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Even when they get arrested some Soros funded prosecutor just lets them back out on the streets with a slap on the wrist. Meanwhile Bill Barr has proven to be the most incompetent AG in history. He has been less than worthless. He will go down as the AG that watched passively from the sidelines as America burned.

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Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

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I dunno, this sounds like a smart move but then again every fed is either a zionist or bolshevik so I don't doubt that he simply doesn't care like the rest of them or as a matter of fact cheer and laugh about the bloodshed behind the public.

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I can certainly understand that fear. Both groups are after the same prize, the complete destruction of civil liberties and the subjugation of the American people. The only difference between them is the path each believes will lead them to that end the fastest.

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Yeah I think the idea might be to let them loot as it makes people hate dems, that leads to a trump win again.

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All the city subreddits are usually far-left shitholes but recently I've noticed a trend towards people being fed up with democrats. Even the Chicago subreddit has become amazingly based after BLM said that "looting counts as reparations".

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it's like how I predict NYS goes red, sounds crazy, but NYC had repub mayors in the past so I don't think it is 100% dem, and the rest of the state is all repub. This corona and lootings have made dems very unpopular.

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Thats not what Barr is doing. It would serve Trump's interests to make examples of antifa and rioters. Instead Trump just looks weak and inept. He's all bluster. People are beyond sick of this shit. What Barr is doing, or not doing is blatantly subversive. He's made Trump look like a total asshole as well as pushed the overton window on anti white violence so far to the left that people dont even object to seeing whites beaten to a pulp by black mobs anymore.

I've had enough of this deep state mischling. I dont care if he's incompetent or doing it on purpose, he should have been fired a couple months ago.

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Getting arrested and going to jail would be a better fate for them than if the police were to be abolished lol.

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haha get fucked you faggots.

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Fuck these antifa scum. Lol

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I don't get this. How moronic do you have to be to protest in 2020 without hiding your face. Maybe it's just narcissism? assuming they'd never get arrested because they're "doing the right thing"?

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You can't arrest me, I'm white. My media bubble has told me white people never get arrested. Wait, I have to go to jail? But everyone knows people with money don't have to go to jail. That's literally the plot of every dark Hollywood crime drama. Are you telling me none of this is true?

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I predicted a bunch would get arrested by facial recocgnition and what do you know... they think the mask protected their identity lol...

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" are threatening their lives" Kinda like how they are threatening our lives? Awesome! If I didn't have kids to protect or anything else to lose, I would be out there with my phone with Andy Ngo filming and posting away. But I have to hole up at home with my guns in case they make good on their threats to come to my neck of the woods and bring their violence to my family.

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Like spineless bullies who cry when you fight back.

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