What is it with Blackies Working in Hospitality? Please Share Your Bad Experiences as I Share Mine From Last Night by [deleted] in debatealtright

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Given the amount of overt hatred against white men I just assume black people will spit in my food or intentionally fuck up my order.

There were 2 food trucks parked in my area. One sold burgers and the other sold Ramen. I was in the mood for a burger but when I walked up I saw it was staffed by all blacks so I moved right on to the Ramen truck staffed by Asians. Sorry but black-staffed businesses aren't getting my money these days.

Reddit and Hate Speech by ManWithABanana in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Certain whites are still off limits though. Like the ones that own reddit.

WatchRedditDie posts should link out to reddit alternatives. by JamalGinsberg in MeanwhileOnReddit

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I hope we can establish a beachhead here, then we could start brigading leftist Reddit subs like they do to ours. If we brigade from here reddit can’t do anything about it.

How I Went From Being a Lifer at McDonald’s to Making 6 Figures at an Investment Firm, Overnight by Drewski in finance

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I've wondered why more young people don't do this. You're facing years of college and 100k in debt just to maybe get a job that pays enough to pay back all that debt. Add to the fact that most of your schooling will be required classes that have nothing to do with your actual job.

Fuck that, just bullshit your way in and if you're good enough to do the job who cares.