocked it's this high.

Gizmo at pet hospital, hair tie stuck in throat by [deleted] in cats

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My guy is a several thousand dollar cat.

I had been giving my dog cheap rubber toys that he would demolish quickly. My cat decided to eat one of the rubber pieces that I hadn't yet picked up, about the size of a penny.

Next thing I know, he is vomiting, lethargic, and can't even drink water. Luckily, it got stuck in the upper stomach, so that idiot didn't even lose any colon.

But now, no more cheap rubber toys, not worth the vet bill https://files.catbox.moe/vxxkrp.jpg

Gizmo by [deleted] in cats

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Yeh it's one of the better commercial ones. I had no idea they started selling them outside of the east coast. That's pretty cool they're expanding.

Gizmo by [deleted] in cats

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Give him a nice open window. With the weather we've been having lately, my cats have been enjoying looking outside since I've had them open.

Yuenglings are good beers btw.

He won $217 million in the lottery, then spent nearly all of it to help save the planet by TheRealPanzer in Europe

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I think he bought it like 6 years. Last I heard after 2030 we're all done

I am hating this dystopia by BlueFrost in whatever

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Ah the religious atheist showed up... With the obligatory "religious people are dumb, you must worship the state like us enlightened folks, there can be no other."

I knew you'd get here, just didn't know it'd take you this long for that comment.

Where are all the lawsuits against all the medical malpractice in the last 2 years? by magnora7 in whatever

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PREP act.

Why you should stop using SMS by TheRealPanzer in privacy

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I disagree with this article.

This is the premise of most of the "experts" and woke crowd.. that everything needs to go over https, ssl, etc. I've always enjoyed this page: http://n-gate.com/software/2017/07/12/0/ or https://archive.ph/Ym7fc

This is often security at the detriment of functionality. It's the https everywhere crowd.

If you need to send something securely, or need privacy don't use it. But the universality of sms is excellent. The same with email. People using Gmail have some nerve complaining that they're offended Google tries to sell them ads for things in their email, dude you're the product..

I've run an ejabberd xmpp server for over 8 years, for friends and family. But it can be finicky, and up until the past few years, finding a client that works well on iOS has been difficult. That being said, I do prefer xmpp. But let's not go overboard here.

Government spending to blame for inflation spike, San Francisco Fed study says by [deleted] in politics

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They can print me out as many thousand dollar bills as needed

Russia sets fixed gold price as it restarts official bullion purchases by Drewski in WorldNews

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This may be because the US govt largely restricts private ownership of folks and silver bullion. In fact, I believe it was just a month or two ago there was a large bust and confiscation of someone who had a fairly sizeable amount of gold.

North Dakota by aaarrgh in news

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Waste of time.

They'd be better off looking at ways they can avoid being strong armed and blackmailed by taking federal money for schools, medicare, etc.

Strengthening their economy, etc

The Internet Archive book images Flickr account has been deleted by TheRealPanzer in Internet

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If it's in the cloud, it isn't yours

Yale university conducted tests to see which propaganda works best to brainwash people into taking the jab. How many of these have you heard? by Canbot in conspiracy

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It wasn't about just you.

Not only did they convince a majority of people to voluntarily get it, they convinced a majority of large employers they should throw away any employee that doesn't comply.

You might not have gotten it, but it's repercussions on you are ongoing.

Yale university conducted tests to see which propaganda works best to brainwash people into taking the jab. How many of these have you heard? by Canbot in conspiracy

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If you want something fun to do, look at the death rate of someplace like South Africa, where their jab rate was like 30% 3 months ago, contrasted with someplace like, oh say the untied states..

Free speech by aaarrgh in whatever

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Wow. Well done.

Right wingers trying to claim GC as if he didn't have entire rants about conservatives (PS, we know his thoughts on liberals too) by [deleted] in politics

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A helping hand is great. The issue is who helps.

Liberals, leftists and Republicans believe that entity should be the govt.

Conservatives believe it should be independent, local groups such as churches, synagogues, lions club, golden circle, moose clubs, community groups, etc.

It's problematic that a majority of people not only believe the govt should provide aid that not only supplants the above organizations, but it goes against the very underpinnings of our society.

Our govt wasnt designed to do such things, but an increasingly secular society demand that it does.

The "American way" was never pull yourself up by your bootstraps. It was, "you have the right to do your thing. You have the right to build your XXX (for Republicans xxx meant business) without interference and hindrances from entities like the govt." That means you may make it big, but conversely you might fail big. You also have the right to sit on the sidelines.

Most people don't want equality of opportunity now, they want equality of outcome.. which is what the govt provides. This is why people complain about "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" and then bail out airlines and banks, while govts dictate what is a "living wage" and dictate terms of living. They're all straw men really, for a people looking to be ruled.

Twitter explodes over trans swimmer Lia Thomas winning national title: 'A slap in the face to women and girls' by Jackalope in news

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Finally bringing some equality to women's sports.

Glenn Greenwald: Romney's "treason" smear of Tulsi Gabbard is false and noxious, but now typifies U.S. discourse by AXXA in news

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Yeh let's slow our roll for a minute..

In their relative comfort, people like Glenn and most US citizens don't recall(or more likely don't know) that some representatives would regularly challenge each other to pistol duels, sometimes to the death.

It wasn't just from other members of the legislature, there were cases that citizens would berate and even attack their representatives for their opinion or vote.

Now, in a world of stranger danger, showing up to your kid's school board meeting maskless or questioning their authority is enough to get you jailed.

To say nothing of the fact that in order to protest now, someone must submit paperwork to some authority, who will then say yes or no and give you the areas at which you can hold up signs..

The divide is nothing new. What is new, is that I believe the push back against tyranny and the recognition of the foundation of the country is at all time lows. For the vast majority of people, even "conservatives", subscribe to the idea that rights are now granted from government

Petrodollar cracks: Saudi Arabia considers accepting yuan for Chinese oil sales by AXXA in news

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Sure thing, let's start by freeing all the Jan 6th dissidents who have yet to be charged and are still in confinement a year later.

I wish saidit was more popular by [deleted] in whatever

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This doesn't make any sense. We still have the largest army on the planet and a large consumer base as well. If they need more money they'll print what they need..

No one will unseat it from the outside.

How it will be undone is for despots to destroy it from within. I'd say this is happening at record pacing since Clinton.

I'm particular, Obama, Trump and Biden have been particularly aggressive about destroying the country. And yes, Trump was bad, that he recognized and called out secret courts claiming he'd release info that they gather Ed even on himself so we could see what they collect and never did it, or allow mailbox voting was country crushing. Let alone vax mandates etc. Trump groomed the country for Biden. Bidden is the phallus without batteries the masterminds have waited for long time.

Did Pfizer commit Crimes against Humanity with willful misconduct and Deception? by infocom6502 in conspiracy

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No no. The PREP act makes them untouchable.

WE THE PEOPLE, made them untouchable.

On March 1st the U.S. Controlled Wayback Machine Started Blocking Access to Russian News Agency Tass Articles. by [deleted] in propaganda

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One exception is not convincing?

I feel like this exception is pretty big. And the larger the budget, the more likely to be compromised it becomes.

I think when you become ok censuring one thing, it becomes very easy to censor many things.

Biden Claims Gun Makers Only Industry That Can’t Be Sued, Fails to Mention Blanket Liability for COVID Vaccine Makers by Jackalope in politics

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There is no such thing as a never ending list in this context. There are a finite number of 'who's' who can be sued..

The words your using don't mean what you think they mean. Unless you're changing the terms of what things mean, I'm cool with this but you should be up front about that.

There may be more than your mind can imagine presently, but that speaks more about limitations of the human mind, or your mind than anything else.

The level of stupidity that comes out of Hollywood is stunning. by P-38lightning in whatever

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That someone would believe the people whose job is to repeat and parrot dialogue that someone else gives them are worthy of having an important opinion is the shocking part.

Well not really.. when you think about it in terms of the past two years, the shocking part is the fact that less than 90% of doctors do science or medicine now. They parrot and employ guidelines, procedures and talking points from govt entities and licensure bureaus.

It's not there yet, but there will come a tone soon that to get life saving medical treatment, you may need to go to India or Nicaragua. That's shocking.

Biden Claims Gun Makers Only Industry That Can’t Be Sued, Fails to Mention Blanket Liability for COVID Vaccine Makers by Jackalope in politics

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There's actually no such thing as neverending in this case because the list of manufacturers is finite.

Moreover, there are no manufacturers exempt or that cannot be sued.

If you manufacture something now, you are liable for every use case conceivable. If they don't like this, don't produce it.

This has already been adjudicated, and it's about time. How many times have I seen assault vehicles and assault drugs like marijuana team up to destroy the lives of entire families wantonly. Restitution is near.

‘Truly Frightening:’ Feds Give Tech Companies Until May 2 to ‘Turn Over COVID-19 Misinformation’ by Jackalope in politics

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Dude, so 2005...

Ppl just get locked up in federal confinement facilities now, like the Jan 6 peeps.

Save money, no need to send anyone anywhere, they can be mistreated right here at home, and the American ppl are absolutely ok with this..

Biden Claims Gun Makers Only Industry That Can’t Be Sued, Fails to Mention Blanket Liability for COVID Vaccine Makers by Jackalope in politics

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But actually, the gun makers have been held liable recently.

And similarly, the maker of that assault vehicle should be held liable.

Watch: Bayer Exec Brags mRNA Shots Are ‘Gene Therapy’ Marketed as ‘Vaccines’ -'If we had surveyed two years ago…‘Would you be willing to take gene or cell therapy and inject it into your body?’ we would have probably had a 95% refusal rate.' by cottoneyejoe in NotTheOnion

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If you've ever gotten one shot, you should be forced to get all of them. Of all the things the govt is willing to use force to make people do, it's absurd they cowtow on this.

Let's just be honest about this.. Realistically, no one who got the shot will ever do anything more important than to get every single booster they come up with for COVID. They are a real time data point or a trial gone wrong if they don't complete the series.

Lab rats shouldn't be allowed to leave the cage. As volunteers they have certain obligations. Think of it this way, there's a winter of death and destruction coming for the unvaccinated, they're doing their part to help them out. We are all in this together.

Anybody not give a shit about the Ukraine War? by yabbit in AskSaidIt

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I suppose I would thank Putin for ending COVID.

We'd be looking at another 6 months of masking/jabbing if it didn't happen.

I mean, wasn't it like a week before the state of the union the CDC showed a map of how COVID was devastating the country, Feb off this year was crushing Feb off last year.. Putin invades, the CDC issues a new statement on how they'll be recalculating of/from and who gets tested, again, and then shows a map of all green US states essentially the day before the state of the state of the union speech.

Yeh Putin broke COVID.

Of course, they're now putting into effect all the fascist policies they've been working on the past two years, seizing private individuals wealth and their yachts/property if they're Russian, defunding and demonetizing individuals and citizens with alternative viewpoints, not allowing groups to participate in sports leagues depending on race/color/creed/national origin, etc etc..

Yeh, it's just Democrats and Republicans being themselves. But I at least don't have to wear a diaper on my face for now.. I suppose I probably should to hide the shock I feel as I watch most countries that espouse "democracy" become fascist, including the USA who unleashed COVID on everyone, and most of their citizens become tyrants. I did lose my job a year ago for not taking the jab, I suppose they'll at some point come for me for not affirming their narrative..

Other that this, it's all good.

Putin should get a Nobel peace prize or something... by platonic1 in whatever

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Now do 2021...

And just like that... by JasonCarswell in memes

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Best ever.

COVID hospitalizations in February blowing out last year.

Soros conveniently backing the attacks on Russia.

Russia be like... by Orangutan in politics

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U mad bro?

Trump been out of office for over a year.

Repeat it to yourself "he been out of office for a whole year"..

As you think about responding, please repeat it to yourself again, "he been out of office for a whole year"

They don't even let him on Twitter..

Trump owns the head of a lot of people, and he isn't even allowed on Twitter....

Start charging that man rent..

Deflection by BravoVictor in politics

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I find this image highly appropriate.

Moderna CEO asked why SARS-COV-2's genome contains a Moderna genetic sequence patented 3 years before pandemic by Orangutan in politics

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We still blame the Germans for going along with the Nazis, because a lot of them did.

This isn't new, Fauci and the NIH were experimenting on people with AIDS 20 years ago. It isn't even a new thing before that, Tuskegee experiments.. or the missing samples of influenza from 100yrs ago.

The US is a representative republic. If you are willing to say the people of the US aren't responsible for the actions of the representatives they elect... then, please pick your form of Chinese authoritarianism, because you do not understand the Constitution, or the documents undergirding it, the declaration of independence...

But again, this is the fundamental problem facing the US and why the US is, and will largely be a failed state.

It isn't because the constitution failed, it is because it's people are lost and do not understand the who/what/why of it's foundations. The constitution is for a very different people, and is culturally irrelevant now. The US is, for all intents and purposes, staying together for the kids.

It's very plain to see on the left, but you sir are an outstanding example of how it is exactly the same on the right, just with a different spin.

Moderna CEO asked why SARS-COV-2's genome contains a Moderna genetic sequence patented 3 years before pandemic by Orangutan in politics

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Full stop..

The US govt, Anthony Fauci and his minions, have been actively funding, researching and weaponized this.

Obama wanted this research hidden, so they basically said you need to need to do like everyone else, play the shell corporation game, and give us deniability.

The research being conducted was paid in large part by the US, and it's people.

If the Chinese lab leaked it accidentally, or intentionally, blame is still largely on the backs of the American people. It's hard not to believe that someone didn't order this, conveniently in the last year of a president that no one liked..... a virus that would terrorize the people thanks to the media but would really only target the sick and infirmed, and later on target those who are younger thanks to the media and govt agencies restricting early treatments.

Blame will likely stay with China, because the west is largely responsible for this genocide.

Yes, this was an actual tweet. by [deleted] in Coronavirus

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It probably should have been discussed much sooner

It appears back in 2001 Justin Trudeau was caught in a underage girls home by the girls father and was fired from his teaching position at West Grey Academy. The family signed a $2.5 Million NDA agreement to settle the case. This is just the tip of the iceberg. by Chipit in conspiracy

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The real question is, did the parents or Justin ensure those precious gifts children get vaccinated or not..

I mean they don't even discuss the children's status at all in these articles.. monsters..

Ukraine Says Russia Has Launched a 'Full-Scale' Invasion by Drewski in news

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Why on earth do you think we will ever get the picture of what is going on..

The US govt is actively fighting for big pharma to hide data, and only release a few documents every month for the next hundred years to obfuscate the truth.

What's a religious make up of Saidit? by [deleted] in whatever

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'I Feel Like We're on the Run': The Hatred for Democrats in Rural America Has Reached Biblical Levels by cottoneyejoe in politics

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The obvious answer to this is to make things more local.

But, ironically enough, more and more people want the govt to do more and more things for them, while complaining that the govt gets in their way or is intrusive.

There's a reason that over 90% incumbents get re-elected, but polls show over 70% of people being polled think govt officials are bad, headed in the wrong direction and needs change. They're happy with their guy, they're dissatisfied with yours..

We are at a moment culturally, where generationally, the things from traditional United States are no longer seen as necessary. The VP declared just a few days ago, the internet is a basic human right. I'm not sure if that is malfeasance or ignorance, but the outcome is the same. A younger generation doesn't know the difference between a man and a woman, or what a fundamental Human right is.

Further, younger generations have no belief in a creator, and as such their rights are now defined by the state. 2+ years in, and people are still begging their local govts to return some freedom to not have to jail their face, or their children's faces. A trucker convoy in Canada has done more to propel freedom here in the USA than anything done by just about anyone else in the last few years.. In Canada, a place where they aren't free.. a place where it's literally as I stated above.. which is, the govt is the definer of freedom there(not taking anything away from my Canadian friends here).

Honestly, most of the Republicans just seem to enable the Democrats. They just passed a CR again, and there were only like 9 Republicans who signed that statement to not fund a govt that enforces vax mandates. They say there against mandates, while signing in legislation that entrenches it into law.

Honestly, I think only a convention of states has a real shot at slowing the bleeding down. But really, if the people no longer believe in the declaration of independence, then it doesn't really matter about anything else, it's time to shop for whatever system/style of Chinese capitalism you prefer. That's where we're headed

Inflation can be ‘the way democracies die’: Charlie Munger by [deleted] in finance

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Why not just print more money. Good old Charlie has been totally fine with printing money for the past 10 years, so...

But apparently we gotta get rid of Biden now or we're all gonna die..

Dr. Anthony Fauci this week insisted that blue states finally moving to lift mask mandates has nothing to do with politics, asserting it simply has to do with the data, despite the fact that the science has not changed, as prominent conservative politicians have pointed out. by Chipit in politics

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Actually, the CDC modified multiple guidelines around the start of the new year.

How and who gets tested by hospitals, what gets reported, how long a quarantine is for and who must quarantine.

They've been gradually pushing the numbers down. The case-demic is being shown the door. Democrats have already won.

Don't draft me, Brandon by Chipit in memes

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How embarrassing

If you are still complying with maks mandates you are officially stupid and pathetic. by Canbot in politics

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Banks especially.

Most Democrats want Hillary Clinton investigated for any role in Russiagate scandal: poll by AmericanMuskrat in politics

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HilRod is what they wanted.

I'm not sure what the point of it would be?

Hackers Just Leaked the Names of 92,000 ‘Freedom Convoy’ Donors by [deleted] in politics

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The problem requires more time and money up front.

AWS is a shit show. But knowing actual sysadmin work is becoming highly technical, highly paid, and obsolete.

Now most companies would rather hire a PaaS,SaaS, and DevOps person and save money up front on costs associated with buying, assembling, storing and maintaining your own hardware, internet connection etc, and everything that goes with it.

The issue is that once you give your autonomy to someone else, well don't be shocked when they say you're racist and deplatformed for proclaiming you're still a dude even if you cut your pecker off.. And once you're in that spot, you can't just buy a few servers and make the switch, easily..

Our society is fast food, and that's bled into the tech sector as well. It's not all bad.. I can spin up a ton of websites that let you purchase some item from China I'm selling or make sure the cat videos you want to see have enough resources. But very few can actually write code to maintain a lot of the stuff that's out there, let alone correctly implement it.

The security holes are all over. It just gets pointed out very quickly to prevent any competition, especially if the competitor has a right leaning persuasion. I mean seriously, how often has Facebook and Twitter leaked user data? The Equifax scandals. IG & Yahoo etc..

Bob Saget's autopsy report reveals multiple head fractures usually seen in 'high force injuries' by AmericanMuskrat in news

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Still should be a COVID death honestly

"Not Going To Happen To Me Again" - Prepping Goes Mainstream In Post-COVID Era by Drewski in Preppers

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How do you know it's peak luxury and decadence?

  • In the great depression, people waited in lines to get flour, baked bread, or beans.

  • In 2020, people waited in lines to get shit paper to wipe their asses, paper towels, or Clorox wipes.

Yeh.. stocking up on shit paper and paper towels.

Peak 2022..

Senators say CIA is collecting Americans’ private data in secret bulk surveillance program by moola2 in Freedom

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I think the typical response is one of the following: - I'm not doing anything wrong so I have nothing to hide - it's the year 20XX. Those things don't happen, we're smarter and better than before - it only happens to the bad people, so they get punished for wrongdoing.

It’s Not Parody, CNN Really Can’t Figure Out Why Joe Rogan Is So Popular. The segment sounded like a parody as it offered the most basic of advice for straight-news journalism — which CNN supposedly partakes in on a daily basis. by Chipit in NotTheOnion

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Unequivocally Wrong on point 1.

If it is a bioweapon, neither you nor I know the long term implications of any of this Regardless of how many times the virus has evolved into a new variant or weakened itself.

They did engineer the virus to attack certain groups. However, study after study has shown that those who received the original vaccine, had significant inhibition of TCell memory response and have had a significant autoimmune inflammation. The original vaccine, as everyone likely knows, was some version of the original wild type variant. The later vaccines were likely even worse.

All of us who have gotten the virus, have legitimately been attacked by the United States through China by a bioweapon, if indeed we find it was a bioweapon.

We may not have been killed by the attack, but everyone's life has been altered significantly. Your immune system may be compromised, it may activate in later stages of life, we don't know.

I don't consider those getting vaccinated as part of the group attacked. They are all volunteer subjects for the ongoing experiment. I appreciate that and I hope through them we may find out how this will likely affect those of us who didn't volunteer for this, and what's more we can get treatment for future issues.

US Senators Say the CIA Secretly Collected Americans' Data by Antarchomachus in news

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Fake news.

If it were true, where are the investigations, where is the decimating of the agency, where is the accountability.

Republicans introduce 'HUNTER' Act to ban taxpayer funds for crack pipes by [deleted] in politics

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How about just not passing the original bill in the first place

Sen. Tommy Tuberville, who violated stock-trading rules 132 times last year, says it's 'ridiculous' to ban lawmakers from trading stocks. "I think it would really cut back on the amount of people that would want to come up here and serve, I really do," Tuberville added. "We don't need that." by Chipit in corruption

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I'm actually ok with this.

Then I can follow this guy or San Fran Nancy, and trade what they're trading.

When they ban it, well then it just moves to shell corporations, PACs, and/or non profits that "fundraise" on behalf of a candidate.

They aren't doing anything to actually stop it, they're just making it less obvious to average people.

Of course, that's probably why there will be bi-partisan support for "banning" it

You Might Not Like It, but Hunter Biden’s Shenanigans Are Real News by BravoVictor in politics

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Dude, it's only funny cuz it's true

You Might Not Like It, but Hunter Biden’s Shenanigans Are Real News by BravoVictor in politics

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What more can a senior that isn't quite all there do?

Joe is there to sign things. If he were able to read, formulate thoughts and opinions, or question what's going on, he becomes dangerous and someone has to deal with the president's agenda, which may not align with their own.

Over the past year, the biggest problem has been the groups and agenda differences of those who are pulling the strings to make him speak. Occasionally, you see him say very different things, because he's being told completely different things from disparate groups.

And as far as Canadian truckers, I stand by that statement. Not only politicians, but In the minds of people. There are NO states that have pushed back like Florida. But even places like Utah, Idaho and Texas are far more restricted than Florida, Iowa or even Georgia. From an individual perspective, there may be individual towns or cities who haven't masked or followed the "guidelines" or "policies", but from the institutional/overall perspective, most red states are locked down just as hard as blue states.

I mean, the Texas governor was throwing hair stylists in jail months ago, and he came out with some gas lighting BS a few weeks ago about how Texas was so free over the past few years. He still won't exonerate any of the charges against them.

We need to be pushing back against the policies they put in place that took out freedoms from us, otherwise it doesn't really matter.

What's the most profitable programming language to learn? by yabbit in programming

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Java or kotlin, create Android app or game, of it goes viral, you can move wherever you want

What's the most profitable programming language to learn? by yabbit in programming

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He said he doesn't want to work.

If you're a cobol dev, yeh you're making bank, but you're likely maintaining a lot of old stuff

You Might Not Like It, but Hunter Biden’s Shenanigans Are Real News by BravoVictor in politics

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Is it though. Or is this hitting the news now because they're prepping to get rid of dementia Joe. There's an election coming up....

I'm on the cynical side. Joe hasn't really outlived his usefulness, but if they can retire him after he declares the pandemic is over thanks to the vaccinated in the upcoming state of the union address, he will serve a greater purpose to them than just signing executive orders.

I have no doubt they want to hold onto him for as long as possible, but the Canadian truckers have done more for freedom in two short weeks than most have done in two years, in all of North America.

I think because of the truckers, I can see them retiring him to a nursing home and just keeping karmela out of the spotlight and claiming victory.

Did they just classify everyone in this sub as a terrorist? by Orangutan in conspiracy

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Controlled opposition maybe..?

The actions by government fits the old definition of fascistic very well. It's collusion with private companies and media groups, whereby they aren't the ones doing these things to you, it's the private business etc.

I wonder if this was actually not supposed to be seen, as in 5 years down the road they start disappearing people who dissent and just use this rule as justification. They'll do the same with masking and vaccinations, the rules are already in place.

‘We Stand With You’: Rumble CEO Offers Joe Rogan $100 Million For His Episodes by [deleted] in news

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While I agree with your sentiment, I tend to think the market is a bad indicator these days.

There's no real value, fundamentals have been lost. Companies that make no money, can survive, seemingly indefinitely, on hope and fumes. The govt largely prints out whatever money any company it deems worthy when they see them struggling, likely for a favor later..

Until the US loses the status of being a reserve currency, I think it's unlikely using the market reflects reality.

I think it's still useful to look at certain sectors that most people don't to see what's actually happening,( e.g. the bulk shippers have always been a great indicator if how things are going etc. )

Ultimately, truth it seems is the rarest commodity now.

Jumping at the opportunity to put your child in clinical trials for a COVID vaccine by jamesK_3rd in politics

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Kids aren't generally at risk though.

Beyond that, the vaccine we have generally doesn't work for the current variants. It performed pretty poorly against Delta, and it's shown negative efficacy against omicron.

The T Cell issue could become a serious problem for the kids in the future though.

I don't see any benefit of this.

Sending snaps by [deleted] in memes

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Best ever

GoFundMe permanently shuts down Freedom Convoy campaign, refuses to pass on millions in raised funds by Drewski in censorship

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I think it's the point of delegitimizing GoFundMe.

Debit cards certainly have no way of getting the funds back, and another reason to avoid them in risky or online purchases.

CC chargebacks will show which of the card issuers side with the customer who is the consumer, as opposed to the customer is the merchant.

I'm gonna guess a lot of folks are gonna find out that their CC issuer doesn't agree with them either. This could help wake people up to understand that we need alternatives to the mainstream things

A well earned detention. by [deleted] in whatever

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Agreed, but the team problem is that children are in no position to make such judgements themselves.

The news, unless there is some sort of national tragedy occurring, has no real value being there, other than some type of civic engagement class.

So is this the system, or the teacher. I'm saying it's both. One lens credence to the other. And schools go from places of learning to places of indoctrination.

A well earned detention. by [deleted] in whatever

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Is this the teacher, or the school?

A well earned detention. by [deleted] in whatever

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U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban, Spreads Government-Made News to Americans by BravoVictor in news

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I can't recall for sure, but didn't some other program like this also end, I feel like it was under bush, just after September 11, 01

Democrats are pressuring companies to censor for them: a violation of the First Amendment by AXXA in politics

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Well honestly, it's usually the red that allows people to get screwed over by big corporations. Turnabout is fair play I suppose

I want a refund too by Gravi in offbeat

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Yeh. I thought about it too. But the post had so much fail in it, I thought it wasn't serious.

I mean someone who said Poland is 3rd world, has never been to the Democratic stronghold of Detroit, many of the neighborhood in Los Angeles or SF, or some of the areas in NYC. Of course maybe they're from Switzerland or Luxemburg or something so everywhere outside the country is ghetto, but it didn't seem like a serious post.

Popper is gone by Tiwaking in SaidIt

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Haha, I bet I know the post this happened on, and I was wondering who that was.

You know I like that posts remain after an account deletion, it's really annoying to see a thread of replies with no idea what the other half of the conversation was. But what I don't like is you can't see the user once they've deleted their account.

My preference would obviously be the username with some type of flag that shows status(deleted, banned, active, etc). Of course then you have to deal with the issue of someone new that jobs that takes the name of X, but I don't think that's too difficult to solve.

Darth Fauci... by JasonCarswell in memes

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I think he's worse than those chumps.

Think about this, he's essentially called for hospitals to forbid to provide early treatment. He might only be taking orders from someone else, but he has to know what he's doing in some level.

I mean he was listed on one of the early trials for SARS virus a few years ago when they tested monoclonals, ivermectin, the precursor to monopirivir, and the ebola drug. He knew monoclonals and ivermectin worked. He's lied about it since, he's murdered a lot of people. They've all considered to murder a lot of people, he is just a puppet.

What's more, if you look at the data, those with multiple vax are likely to be sicker and have less T Cell memory response than those unvaccinated. It's insane. Multiple vac rates, leading to suppressed immuno response to typical virus, it's crazy.

The truth is far beyond what crazy people post on here about conspiracy theories, and it's a tragedy for a great many ppl.

Darth Fauci... by JasonCarswell in memes

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I dunno. In many ways, I think Fauci is just a pawn in this scheme.

He's just a figurehead, a puppet. Those behind him, that I'm not sure we'll ever find out all of them, are the masterminds.

I think they'll throw him under the bus once he's outlived his usefulness.

Reuters runs a story about ivermectin antiviral effect against COVID by AXXA in news

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After that Japan study came out, the CDC comes out with this gem,


A link to tell you ivermectin is bad and you should get your Pfizer jab.

Well played CDC, well played

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene on GETTR: Almost 3,000 pages of more stupidity that we’re supposed to vote on anytime now, and nobody has read it. The so called "America Competes Act" that should really be called the America CONCEDES Act. by AXXA in politics

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The govt should be out of a lot of stuff it's getting involved in. The other issue, which is really a big one, is that the 6000 outage bill encompasses a ton of stuff. A bill should be readable, one issue max. None of this is it to see what's in it.

High rep, whole body workouts by Cornfed in Fitness

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Nice. Looks like a decent session

Connect the dots. When in doubt, always, always, follow the money. by [deleted] in Coronavirus

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Yeh, then it turns out to be a real nugget.

Whoever put this together did some great investigative work.

PREP. COVID vaccine side effects and compensation by jamesK_3rd in politics

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What's up with captcha now on archive.Is it is shit on my mobile browser.