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Communist subversion is the simple answer.

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I agree. Why would anyone want communism? They always kill everyone

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Because they think they will get to be in charge.

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BWAHAHAHAAH! Only the dictator/president and oligarchy are in charge of Communism. The rest are workers or parasites. Parasites go to labor camps to die.

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That's communism in a nutshell. Convince a weak group that that they are really the strong group and then kill them after they assist in displacing their own ruling party. Let's not forget though that communism is just one particular weapon of many wielded by Jews.

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It's not Jews. Stalin even tried to downplay the Holocaust because he hated Jews and wanted people to think the soviets were the biggest victims of Nazi Germany.

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What "hollow cost"? There are about 28 different ways in which this was PROVEN IMPOSSIBLE OR FALSE. So please.

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What Hollow domer?How did Mao hide 64 million bodies?

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Ukraine is just a way of funneling money for the politicians.

The reality is, the USA is using Ukraine to mess with Russia. But the politicians are using Ukrainian ppl as pawns.

For Russia, the war in Ukraine isn't just la di da. It's serious, I think it started for them only as just a territorial war, but it escalated quickly when they saw USA and others pumping Ukraine with weapons and money. For them, it's really a situation they now can't afford to lose.

The truth of it is, the USA will continue to linger on, because of the power and printing press we have. But make no mistake, it's a paper tiger.

A majority of the people now believe you should do something against your will even if it doesn't work, like vac up/mask up if it is for the "common good".

Multiple generations have not only come to see it's normal, but come to expect that the govt should take whatever rights away in the name of health, safety, security or common good.

Food and energy shortages drive the people toward their savior, the govt. Regardless of if self imposed or not.

USA agencies are openly hostile to dissent from citizens. Individuals are still jailed in gulags, with thousands of hours of footage remaining hidden. Even the footage didn't help, as sometimes a "jury of peers" doesn't care about the evidence, as we saw the juror excited and giddy to swear testimony from Trump recently, let alone a whole lot of J6'rs.

Regardless of if China leaked the virus, it's pretty evident that it was a USA made bioweapon, from research and funding to implementation. Make no mistake, it's the red white and blue that murdered millions of ppl with it, albeit perhaps unintentionally.

Politicians go to their legislature and have to "do something". They might not do anything about secret FISA courts, but they'll damned sure add in new legislation that controls where you can hunt or fish, or the type of car you can own or what type of energy can be produced., Or the amount of internet providers that can exist withing certain zones.

Late stage Republic. Self sort. Learn how ppl used to survive. I think the USA will continue to linger on for many years in this state. But there will be few differences from the venezuelans a few years ago eating flamingos from zoos and ppl in USA cities unable to get a handout from the govt.

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I agree with most of what you said, and don’t have anything to add.

But you said they will make legislation to tell you what you can own. They tried banning ovens about a month ago.

So you are def correct.

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Wait until they ban gas cars, and make it a federal felony to own and operate one.

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The VAST majority of the sheeple believe in anthropogenic climate change, so once again people will give them up willingly.

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It's very scary actually.

A lot of red places like Idaho and Texas may not have the wild lawlessness of dem strongholds like NYC, Chicago or LA. But most of those red politicians are just as authoritarian and wicked as their dem counterparts. Controlled opposition at best..

In Idaho, the cops at the behest of govt officials, arrested parents who were outdoors at parks during the pandemic. In Texas, the obvious and famous example of the salon owner arrested and still fighting to get her life back to this day. In the midst of DeSantis laying waste to woke BS, a "red" politician bypasses woke, and attempts to put forth laws that would register bloggers in the state. It's all over, red and blue.

You have to be active at the local level. And I know people will scream when I say this, but try to choose politicians with a biblical worldview. The idea that rights come from God, not the govt is one of the founding and most important principles which limits govt. The govt can't save you, only God can. Most of them are full of shit, and power hungry.

Ultimately, I believe we are entering a technocratic dark age. Netflix and chill, yet we don't know what a woman is now do we ask questions as to why we have to wear masks even when it doesn't just save one life. And a lot of people are on board with this, maybe not endorsing it, but they don't want their Pornhubs or Netflix disturbed while the cops come round up their neighbors for something.

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To your point, I miss Reagan.

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I miss Reagan.

That's what John Hinckley said! 😃

The American public owes Ronald Reagan a trillion dollar debt that they will never be able to repay.

Good ole Ronnie... what a man:

  • Expanded the national debt over and over again.
  • Expanded the size and reach of the government.
  • Destroyed the ability of the American working class to organise for better conditions.
  • Created college debt.
  • Did dirty backroom deals with America's enemies for petty personal gain.
  • Created the drug epidemic so he would have money off the books to wage black ops.
  • Began the Republican Party's obsession with the snake oil of tax cuts and deregulation as the answer for everything.
  • Started the ball rolling on the complete capture of American political institutions by the 0.1% elites.

Truly a great American hero.

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Funny, this kind of trope usually comes from a have nothing, do nothing loser.

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It was pre-planned and ABSOLUTELY intentional. No, not just from event 201 but also this:

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Fake as art from ChatGPT. There was no "Covid 19" in 2017.

Covid had already gone world-wide by September, October 2019 at the latest, but it certainly wasn't around in January or February 2019 let alone 2017.

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I remember these documents LIVE and ON THAT VERY SITE as they are screenshot right there. Many others on here should as well. Yes they exist only as screenshots of the site anymore, having been scrubbed. But it DEFINITELY 'existed' as tests and such. How do you import/export BILLIONS OF DOLLARS' worth of tests for something that doesn't exist yet? BECAUSE IT WAS ALL PLANNED.

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Is what it is, like we can do a goddamn thing about it, just enjoy the fireworks and try not to die.

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There's a lot you can do about it.

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Such as?

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    Yes, your puts and shorts are going to go to near infinity.

    What, pray tell, will an almost infinite amount of zero-value currency units going to buy you?

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    Puts and shorts.

    Found the Wall Street shill.

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    Rail into the void.

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    You're making a mountain out of a mole hill, a tempest in a tea cup, and this makes as much sense as tits on a turtle. As we've discussed history before, I recommend reading about the Cold War, as well as the abuses of authoritarian regimes throughout history. The relative democracy you enjoy in the US is threatened by the the global bellicosity of authoritarians like Putin, Xi Jinping, Benjamin Netanyahu, Narendra Modi, Mohammed bin Salman, and others. These are the 'global order' assholes we need to challenge and they will only understand economic and military pressure. The current investment in Ukraine is a NATO obligation SPECIFICALLY for the purpose of keeping Russian aggression out of Europe. It's also a very small price to pay for the survival of democratically elected states.

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    You sounded good until you said Russian aggressions

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    How can you be so stupid?

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    Russia was goaded into the war.

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    Yes. I took a look at what everyone was saying, and I made my own informed decision.

    I know, I’m a horrible person.

    The US needs morals and values for its people to go along with it. It needs morals and values for people to fight for and defend it.

    Unfortunately, you people keep on cutting off children's genitals. And grooming them.

    You guys took it a step too far.

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    you people keep on cutting off children's genitals. And grooming them.

    1) I didn't....

    2) we were discussing Russia

    3) Jesus Chirist on a crutch....

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    as much sense as tits on a turtle

    I can imagine a turtle with a gorgeous pair of tits growing out of its shell. How is this a bad thing exactly? People gonna get salmonella from titty fucking turtles?

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    I can imagine a turtle with a gorgeous pair of tits



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    I tried to get an AI to draw a turtle with a nice set of bazongas, but they wouldn't do it. Goddamned shackled AI.

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    I guarantee you some furry has made it.

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    Fuck the lobotomizing cunts

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    The relative democracy you enjoy in the US is threatened by the the global bellicosity of authoritarians like Putin, Xi Jinping, Benjamin Netanyahu, Narendra Modi, Mohammed bin Salman, and others. These are the 'global order' assholes

    The number one authoritarian rogue state in the world is the USA, closely followed by the Old Europe powers (Germany, France and especially the UK). Its not China or Russia or India going around to other countries and bombing the shit out of them, or threatening that if they don't do as they are told they're going to get smacked down. Every time a country tries to show a little bit of independence the US hits them with sanctions, or CIA coups. Until they completely miscalculated with Russia, every single time somebody challenged the petrodollar (Iraq, Libya, Venezuela) they got a big dose of "freedom".

    I mean, just look at Europe. Germany is cucking so hard for the US that they're prepared to run their economy down into the ground to satisfy the terrorists who blew up the Nord gas pipelines. Look at Georgia: all they wanted to do was pass a law requiring foreign agents to register with the government, a law exactly the same as one the USA has, and within hours of the US condemning the law there are mass protests of thousands of people who just happened to have EU and Ukrainian flags sitting at home waiting for this moment. As people do.

    What an amazing coincidence that three weeks after neocon Victoria Nuland visited Georgia thousands of foreigners "Georgians" are rioting in the streets with signs written in English. Just a gentle reminder to Georgia that what the US gives their puppets they can take away again.

    Zelensky should remember that lesson. He is only safe so long as the US thinks he is bleeding Russia. If the delusional clowns in the White House ever work out that Russia is winning the war and Putin is stronger than ever, Zelensky will have an "accidental" drug overdose.

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    I agree. A lot of people are going to lose their shirts. Read up on a book /theory called The Fourth Turning. Basically, it says that every 4th generation /roughly 100 years, society melts down and we're fucked for a while. This happens in the form of revolutions or wars.

    My guess is that Ukraine is being spun up so that the people who get boned by the USD collapse won't march their congressmen to the guillotine because they'll be too busy worrying about their kids getting nuked over in Europe.

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    Why are they printing so much money and sending it to Ukraine?

    A number of reasons but not what they are claiming. It boils down to Russia has a lot of oil, and it threatens the petrodollar. The US make the world use US dollars to buy their oil, this is practically the only thing propping up this fiat currency. Russia does not require countries to use the petrodollar to buy their oil. The dollar is heading towards a collapse and the US is desperate to save it and the private banking system. This means going hard after Russia, even if it means starting a world war which is where we are heading. Similar conditions happened before WW2, except it was Hitler taking the Deutschmark out of the hands of private banks and basing it on German production, which ushered in the greatest economic miracle in history for Germany. There are also other considerations with Ukraine with all of the money laundering US politicians do there, the sex trafficking, biolabs doing gain of function research there, basically Ukraine is the dumping ground for all of the West's sins and if Russia gets control all of that dirty laundry will get aired.

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    That’s a take. Thanks for sharing. Makes sense.

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    I agree and would like to add that the collapse of the USA is absolutely the results of decades' worth of engineering. From the dumbing down of the populations, to the exporting of the manufacturing base to China, to spreading its military worldwide as a "geopolitical police force" of sorts, to its absolute economic dependence on the Petrodollar system, and so many more steps, these are all purposely designed to make the would-be bastion of freedom in the world more and more fragile, until it crumbles to dust. Nethanyahu has said as much in very clear terms.

    There does not appear to be any way to stop this, and I think the massive printing operations of the last few years are very nearly the end of the road. When the currency collapses, there will be no USA anymore.

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    I feel fine

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    But ur being poisoned.

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    Aye good point. But the collapse of Pax Americana and Western Terrorism is to be applauded. I hope I live long enough to see a Chinese boot on my face.

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    Is this like a shtick?

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    Which part? I'm not being severely poisoned, but not enough people talk about medical conspiracies. We're literally being slowly killed by boomer chemical products and frakenfoods. We have a lower life expectancy than our parents, and no one says a god damn thing about it.

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    Got it.

    The Chinese thing. It’s sarcasm right? You don’t actually want to usher in Chinese overlords.

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    Oh noes, not the Chinese! They're so wicked and bad, or at least that's what the US propaganda tells us.

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      Are you by any chance the same GAIA faggot over on Voat/

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      I see multiple accounts doing that just on saidit.

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      It's the Gaia thing some sort of a culty thing amongst a bunch of people, or is it just this guy being a retard?

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      It's a shill thing and the comments may or may not be generated. At least the way the posts end with "GAIA!" is reminiscent of the Americans bot that aimed to demoralize people.

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      I don't know

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      The earth speaks to all of her children, though only a few can hear. (individuals really want to be special so they pick a cult)


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      I believe Ed's doing that, so they may all be him.

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      At least one of them is definitely not him. EndJewWhiteSupremacy or something. He hates Jews, Ed hates people who hate Jews. Ed also spams the same things everywhere in gigantic letters and posts porn.

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      We're using Ukraine as mercenaries. It's not a bad strategy. It'd be more dangerous, having nuclear powers duke it out, and more expensive if we fought ourselves.

      I don't like the price tag either, but how much would it cost for you to sell your nation as cannon fodder? I get why the price is high even though I think we could have got them to do it for half as much.

      As for society collapsing, I worry about that too. People are so readily controlled these days, they always were, but social media makes it so much more effective. The problem is I don't think the people in charge of mass opinion have reasonable goals. I think there's far too many interested in ultimately hedonistic goals, namely having their kinks accepted by society. I am reminded of the fall of Rome.

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      So you honestly believe the Russians are the bad guys in this conflict? Asking for a friend.

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      I don't think Russia is the "bad guy," if we were Russia we'd be doing the same thing, trying to rebuild our shattered union and resenting the interference of another nation.

      Russia's interests are not our interests, however -- I mean the US, but I reckon what's good for the US is good for Canada too in a general sense. The USSR was a problem for the US, right up until they collapsed, and we don't want them rebuilding the capacity to have as much geopolitical influence as they once did.

      Fucking with Ukraine's government to basically set them up to be our unwitting mercs is some cold blooded shit. I think if anyone is the bad guy here, it's the US, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't do exactly what we're doing it. It's pretty smart and most likely saves lives in the long run.

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      It's been inevitable for some time now. Civilization has collapsed many times in the past, and will yet again in the future. We are not special.

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      Shit happens.

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      I heard rumors of the Amero currency being used to replace the US Dollar and it is digital like Bitcoin but controlled by the fed rather than an algorithm. It will be used by North and South America and compete with the Euro. Right now China and Russia are not using the US Dollar to sell oil, and if other countries do this it will bankrupt the value of the US Dollar. That is why Iraq was invaded, they switched from US Dollar to the Euro.

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      I welcome that day because I think entire swaths of the country will just ban together and outright defy the federal government. The country will break down as a cohesive legal entity.

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      The whole situation is difficult to assess but I believe there's three equally plausible models for why things are so shit:

      • World governing bodies are grossly incompetent
      • World governing bodies / "elites" actively conspire towards greater control of human populations
      • A mixture of the above two in the worst ways possible.

      At the end of the day everyone should be striving towards self-sufficiency/autonomy as much as possible, making strong family/friend networks and unironically prayer and fasting.

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      My view is that OPINIONS are the problem allowing this shit to happen.

      ONLY when man learns to put aside and eradicate his subjective opinions and views and ally himself with the Objective Reality of things, will there be an end to corruption, domination, exploitation, war, famine and everything else that turns this world to shit. Not before.

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      Back in the 1950's and 1960's we knew what a commie was. Then we let them fester for 70 years and now it's payback time for our inactions. It's about time the politicians got their asses handed to them on the left and on the right. A good war that kills millions of registered voters will end up in mass defeats of incumbents at the ballot box. One way or another we will be rid of them soon.

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      The collapse is artificial, entirely manufactured at the expense of those willing to pay.

      When there are 40,000 illegal immigrants per year get housed in 4 star hotels in the UK while the mere 3000 homeless nationals we have are left to rot.

      When our own economy suffers but we give foreign aid to countries with a higher GDP that our own or have their own space program.

      When Marxist racial hate groups are given free reign to break the law, loot stores, damage statues of hero's and attack police horses, while small groups of concerned folk protesting mask mandates are called far right extremists and fined £10k.

      When schools are filled with gay porn books and drag queen strip shows but books by Roald Dhal are censored for using the word plump.

      When war is instigated not for the peace, but intentionally to boost profits for the military, to launder money, to fill pockets of politicians, and to steal resources from those complicit in prolonging the 'conflict'.

      It's all bullshit.

      [–]Airbus320 1 insightful - 2 fun1 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 2 fun -  (3 children)


      [–]RottenCorpse 1 insightful - 3 fun1 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 3 fun -  (2 children)

      Ima stroke your hair when you sleep and say 'theres a good airbus' mmmhmm

      [–]Airbus320 1 insightful - 2 fun1 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 2 fun -  (1 child)

      Go bury yourself

      [–]RottenCorpse 1 insightful - 3 fun1 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 3 fun -  (0 children)


      [–]passionflounder 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

      Instilling fear and division will set us against one another and create problems for which the brainwashed will only see the government as the source of answers. Destroy the currency, steal retirements, and instigate hyperinflation? Let's demand the government guarantee a basic income.

      We're under the Global thumb as we speak. What most see as the Government is little more than a marionette show with strict marching orders to get the herd (us) in line. Ukraine is just a distraction and tool for the looting of whatever is left.

      People of the J6 "insurrectionist" ilk are the type that might actually stand up and articulate the issue so that many can understand it so of course that set is being isolated, demonized, and made into political scapegoats to intimidate and silence the like-minded.

      [–]Raindeer 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

      Its just a part of it,We gotta fulfill the book

      [–]Gaslov 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

      Lots of layoffs everywhere that aren't being reported. Guess the US needs soldiers.

      [–][deleted] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

      Hopeful about it. Please don’t let it be another 2 weeks.

      [–]RaverJodes 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

      It's just a piddly little war. Putin doing his little bit to make the world a shittier place. Well, it's fucking working but most people are still doing ok.

      The rest of the shittest is just down to bad systems, selfishness and incompetence. When it comes to real crunch time, people will finally sort things out. Just enough. We're not looking at collapse, just crumpling. Varied crumpling. Not that I'd wanna be under the worst of it.