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You are on a lot more than a watch list.

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Just imagine the sheer horror of a jewess feminist dyke having government power over incels

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Most lesbians don't hate men, only self-hating male-guilt-inflicted trans "lesbians" do.

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Oh great, thanks for coming here. Our feds could probably use some friends.

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Literally 1984, leave the country, fuck em feds.

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They call the program "Countering Violent Extremism" but it's literally just silencing dissidents. Is it my fault that the sexual marketplace has taken a polygynous turn and an incel class is the result? Also there's a political aspect to it in that incels were favorable to "accelerationism" and Trump. If you start an incel forum it will get shutdown fast. They want incels directed to fed run spaces wherein in fact the duped incel never actually sees posts by people like himself -- they're kept hidden from each other. They only see posts by larping feds.

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the women there will suck and f*** you until you snitch off everybody you know.. consider that you have been warned.. do not let them tie you up and suck your balls till you scream because it's a trap by federal agents

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Might as well have some fun with them. Make it look like you are up to something. Randomly dissappear for a few days. Take random paths to and from everywhere you go. Leave for work at random times, stop at parks and forest preserves when you have some spare time.

As for the incell thing, pay a surrogate to carry a kid for you, and go fuck some high end hookers in vegas. Your life will be better than most married men.

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Re my incel thing, I care less about it than that incels as a coalition are legit being repressed by the security state.

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There is no value in being an incel therfore the repression of incells is not immoral. Find something meaningful to care about. For example the repression of race realists. Anti white racism is out of control and is literally getting people killed. Put some thought into that.

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stfu fed. "it's okay to politically repress this group i don't like."

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There you go. Imagine being a regime simp who defends utterly repressing the most obvious thing out there which is that sex isn't earned but entirely a product of the opportunity-blackpill and genetics. And the sad thing is it's not a fed, it's a useful civilian who has been told lies his entire life like thinking that feds follow your every movement with spies, which would be an absurd waste of resources, or that everyone can go to vegas and pay for high end hookers, and apparently them barely hiding their disgust for you would satisfy you.

If this was not something meaningful then they wouldn't bother to tightly control every single incel community to be full of 4chan 80 "IQ" conformists who are given an illusion of questioning the system.


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Imagine being a regime simp who defends utterly repressing the most obvious thing out there which is that sex isn't earned but entirely a product of the opportunity-blackpill and genetics.

That's some really poor composition. You would get your point accross much better if you didn't try to stuff every scentence with a bunch of name calling.

You can't claim that the feds are "repressing" the claims of the incels when their tactics are to use the most incendiary incel claims as a way to radicalize the targets. And that is exactly what they do because they need the targets to say incriminating and self slanderous things that will get the feds ammo against them for indictments, warrants, and more funding.

Creating boogiemen to scare judges and congressmen is the way they secure funding.

The only thing they are repressing is the incel's ability to network with other incels.

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If this was not something meaningful then they wouldn't bother to tightly control every single incel community

Follow the money. That is where the real motivation lies. He he

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Okay so let me get this level of absurd timeline...

They are literally targeting men who have ZERO hope, instead of restructuring society so that more than the top 5% of men can have some hope.



Just fix the societal problem and the crime will go away. This is hilariously counterproductive.

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No joke. If anyone here is disinclined to believe me, read papers like this calling for just what I describe.

Notice how the authors are always jews.

You've all seen how brazen they've been against Trump and his allies. Guess what, incels are perceived as Trump adjacent and so have to be "shutdown" using brute gov power regardless of the merits of their claims.

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Incels are domestic terrorists ... since DV is a leading killer of women. You could always protest by, I dunno, setting yourself on fire like those Buddhist monks protesting war. That'll learn them feminazis, amiright? Now, get a job before your mama nails the door shut, moves away, and hires an arsonist.

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Second amendment

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" Incel " is an absurdity.

There are tons of very very nice women out there who will date anything with two legs and a full set of unmentionables.

As long as you are not in prison, in jail, out on bail, on parole, on probation, in a penitentiary, in a TSA secure facility, or in a criminal psychiatric hospital, you should not only be able to find a very very nice woman to date, but even be able to pay for dinner for them at The Outback Faux Australian Onion Ring Restaurant.

[ Edit : not meaning to asperse anyone who has had to have one or two of their waehas removed [ or their wngis removed ] for medical reasons ]

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I am in an open-air prison without having been convicted of a crime. When I posted at, the feds there let me know I was under intrusive monitoring. It would be one thing to be surveilled without one's awareness but to be deliberately made aware of it amounts to putting someone in jail without that person having committed a crime. Do you support this?